5 Reasons Why Naruto Manga Does NOT Inspire Anymore

The "Inspirational" Manga, Naruto

Naruto manga and anime are huge amongst anime and manga fans. It is popular amongst kids and teens, and even young adults throughout the world. The one thing that makes it so popular is the story that everyone can relate to one way or another, and also be inspired from. The author's imaginations were surreal when put into Naruto manga and episodes.

However, it has been 10 years since the first chapter of Naruto manga was first published in Japan. It has been 10 years Naruto has been inspiring kids and teens throughout the world, and many fans have felt that Naruto manga now isn't the same like it used to be 10 years ago. What Naruto did best was to inspire, however, as of now, Naruto manga has begun to sink. It no longer inspires its fans the way it used to.

These are the reasons why Naruto manga has stopped inspiring;

One of Naruto manga volumes cover

Naruto manga Volume 47 cover
Naruto manga Volume 47 cover

1. Naruto used to inspire without trying. Now it seems like it tries too hard "to inspire" out of something that is not inspiring at all, like begging Raikage to stop hunting for Sasuke because "he is my best 'BFF' friend".

2. Naruto used to have very strong side story that backs up every fight scene. This story, which usually synched together with corresponding fight scenes, usually is told as the fight itself goes on, and both ends together in a dramatic way that touches our heart, like Gaara/Naruto fight, Gaara/Lee fight, Sakura/Chiyo/Sasori fight. It can be said that almost all fights that took place in the manga was backed up with strong side story. This is not the case now. Everyone just go and fight, Kisame/Hachibi, Sasuke/Hachibi for instance.

3. Uzumaki Naruto, the character, used to be someone who keeps on moving forward no matter how hopeless it may seem. Now he seems like someone who lingers too much with what happened in his past. As Chris Gardner, the writer of the book and associate producer of the movie "Pursuit of Happyness" said, you have to come to terms with your past and face it, but if you cling too much to it, you'll lose the chance to move forward. Sasuke used to be like this. Sasuke rejected the chance to have a good life in Konoha because he couldn't forget about his past. But now the table has turned. Sasuke has moved on once Itachi died, but at the same time, Naruto couldn't even let go of his past with Sasuke and Team 7.

4. Uzumaki Naruto, the character, used to cry when he needed to, when the story required him to. And we, the readers usually cried along with him. Now, he cries all the time and all we do is roll our eyes.

5. Uzumaki Naruto used to be a little hero in our heart one way or another. Now, he's none other than a lame kid who whines too much, cries too much, and bended on his knees until his face reaches the ground to ask someone to forgive his best "BFF" friend Sasuke.

My Advice

If you are new to Naruto, my advice is to just read or watch Naruto Part 1 and enjoy those good moments when Naruto was an interesting, genuine manga and anime.

If you used to follow Naruto manga and anime religiously like me, probably you agree that Naruto Part 1 BEFORE Shippuuden is still THE best. I don't mind reading or watching Naruto before Shippuuden over and over again. In fact, I think Naruto manga Part 1 (before Shippuuden) is the only part worth collecting for people like us.

Got something to say? Leave your comment below!

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nekoyasha profile image

nekoyasha 7 years ago

Hey, this is great. I am watching Shippuuden, and I have noticed that nothing is really happening... I agree with many of your points. Thanks for the hub!

Narutolovers 7 years ago

u know what...

doestn't matter what u said...

naruto still the best anime...

kids still want to watch naruto...

Naruto forever!!!

Suus 6 years ago

i think ur right, but still people will watch it till the end cuz they have watched so far already. i also think so. to be honest i only started a few weeks back to reading and watching naruto. i paused it around episode 150 cuz i knew it was only fillers left. but now i see ur points and i did realy miss sasuke when he left in the serie. but i realy hate it when people cry. well atleast thanks for ur points but still people will watch it... even if it isn't good anymore... lots of people stay...

Narufangirl16 6 years ago

i see what you're saying, the only thing i have a rpoblem with is "BFF Bestfriend" because if you put BFF there's really no reason to put bestfriend after it... sorry it just bothered me... hehehe... but anyway! yeah, i think the writers are getting lazier and don't really care anymore. it kinda pisses me off a little that the show isn't getting better. i still like, probably always will, but they need to work on that...

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 6 years ago from Asia Author

@Narufangirl16: haha, yeah, i put the "bestfriend" because somebody eventually didn't understand it when i only said "bff", lol, so there u go. And yeah, Naruto is my favorite manga of all time, it just disappoints me when it turns out the way it did.

JustMe1110000 6 years ago

this is so true! =_=

cnbenson profile image

cnbenson 6 years ago from Texas

I agree, however I can't stop watching, I have to know how it ends.

Bory 6 years ago

I sort of agree with some of your comments (the begging part is silly especially), but the author has created Naruto as loyal to his friends. Sasuke was his first connection and Naruto made a promise to himself to bring him home. I respect the author's consistency.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 6 years ago from Asia Author

Bory, you're wrong, it's not what you should call "consistency" at all. A character, just like real life's human being, should be allowed to grow. As a human, we grow, we learn from mistakes. People who refuse to grow are NOT heroes. Naruto himself used to be such a hero, a stubborn kid with extreme determination, a kid that defies the odds to make it.

I'm not saying this character (Uzumaki Naruto) should break his bond with Sasuke or stop trying to save Sasuke. What I was saying is through all of this, after years, this Uzumaki Naruto character should grow, in all aspects, his way of thinking, and his perceptions of "friendships" and "bonds". He should learn a lot from the fight with Nagato (Pain/Akatsuki leader), and then Jiraiya's death, and then the collapse of his entire village from the Akatsuki attack. Upon learning that Sasuke's current goal is to crush Konoha, the first thing Naruto should do is to compose himself and the lessons he's learnt from all those big events should allow him to do so. Instead, he IGNORED everything else completely, he ignored the lessons he's learnt, and risking other people's lives (we're also talking about the rest of the Naruto world) just so he could meet and "save" Sasuke.

Once upon a time long time ago, Sasuke was the only bond Naruto cared and should care about. But today he's got the whole of Konoha to think and care about. It won't make sense if you go all the way to "save" your one friend by risking the lives of the people in the whole village or other people in that matter too.

Naruto can go all the way to "save" Sasuke alright, but I'd like to see him do it in a respectful way, a way that we can look up to and admire, NOT the petty and lame way that he's doing it now. You understand if you're reading the MANGA.

My MAIN problem is NOT Naruto or Sasuke themselves. My main problem is the author/mangaka's obvious laziness and lack of passion for the last few months (or probably almost or more than a year?).

none 6 years ago

You are so wrong!!!

Naruto is changing but for the better not for the worse! Now he can see light in even the most darkest situation. He defends his friends and cares about them a lot. I have not really seen him cry to much and he is still inspirational! I like it better then I did when I first watched it! The battles still have back ground stories but for those that do not they are saving those for later to be explained. Naruto manga will continue to inspire me and many others for a very very long time.

NarutoRocks 6 years ago

Naruto is an amazing manga and with it a anime too. Naruto has inspired me to become the Prime Minister of Canda due to the thing Naruto want`s the most to be Hokage. I want to change this world from what we have made it and I hope that Naruto does too.

Bub 6 years ago

Naruto been going downhill since Shippuuden. Period.

sighzz 6 years ago

naruto might be the best.

best of the animes.

people would deny with my opinion because they thought others are better

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 6 years ago from Asia Author

@everyone: I'm sick of lamers who don't get the point of this article. If I'm not a fan of Naruto, and if I'm just a basher, I wouldn't bother to write ANYTHING about Naruto at all. This is what I think as a fan, and as a FAN, we are entitled to critic/express our concern for something we love, not just swallow everything that is being thrown at us and insist to defend it.

You are not obliged to "defend" Naruto because of this article, there's no point in doing that, I don't hate Naruto for God's sake.


C4anni35 6 years ago

I don't agree. That's all.

wavewind 6 years ago

I totally don't agree... learn to watch and feel a little deeper.... DUDE!!!

Rrr 6 years ago

@ everyone

Shut the fuck up. Bring this whole Naruto shit in a "Naruto Rocks" discussion. What nufoundglory is trying to say is that Naruto is no longer inspiring and is quite repetitive now.

Sophie 6 years ago

I agree with the side stories in the fights. They don't do those anymore, but I don't agree with the fact that he isn't inspiring anymore. Him not giving up on Sasuke is one of the most inspiring themes of the manga. You see, Sasuke isn't the past, he's still reachable. Unlike Sasuke's family, whom he could not reach because they were already gone, but Sasuke still has a chance to be saved and Naruto still has a chance to save him.

Naruto is my greatest inspiration.

Ariana 6 years ago

I for 1 am tired of the lingering drawn out bs of the love life between naruto hinata and sakura they need to choose 1 already and imo it needs to be hinata he choose sakura is to much like narutos mom lol

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 6 years ago from Asia Author

@ Rrr, thanks, that was exactly what i was trying to say. @Ariana, I'd rather see Naruto with Hinata too, if i were to choose between those 2 that is, but honestly i couldn't care less about the romance going on in the story.

Anyway, @everyone, I think Naruto manga has been nothing but wonderful until came the ending of Asuma arc. From there, the manga started to sink. Sure, if you were to compare it to "some" other manga out there, Naruto manga still owns by miles, but to compare to how Naruto manga USED to be, i'm not so convinced.

But anyway, i think Studio Pierrot did quite a good job with adapting the what-supposed-to-be-lousy Naruto PART II manga (post Asuma arc) to anime.

***SPOILER*** In the manga, the Kushina/Minato part seemed random like it was thrown in in the middle of other unrelated story, and then the Jiraiya's recollection of Pein's bodies he encountered before his fight with Pein, all seemed misplaced and random. BUT thanks to Studio Pierrot, in the anime it was more organized and made more sense. I could go on and on but for now, let's just agree to disagree. ;)

NarutoRocks 6 years ago

that's right the anime is messed up at times when big fights happen ecspecially when Pain attacks the animation gets really lousy and it does not look good. But in all the anime is fine as nufoundglory had said or something else.

The manga is getting good because it has plotted out the ending. and the anime that just came out the other day was goood the hero of the leaf

Noob 6 years ago

I reckon the first episodes of Naruto were irritating.

When I was like, 9, I was flipping through channels and saw it. But I saw how stupid he was (his fail bunshin), so I didn't bother. I only started watching once I saw a random Haku/Zabuza episode when I was 12 :)

Naruto is still amazing.

FalloutVaultboy 6 years ago

the problem with naruto is that they have run out of ideas the story is nearing its end and rather than just end it in a cool way by saying naruto is a senju uzamaki and he is the next sage of six paths they go on with these random useless story lines which are dead boring

just end it and give us an ending which is the ending of all endings

like make naruto recreate the world with his parents and saskues clan or something

Message from Mongolia 6 years ago

Well, the reason why Masashi Kishimoto stopped attaching side stories is that this Naruto needs to be finished as soon as possible because it has taken so long since it was first released!

Rick 6 years ago

i think the manga is still very intresting and have a lot to reveal but the anime episodes really sucks , they are just making useless episodes and not follwing the manga's storyline that why i stoppend watching it.....

bored 6 years ago

i used t like naruto aswell, however now its all just bout sasuke and naruto, the side characters don't mean anything anymore, like rock lee gaara and others. also the only people who are growin stronger are naruto and sasuke also, no one else

phantomsage 5 years ago

First, nufoundglory is expressing his honest views, which I mostly agree with. Naruto isn't as inspirational to some people as it used to be, mainly for the reasons you listed, especially the first. Plus many people didn't like the way Sasuke started seeming much stronger than Naruto at first in Shippuuden. I sure as hell didn't.

On the other hand, I'd like to note that inspiration wasn't the point of Naruto begging the Raikage, it was merely a plot device to get Naruto and Kakashi close enough to the kages so they could meet sasuke after his battle with danzo. When he took a beating for Sasuke from Samui's team mates was a lil inspirational.

Also, the side stories for battle scenes haven't been ignored at all in Shippuuden; Sasuke/Itachi, Kisame/Guy, Danzo/Sasuke,Jiraiya/Pain,Naruto/Pain, even Darui/Kinkaku/Ginkaku. Their stories were all told, and mostly reserved for their final battles [kisame/guy]or when necessary [Kirabi training Naruto]. So I think Kishi hasn't done too bad there.

Naruto is only growing better. He has learned to deal with feeling a whole new level of pain and hatred from his loss of Jiraiya and the village before Pain resurrected them. Before, his pain was directed at a faceless village over a long period, but with Pain, he finally had a face, a real person he could wreak vengeance on, someone that caused him a lot of focused pain in a very short space of time. And he still was able to resist the powerful urge to kill him. That is strength. Plus his feelings for Sakura no longer blind him to facts.Meeting his true self at the falls of truth(?) shows that he wasn't just forgiving the villagers, he was instead suppressing his rage deep inside. Children are more emotionally flexible and resilient, and as an adult pain cuts way deeper. He has always wanted to protect the village, and his begging the Raikage was his own way of trying to break the cycle of hatred Pain had warned him about. He didn't want the revenge to continue. He even told Sasuke that they'd both die before Sasuke could destroy the Leaf. If he gave up on Sasuke he wouldn't stick to his ninja way, cos he'd go back on his promise to Sakura and Sasuke. He's consistent. He's now way stronger than he was in Bushiden.

@bored: So it seems!But remember Gaara is stronger than before, and so is everyone else (except maybe Neji!lol). It's just that showing it would make the series "Naruto, Lee,etc" instead of "Naruto". The series has to focus as it reaches a climax: that way, it can end when Naruto is done with Sasuke and Madara. Imagine having to finish each individual's story! That's...you get the picture.

Sorry for a very long comment.

ChekRiit 5 years ago

to those who are criticizing naruto, maybe you don't understand the story or maybe you are not updated. . .

. . yes, we all have our rights to tell what we think about it but before you judge it. , plz understand the side of the story coz' you might put down the confidence of the writers...

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 5 years ago from Asia Author

Just a quick disclaimer here, i'm not hating on Naruto. In fact, i still watch Naruto anime and occasionally read Naruto manga these days. Naruto still is my most favorite Japanese manga of all time. It's just that it isn't as good as it used to be, that is all. Peace.

Shafic Shafal 5 years ago

u guys are right, all of u it's just that all of u wrote wat u though and it's not a bad thing, people think differently..and that's ok..

Jake 4 years ago

IYes Naruto does whine nowadays, and I know this post is about two years old, but having said that I think the reason Naruto is so determined to help Sasuke, is because he really saw the downside of revenge, when he saw Nagato/Pain.

I actually agree Naruto tries to hard to inspire, but I think the inspring message for Naruto is that he do anything to help his friend, no matter how twisted and corrupt they become, or no matter what organization he joins. I think Naruto is reminscing about Team 7, but I don't think he is stuck in the past, or otherwise he wouldn't do the things he did now, like befriending Sai and learning from Yamato, even though their objective was to get Sasuke at first.

I find it inspiring that Naruto still believes in Sasuke but I actually find it annoying as well. E.g. He really doesn't acknowledge that his people even from Konaha, want Sasuke dead. I don't how Naruto is supposed to "save" Sasuke.

black jack 4 years ago

I think the story is just trying to be somewhat reliastic as naruto is crying and growing stronger for his bestfreind similar to goku turning into super saiyan after krillins death but point is sasuke is not dead rathe he is fugitive who has has caused lot of choas even if naruto becomes hokage I don't think sasuke will socially accepted so he is to die at the end or become undercover agent similar to his brother itachi anyway I think sasuke will understand narutos fellings and is probably going to help naruto lets just be optimistic

That girl07 4 years ago

I agree with all your reasons. I was a very loyal Naruto fan up until a few months ago when I suddenly stopped caring. I don’t feel the same connection 5 years ago. To be honest I haven’t felt anything since Naruto’s fight with Gaara in part 1. The plot twist that usually had me hanging on the edge of my seat don’t excite me anymore…( I would name the spoilers but I don’t want to ruin it for fans).

The 4th Great Shinobi War Arc is a mixed bag—mostly disappointing in my opinion. I'm disappointed with Naruto's relationships, I'm disappointed with the stretched out running friendship theme , the hypocritical theme of cycle “revenge is bad” *cough*(Shikamaru)*cough* and I dislike the glaring plot-holes that are popping up as of late.

I don't mind the prolonged series but its same lame idea. “Don't abandon your friends” yadda, yadda, yadda. It’s a good messages but it’s not presented tastefully as it was earlier in the series. I mean… ten years later and we’re still on the friendship thing and rescuing Sasuke theme.

When Sasuke made it clear he doesn’t need it. Sasuke has done what Naruto hasn’t…he moved on. Which is why he has reluctantly earned my respect as a fictional character.

Sasuke has accomplished his goals and makes new ones while Naruto is nearly stuck in limbo. It’s true Naruto has matured lately but he hadn’t accomplish anything expect one thing—gain acknowledgement. He still isn’t Hokage and he hasn’t rescued Sasuke which is lame for a ten year running comic series and has made no realistic new goals expect making stupid ones like world peace (yeah… good luck with that kid). His persistence used to awe-inspiring but now it’s annoying and bending on the point of obsession/denial.

The story plot seems simple but Kishimoto has dragged this out far too long. Kishimoto admitted himself that he can be lazy and it shows in his work in my opinion.

And before some diehard fan comes bitching at me and tells me to rot in hell or whatever petty curse… I AM STILL a NARUTO FAN. I just see the good, the bad and the potential/or wasted potential in one of my favorite mangas.

Remember— A true fan is also a critic. Which is why I give a round of applause to nufoundglory.

Itabia 4 years ago

Wow...I have tears in my eyes right now. You have taken the words right out of my mouth and expressed them even better than I EVER could have. Slow clap for you.

Naruto is definitely not the inspirational, memorable anime it once was anymore. I started watching when I was fairly young and I was OBSESSED with it. I thought it was a beautifully thought out story taken place in an amazing, creative, badass ninja world. Zabuza, the Chuunin exams, akatsuki. I thought it took an absolute GENIUS to create it all. Good times, gooood times.

But after Pein's defeat, there was no more threat from my beloved Akatsuki. Therefore, the main problem of the story was pretty much already resolved. It could have ended right there and have gone down in history as an amazing anime, but no. They had to try and scrape together what they had left into a new sloppy new storyline based solely around Sasuke just so that they could keep reeling in the profits.

Reading the latest chapters one day, just because it had become a habit of mine, I suddenly realized that I just...didn't...CARE. I suddenly realized that it really didn't matter to me whether or not they saved Sasuke, or what their next move was going to be. Because I knew that it was going to be sloppy and poorly planned out. I no longer went to bed each night thinking about Naruto and the gang, looking forward to the next day so that I could open my computer and see my heroes again like I did before. It was actually kind of heartbreaking, really.

So yeah, you're absolutely right. Naruto is no longer the heroic young kid he was before, and the story all together has totally sunk.

griffin Carroll 4 years ago

i don't like what you said about naruto not letting go of sasuke. Because if he did let sasuke go what would be the point of the series.. that's the whole story line..

Sol 4 years ago

really? ok, i agree that the anime may suck (i don't even watch it anymore), but you cannot say the manga's the same. sasuke wouldn't have "let go if his past" if he wasn't told the truth. in fact, he didn't even let go if his past, he still clings to his hatred to justify his bitchiness.

and yes, you should totally find a friend. look i've been there. that "everything in this world sucks" phase. just hope u actually would get over YOUR PAST~

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

@Sol: Excuse me? Are you actually talking to ME? I never at any point in my life think "everything in the world sucks", i wonder why u suddenly made that kind of statement? You're talking about YOUR own teenage life, i guess? Just because you had such an emo teenage life, doesn't mean everyone else who watches Naruto does too, haha! LOL XD!

sweaf 4 years ago

are you kidding?? no back stories?

let me explain it to you.

-jiraiya/pain, he was fighting his former student back there. No back stories?

-naruto/pain, he was fighting his teachers killer (not to mention that pain in fact was naruto's senpai). No back stories?

-deidara/sasuke, the fight based on deidara's grudge againts uchiha. No backstory?

-sasuke/itachi, well this one doesn't need an explanation. Their problem is considered as one of the main plot.

I can still go on and go on until naruto aggaints tobi.

Still thinking there are no back stories?

And as for naruto cries a lot.

I don't think he cries a lot. He was only crying when he found out that jiraiyas dead. And for me, that is good enough reason for him to cry.

sweaf 4 years ago

Well thank you nufoundglory, you have finally revealed the reason why you wrote this post. You just couldn't stand reading naruto anymore. You couldn't even stand reading a view lines of comment on your own post page.

Naruto is doing just fine. Even recently, better than ever. But yeah, it doesn't matter anymore. You wont even read this comment.

Well anyone, don't comment in this post, the writer wont read your comment.

He's too lazy to read.

manymany 4 years ago

you know what i think you're nothin more than a jealous young animator who just can't achieve what naruto anime has

Notha23 4 years ago

I think shippuden is even better other seasons when he was a kid

truty 4 years ago

naruto is the best of all the animated and is way cooler than any t.v. show naruto is a insperaion to me and my bor naruto toat us how to be brave and how to stand up for what is right and what is wrong so what i am about to do is put a bomb on the bulding and make them pay for not putting naruto back and if any body reads these i want you to know i will be in a green rian coat and with yellow boots i will go behinde the biuling and put the bomb where no body can find it if they do not put naruto on by july 1,2012 the bomb will go off and i am the one ho got the button and if you want to know were i live i live on odel street i live in a blue house and after that i will kill the obama and the other presdent

Sasugay 4 years ago

Your right it's turning shit now, just like bleach. Naruto can take a chidori to the shoulder and still fight but a sprained ankle is too much for him lol. There's no flare now and the writers are struggling, it's obvious.

PS I prefer the fillers now at least you know they are crap, so you don't need to hope for anything.

HinaNaru 4 years ago

Ok I get what you trying to say and that's what you think but to me the manga is great also the anime...and also when he cries it shows how he cares for people. But their times when we need to cry for nothing...and you don't need a side story in fights, I mean you get more of the fight...but it would be good to see a side story too.

fmk 4 years ago

I think the story has gotten better and if you read the latest manga chapters (CAUTION- SPOILERS)

you would notice that the most important side stories are being dealt with like the hatred between Uchiha and Senju, the tailed beasts' story, Itachi revealing more about the truth and so on.

I definitely think Madara's presence has made the story more interesting

Lucy 4 years ago

Yeah. I think the plot is great. Naruto doesn't cry that much. And fights aren't for nothing. Kisame fought the Hachibi because he wanted to seal it for the Akatsuki. Sasuke fought the Hachibi because he was in the way. It's not all pointless. Naruto can't forget his past because he personally blames himself for it. When you feel like that, it's really difficult to let it go.

Naruto. FOREVER.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

Look at the current Fourth Ninja War plots. How lousy can they be? Sure, there's some interesting stuff going on *SPOILER ALERT* like Sasuke meeting the revived Itachi, the real Uchiha Madara being revived, the mysterious new identity of "Tobi", and a few minor plots here and there, but overall the Fourth Ninja War arc is A MESS, lack climax, I find myself skipping pages and pages of boring and monotonous fights with no climax. I'm sick of it. Just END the story already, Masashi Kishimoto! I bet the ending would be very lame too. Aaah...so much after following the manga for YEARS...!

crusslom 4 years ago

Honestly, as a long time Naruto fan i have to admit some of it's overall appeal has been lost through the last few years. I find way to many unexplained events to really be hurting the mood of the show for me. (SPOILERS) Orochimaru dedicated his whole life to his cause and kabuto after what seems like a month in the show has surpassed him in every way.Matering therevival jutsu and discovering sage mode? Like really orochimaru wtf have you been doing all your life?

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

@crusslom: i absolutely agree! I wonder if all the people leaving comments on here really read the manga up to the current chapter or if they only watch the anime? I find too many plotholes in Naruto these days compared to the old Naruto. Remember the days where Naruto got stronger slowly, phase by phase? These days Naruto got way too strong within a blink of an eye, and everyone seems to always give an ok to him for whatever he does these days. Tsunade, Killerbee, even the Raikage, he got it all too easy now, in "every" fight scene in the Fourth Ninja War, *spoiler* every one NEEDS him there. All these other ninja's seem worthless without Naruto, including Kakashi and Gai who practically didn't do anything in the fight against Tobi. Why on earth Kishimoto decided to put Kakashi and Gai in that fight is a mystery to me.

crusslom 4 years ago

@Nufoundglory: I really couldn't have said it any better myself. Although old Naruto had a bunch of things that got on my nerves too, for example: (SPOILERS)The third hokages battle with orochimaru, the battle itself was fine but how were those four genin holding up a barrier that even anbu couldn't get in to? Or how Orochimaru used his revival technique to bring back the first, second, and almost fourth hokage back to life? Last time i checked the fourth hokage wasn't able to be revived because he previously used the reaper death seal technique on himself. Yet he was on his way to being revived if not for the third hokage stopping Orochimaru.Don't get me wrong here, i absolutely love naruto, it's one of the greatest if not the greatest anime i have seen overall. Sometimes there were holes in original naruto aswell, but it was ok because no show is perfect and they had very small amounts of plot holes in comparison to shippuden. After the Pain arc things have been going downhill, it is still quite enjoyable to watch and read, and i continue to do so, but before i was extremely excited for each chapter each week, now it's more of me reading it just to find out what happens next because it would feel like a complete waste if i stopped now. The show is great now but the show was amazing back then. Also, i think they added Gai and Kakashi into that fight to try and take away from the fact that naruto has literally become a one man team and that he can basically go toe to toe with any ninja in the universe right now. Hes like 17 and hes definitely in the top 3 best ninja ever. It's really gotten out of hand.

crusslom 4 years ago

(SPOILERS)I was thinking about my comment and no it started going down hill around when naruto fought kakazu. Kakazu has been around for generations, he even fought against senju!! Yet he gets tricked by one of naruto's shadowclones.... How about when konohamaru takes out a pain!! lmao those were the days.....

carmesh fontain 4 years ago

this is SO true i mean i loved when naruto would jump up beat the crap out of somebody but its like he puts to many actions into his emotions and cries i get it i mean when i lost my mother i cried like a baby and my father...well not as much cause he died when i was 9 but still its just so not cool i love a good naruto episode when he shows a good fight wins and proves a point now he just cries and doesn't show a lot of strength he even goes as far to run at a person who is obviously stronger than him and fails like on episode 219 when he attacks that guy with all of the weapons he was doing pointless wastes of energy like trying to use the kunai knife or his fingers to open a large steel or iron cage around gaara and trying to kick that guy it was boring and drole he cries a lot and i don't think the series is gonna end well if its going as downhill as it is now i haven't watched a lot of shipuuden but it seems it might not be as great as i thought it would be

Scout D Luffy 4 years ago

I Agree 100% still love Naruto :/ One piece is better ;D Peace

blah 4 years ago

just watch the anime, the manga shows no excitement

pola 4 years ago

ya know i agree with points 1,2 and 5 cause i really want naruto to learn from his mistakes, cause hes always soo loyal ikr its a good thing but sometimes it makes me think as to how stupid this guy and how much is he willing to secrefice just for sasuke, i wish he was a little bit samrter like or a have IQ like his father, but it wouldn't be as interesting,but eeven though now it doesn't inspire me as before in 1 series ,however naruto is still amazing and always will be!!

Udit 4 years ago

well, i read all of your comments(points). i am 17 and i got the first reading material reading MahaBharat(2000 pages-hand written). Naruto Manga have aproxx 10000 pages with images

all i want to say is, Naruto manga is the first that i completed. It have emotions, martial arts, blood, lessons, probably every thing

here is the contradicton for some of ur comments

u said- Naruto is character who cry and never give up no matter what goes, than tell me how can he give up on Sasuke hes friend or best friend to go ruin his life alone like if i got some disease in my hand then according to you i have to cut it down by sugery where as i can just try to heal it

then naruto or Murkhi(another book) or Mhabharat is writen to inspire all, i never tell us(or command us) how do we get our lesson, it totally dependent on us how do we get it-(That same you can see in case of Itachi and Sasuke, itachi chose a path which leads to the death of some hundreds and life to some thousands, where sasuke(may be one time) have thoughts about killing all those thousands saved by Itachi)- in this case you can say it is depend on itachi and saske's mental strength of decision

What ever it is all our personal decisions to what we are doing and thinking

All i can see is, naruto begins with a kid to a teenage(or an adult)- At kid age he tries to teach us how inspirational and energetic a kid could be, At teenage he tries to teach us how powerfull and carey- we should- caus he just want to help and secure all his friends and the world(ding-dong)

But NARUTO MANGA is just normal story like any other story, it should have a start and an end too, there should be character who can be a kid and goes to its adultage(like naruto, and he cant be so foolish any more)

also it have an Epic flow where every single character have its own worth, a mere Kisame ends like it stopped me for a while

think i have some devotion to Naruto or whatever

i just want to care abt Naruto should go with Hinata not Sakura

however i am agreed to nekoyasha, narufangirl

and to cnbenson- i just want to know the end- toward manga or for videos

acoolperson 4 years ago

I miss good villians like Orochimaru and other people besides Akatsuki members, EVERY SINGLE TIME! No more meaningless fights with Madara or Naruto vs Sasuke... make a good plot mission for the end, end it. Don't be lazy... the series is too important and great for that to happen. I hope Kishimoto doesn't die before he ends it, if he ever does... Just saying. :(

Memphis 4 years ago

I don't really agree at all, really.

1.it doesn't matter if Naruto himself doesn't inspire..ever think about the other characters?

2.uhhhh...the fight scenes now...hello??its become an all out world war..there isn't going to be a story behind every damn fight..even leading up to it there shouldn't be other than the fact that the bad dudes want what they want and won't let anyone in their way.

3.If you've read the latest chapter..it's obvious sasuke hadn't moved on since he's trying to destroy the thig his brother loved the most.hes obviously not moving on if he wants revenge..Naruto hasn't moved on because he still had some kind of hope....even though its kind of pitiful now..at least he's still trying for his so called best friend

4.he cries all the time now...so what?you'd cry if you were in his situation,wouldn't you?i think I would..just saying.he has his reasons

5.Even naruto had to grow up at some point.i would have had to stop reading if he stayed the same the whole time..the little brat used to get on my nerves to the point I would have a literal headache from imaging that voice..yeahhh..he also cries a lot,but for reasons that are important to him that should be understood by the audience.

So my little "argument" may not be very sound,but I really think naruto is just as good as its olden days,even if different.now naruto seems to be more annoying than Sakura.

I only started reading the manga not even a year ago,and I am currently fully updated on chapters.maybe it's just the people that haven't read the old stuff in a while that feel like it got worse..to be honest I fricken strongly dislike naruto and prefer shippuden by a long shot.naruto was too childish,and I kinda like how the characters changed over time..

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

Memphis, you're not the only one around here who's updated with the current chapters of the manga.

Check a far more interesting discussion I started on the LATEST theory I came up with about Tobi/Uchiha Madara here: http://hubpages.com/entertainment/Uchiha-Madara-Re...

You know, we're all "fans" of Naruto, else we won't even be here.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author


I will DELETE all comments that don't add up to discussion. You are welcomed to DISAGREE with me, but comments that contain name calling and comments that are left because you are "pissed off" because someone happens to "criticize" Naruto, will be DELETED!

Gotron 4 years ago

Sigh, I remember in the arc with Zabuza when Naruto was fresh on Toonami I was so hype, it was like one of the coolest animes after DBZ. Then it started to decline in shippuden and I was so dissapointed. Imo after the pain arc it has been pretty bad and honestly even before shippuden some parts where kind of flat; all I know is that the Zabuza arc was beast and it is what got me hooked and if it wasn't for me wanting to see conclusion of the series I wouldn't read/watch it anymore that is how bad it has become...

hijacker 4 years ago

after i read those Post & Comments. i feel like i lost Manga Naruto 4ever.. well thanks and goodbye naruto. it seems we fans can't do something about it anymore.

Kenichi 4 years ago

The manga has been slowing down.

But I'm surprised you didn't include one of, in my opinion at least, the biggest reasons for it's decline: ridiculous power creep.

Naruto started off Part 2 as an abomination, where all of his friends showed far better improvement than he did over the timeskip (Props to Sakura, who went from being a worthless cheerleader to the second greatest medical ninja in the Naruverse).

Because of this, Naruto had to go through several ridiculous training arcs to reach Sasuke's point. The "30 years in a day" TKB heist was difficult enough to swallow (even more difficult when he lands the hit on Kakuzu, a person with a whooping 80 or so years of experience and intellignece on him, with a simple feint that failed against Chunin Exam Neji), but Sage Mode took the cake, ran with it, stomped on it, burned it, and forced it down our our throats.

He masters Sage mode in a week better than Jiraiya could do in 50 odd years. And he couldn't even use TKB to speed things up!

Furthermore, his Sage Mode apperently comes with a lot of extra perks that, surprise surprise, Jiraiya never showed when using it (sensing would have been useful before your arm got ripped off in an ambush, wouldn't it have Jiraiya? So would have those Frog Katas when your punch was blocked by a blinded Human Realm).

His current mode is a little better since he's had it all along and has been using variations of it since Part 1, but becoming friends with the guy overnight was just an asspull. (blatantly being vauge to prevent SPOILERS)

Also, a lot of the entire clan powers and genetics coming into play while Lee does nothing of value really undermine the idea of controlling one's destiny that was built up in the Chunin Exams. Neji was totally right.

But I kind of wonder how much this series could have been better if it ended at the Pein arc.

Delete Tobi/Madara, have Sasuke infiltrate during the invasion to take out Danzo, have him escape and become a ronin after finally throwing away his past, have Naruto declared Hokage, have Naruto give up trying to bring Sasuke home and let him escape to live his life (still friends, but Sasuke at this point would be absolved of blame and shit) thus showing Naruto as growing up and becoming more mature, and show the rest of the characters as well.

Kisame could have been the one to stop Konoha from chasing Itachi until Sasuke finished, and he could have died against a ridiculous number of strong opponents simultaneously as Itachi did.

Itachi's true story could be revealed in his own flashback at the time of his death, and Sasuke goes on without concrete knowledge of the truth, but guessing anyway.

Kabutochimaru could be left as a sequel hook.

All in all, the series could have been done better, with much less crap that we'd have to endure.

As of right now, it's outworn it's welcome.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

Very insightful comment, Kenichi.

Anyway, I wrote this post MONTHS ago (wait..I think it was LAST YEAR!) and back then it still hadn't gotten as bad as how it is now! I agree with Kenichi about the power creep thing.

These days everyone just gets stronger all without efforts. Not only Naruto, i mean EVERYONE! ***SPOILER*** Look at Kabuto, he has now achieved a Sage Mode (dragon! instead of snake), has the ability to use Edo Tensei more than Orochimaru had ever been able to do his entire life, and basically surpassed Orochimaru in every way possible, in a VERY short period of time. Ridiculous.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

NOTE: Please only comment in ENGLISH or your comment will be deleted.

(baka's comment DELETED!)

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

Aah how easy it is to just click that 'delete' button and all those emo comments are gone. :)

Allen Walker 4 years ago

Seriously, the story just got more interesting with the new stuff. Basically, you guys just don't accept the idea that the new generation is surpassing the old. And now you are complaining about this and that being bad and stuff, and came up with your own ideal ending or modifications. But you cannot be sure it would have done better. Its not just you reading the manga, its us all. If you can do a better job, go ahead and make a side arc by yourself and face off with the current naruto. Its still pretty inspirational. Apparently, naruto is indeed growing isn't he?, beginning to accept what to do to obtain peace, putting his trust in kurama and stuff. He learns when to give up, on sasuke after knowing the depth of his hatred, and intending to sacrifice himself to save the shinobi world. You call that not as inspirational? That was way better than that stubborn headed epic little naruto 10 years back. All those things that weren't explained are being laid out one by one. You have to respect the fact that the author wants to give out the information, in the best way possible for the story. Giving suggestions are fine, condemning it is not. If you say so much about it failing right now, prove that you can do better if you were the author and it is still as popular.

hunk3R 4 years ago

I agree with what you are saying nufoundglory yes it is slowing down, I love naruto its the manga ive ever watched and i started watching it when it used to be on cartoon network i just think that it is the way the director is planning it i mean like you said people change and you dont want to watch the same thing over and over like pokémon the onky reason its no good now is cause it was the same thing over and over and over and over and over. i think or i hope that the way hes directing this is so that when a different naruto series other than shippuden comes out (which i believe will since there is to much to explain) he can change the outlook again maybe back to the original or whatever else. its like life we go through different moods and different outlooks and i hope this is what hes doing showing you a different side of everyone and then is going to change it to something else preferably better than the original naruto.

madeline 4 years ago

I kind of agree..

But I'm already hooked and something tells me that Kishimoto isn't slacking with this show/manga at all.

I think something epic is gonna happen in the big finale at the end of Naruto Shippuden..

&& I'm gonna wait and see what will happen. I've followed this show since it began and I'll follow it until it ends.

tiernan 4 years ago

who cares if naruto inspires people or not, its for entertainment purposes not meant to inspire people if you want to be inspired go listen to martin luther kings speech on i have a dream. i don't read naruto to get inspired i read because its enjoyable to read and its one of the best manga ever.

zexan 4 years ago

This blog needs to be deleted at all costs. Too much trolling going on here.

bsr 4 years ago

this is great i would put in some other pionts but yea.

yeaaaa buddie 4 years ago

shippuden is not that great it had has it's moments like itachi and pain (i call him pain that's his cooler name)but in the end it's so mutch worse as naruto mostly because it does nothing whit caracter that was what made naruto so good

Kutulu 4 years ago

It is not about Naruto anymore, now is about how Naruto's actions affected the rest of the people and how this is affecting Naruto, Plain and simple cause and effect. How ever if you only look at Naruto, your point of view nails it right on!!! so now the protagonist is anyone but Naruto :-) Cheers, GREAT POINT OF VIEW BY THE WAY!!!.

kushinafan 4 years ago

You buddy need to stop with your dumb 5 reasons of why naruto sucks because you're the 5 main reasons nobody agrees with you Naruto is AWSESOM and it will always be SO HUSH

hatetrollforlife 4 years ago

oh and don't listen to nufoundglory anymore, he's an idiot.

youngmaster 4 years ago

i think most naruto must have noticed that,when i first wacthed naruto it gave me a BIG shock,looking at his guts,and never giving up will,but since for 4 years i haven't felt anything,but i will continue to watch coz it hasn't gone that bad and coz he i still like the anime since it was awesome at the beginning

Thomas 4 years ago

Everyone....just shut the hell up....if you don't wanna watch or read naruto shippuden cuz of the story line then DON'T WATCH OR READ IT!! if you like it keep on watching and reading the manga, the comments and this hub are both pointless. stop trying to win an endless battle, opinions are opinions.

udit 4 years ago

finished One Piece now, and agreed solemnly to what the 5 reasons are for, seems like writers of Naruto becomes lazy or anything, because One Piece have Shocking Moments until at the very chapters beyond 600 and sure upto 600 its amazing, and Naruto 're dragging the story(all World War Happenings in it)

but still Naruto has something that im graviting to it, where im sure that Luffy is more funnier then Naruto

duels of Naruto are little more good then One Piece

One Piece made a real hard work then Naruto

.....im just thinking that way

lakshmi 4 years ago

i completely agree with your opinion.

naruto could have ended an amazingly beautiful ending and it probably would have been the greatest manga in the history of manga yet.one example is death note,its a truly exceptional manga in my opinion,it was short,exciting,thoroughly thought out and it had the perfect ending(in the manga) and to me its one of the best manga's in history.naruto could have been on the top of my list no disrespect but i think the thought of making money just got into Masashi's head so he just made some(many) soulless plots for the sake of it.well all i have to say it,im very VERY dissapointed.And i have stopped reading naruto manga :\

Narutoforever 4 years ago

It doesn't rlly matter. Next time keep ur thoughts to ur self

........2434 4 years ago

Please don't get OP wrong besides its almost 2 years.

Anti-Troll mode has been activate.

I am amaze those that disagree are totally miss out the point.

The blogger says he dislikes reason of A,B,C. Those that disagrees reason are of D,E,F. Albeit Illogical.

Aaron 4 years ago


Liana 4 years ago

Does anyone else wonder who raised Naruto? I haven't read the manga just watched the anime. But it has been getting on my nerves... I mean Naruto was a baby when his parents died so why didn't jiraiya (not sure if that's how you spell it)being the fourth Hokage's sensei and/or 3rd Hokage with his family rather than making him live on his own?! especially when they knew the truth all along they didn't even think that Naruto would need a support system? If you know anything about this part of Naruto I would love to know:) cheers

Armor Lee 4 years ago

You are wrong.....Naruto is getting better now do you expect side stories in 4th Shinobi War...then Read about Sai & Shin, Truth of Uchiha Itachi, Tale of Killer B & Raikage, Zabuza's Resurrection, Kabuto's Background, The Tailed Beasts in bad shape. They are showing war how will they show backgrounds......Think on it!!!!!!!!


Your an IDIOT 4 years ago

First Bee vs Kisame the side story was there in plenty of ways. He did fight Bee to get intel he was killed(supposedly) intentionally to attach to Samehada and follow Bee around for information. Do you not recall zetsu switching with Kisame so that could happen. That wasn't just a lets go and fight.

Pingas 4 years ago

Naruto really bores me to tears now. It has been sooooooooooooo slow lately and the war feels dragged like hell. Kishimoto should have looked at Oda how you have to wirte a war arc! In One Piece marineford war there are not countless fights with characters that just have been included to show the reader that they still exist. It's fast paced and now chapter feels dragged or wasted. Oh and reviving dead villains was the cheapest move Kishimoto could have done. Edo Tensei is such a cheap deus ex machina and it's obvious he revived the villains for fanservice and nothing else. And the fact that you only can beat one of the revived only when you reach their emotions and they feel "fulfilled" makes for many really cheesy moments that made me cringe. Now I really don´t care anymore how Naruto ends, maybe I will drop it for good!

iheartshikamaru 4 years ago

i agree but still i really like the series . just hate that i always cry because of sasuke . really miss him , miss the old team 7 . ugh can't stop my addiction -.-

doorman 4 years ago

lol its because naturally a show / manga will change to suit the fans age. naruto is inspiring in the way that you can look forward through depression and still live a good life. why naruto cries? he is depressed easy answer lmao. and why each fight doesn't have a half hour of side story now? because simply there is to many fights between unrelated people. hence the war. this was all planned your misunderstanding the authors intent.

doormaster 4 years ago

if you haven't noticed a key idea in naruto is that history repeats and that you must be strong to break that chain. the inspiration all came by naturally simply because you connected with the show (but honestly who cant connect with early naruto)

narugirl 4 years ago

all those reasons are true, but for me naruto is still the best anime and manga, I will never stop reading and watching naruto...

jojo 4 years ago

i totally agree with you,this whole war arc was a total mess,kishi now completely ignores side characters,brings dead people back to life and saves the day

i too was a fan of naruto,but now the series is even worth reading anymore

Stomp_Office 4 years ago

If you reflect upon your own life and the series of Naruto, from beginning to the current manga, you'll see how it connects with your life.

Its all connected - the NAruto back then still has meaning to the Naruto today.

People change, and things get old. Just don't take that for granted.

Naruto. 4 years ago

Your reasonings are stupid.

Naruto always was and always will be the most inspirational manga/anime ever. That will never change.

Naruto Lover 4 years ago

4. Uzumaki Naruto, the character, used to cry when he needed to, when the story required him to. And we, the readers usually cried along with him. Now, he cries all the time and all we do is roll our eyes.

i definitely don't agree with you in this point you put up there... he doesn't cry for nothing you know... he cries for the real thing, and he is the strongest ninja in Konoha and you know what? there are lots of fans out there who still love the Anime and Manga just like me... he still inspires me, and I'm keeping up with the Manga and guess what it keeps getting better... i hopee later onn we can see as Naruto achieves his goal of Hokage and Sasuke or is either dead or friends with Naruto again..

someone beyond the sun 4 years ago

i quite understand why some people still agree that naruto is the best, just like MCD or NIKE, even if somehow they get downfall, people will still buy them, i don't mean that the naruto nowadays is boring, even thought i agree with nufoundglory that the current naruto isn't as entertaining as before, i don't mean to offended anyone please think rational guys, peace, ok ?

it's just for some people it's still good, but there's a lot of people like me who complain the downfall of naruto, no more inspiring, no more excitement and surprise...

the fact that naruto is still good is proven by it's million selling, but the fact that naruto cannot entertain everyone is proven by the fact that the past naruto is selling better than the current naruto, i gotta make it straight , that selling isn't indicator of quality.. what i trying to say naruto nowadays isn't pleasing many fans, proven by many people show their

dissatisfaction like in comments before me, and when i say many, it's truly many, more than million to be honest

there's still many who enjoy, and there's many who disappointed like me, ooo, how i miss those days when naruto still exciting, nah i don't mean that the current naruto isn't its just a matter of opinion, i hope naruto can be as exciting as before, but even it doesn't, it doesn't matter because maybe it's just matter of taste, proven by many who still love naruto and think its getting more and more better,

even if naruto isn't up to my liking anymore is doesn't matter, there's still manga that's more exciting than naruto in my opinion, the manga that holds the ranking 1 in the top chart of manga world all through the world, it's annual selling even outsell ranking 2 through 10, the best of the best ( i make it straight, that's it is in my opinion but there's lot more people love it than naruto it seems, so it just a matter of taste and quantity ) everyone who likes to read many manga, especially battle manga should know this one, even through 15 years of serialization it's still exciting and surprising, inspiring and dramatic ( in my opinion naruto may be in par in selling if only naruto still the same as the past naruto )

in japan itself, is known as the whole "manga" itself

"manga is one piece"

yup the manga who outsell the combined selling ranking 2 through 10 is one piece, you can try to goggle it

for those who doesn't agree with me that one piece is better than current naruto......!!

it doesn't matter...i don't really care anyways, it's just a matter of different taste...caoooooo

LOOL 4 years ago

Lol at your dumbass Naruto is the same as it always was your just not 12 anymore. Every fight still has a story. Sasuke fights B for no reason? Really? Try actually reading the manga you piece of shit.

whoa 4 years ago

people feel so bold behind there keyboards........yes naruto is not as good as it used to be. But neither is the rest of television. Seriously.

cp9 4 years ago

Wow. This post has been here for a while, but still going! :D

I guess you are quite right on how Naruto hasn't been as inspirational anymore. I've re-watched some of my favorite arcs, such as the Haku-Zabuza, and Kakashi Gaiden (my favorite one so far). Both of them I've actually cried a little bit, but nowadays I feel like the eps are more focused onto the fighting. Speaking of which, the Naruto world seems to be a little less... Ninjaish? I mean, you got people that look like sumo-wrestlers in there! Looking at the Raikage, you can't really say he looks like a ninja, can you?

It might be the fault of translators, but nowadays I find it hard to understand the whole storyline in the manga. I wonder if it is because of the confusing translation or is it because Kishimoto is being lazy and isn't explaining things right? I have to actually go look at wiki's for their explanation of the chapter much frequently now.

nick 4 years ago

to the people saying sasuke moved on... you're all stupid. he wants to destroy konoha because of what happened. he just shifted from one obsession to another

Naruto FanLover profile image

Naruto FanLover 4 years ago

OK get this naruto shippuden adds more episode about the forth great ninja war is that not exciting enough the only best part is about sasukes life, he betrays konoha becuz its not that he doesn't like it its becuz he finds out the truth about his brother itachi. itachi was thought as a threat to sasuke but later on he finds out the truth about itachi from a man named uchiha madara. itachi basicly wanted to protect sasuke from harm so itachi before he died he implanted the mangekyo sharingan in sasuke's right eye to save him!

People better be watching naruto shippuden that's the next series of naruto it has more then 200 episodes better watch it ;)!!!

cp9 4 years ago

lol no. you got it pretty much wrong. Itachi didn't implant the mangekyo sharingan. Sasuke got it from Itachi's death. Itachi put a program, if you could put it like that, that would activate amaterasu whenever sasuke would see tobi's real face.

shuffle1 4 years ago

well i have to say that you are right Ive seen the end and it's the worst anime period. Plus lets make a fight scene last 6 episodes everytime i mean give me a break

last but not least it doesn't matter to me what happens in the end other than the fact naruto should have lived.

i don't even care what happens to sauske i would have prefered his death he was a stuck up child from the start

cp9 4 years ago

I am not sure if most people have realized, but in the anime, tobi actually shows his other sharingan, the one that is covered by his mask. He uses izanagi to dodge konan's attack, and thus disables his sharingan

asdasdasd 4 years ago

the one who did this quote is so stupid

KanaFlame profile image

KanaFlame 4 years ago

Naruto is not leaving the past for one or more reasons. He does not want to live with guilt as a Hokage, he said, why be Hokage if I can't even save one friend. The bromance between them is touching to all although it's true that Uzamaki is a little held back in the past. But if you think about it same with Uchiha. Sasuke is always going to be an avenger and such. Even killing people in the leaf. I thought that killing the person who basically controlled every one would work but noo Sasuke wanted more blood to splatter.

Legonut 4 years ago

1. I hate Naruto and I have not seen a single episode or read a single chapter.

2. GUNDAMS!!!!!!

Fury 4 years ago

Wow. I really don't understand why people are seriously flaming this author and article? They're voicing their opinion and that's perfectly allright. No, need to be mean or rude. Obviously this person likes Naruto very much or they wouldn't be so concerned about how they feel about it's current state. There's no need to get defensive. We should all be respectful of each other's opinions, because they are opinions not cold hard facts. There is no right or wrong.

the truth 4 years ago

all those points u juz said r completely wrong!!! u fool, naruto is the best and will always inspire. and it wasn't stupid or silly at all when naruto begged the raikage to forgive sasuke, hes trying to protect his friend... if that's not inspiring, then what is

naruto fan 4 years ago

I have to admit u are right 4 most of it but as for me i will still watch it i hope all u fans of Naruto will to Naruto has always inspire me even now but what can i say everyone has there own opinion so all of you fans out there pl z don't hate the writer up there they have there own opinion and we have mine but you guys have to admit Naruto is a bit whinny now but that's not going to stop me from watching the show how about you guys? i hope Naruto will stay the best in my mind well I hope that you Naruto fan will still be a Naruto fan but if you stop liking it than try to not hate it.

naruto fan 4 years ago

we all have ours sorry typo

haruhi_suzumiya007@yahoo.com 4 years ago

dude i think i must disagree with you about naruto being "NOT SO INSPIRATIONAL" at all but if it's your opinion then go on..

this is my side so better read this to be fair:

Naruto maybe now more like emotional but i might have to disagree with you about naruto crying and fans rolling their eyes? i mean dude, imagine yourself as naruto, you just knew your master died, you met your parents who you would think you'll never ever meet i think that's the only scenarios naruto cried. who wouldn't even cry on those situations?

point 2. kanaflame was right, he doesn't want to leave guilts before he can be hokage he wants to save his friend because NARUTO IS A GOOD FRIEND he would never abandon anyone. he DOESN'T WHINE or CRY WHEN NOT NEEDED. he's trying all his best to become strong in heart because he wants to be hokage.

If you disagree with me might as well not a real anime fan because anime fans are not only after fight scenes and stuff it's because of the moral story and naruto teaches and at the same time entertains viewers and that's why i really love it so much. i think you like naruto too but seems you're a person who doesn't "get too much emotional"

haruhi_suzumiya007@yahoo.com 4 years ago


sorry if i said "If you disagree with me might as well not a real anime fan " this really sorry. but my point is naruto is never lame maybe because you don't get some emotional impacts easily. maybe naruto's not an anime for you. i think you're just after the fight scenes and stuff.

mark-o 4 years ago

hey Guy, your'e wrong heyt, to slander naruto like that. I'm almost thirty and io still cry for this anime. Don't because its getting boring for you now come and pursuede me that it has changed. Everything has to change hey, and then some people has to stay the way they are, just check with some of your'e own friends. Things are the way they are

so peace brother, and let anime dpo what they do best,MAKE ME CRY

lolipop 4 years ago

all naruto fans must hear .......... naruto isn't gettin worse actually it is getting better, they tell u the story of brotherhood love between itachi and sasuke and how he felt about protcecting him, and don't forget something, u think it is lame to beg for someone, but when u put someone's life ahead of urs, u r even willing to dye for him naruto didn't fight for sasuke because that woul've brought hatred and revenge he knew sasuke's raged feelings of reveng, that's why he is the destined child of prophecy

GOKAKASHI 4 years ago

Guys... remember, naruto wants to save sasuke... all because of his dream to be hokage. i admit, i does cry a little too much but he has had a very difficult life. he feels like the misfit. people label him with the name jinjuriki (however u spell it) and how could he become hokage if he cant save one friend. Sasuke even admits naruto was his bestfriend. and Naruto admits sasuke was like a brother to him. If ur brother or sister went away and was a criminal, wouldn't you want to save them from the corruption of revenge. Just because he does cry like every mission, its not just for sasuke, its for sakura too (who he loves) and for everyone who has to put up with naruto wanting to save sasuke. He is so sick of waiting around, he has to try everything. IF SOMEONE WERE TO CONDEMN UR BROTHER OR SISTER FOR DEATH AND U COULDN'T DO ANYTHING... WOULDN'T U BEG! i would!! (plus it was a kage, very powerful) oh and sasuke is in the past too, what a brat. Naruto is trying to save sasuke from this, oh and remember itachi telling naruto about "What if sasuke attacked the leaf" naruto probably figures that means sasuke is... so hes trying to save everyone by saving sasuke.

coolness 4 years ago

okay...i just wanna see kakashi's face

blah 4 years ago

I absolutely agree. The main problem with this manga is the focus on Sasuke. The focus on Sasuke's character and the Naruto's focus on Sasuke. In most series we see a character grow but if anything Naruto has regressed in terms of his character. He went from having the main goal of being recognized in the village, to having a main goal of saving Sasuke. I kept waiting for the time when Naruto would come into his role of hokage by proclaiming Sasuke an enemy for threatening the village, but nope, all we get is more "Sasuke come home!! Sasuke where are you? Sasuke we're gonna die together!" Naruto has pretty much gone against the ideal of a Hokage goal being to protect the village and Kishi disguises it under some bs philosophy "I can't be hokage if I can't save my friend." Naruto has shown more emotion about Sasuke then he did Having his village destroyed by Pain.

The other problem is too much focus on Uchiha/Sasuke to the point it feels like Kishi has some secret (or not so secret) Uchiha fanboy fetish. This whole part 2 was used to hype Sasuke and have him look "cool." Unexpained hawk summons, masterful control of every technique he gains (Susanoo, Amaterasu, Sharingan illusions) and his quest for vengeance. Now we get page after page after page of his uchiha sob story as if we're supposed to care. (Oh you're the best character in the series, but i'm supposed to feel sorry for you?). Kishi really focus's too much on "bonds" to the point it feels like a parody.

Oh BTW, ignore these comments by the narutards. They're obviously just ranting teens (NO! Naruto is the best it inspires me!!)

IhateNarutards 4 years ago

Great article, I really agree with you nufoundglory on every point there. Nowdays im just watching Naruto because i want to know how it ends.

Sad to read every comment about how the "Fans" dissagree with you due... Looks like there is a lot of ppl who are afraid to open their eyes and see the truth.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Pfft, naruto sucked from the very beginning.

1. No storyline

2. fail drawings

3. emo jerks

4. unrealisticly boring

5. epic fail drawings, again.

6. too many boring flashbacks

7. never ending episode

8. training all day and all he knows is making a bigger blue ball

9. boring and repetitive jokes


for your own information, Naruto was my fav anime before I watch FMA brotherhood. fma 2009 FTW ~~

Mia Aruney 4 years ago

You have a point but then again this isn't the same for everyone. Naruto still touches me the way it used to in childhood. You're comparing different aspects of life that need to be followed with one anime cartoon. You're probably a bitch who likes to roll her eyes cause I've cried everytime Naruto has cried. He's such an amazing friend to do soo much for Sasuke and that hot slut doesn't even appreciate it.

But yeah, over the time, things change the way people do and I guess you just gotta live that.

Rick Rector 4 years ago

i have read every chapter of the manga series... and every episode of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden... i can see were your coming from... BUT YOUR COMPLETELY WRONG!!! what i think is it has more action then before... and that hes not the stupid kid he was... the only difference now is instead of rolling your eyes when he did something stupid is now its because of all the stupid un-needed drama... but its still amazing... because he is getting stronger every day and proving people that he can become hokage... ive been waiting for like 3 days for the new episode to come out in the subbed because you never know what's going to happen next... he might be learning a new jutsu or saving someone our saving his village or eating a bowl of ichirachues romin xD but over all the anime series of naruto is the best damn anime ever created and that's a fact

RomHead 4 years ago

do you really think that that makes the manga stink? the first few people to comment are idiots, i was personally tired of everyone thinking about naruto to be strong, it's just getting old (except with Hinata ;)). And that fool 2 comments in front of me SHUT THE FUCK UP your the stupidest of all. it's quite obvious that you don't know what a good show is. I can bet all he watches are those cartoons like power puff girls

blahblah 4 years ago

I kinda skipped around 150 of Naruto because of so many boring fillers. And about the crying in Shippuden, I think he's just in the peak of puberty. He's a late bloomer. xD

bob 4 years ago

wow, have you even seen or read the series, because you just are dead wrong. you keep saying you are a fan, so are the people who agree with you, but why keep on watching a show that you think is in decline and is overall not what it used to be?

Ami 4 years ago

I can see where you're coming from with the whole "Naruto isn't the same as he used to be, he needs to move forward and let go" point of view. You have your opinions and your evidence which I respect a LOT because many people can't give a decent opinion because they seem to not understand the meaning of 'evidence'. Nonetheless, I have to disagree. Naruto is a hero who uses determination and willpower to get through obstacles. This is one of the obstacles he has to get through. He still hasn't learned to move on from the Team 7 days because that's where he found his family and learned that he didn't have to become Hokage just to earn respect. I understand why he is so reluctant to let to of Sasuke because to him, he was his brother. And believe me, brotherhood is one of the hardest bonds to break.

None 4 years ago

I really disagree with you. I understand that this is your own opinion but you have to understand Naruto. He's the type of person who LIKES to linger on the past because he wants his friend back. It's like trying to save your own child who's been kidnapped. Like now, many people 'move on' but I see it as giving up. Unlike Naruto he's determined to bring back a person he holds dearly. He isn't whining, tch. He clearly trying to defend his own best friend.

Naruto is still inspiring to many children and teens all around the world because I honestly don't think those people take the time to think about bad things about Naruto.

NarutoBLows 4 years ago

Anyone who says Naruto is a good show is a fucking retard. Talk about brainwashed.

The last mangas didn't make ANY sense at all. It was like DBZ where naruto and kakashi spammed jutsus. WTF Kakashi has unlimited chakra? Last time he literally died from 2 kamuis now hes used 3 back to back.

Not only that but he had to make a 10 page long speech on his "dream". Honestly in real life, Naruto isn't some kind of hero, he's a selfish bastard that wants to be the strongest ninja who's obnoxious as hell.

I agree 120%, what happened if sasuke killed his other friends? he'd still protect sasuke? Oh wait no one importants died in a "WAR" which is just completely dumb.

Even more concrete proof naruto fans are brainwashed idiots? Kishi was supposed to end the series at the end of 2012. Now that he wants to make more money he decided to span it out to 2014 like less than a month ago LOL

Anon 4 years ago

Completely agree with the poster above. I've only seen little kids posting saying they love Naruto for the same stupid generic reasons, they can't even give one concrete example of how it's not turning into a huge cash cow.

I've been watching/reading naruto recently just to laugh at it, and I've been doing it since episode 1 and manga 1. As a long old fan of Naruto, if I can see it's getting ridiculous then anyone who can't is just plain messed up in the head. I understand that some people just watch it because they've been into it when Naruto WAS good, which I find no fault in. People who think it's good are just in huge DENIAL though.

I'll give a concrete example right now, go check out how long the first naruto mangas were, now compare the amount of pages each manga has now. Kishi has been slowly reducing the amount of content for his cash cow.

OleGoodie 4 years ago

LOL yeh seriously, a Two day war where NO main character has died wtf? I'm starting to think that people under the age of 30 in Naruto have divine protection. This is really a childrens show now, Fo Sho. Seriously, I could write a better story in my script, if he killed off maybe half the main characters in the war the story would be so much more emotional and better. It's thanks to these little kids that want everything to be perfect that this makes so much money

Peepa 4 years ago

I don't get the point of the show, what's Naruto trying to save the world from? It's not like any of the main characters besides Jaraiya and Asuma have died in his lifetime that he remembers. He can not do anything the entire war and the author will be too much of a pussy to kill anyone off.

Mark 4 years ago

@Peepa He's saving the world from the akatsuki (specifically tobi and kabuto). It doesn't matter who died in his lifetime, The point is to make sure the world isnt under tobi's rule in the end. I don't know about the"not killing off thing " i thought for sure kakashi and shizune were going to die but nagato had to save the day, due to naruto's influence. So he technically killed them off but brought them back haha. But i have a feeling one of the main characters will die at somepoint. If not i wouldn't mind. I don't want any of my favorite characters dying xD. I hope sasuke so naruto can give it up. Sasuke is GONE. He is nuts. Hes lost it. I read sasuke declaring he was going to destroy the leaf , but when i saw Sasuke doing the evil laugh during 5 kage summit arc, i knew he has left the building. Ps naruto has been increasingly getting involved in the war. Not to long ago he fought nagato :p

anime lover 4 years ago

i think its retarded on how people say shit like naruto is better than any other anime when in fact DBZ is the best anime of all time and they try and compare it and say that the fourth Hokage is better than goku. bitch please goku has 4 transformations. gok always fights in super sayain 1 so he hardly goes over that because he has much more strength so theres no need. because the fourth hokage has time warp powers? he still died so why didn't he use those powers to help himself from dying? goku on the other hand. has died and has came back to life. and he isn't human neither so another reason why goku is better than the hokages. on the brink of death a sayain gets super stronger. so even if he was bout to die. he would still woop ass. a third reason. so please don't compare your crappy 2002 anime to 1989 anime that made millions of money and is better in everything

yuahma 4 years ago

I agree, also those japs always take a rest for no reason, every 3 weeks there's a break in the manga

UnscathedNaija 4 years ago

Question: Did Chouji GO 'AKIMICHI LEVEL THREE' WITHOUT TAKING THE RED pill or did I miss the part where he did? And totally agree with the fact that he can't let Sasuke go, even to the point of begging the Raikage. The whole scene felt irritating to me. I went online to see if there are any other grieving fans like me for this 'amazing anime' and imagine my surprise when i found out I'm so not alone.

naruto ken ryu 4 years ago

i like the Naruto show but it does have a lot of crying in it like Sasuke this and Sasuke that then it goes from him to the other characters but long down the road they forgot that the show is called Naruto and not

sasuke and the others but the only reason i say that because Naruto is hardly in it and i don't care a bout the other characters because in the begging of the show the were really mean to him they called a loser a stupid orphan that what sakura said and they what to be friends after that he save there lives and sakura is the worst of them all she only care a bout Naruto because he was there but did she care when sasuke try to kill Naruto no and that why he told her to stop lying to him when she said she love him but any i do like hinata she was the only one to try to save him from pain OK now Kakashi the only thing he has taut Naruto is tree claiming and team work and element training see it funny how all the characters had training from there clans and Naruto a sakura and ten ten i would and rock lee but he was train by gai so any my point is i like the show but like nufoundglory said they got lazy on the story

Sasunaru 4 years ago

Naruto loves sasuke, that's the only reason he need to chase him : ) Wouldn't you bend down on you knees to save somone you love? : O

Melloman 4 years ago

I agree with you COMPLETELY!

Naruto has taken possibly the biggest downfall in anime history. Masashi Kishimoto seems to have put little effort into the rest of the anime.

I understand they are in a hurry to end it due to getting back to family, or not dragging it on much longer, but if you are going to end it, either end it the correct way or stop writing the anime right there and throw in the Naruto vs Sasuke fight so we can all go home knowing we just enjoyed a great anime series.

But pleaaaase don't give us a bunch of bull crap that ruins the ENTIRE SERIES FOR US!!!!!

naruto ken ryu 4 years ago

hey Melloman you are right plus im tired of the show keep going on and on . see i been following the show for 7 years and the hold time they

had nothing but flashbacks and filters but the only why i watch and read

about the show is i like to see a good ending but like you side if they are going to ruin the ending they should stop writing the show

Sasuke Uchiha 4 years ago

I think Naruto is a great show has everything in the world and changes peoples lives being very emotional is a good thing it has a great story thoo it also changed my life too even thoo I never had a purpose of living ever since I watched it the first time it change me to become very caring and loving the people u care the most in your life but there are other anime that teaches u love and everything including friendships, kindness, and the music is the best, teaching us to cry for the people u care that died sure if Naruto cries because he lost someone very important to him he cared his teacher soooo much would u cry if someone died that u know and care of course I would. true the story is little off but its still good thoo

SaInlesS 4 years ago

read itachi/nagato vs naruto/bee IN chapter 548 through 551, when nagato is sealed in itachi sword of totsuka, masashi kishimoto almost seem to talk trough nagato and apologizing for his bad writing at the start of part 2, lol, the story has GOTTEN a lot more intence since and i can´t seem to find any negative things i hate in naruto besides the high amount of fillers!

AnonymouSir 4 years ago

I used to love Naruto anime but that was years ago. I hated Naruto because of the episodes dragging on and on. The flashbacks are also boring. Those funny scenes like Sakura hitting/punching/kicking/slapping Naruto is getting lame, It's all too repetitive!! Also about Naruto saying stupid things when it's too obvious. But what can I say? Different people different tastes in anime...

PAIN 4 years ago

anonymousir I agree and disagree with you. I for one love the flash back and i think the sakura thing is getting boring.

PAIN 4 years ago

it is going down hill but still i want to know what happends at the end you know what i mean

boku wa 4 years ago

Naruto became shitty after the time-skip. Watch the chunnin exam again and compare it to the arcs inshippuden. And BTW One Piece is better even naruto at its peak

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 4 years ago from Asia Author

Because we're still "a fan" of Naruto, duh?

Wiseman-01 4 years ago

Naruto anime is soooooo boring and down right stupid these days. No don't fight it, it IS stupid. Only children with the undeveloped ability to think critically with the help of common sense find Naruto stimulating and worthy of praise.

Here's a few reasons why Naruto Anime (and the manga more than likely) sucks monkey balls:

. Numerous pointless fights centered around minor characters and/or unneeded side-plots

. The same boring attacks through-out fights, stupid/simplistic child-like logic during fights and confused reasoning behind fights

. Pathetic attempts to meld convoluted themes of emotion into the plot while going into extremely lengthy explanations of these emotions/thoughts/feelings in retarded roundabout ways that make the entire thought process behind these events seem frustrating stupid as fuck

. Over-the-top ridiculous ninjutsu bullshit (Kabuto raising from the dead virtually every known character under the sun who had previously died then controlling each one over the vast expanse of the Naruto world while being simultaneously conscious of what's happening to all the characters and able to control them/transport them/communicate with them just by thinking it .... omg wtf is this horseshit I'm watching)

. The general tendency to draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag out 5 seconds worth of plot into a 5 minute montage of agonizing crap based on past episodes that no-one who has a 'Real Life' actually cares about anymore let alone remembers watching 5 years ago.

Need I go on?

In general, Naruto anime has become a pile of manure that simple wastes your monthly download quota. Do yourself a favor and download One Piece. Say NO to Internet download cruelty.

Daniel Hernandez 4 years ago


Peter 4 years ago

There is too many plot holes in the story line now and Kishi just seems to be making everything up along the way to try his best to make it fit.. and the Tobi being Obito climax really ruined it for me... everything has just blown way out of proportion it used to be really stable and had an explanation now it's a typical do anything you want because its an anime.

Unknown 4 years ago

I agree with number 2 except for the part with Sakura/Chiyo/Sasori that fight was boring.

Then again all of the fights after the timeskip just sucked It had potential in the beginning but now it's just getting worse and worse.

Part 1 is fucking amazing the fights, the story, the crazy atmosphere when you know shit is about to go down.

The villains in part 1 that wasn't all bad like Haku and Zabuza or later became a good guy was way better than the boring villains in part 2.

Part 2 just screws the story up rewriting the nine tails story and he's under a genjutsu really? Just more bullshit.

Part 2 in fighting is just really about bs powerups Naruto is getting worse as a character he has absolutely no character development at all in part 2. And people say Sasuke is worse at least the guy gets some development and his attacks isn't linear.

I rather have that stubborn kid from part 1 who never gave up he had a lot more determination back then and actually trained hard now he's got some easy training that boost his power way too much.

Not to mention his soapy moments during the Five Kage Summit the way he was helpless about Sasuke and had an attack was pathetic he lost all my respect that he had which he barely had to begin with since he is almost nothing without the nine tails.

archie_0001 4 years ago

I wish somebody could take over the franchise and rewrite the story from a certain point, lets say, from the end of the Pain saga, or even earlier. The world war thing is worst of all.

Anthony 4 years ago

Naruto is great! U are an idiot, naruto inspires every1 who watches it!

No Anthony .... 4 years ago

Unfortunately Anthony, YOU are the idiot if that's what you still think. Either that or your to ignorant and immature to comprehend basic facts. Also what you said, "naruto inspires every1 who watches it!", was equally as stupid as if this was true then there would have been no-one for you to call an idiot in the first place.

Baka ......

Skarn 4 years ago

To the OP: So, in a nutshell, you don't like Sasuke.

I mean, seriously, just look at your points, he's mentioned in all of them except #4, which is basically restated in 5 anyway.

I realize this was probably made during or just after the whole Iron Country arc. Still no excuse for basically complaining and trying to be misleading. The *entire* manga has had hits and misses, not just the last couple arcs... It's still a better manga then I'll ever write, that's for sure.

@No Anthony, actually he was referring to the OP, who was inspired to make this, thus contradicting himself before he even started writing. Heh.

Oh Naruto... 4 years ago

THis show... it honestly has gotten worse. I mean Naruto seems a little too dramatic. With all the critical comments on these new things i really hope the author changes it up instead of focusing on Sasuke... I honestly love the first part of Naruto because the characters were amazing! ___ honestly i hope that they kill off a big character just because it seems necessary! Sorry I'm rambling on.... Anyways they're doing something about the kazekages... i hope they keep Gaara and Mei to be honest :p

naruto 4 years ago

this manga inspires me to throw up

GallantNerd 4 years ago

Read teh whole article and about half the comments. I gotta say, I really feel for you Nufoundglory; lots of fanboys aren't even reading your article, they're just attacking you. I know how you feel as I've had it happen before as well, but that's the internet I s'pose.

Anyway, I have to say I agree with almost all of your post. The fact is; a few arcs into Shippuden and Naruto started losing what I loved about it. I actually didn't get into Naruto until I was an adult and it had been out for many moons, so I was more into the story than meaningless fights that take forever (Looking at you Bleach and Dragonball Z!) and could really tug at my heart. Plus, the music in the anime was amazing and fit so well, some scenes got me to tear up a bit because the music just really added to the scene.

Granted, I loved Bleach and DBZ (especially as a kid for the latter), but they didn't have the depth of Naruto. Now, Naruto itself doesn't have the depth of Naruto. It's a lot of fighting, lots of training, and then some story - it's getting more like DBZ than Naruto. Thankfully it still is one of the best stories out there, but it's definitely lost a lot of its touch. Between the new emo Naruto who levels up beyond other very strong characters in a chapter or two, the inconstancy (and now near-uselessness) the other characters powers, a story that's starting not being told as well, and some other things, I've found that Naruto is still my favorite... but it's definitely become a lot less loved.

Edito 4 years ago

I used to love Naruto but now it sucks big and it just can't keep up with the other good animes like Hunter X Hunter, One Piece to name a few now a day i can watch to Naruto Shippudden Episodes in less than 5 minutes because they SUCK BIG...

Lamboslice 4 years ago

@Ariana yah, as far as love i think he shouldn't choose sakura, all those years of rejection would make it rlly ackward, and I don't think she could ever completely and fully let go of sasuke, its actually really weird since sasuke never ever acknowledged her and even tried to kill her. And yet she doesn't relate with naruto that hes feeling the same thing except in his version he is not disregarded completely

JessieCouagr15 4 years ago

I still find Naruto amazing and the story itself. Yeah, it's not that same as it was before, but if you haven't realized, his all grown up. You change over the years, sometimes its not a bad thing...things change. Yes, most of the story is going to be boring and suspenseful and a pain because the story doesn't give you details, the fact kishimoto doesn't get to the point, or because is it the fact that you don't see Naruto fight for what is right sine all he does is talk. Naruto's purpose and reponsibilty is to bring peace to the world, but in order to that he has to first find inner peace within himself because all these years he was treated like shit, so it is going to take time and needs train harder to get other people to acknowledge and recognize his potential. He also needs to know that he was loved because it's a human need which he did. How can he help others if he needs to understand and figure out himself ? How can he focus when he is still holding on his pain, it's not something that you can just forget? So, he needed to hear something positive in order to better..it always has been since Iruka first saw him as Naruto Uzumaki not the Kyubi. Otherwise, he will just loose himself just like Sasuke and the time he fought with pain. Like he said to Shikamaru's dad when he was going to talk to Pein" Nobody will lose or win .." and what example would it be if he fought with Pein insteading of communicating that would go against his purpose for bringing peace. Pein wants peace as much as Naruto. That's his purpose is to acomplish what Jiraya and Nagato wanted to get people to understand each other, realize they are not that much different, and obviously Heiwa! ( The whole purpose of the Fourth Ninja War and why we see all the other characters fight and understanding each other and getting along each other)All Naruto ever wanted was bring Sasuke back home and see each other happy and show that hey are friends, but Sasuke can't let go of his anger, revenge or his past. So he has not other choice to fight until Sasuke acknowledges him and start realizing. Like everything else in life things take time..not as fast as you hope to get to the good parts, but what kishimoto is showing is that Naruto has changed and tried to get better in order to find peace and order in the world. He's let go of his past, He has let go ever since he met his parents. The same as Sasuke it's going to take a freaking long time for him to realize what Naruto has been trying to say to him. These events happen for a reason just like in real life whether that are totally lame or not. Eventually kishimoto will come to a point.

Meh 4 years ago

Not BFF, just BF.

MD 4 years ago

I actually think it's getting better now, although I admit I sometimes find it difficult to understand...

I like it more now because it's getting more and more mature, so it shows the characters growing up in more ways than one. More mysteries are solved, and more questions are answered. The story is unfolding on its own and any changes that are occurring and that have occurred are supposed to make the story progress even further.

The manga is digging deeper into every character, and of course, a lot of it is supposed to be about Naruto himself. It even actually inspires me more; that's why I pay attention to it more now than before.

I think the only complain that I have right now is the very slow progress of the story. I think the war has been going on for far too long a time.

LOL 4 years ago

If you still watch Naruto and treat it like it's something to learn values/moral from or think there is some deep character development and get caught up thinking about how things should turn out ..... guess what.... you're a loser who needs to get a life (think about it because it makes sense). Just accept it - the rest of the world has.

Either that or you're a stupid ignorant child/teenager/young adult.

q8hornet 4 years ago

it's all part of the plan , and naruto did let go of his past , that's wy he told sauske he's done chasing after him , once suske is ready he'll be ready to stop him but not as an enemy but a friend who he had so many memories with. what tells us here is that no matter how much people hate each other , the memories they had holds the answer to their salvation

adiyat 3 years ago

it sad i want to say im still a big fan jasjid it online

Sofian 3 years ago

How can u even talk this way, Naruto is the most inspiring event in my life. if you think it has lost its inspirational moments, then you sir, are horribly mistaken. Do not inject us with your weak and unwanted thoughts.

donthateIlikeNaruto 3 years ago

Im starting to become sick of all fanboys, this article just nailed it, this is exactly what I feel about the series nowdays.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

@Sofian : I was just merely expressing my opinion. Everyone can have their own opinion, can't they?

Red 3 years ago

While I can certainly see where you are coming from, one aspect that I think Shippunden dives into more intensely than the original part 1 did is the idea behind the "cycle of hatred". From my point of view, the series has shifted more from Naruto centered problems to the world's problems which Naruto just so happens to try and be solving. If anything, I have enjoyed Shippuden more because I think it has a lot of broader real world questions that need to be addressed like this idea that revenge seeds the need for revenge in others, and how forgiveness or at the very least a degree of understanding, not vengeance, is what is needed to solve these problems. The question of how to break the "cycle of hatred" is something the pertains to everyone's lives, and I would like to see what sort of an answer the author decides on, since at the moment the only two articulated solutions so far are Nagato/Pain's vision of a super powerful weapon to force people into peace due to fear and Obito's vision with the "Moon's Eye Plan" essentially destroying free will. I want to see what kind of an answer Naruto, or whomever gets passed the torch, will come up with, and that is what makes Shippuden worth continuing to watch for myself at least.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

@Red, I know what you're saying, and in the beginning it did feel that way to me too. I mean, sure, Shippuuden deals with a bigger problem than just "bonds" and "friends". But that's not the problem though. Masashi Kishimoto has a great plot and vision for Naruto, but the way he executes it in later part of Shippuuden is just a MESS.

At least you can agree with me on that? Read my other article here


and tell me your answer to that. I wrote it recently in more in-depth detail of how I think Shippuuden (Naruto Part 2) has turned out.

hanannaqq profile image

hanannaqq 3 years ago

I think both the manga and anime are still quite able to inspire a lot of people. About willpower and hard work.

Wagtail 3 years ago

seems you don't know how mangas work. seems you haven't read enough mangas. read more and you'll understand.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

@Wagtail: Oh, OF COURSE I don't know how manga works. You're the only one who "KNOWS" how manga "WORKS". Cheers and applause, everyone, Wagtail KNOWS how manga WORKS!

Emomikey 3 years ago

look i have followed naruto since day one and it hasn't lost its touch its still dramatic and naruto has his crying moments but their nesasary. he cant let go of the past cause it haunts him as a promise he couldnt keep member its his ninja way to keep going so author ur such adumb ass.

Martin 3 years ago

I agree with your points totally! In every movie, he gets stupider and stupider and whines and in the end they all never give up and world peace and love :).

Iva 3 years ago

Soo not true

MeAgain 3 years ago

hmmm... maybe if you overlook the filler episodes and read the latest chapters or watch the latest episodes you'll think otherwise... especially exceptional episodes during the war... I almost cried in the episode where Gaara has to fight his father...

don't get it 3 years ago

iam 22 years old and iam a one piece fan since 2002 !!!

so some friends of mine getting on my nerves with watching naruto

so i started watching naruto one year ago

and made the whole series in 4 weeks until the end of the sasuke vs 5 kage thing

and i have to say i never ever whatched any filler episode i skipped all of them


nowadays i read the manga and iam up to date there aswell

ok its true the ninja war is not that good (don't like this extreme use of edo tensei) but in my opinion shipudden is a lot better than the first part of naruto

which has it great sides too (gaara vs lee / jiraya tsunade vs oro / third VS oro / ...) but damn shipuuden had a lot more emotions

when i think of asumas and jirayas dead (where a cried like a kid)

sasuke vs itachi, naruto vs pain and so on

there were so many much greater fights more emotions

it was more EPIC !!!

maybe its because u all have to go through that filler thing since a long time

if iam honest it pisses me really off and i stopped whatching the anime

so i wait like a half year and watch only the real episodes

and the manga has some great moments at the war this times so this will be even better in the anime (fights and emotional scenes are much better there than in the manga)

naruto is still awesome and i would

yendo 3 years ago

Well right now in the manga Naruto is gonna be big again for the Uchiha fanboys like myself. You will have to read chapters 620-627 to see what happens,HINT: something happens to Sasuke and the hokages show up.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

Thanks, yendo, but reading the manga has now become like a chore to me these days. Right now I'm at the part where *SPOILER* Naruto, Killerbee, Kakashi, and Guy are fighting Madara and Obito. Reading the manga is a tedious thing to do now, so I think I may probably wait until the anime catches up...

Kakashi 3 years ago

Could not agree more with this article. Shippuden is bereft of any creativity. I really miss part one :/

natsu 3 years ago

Dude this is completely based off of your own opinion, and nobody cares.

P.S. - the whole fucking story is built on the fact that Naruto doesn't want to break his bond with Sasuke, so that part of your argument is invalid...

P.S.S. - Naruto part 1 was almost completely filler/fuck around episodes after about 130 - 190 until the last 30 episodes...so far there has only been "maybe" 50 filler/fuck around episodes in shippuden out of 309...

Cosapocha 3 years ago

First thing: Sorry about my english. Now you can keep reading.

I started to read your post and thought: "Geez, it was written 2 years ago, it's probably closed" but... Surprise! It's still on! Man, you really made a great debate.

Im completely agree with you, I get here by writing on google "naruto every time worse". I cant say anymore than you already did, but there is one thing that I find absolutely annoying: the ridiculous cursi talk about "the bounds are important" "I love my friends" bla bla bla...

I mean, as a manga gets older, their readers get older too, and the mangaka should notice it.

But what is happening is even worse! Because Naruto is more and more sensitive, and as you say: "tries too hard to inspire", and the effect is the opposite.

A character who is original and funny at the beggining became the classic cliché of "the-guy-who-wants-to-get-stronger- and-protect-his -friends". The same thing happened in Bleach, DBZ and almost EVERY FUCKING SHONEN (and that's why im not reading new mangas anymore, except Gantz, Gantz is amazing).

Congrats for the post, and a big "shut the fuck up" to all those irrational people (read "irrational" as an eufemism) who don't realize that we re reading the manga just to see how it ends, and that the magic of Naruto was lost loooooooooooong ago. I mean, how could they justify the terrible narration, the catastrophic dialogues and the empty characters who appear and dissapear in the history?

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author


I couldn't agree more. You hit the nail when you said the "magic" of Naruto has lost so long ago. I bet many fans feel that way about Naruto now. Maybe it's because we've followed the manga/story for a very long time and are so used to the "magic" now? I don't know. What I know is, when I read Naruto now, I no longer feel inspired like I used to feel.

amiontop 3 years ago

I agree with you. I love Naruto and been watching for like 10 years? Part 1 was amazing, the events were detailed and unique. The characters were easy to relate to. But Part 2 characters like the Kages, and Obito, I don't even care about them. Tobi is like the worst villain ever, his motive was so lame. and how could he possibly fight on the same par with the 4th Hokage (while he was very young)? Not to mention the boring War, I know the idea behind it, its great and all, but the approach to depict it is too mainstream. Naruto also needs to stop blabbering about friendship, we know well enough how he feels!

I stopped reading the manga for a few months then caught up. Tbh, I like Sasuke and just want to see what will happen to him. At least the few very recent chapters were satisfactory.

As you said, Naruto cant let go of Sasuke. He becomes irrational and weak when it comes to Sasuke. But I wouldn't want him to be any other way. that's also a main point in the manga. Kishi spent so much time on Naruto and Sasuke and make me feel like there is romance between the two. However, he recently promoted Naruto and Hinata as if it will be canon in the end. Really, this story needs to be stronger than that.

I know the excitement is dieing down, but bear with it until 2014 . It's still a well made manga though. For example, compared to Fairy Tail, Naruto is still much better in character development. Kishi has my respect for that

Res 3 years ago

Guess what, Kishi isn't forcing you to read the manga, if u don't like it anymore, don't read it, don't tell new readers not to read before they get a chance, I happen to really enjoy the story

Mary 3 years ago

Different opinion for some people for naruto shippuden I don't see your perspective but for me I kind of like naruto shippuden and think it's still inspirational to me and well it's like the bible(well not really but you probably get my point) people view it differently. That is all I wanted to get out

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author


Thanks for voicing out your opinion.


Guess what, nobody forced you to search for "Naruto manga sucks" on Google. Guess what, the Internet is a place where you'd find a lot of people with different opinions. And guess what, if you want to recommend the manga to "new readers" go ahead, they don't necessarily need to read what I wrote here. It's the Internet, everyone's free to voice out their opinion, I happen to love the Internet *shrug*

@http://nufoundglory.hubpages.com/ 3 years ago

Guess what, I didn't search that, I recommended naruto to a friend and he found this, and guess what, I agree with you on some levels, but I disagree with you on telling new readers to only read part 1, if opinions are so important to you let new readers develop their own

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

Sure, they should develop their own opinions, just grab the manga and read it. Or better still, check out other people's opinions, and then come up with their own to decide whether or not they should read the manga past what I recommended. I'm just providing them with a base, the rest is completely up to them.

Res 3 years ago

Understandably so, I get why you wrote this article, I just got kind of upset because I spent all night trying to convince my friend to read it, then he sends me this link

Res 3 years ago

But I still love naruto to the fullest, I look forward to the new chapter every week, for me it isn't a chore, I love it

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

OK, Res, I understand, but if your friend is smart he/she would have checked all the comments people left here, because there are about the same amount of people who disagreed with me as well as those who did agree with me. That alone should tell your friend that there's something good going on with the manga and that it's definitely worth checking out.

Mary 3 years ago

Oops I forgot to say this 21 hours ago thanks for anyone who reads my comment and thanks again for reading this as well! Thanks naruto for your inspiration!

Goku7861000 3 years ago

I disagree. To be honest part one was some childish thing about team 7 and chunin exams. It got interesting after sasuke left and it made me become inspired because of naruto and his ninja way. I am literally greatful with this masterpiece and hope it never ends. We see naruto shippuden develop more and shows us a whole new world outside of konoha, the akatsuki, madara, sage of six paths etc. it got even better, much better then the other two in my opinion

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author



To me what makes Naruto part 1 superior than Shippuuden is because of how well the characters were being developed, how well-constructed each arc was, how well-crafted the side stories were, and how effective the dialogues were (short but effective, unlike how it is today; long, dragging, cliché, not enough meat, i.e. Naruto meeting Sasuke just after Sasuke's fight with Danzou).

It's true Shippuuden demonstrates a much mature plot and story, but the presentation just sucks. The earlier part of Shippuuden was still good, up to a point of Sasuke/Deidara fight. Things just went downhill after that arc. Everything after that just so not convincing (i.e Nagato's sudden change of heart after meeting Naruto).

yoo mama 3 years ago

yoo naruto inspiring dud reg naruto he was starting out shipp naruto huge change, powerful then minato, older so we our selfs rate, sage mode 9 tail mode, bijju mode get out of here yo smoke some dank breathe re watch again think im watching so kick ass naruto shit for thrsday night USA HELL yeah MoFo WHY ASKIN ALL DEM QUESTIONS on why naruto is not in spiring get yo shit pack yo stuff leave my keys got to go im out holla

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

@yoo mama

What are you smoking, buddy?

dtninja831 3 years ago

Interesting article man, it's tough to just be outright honest with how you feel about the manga/anime and how it has progressed. I respect that. I have to agree with you on the Naruto thing. Being a huge fan myself I will say the Fourth Great Ninja War is a wreck in terms of plot and it has many flaws. There no doubt about that. Naruto used to be a character you could look up to right but you're right at times he backed down, begging people. That was odd to me.

I will say this, when reading or watching part 2, to truly get what Naruto is doing you have to look back at part 1, probably some of the most memorable moments. You put it very nicely here.

However, I disagree with you on the interest factor on the war. I like the fact that Kishimoto brought back characters like Itachi, Gara's father, he's showing us as readers that this war is not about a deathmatch or even peace. It's all about dealing with our own inner struggles and overcoming them. Just as Naruto was able to do.

The Tobi reveal was a little disappointing. However, the new chapters are brilliant both in creation and imagination. The stories behind the 1st Hokage and Madara were probably some of the most interesting I've read in awhile. However, the main reason we watch is to see what happens in the end. Kishimoto may not be perfect but he makes us think. I guess that's why I like to read. Anyways great article,

DerpHerpies 3 years ago

I have to agree with you. They definitely had everything nicely planned at first. But then they started risking the anime by adding fillers and prolonging it too far. And yes, it definitely is not inspiring anymore. I remember actually enjoying the fillers because I liked learning more about the character's personal lives and stories, etc. But now they just piss me off. I don't understand why they could have just made a solid 100 good quality episodes instead of stretching it so much. I think that they would have done a better job that way.

@amiontop , I gotta totes agree with what you said. And "He becomes irrational and weak when it comes to Sasuke." part. I wouldn't want him any other way either. Obviously Naruto's perspective would have to change and him become falling apart is the most logical, realistic way. If he was thinking the same way he was thinking after 5 years, that already says something's wrong. I am a hardcore Naruto fan and am working on making a manga myself atm so I see why Kishimoto did what he did now. Making an anime or manga is more difficult than it looks, And I gotta give Kishi my respect for making it this far.

Odd 3 years ago

I think that when he begs its showing his maturity...maybe becoming more humble? But I gotta say, I never liked it.

hello 3 years ago

Naruto seems to have something akin to Stockholm syndrome, in regards to Sasuke. It seems that the cleanest ending for the series would be Naruto Becoming a matter and "saving" the world. It also seems that that ending would go with the changed my gols and ideals that made up who i am Sauske fulfilling Narutos dream.

iLoveNaruto 3 years ago

Hmmm I don't really agree with you. I mean, I think Naruto has matured, and learned the way of ninja, intead of the silly and immature Naruto before.

Yes i do agree with you on the fights part, but I think Naruto has changed for the better, not the worse.

YoMan 3 years ago

Good point. And with all the fillers going on right now I guess we all need to understand money making is more important to them than having a good quality anime. To keep the same quality we had at the begining they would need to hold the animation months. You can't ask Kishimoto to have the same inspiration at manga 600+. It's still very good and the product doesn't need to be sold anymore... everyone watch it anyways.

Ghosst 3 years ago

Inspiring, no. Exciting, most definitely yes! Perhaps it was because I was sucked in early on, but the latest manga chapters have been real page-turners.

houdish 3 years ago

Nice point of view, i agree with the facts that the fights don't have a back story but we also have to take into consideration that most of those fights without backstories are here because they are the ones that provoke the war. so it's logical that they don't have a backstory because they are mainly here to weaken the others or to make them take bad decisions. for exemple like you said sasuke/hahibi : sasuke was working for the akatsuki so that they could get the 8 tails to complete their plans. and sasuke/raikage. i forgot why he fought him but it had an effect on the story and on the war. So although you think it got worse, i, on the contrary, think that he changed his way of writing the story so that it could match the war. if he had continued on with the backstory, the war wouldn't have made that much sense since the backstories mainly revolve around naruto or his friends and not the safety of the ninja world.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

@houdish, This article was written THREE YEARS AGO (see the date on the FIRST comment). The war hadn't occurred yet at the time this was written, so some of what you said isn't relevant. To discuss the CURRENT Naruto manga and how it sucks, check what I wrote RECENTLY here instead: http://hubpages.com/entertainment/Naruto-Manga-Suc...

houdish 3 years ago

oh and to all people who are complaining about the fillers being too long and boring and to all of you who said that they shouldn't put any fillers and just put on the main parts of the stories in episodes, don't forget that the anime didn't start just 3 or 4 years ago it started a long time ago, they can't just put the real storyline in episodes right away because the anime would catch up with the manga and they would have to put it on hiatus to wait for a few chapters to come out and the continue. if they hadn't done those 100 fillers episodes before shippuden, we would have caught up with the manga a loooong time ago. so don't complain about what you have because we all agree that this is an epic story that we will never forget and there is no reason to talk about the bad points of a manga that is has been the most popular for years now. Sure there are a few things that everyone don't like but if they weren't there we wouldn't have the same feeling that we get from Naruto.

houdish 3 years ago

@nufoundglory i know that it was written three years ago that's why i didn't insult anybody or anything and just said that. Of course i knew that it was written 3 years ago and that they didn't know that i am just making a statement.

Tse123 3 years ago

I found Naruto have a poor story line and it is not inspirational at all. Some of the characters are so overacting.

mil 3 years ago

naruto is so good this week,

Someone 3 years ago

I love Naruto as it is the only anime I could EVER relate to, yeah shippudden is kinda meh. but you gotta understand that Sasuke was someone Uzumaki Naruto could relate with. And it teaches us that we should not only never give up, but we must also never forget the ones close to us. Naruto grew up with out parents. He was always disliked and he does stuff to get attention, Sasuke was like his first friend ever. Respect the fact how the character of Naruto is. simply said , he is like Kurosaki Ichigo from Bleach. they both don't give up and would protect their friend and family till the end.

Q-head9901 3 years ago

I don't hate Naruto but my only complaint is this: why haven't Kishimoto named the series SASUKE instead of Naruto? Seriously. Anyone who read chapter 632 and up knows what I'm talking about. I have no doubts in my mind that Sasuke will not only become Hokage, he will take Naruto's love interest, Sakura, as his wife.... so where does this leave Naruto?

It's not a bad thing but what's the point to Naruto the character if he spends the entire series trying to rescue Sasuke only for Sasuke to ignore him and then rescue himself?


MainStun 3 years ago

Agreed!!!!!!!!!!! FFS the manga was flawless long ago... This current plot-holes, plot no jutsu AKA Asspulls are colossal. It is painful too keep reading since I just can't drop it because of the so many years of following it. ):

ruffy!!! 3 years ago

I think naruto is the best ANIME/MANGA in the world right now

bleach is getting good

i realy have become bored with one piece lately i even sometimes it exist

it marineford was the shit but the rest is crap coming from a true one piece fan

Johntoreno07 3 years ago

Well you're right.. i can't lie to myself it has happened with every anime i love.

DBGT a crappy incompetent fu*k that shouldn't have existed

Digimon 02 A clusterfu*k of a sequel barely having anything good

and then comes shippuden my bane of naruto love.

Bob 3 years ago

Naruto is getting progressively worse since they started the 3rd ninja war, terribly lazy animation screenplay attempts at so called fight scenes e.g. one or 2 strikes and a group lightning bomb and suddenly yay... 2000 zetsu are miraculously dispatched by omoi and a bunch of kids.

I don't mind fillers but they don't even bother to put any thought or purpose into it. What ever studio and director is creating the present Naruto drivel right now needs to be dragged out and shot.

MichaelBenson-MB profile image

MichaelBenson-MB 3 years ago from Kent, Kent, United Kingdom

To be honest, its our fault as the readers and watchers of Naruto that have driven kishimoto to make naruto as it is today... Everyone one was saying that we need more fights, more fights... this lead to special double episodes... in an event this made the anime catch up with the manga wayyyy to fast.. this lead to fillers.. (well he could have been more creative with the fillers and make them more relevant to the manga and the storyline), but that's another argument in itself;

Guys we need to know how these things work, in order to make a good anime, the manga needs to take charge and the anime needs to strictly follow it... back when Naruto was just "Naruto", we hardly had as much fillers...

Solution... Make the fillers more frilling and relevant to manga... then people would complain about them... this is still the Number one manga and anime in the world people

Ismarys 3 years ago

Honestly, whatever comes up in Naruto, I am happy to go along with it. It's not my story, who am I to complain about it? It's not like my complaints will change anything. Kishimoto, in an interview, said that he doesn't even barely, (yes, doesn't even barely) hear any comments from America because he's not here. Just like we don't hear any news or entertainment from Japan. I love Naruto part I and Naruto part II has brought so much more. I'm extremely happy with both parts and can't wait to see how it keeps going.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

@Ismarys: Yeah, yeah, of course just because an author doesn't keep up with what his fans from another side of the world have to say, we all can't have our own opinions about his works. Very legit. So let's all just swallow whatever's being thrown at us and tell people we love every bit of it when we don't. Of course we can't voice out our opinions on the INTERNET too. Thanks, Ismarys! (*roll eyes*)

Miranda 3 years ago

yeap, idk. But I have very strong bond with my old best friend even if he changed or doesn't want to talk to me again im always there. I wont leave him alone, I can comprehend Naruto's feeling u.u

Nilesh 3 years ago

Boy the theme is getting so repetitive... every chapter ends with Naruto either: (1) saving the alliance from the Obito-special-of-the-week (2) getting even more inspired to carry on the fight (umpteen times over- "This world will not end BECAUSE I EXIST" ..."This world will not end because NARUTO DECIDES TO PRESS ON" ...jeez how many times does he have to tell himself and how many times does Kishi have to tell us that "Naruto believes!!!!") or (3) someone or the other in the alliance either acknowledging (or re-acknowledging as the case may be) Naruto for his "soft and sensitive" feeling or his nindo or his growth or prowess as a shinobi.

nufoundglory profile image

nufoundglory 3 years ago from Asia Author

@Nilesh: I agree! The manga right now is so repetitive. The whole ninja war thing is getting more and more lame as it progresses. Enough with all these shits already and let Naruto fight Sasuke and end the story already! Ugh.

Cosapocha 3 years ago

Oh man, did you see those last episodes? They are insulting...

vj the animator 3 years ago

Only no heart cannot understand what naruto story is...



Fbritannia 2 years ago

I really like shippuden, much more than regular Naruto, however, I stopped watching after Pain, there's just no more point, to much going on, if they had expanded some things and then have Pain be the last battle, it would have been a perfect anime, I don't think is bad, I have read some of the things after Pain, but, it's not as good as it used to be. Still enjoyable none to less.

hyakushiki 2 years ago

1. you're dumb, the whole point of Naruto is that he never goes back on his word or abandons his ninja way.. so yes he's gonna bow down and do what it takes to keep Sasuke alive until he can save him. That's literally just a natural thing to do. If you feel like they're trying too hard to inspire, maybe you shouldn't read a manga about the #1 GUTSIEST ninja.

2. you're an idiot Sasuke fought Hachibi because he was Akatsuki at the time and they were trying to capture him. Hachibi fought Kisame to stop him from getting intel back to the enemy, how are these fights pointless?

3. Sasuke moved on ? how the only reason he does anything is because of itachi and his clan. Obito even used these things from his PAST to control him. Naruto makes new bonds and lives only to protect these bonds.

4. Uh...if all your friends were dying and all this chaotic shit was happening, and the weight of saving the whole world was on your shoulders at like 16 i think you'd cry a lot too. You want Naruto to be something he isn't. Just enjoy his personality as it is.

5. Is really just you talking shit honestly.

I won't say you aren't entitled to criticism, but at least make valid points.

Rhea 2 years ago

I totally agree with you. Before Shippuden I used to have so many emotions and cry when Naruto was sad and so many other things. Naruto actually helped me get through some hard times in my life but now I feel this series has gone downhill. I no longer connect with anyone much and sometimes I just want to slap Naruto because he's just so blinded by Sasuke. There's many more reasons how it turned to shit for me but I won't bother. I just want to say this, Naruto lost that magic (?) it used to have and now it's the same as any other anime/manga series out there. It makes me sad but I've given up on it. I'll still bother to read the last chapter though because Naruto is still kind of dear to my heart. :)

mounzer 2 years ago

ok let me explain to you naruto is philosophy to explain the real life and how the people live and are divised it was something you could see generally but need deep thinking to understand it really now naruto became less interesting cz the way to continue this ohilosophy (like yin and yang) is disappearing slowly and will lose it's brightness cz naruto was special when reading you discover new things in the real life and become more sentimental at the same time but now naruto is only gone it's no longer the real naruto that we used to love and see ourself i him :( it's true i am sad cz naruto will end now but not like if he ended from part 1 but i always become sad cz i continue to see a little light on it that maybe kishi will see it and let it full the darkness of the new part :(

Pope 2 years ago

Part 1 Neji (before defeated by Retard/Naruto) was correct about lineage things - because we discover in Shippuden that not only he is son of 4 Hokage (yondaime hokage - Minato) but he is transengent of Ashura Ootsotsuki the son of Rikodou Sennin (Hagoromo Ootsotsuki) who believied (both of them) in peace through understanding (idoticy) .

Sasuke is transengent of Indra Ootsotsuki, who now wants to become hokage while killing other kages in IT. And yes Indra wanted peace through power (right way to me).

Ashura is the forefather of Senju and Indra is forefather of Uchiha.

This means that lineage line doesn´t matter is a lie.

lol 2 years ago

@pope lol yea, the moment his father was revealed i thought immediately about that fight and narutos speech about fighting destiny, ut naruto was wrong ,neji was right you cant fight destiny

Gilbert 22 months ago

I agree with you completely. The thing that screwed up the show the most was all the bringing the dead back to life. How can life be valued if it's so easy to die and then out of nowhere come back to life.

Jakeobo 19 months ago

"Bory, you're wrong, it's not what you should call "consistency" at all. A character, just like real life's human being, should be allowed to grow. As a human, we grow, we learn from mistakes. People who refuse to grow are NOT heroes. Naruto himself used to be such a hero, a stubborn kid with extreme determination, a kid that defies the odds to make it." ummm naruto as shown through the shippuden series has grown the MOST as a shinobi in the leaf village. He had the MOST desire to grow so he could defeat and brink back the steroided up Sasuke and he STILL has the most determination and the guts to NEVER give up. he has never strayed from his ninpo way.

"It won't make sense if you go all the way to "save" your one friend by risking the lives of the people in the whole village or other people in that matter too." he NEVER risked the lives of his village to save Sasuke. in the original series he went off with shiku chobi neji and kiba. but they ALL volunteered to go off on the mission.

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