5 or More Obscure 80s Songs

Cabaret Voltaire - Big Funk

Techno pioneers presage EDM with this world funky groove. i like it because you have to wait a long time for the drop (and it only comes once), in the meantime it's like some voodoo trance.

Hunters and Collectors Talking to a Stranger

When they were still an art movement (11 members, gas tanks for percussion etc.) they released this classic oz goth groove.

Calamity Crush

Feotus Art Terrorism (Jim Thirlwell) - Calamity Crush

I remember this track mainly because it made me realise the possibilities of samplers (and the genius to program them, of course)

Cocteau Twins - Song to the Siren

The Cure - Close to Me

Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

Flash and the Pan - Waiting for a Train

Aussie master producers Vanda and Young (ACDC, Love is in the Air) show their disco chops with this electro classic

David Byrne and Brian Eno - Regiment


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