50 Fun Things to Do In...

50 Funny Things To Do

Some activities you might enjoy with your family or friends to have fun. Just remember most of these are jokes and shouldn't be taken seriously...unless you want to.

  1. Order food at a restaurant then leave, this will piss your waiter off.
  2. Get a bat and a glove and play baseball, like we did before video games.
  3. Pretend your Kobe with your girlfriend.
  4. Stand in the way of someone putting in golf.
  5. Jump on your bed
  6. Rent an old movie.
  7. Go to a new movie
  8. Play paintball, can be painful but a lot of fun. Just make sure to wear a mask.
  9. Adventurous? Go sky diving.
  10. Maybe just want some time to relax go to a Restaurant or Bar and have someone serve you.
  11. Go to a club and meet some new girl/guys and dance all night!
  12. Join a country club
  13. Find a local party and crash it
  14. Go to the White House during an important event and slip past security.
  15. Try to talk to random people on the street and see what response you get.
  16. Get some exercise playing your Wii
  17. Create a mission statement for a business
  18. Try to imagine items that haven't been invented
  19. Smoke medical marijuana
  20. Get completely drunk until you don't know who you are
  21. Smoke crack
  22. Delete all your friends cellphone contacts.
  23. Walk into a restaurant and knock all the plates with food on the floor
  24. Walk into a restaurant and just start eating someones food.
  25. Go to the bank and tell them you want to withdraw 37 cents.
  26. Tell the guy that likes you to meet you and then don't show up
  27. Tell the girl that likes you to meet you and then don't show up
  28. Draw a cartoon
  29. Go to naked drawing class and laugh at the naked person
  30. Order food at a restaurant then leave, this will piss your waiter off.
  31. Go out to eat with your friend and tell him your going to pay the bill and to leave the tip. After just leave without them.
  32. Laugh at someone who falls.
  33. Try and make someone fall
  34. Throw snow balls at random people
  35. Throw eggs at random people
  36. Toilet paper a house
  37. Wear a Halloween costume and ring peoples doorbells not on Halloween
  38. Do whatever you can to make your friend vomit
  39. Pretend to be homeless.
  40. Pretend to be homeless, pretending your a millionaire
  41. Pretend that your God and try to convince someone
  42. Sell your friends house while they are on vacation
  43. Wear a dog leash and have your friend walk you
  44. Build up someones trust and then really screw them over
  45. Go on a job interview and act stupid and confuse the interviewer
  46. Ride a bike around the mall and watch security chase you.
  47. Pay someone in all pennies.
  48. Tell your significant other you cheated on them
  49. Ask a police officer where the local medical marijuana clinic is
  50. Read this again

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Manoj 23 months ago

PR-ovaticius, kaylicious, btsoyliciouosou exo kalytero!filos fun "madjena skiszo to swarofski- savourofski kylotaki mou gia sena" kai "plysoy apo ta idromena dakrysmena sepala. valanous toy atrixoy kormiou moy na se nypso agio ellino-xritsianiko myro braxamiou", zei akoma to meta-paroxysmo tis synaylias nomizontas oti mesa stoys 80myriades mysikomourlokakomoires, eide AYTON, TON ENA, TON MONOGENH THS MADJENNA KAI TOU THEOU YPERFUN KAI TRAGOUDHSE MONO GIA AFTON "Give to me, yea"eleos!Akoma tis to dinei o kapseros me toso soyfromena- tourlomena- priapismena xeilakia pou tha ton dei kana paidaki me steritiko vedoyzo-kouklas kai tha ton kollisi sto parbriz tis fabia!

Lexus 23 months ago

An answer from an expert! Thanks for cobiuinrttng.

Lexus 23 months ago

An answer from an expert! Thanks for cobiuinrttng.

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