5 Reasons to Watch The Vampire Diaries


It seems that everywhere you look right now there's another series about vampires. Whether it's books, movies or tv shows. Between The Twilight Saga, the new movie Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant, and shows like True Blood, you can't avoid it. If you love vampires and you're into a good romance, you should definitely be watching The Vampire Diaries on the CW. It airs Thursday nights at 8pm (EST) and it's fantastic. The show is based on the books written by L.J. Smith and the show has been getting rave reviews. I haven't had the chance to read the books yet, but I can't wait to get my hands on them, now. Here are five reasons that I keep coming back for more each week!

Why I Love The Vampire Diaries

#1- Paul Wesley- Paul Wesley plays the male lead in the show, Stefan Salvatore. Stefan is a vampire who chooses not to feed on human blood to stay alive. He comes back to Mystic Falls, where the story is set, and meets Elena Gilbert (played by Nina Dobrev). Elena bears a striking resemblance to his former lover, Katherine. But after spending time with Elena, Stefan begins to crave her company even more. Wesley is absolutely wonderful in this part, he really shows the struggle Stefan deals with to protect Elena and still keep his secret from her while they're forming a relationship. He makes it very easy to watch as the drama unfolds on the screen.

#2-Great writing-As I said, the show is based on L.J. Smith's novels, The Vampire Diaries. The show is very well-written by Kevin Williamson (of Dawson's Creek fame) and Julie Plec. The story gets better every week, you simply have to tune in to see what will happen next. It's the perfect blend of romance, action, suspense and horror.

#3-The Conflict-Ian Somerhalder, who plays Stefan's seriously evil brother, Damon, provides most of the conflict on the show. Between stirring up trouble for Stefan with Elena and attacking the townspeople, Damon keeps Stefan on his toes. The feud between the brothers started over Katherine, the vampire who changed them both and pitted them against each other. It seems to have morphed into something far more dangerous now as Damon preys on the townsfolk and Elena to push Stefan towards the edge.

#4-Ian Somerhalder-What is it about the bad boys that makes them impossible to ignore? Somerholder brings Damon's twisted personality to life brilliantly. Whether he's attacking innocent people simply because he's bored or playing mind games with Stefan, he's definitely made Damon a character you love to hate. You can't miss an episode, who knows what he'll do next?

#5-The Story-The story is fantastic; it seems to have a little bit of everything. The small town with a lot of mysterious and mythological history, romance, star-crossed love, heartbreak, action, suspense, horror, familial discord, tragedy. I could keep going. You name it and this show probably has it. I know one thing, I know where I'll be every Thursday night at 8pm for the foreseeable future. I am hooked!

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Clip from Pilot of The Vampire Diaries

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Jess Killmenow profile image

Jess Killmenow 6 years ago from Nowheresville, Eastern United States

This is a very compelling review. Looks like a very entertaining show. Thank you!

Lissa Lynn profile image

Lissa Lynn 6 years ago from upstate NY Author

:) It has completely sucked me in, Jess. Thanks for your comment :)

Wendy Krick profile image

Wendy Krick 6 years ago from Maryland

I love this series as well. I love to hate Damon! LOL! Great job with this hub!

Lissa Lynn profile image

Lissa Lynn 6 years ago from upstate NY Author

Thanks Wendy :)

Laurie 6 years ago

I love the Vampire Diaries too! And I am a total vampire mom. Twilight remains my favorite, True Blood is just for fun cause it's sort of on the tacky side, and the Vampire Diaries allows me to re-live my teen years :) I think that Vampire Diaries has the best looking cast on television. Paul and Ian are so handsome and both play their parts amazingly well. Nina is absolutely gorgeous too! My only complaint is that there are tooooooooo many commercials during the show!

MissE profile image

MissE 6 years ago from Texas

I still haven't seen this.

Lissa Lynn profile image

Lissa Lynn 6 years ago from upstate NY Author

Laurie, you're right, there are definitely a lot of commercials during the show, lol. But I still love it. :)

MissE-if you look online on the CW's website, they have full episodes you can watch right from your computer! So, let me know if you decide to check it out :)

keira7 profile image

keira7 6 years ago

Here where I live we havent had the pleasure of this series as yet but I am waiting with baited breath.

Amanda 5 years ago

You spelled SOMERHALDER wrong! Come on, if you like it that much....and also, Paul Wesley is a sucky actor and all he does is cry. Ian Somerhalder is the best part of the show.

Lissa Lynn profile image

Lissa Lynn 5 years ago from upstate NY Author

That was a mistake I made quite a while ago Amanda..and you also have to keep in mind that this was written LAST year..so things have changed a bit on the show..

Vampire lover 5 years ago

It's the only show in a long time that I wait in anticipation for :)

There are clips about the cast for the show on this blog


it gives you info on them more than just the show :)

I never was a big fan for TV shows because you have to wait to find out the outcome. I hated to be hooked on them. Loved movies just for this reason, they are over in 1.5 hr :). But I got hooked to Heroes at first, but I only liked the first season, and then this came along and I'm loving it :)

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