6 Reasons Kevin Skinner (The Chicken Catcher) Won America's Got Talent

Skinner Captures Title Despite Cries of No Talent

Kevin Skinner, the down-home country singer from Kentucky, has just captured the title of America's Got Talent. As the champion, he banks a million dollars and a headline show in Las Vegas. The final results were broadcast live on NBC and revealed on Wednesday, September 16, 2009. Skinner, who came to be known as "The Chicken Catcher" for his previous job as, well, a chicken catcher, was perceived by many to be low on talent but won the national vote to become this season's champion.

There are several reasons why a singer like Kevin Skinner can win a show like this. First, not everyone thinks he lacks talent. In fact, Skinner won an online poll as the pick to win over at the official message board at nbc.com. Although I did not pick Kevin to win, I did pick him as one of three favorites to win on my America's Got Talent Finale Predictions hub. But others, including everyone else who watched in my household, literally thought he was horrible. Even my mother, who only likes country music, thought he was an embarrassment and was not happy with the results.

My mom thinks that people just voted for Kevin "for the heck of it." I am not sure what that means exactly, but I have six reasons or factors which I think contributed to Kevin's win:

1. Kevin Skinner is just a good ol' hometown boy. He's like the guy next door in a small town or the mechanic you see when you go to fix your car. Small-town people love to vote on these shows, and they can see a little bit of themselves in The Chicken Catcher. You just want to see the guy do well. And the producers played this "country boy" image over and over again during every round of this season of America's Got Talent. You couldn't miss it if you were watching.

These "back stories" seem to reign supreme on shows like this, especially AGT. Only Bianca Ryan had no kind of sympathetic backstory to help her win. Terry Fator had worked hard for years as a ventriloquist, Neil Boyd's mother raised him and his brother as a single mother, and Kevin is the unemployed Chicken Catcher who just wants to sing country.

2. The voters have full control and love to make their own success stories. In some ways, Kevin Skinner is the best success story as a champion of America's Got Talent. We don't really know much about Lawrence Beamen, so his image as a success story would not be clear to voters. Although Barbara is a cancer survivor and in remission, she is in some ways already a success story. After all, she is a survivor.

And I think that most people feel that Barbara has already achieved some success due to her opera training. There are rumors that she has already had some success as an opera singer, so some people felt that Barbara Padilla was overqualified for America's Got Talent. Kevin, on the other hand, is a tailor-made success story.

3. Skinner was definitely an early favorite, and his best performance was his initial audition. Having become an early favorite, he was destined to get lots of votes regardless of the talent shown in his subsequent performances. Why is this so? We have seen this many times on these shows. Once someone picks a favorite, a lot of people will just stick with that favorite until the bitter end. Many of these people do vote and can affect the results all the way to the finals.

Look at it as rooting for your favorite football team or picking a candidate in an election and sticking with that candidate even if they say some stupid things in the press or have some opinions you disagree with. Voting-based talent contests are as much "root for your favorite" contests as they are "vote for the most talented" contests. Most people don't know how to judge talent, anyway. They have no real basis for their opinions or may not even care about "talent" in the least. Once they have their favorite, they will rationalize any weakness to stick to that favorite.

4. Judges on all these shows overpraise some contestants' questionable performances and even over-criticize good performances. Producers and judges clearly have their own favorites and develop biases or preconceived notions that color their opinions of the actual performances. I just can't say how often I am scratching my head at some of the judges' comments. I think Kevin is a very emotional singer who has "some" talent, but let's be real.
The judges just ignored all of his technical problems until the final performance. They then acknowledged the issues with Kevin's singing but then made excuses and basically said that it didn't even matter. Frankly, Skinner's win does not bother me at all. I laughed hard because the show had become something of a joke during this fourth season, but I do wonder how many people just blindly rely on the judges' seemingly scripted comments.

5. People who voted for Kevin Skinner perceive him as a genuine entertainer. By that, I mean that Kevin seems to be someone who is genuinely interested in being a singer and entertainer. He doesn't seem to care about fame or fortune. In short, Skinner is the "real deal" as a singer and entertainer even if he needs some singing lessons. As Sharon Osbourne said, lots of successful singers are not really standouts as actual singers, such as Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan.

6. People who study marketing and advertising understand the concept of "branding." By far, Kevin Skinner was the most effectively branded contestant. Whoever came up with "The Chicken Catcher" is a marketing genius. Even if you forgot Kevin's name, you could not possibly forget "The Chicken Catcher." This was brilliant marketing because people will vote based on their familiarity with or feeling of "closeness" to a contestant.

There you go. Those are at least 6 reasons that could have helped Kevin "The Chicken Catcher" Skinner become the new champion of America's Got Talent. I am somewhat surprised by the results but not so disappointed. In the end, this is just a television show, and it is very difficult for all the contestants to launch a career after appearing on America's Got Talent. Besides that, I think Kevin does have talent. Emotion and genuineness are key elements of stage entertainment, and I think Kevin has the right stuff to entertain within his genre of country music.

For more information on Kevin, you can visit a fan site at MyKevinSkinner.

Update: Kevin is now performing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show is scheduled to run through December 13th. Kevin is joined by runner-up Barbara Padilla, finalist Lawrence Beamen, and some of the other Top 10.

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zubair1234 12 months ago

This show was about 6 years ago, i m in 2015.

i am native from pakistan, hv been listening matellica when i was 9, my most fav genre is Grunge , Alice in chains and i never seem to like country music. but hell yeah , when today i saw whole show and Kevin performance from start to end. i would say , he was real rockstar. nobody know he might have not got chance coz of his life. and who the fck you are to come up with your bullsht to judge someone who is loved by millions of ppl. i cant even vote today, but his voice touched my heart. and if your mom doesnt like him but she likes country music., i would say country music is not big deal but that man a real soul singer is a deal.

may God Bless Him , Amen

Robin T 4 years ago

Kevin is talented in every way except he needs to have work done with his voice strength and pitch control. He oftens wavers all over the place

Renee 4 years ago

I like Kevin Skinner i just purchased his CD from Amazon and it's AWESOME. Iwant to hear his music on the radio.

reginald 6 years ago

I've been wondering what has happened to Kevin,I'm a 75 year old African American born and raised in VA., I predicted that he would win. I love people who come from humble beginnings and are not ashamed of their beginning.

Kevin I do believe he will always be a humble person and I hope to see him on TV again, money will not change this guy, I really Kevin will always be Kevin. Good Luck

Lufkin,Texas 6 years ago

Kevin represents what most of America is or wants to be.

Does anyone know how he done in Vegas?

Has he started his singing career yet?

Lisa 7 years ago

Kevin Skinner, the real deal- genuine and sincere. Nothing pompous, arrogant, or conceited about this guy. America voted for the underdog-the unemployed chicken catcher- because he touched America's heart. Nice to see the NICE guy win! Oh, and Jimmy, why would you shame your mother by letting the world know what a cold heartless fish she is?

db 7 years ago

You know what? In this so-called great country, it took a TV SHOW to pull this citizen, this human being, out of a completely wretched existence.

So GOOD FOR KEVIN, and kudos to his voting fans!

sew_what_2000 7 years ago

Do you remember Jim Nabors? He was similar to Kevin, On one hand, Gomer Pyle. . . . on the other a beautiful singer.

trimar7 profile image

trimar7 7 years ago from New York

What you stated in your hub is true - Kevin's best performance was his first. I was disappointed in some of his other performances in contrast. However, he is an extremely likeable individual and he obviously has talent that needs to be nurtured. I am certain that he will be a star - give him time. Name calling and labeling is dispicable people. I am not from Kentucky. I am from NY; thus, I am not sticking up for a local. I am sticking up for all people from all areas. That's how wars get started. I teach young children and even they know that name calling is unacceptable. You go Kevin!

Hi 7 years ago

he won cause he deserved to win

meg 7 years ago

I am from the area Kevin lives in. To the one who called us hillbillies and rednecks..if you were ever in a foxhole we are the ones you would want to watch your back. Give Kevin a chance. Be happy for someone who has "done good". You might not like him but you don't have to run him down and be cruel. Naturally I voted for Kevin and wanted him to win but had he not have won I would not be critical of whoever did. I am very happy for Keven. He is genuine as are most of us from Western Kentucky. He made us proud. I wish him the best of luck whatever comes his way.

JJ 7 years ago

Congrats Kevin!! Thank God the press didn't blow you up like Susan Boyle. Kevin represents what most of America is or wants to be.

agnes 7 years ago


Rose 7 years ago

Opps. I hit the button too soon.

Yours is a well written article supporting the six logical reasons why Kevin won. You did indeed say in passing that you "think that Kevin has talent." You also said that your mother who likes country music thought he was an embarrassment and didn't like the results.

Here's my input…seeing that your article is still up there on the top when I search, "Kevin Skinner".

Kevin Skinner is able to transcend the physical with the coarse timbre of his voice and the non strumming notes of his guitar to bringing him and his audience into a sort of meditative state. We are no longer passively listening or looking at a performer. Instead, we are drawn into seeing pictures of our own memories and experiencing those emotions. Mistakes in notes and in timing become irrelevant. Kevin invites us in to feel what he feels. An emotional bond happens between us which he feels too. That is why we actively voted for him, and that is why Kevin won.

Rose 7 years ago

It was a well written article supporting the six logical reasons why Kevin won. You did indeed say in passing that you "think that Kevin has talent." You also said that your mother who likes country music thought he was an embarrassment and didn't like the results.

Here's my input..seeing that your article is still up there when I search, "Kevin Skinner".

carole 7 years ago

We new the moment Kevin came on stage that he was the true winner. He won everyones heart. I used to live in Marion,Ky. We now reside in Canada. Way to go Kevin.

ET 7 years ago

Oh no Jimmy Boyd you totally misunderstood my comment!i never said you bash Kevin through writing this article,the only time i spoke directly to you was when i said i both agree and disagree with your article.The rest of my post was meant for everyone else,especially the haters whose comments have been left here...i might not be a good writer but i'm smart enough to be able to interpret your article and clearly see that there's nothing too negative or one-sided about your own opinions you just spoke what you think are right...anyway Kevin deserves it he'll go far

wildgrass 7 years ago

Ok i had read the article several times before i posted my comment,and i'm sorry that i missed the sentence "Besides that, I think Kevin does have talent" in the last paragraph.maybe i'm not a good reader.thanks for your honest opinions though i think you should go a little further into his talent...

and by the way my name is wildgrass not wildfire :)

Jimmy Boyd profile image

Jimmy Boyd 7 years ago from Vernon, TX, USA Author

To ET: No, I did not bash Kevin. If you are going to comment, then please read the article and understand I am not the Kevin Skinner propaganda wing. I gave both positives and negatives like any honest, unbiased person would.

To Wildfire: The same goes for you. I mentioned Kevin's talent many times in this article. You obviously skimmed the article and missed details. The reason "he has talent" was not mentioned as one of the six main points was because the article is an explanation to those who don't think he has talent. I clearly state in the last paragraph that Kevin does have talent.

wildgrass 7 years ago

To the author who wrote this article, you overlooked an extremely crucial factor that played the most major role in his winning:HIS TALENT! i mean how could you have possible left that out? those 6 reasons you stated are pretty rational and its true they somewhat helped him win,but his background story and his likability as well as his good manners would mean nothing to his winning if he had no talent.Otherwise Kevin wouldn't have made it past the audition b/c the judges would buzz him very quickly.I still vividly remember how at 1st every one laughed and made fun of him,they thought he was gonna make a fool of himself.but as soon as he raised his voice the whole room just literally went DEAD SILENT and everyone's eyes were glued on him like they were completely enchanted by his voice. after he was through singing the audience immediately woke up back to reality and burst into thunder applause.Not ony does Kevin sing,he sings FROM HEART WITH TRUE EMOTION,plays guitar, and writes song.Now thats amazing talent.I feel upset and mad that you forgot to include the most important reason in your article.HE WON B/C HE HAS TALENT AND PEOPLE LOVE HIM AND VOTED FOR HIM.

emmabelle 7 years ago

many write that kevin can't sing, can't carry a tune. a musician, tho classical and without any experience with mikes and monitors, i couldn't make sense of what was happening to kevin on agt. singers with pitch problems are born that way. kevin's been singing since he was a very small boy. his entire family are musicians. he's been singing and playing in his brother rodney's band for a long time. if pitch problems were built into his voice, someone would have noticed long, long before now.

so, a researcher in my previous life, i located then spoke with musicians who were familiar first hand with his work in kentucky. everyone answered NO when i asked if he had problems singing in tune.

these fellas played and sang in bands, not in string quartets like me, so i asked them what might be going on.

overly loud back up tracks so he can't hear himself sing and can't tell if he's in tune or not (remember those grateful dead tapes where someone was always saying "turn up the monitor, i can't hear myself sing?"). couldn't hear his guitar. he sang a lot, just him and his guitar, and the guitar gives the singer the pitch. if you can't hear it, sometimes you can stay on pitch by paying attention to the vibrations of the instrument against your body, but stress makes this more difficult.

no monitor - notice the monitor at his feet on the conan show? where he sang perfectly in tune? or on ellen and on regis and kelly, where he was without intrusive backing tracks and where he also sang perfectly in tune and with that incredible high lonesome sound he had during his audition....

tonight, he gave a concert in his hometown. low quality tapes have just been posted on youtube. even with lousy sound quality, it's clear kevin skinner is solidly on his game, singing beautifully, and, on occasion, playing a pretty good electric guitar.

talent shouldn't be defined narrowly. Skinner's talent includes his high lonesome voice, great non-flasy guitar playing, songwriting, and an ability to reach into himself for deep emotions, play them back to us and compel us to feel.

The concept "talent" is a big tent - with more than enough room to enfold kevin skinner in its embrace.

Winnie B. 7 years ago

Another Willie Nelson! With a little more polish and experience, he'll do okay. Wouldn't go out of my way to buy his CD at the present time, but might as he gets more experience. Vegas should help with the 'polish'. Hope he never loses his humbleness...it's so refreshing to see.

blaknyte1 7 years ago

Well said .. like a true journalist, it was unbiased, an opinion based on believable facts. I like it!!

ET 7 years ago

I both agree and disagree with your article. Right not everyone thinks Kevin lacks talent,those are just a minority that are mad b/c their favorite didn't get to win,country music is not their type,they arent able to feel any kind of connection that Kevin produces in every single performance,or some of them just simply want to talk crap about people that have talent and accomplished more than they do.millions of people have fallen in love with his voice after his 1st audition and rooting for him ever since.yeah its true he doesn't have the best voice on the show,but sometimes you dont need to be the best singer vocally to become the best singer.lets face it Kevin's already great with no training,so imagine how phenomenal he'll grow with some singing lessons? and his voice is deep and very suitable for country music,using the terms horrible or suck to describe his talent is unacceptable.its not the voice that makes a song emotional,its something beyond that and Kevin has it.He'll go far and someday you'll regret bashing him and cant help but spend money buying his albums :) Kevin so deserves the title i'm his fan and voted for him as many times as i could whenever he sang. America got it right i'm so so thrilled he won

Just me 7 years ago

Attn Kevin, posting between Jessica & Jamie, before you start calling people "stupid" you need to learn to spell, makes YOU look "stupid". I'll remember Mr Skinner's name as I'll be first in line to buy his CD. I'm not a redneck & yes I voted for him. You need to get over it! If you don't like Mr Skinner that's fine he isn't losing any sleep over it. People have different tastes that's why they make Fords & Chevys.

7 yes

BC 7 years ago

The dictionary calls Talent "artistry" and therefore this falls to the eye of the beholder. Kevin’s win has less to do with the good ole country boy, but has everything to do with his talent in being able to reach his audience. Plenty of people sing “on key” rather mechanically, and aren’t able to connect with their audience because it lacks passion. Kevin Skinner’s words come from within and so his style is his own, it moves people and stirs emotion and this is where the talent comes in People feel the music rather than simply hearing it so it goes beyond technical judgment and embraces creativity!

soleda 7 years ago

I loved his warm voice, I loved his emotions and his tears and I knew from the first day the winner.

If somebody don't like him, please keep quiet. He will be a star.

soleda 7 years ago

I loved his warm voice, I loved his emotions and his tears and I knew from the first day the winner.

If somebody don't like him, please keep quiet. He will be a star.

Gloss 7 years ago

All I have to say is "What a talent to steal the hearts of America" and that is exactly what he did even from others that may have sang better, still, way to go Kevin cuz you stoled the hearts of my mom and mine as well. GOOD JOB. Can't wait to see your show here in Vegas:)

ramblinray 7 years ago

Kevin sings best without backup or glitz. The idiot producers of AGT almost ruined his chances of winning by adding distracting backup performers and musicians in his second and third performances. They ruined several other contestants chances by dictating what they performed, and staging the performances instead of letting the contestants be in charge. I'm glad Kevin won, but I'm afraid Las Vegas, with all its glittering BS will try to make him something he's not. The sooner he leaves Vegas, and gets out on his own, the sooner his changes will be of his regaining what he displayed in his first performance--pure unadulterated raw talent and heart.

smcman 7 years ago

OK! Sure Kevin did not WOW the audience with his vocals in the finals, that IS a given. HOWEVER, I DO believe that America voted for the MOST deserving and BEST CONTESTANT that is a TRUE DIAMOND in the rough!!! After all, didn't we ALL know that Barbara Padilla was the most talented? It DOES NOT take a rocket scientist to know that B. P. WILL make it just fine!!! HER voice is ANGELIC and she WOULD have won it all on talent alone. However, America has the power to vote for the RAW TALENT of the ordinary joe that DESERVES a break!!! I BELIEVE Kevin Skinner IS a true talent and a diamond in the rough!!! SHINE ON KEVIN, SHINE ON, and may GOD BLESS you and your family with the blessings that you deserve and help you to prove the nay sayers WRONG!!!! KEVIN, NEVER DOUBT YOURSELF, YOUR GOD, YOUR FAMILY, and your DESTINY!!!

Doodle 7 years ago

I don't like country music, but Kevin won and I couldn't

be happier. A real humble man. All this negative stuff

about his talent, get real and stop hating the man.

Muriel Mattix 7 years ago

I am a 78-year old grandmother who literally fell for Kevin at his first performance. Like Kevin, I was born and raised in the country to a poor family. Perhaps he isn't the greatest of them all; I can't say because I don't know music. But I do know Kevin sings from the heart and wowed a lot of Americans -- we did vote him in and he deserved it. I am looking forward to hear his singing for a long, long time. Just keep on singing and do a lot of smiling!!

crogowfutch 7 years ago

I, for one, think Skinner is very talented and sings well as long as he stays within his comfort zone. That is why the first time we heard him sing we were "wowed." But what happened with each subsequent appearance, the "pros" kept upping the ante, adding more glitz, sound, whatever. He looked and sounded like he was trying to force the music, rather than let it come from his heart. Just give the man his guitar, a stool to sit on, a single mike to sing into,and then sit back and enjoy.....Pure country, moving, emotional, beautiful! That's what we want. That's what we voted for. Now that Skinner has won, and once he's got vegas behind him, I hope he goes to Nashville and just sings what he does best. I'm pulling for him to succeed. I'll buy his cd if he makes it his style of country.

vegas woman 7 years ago

Kevin most certainly belongs here in vegas,,he has heart,,soul and talent. I figure the ones that do not think he blongs here are not nor have they ever been down and out. lets see you people who think you know talent get the guts up in the first place to go on stage and give it your all, YOU MADE IT KEVIN TO HECK WITH THEM

lendyann 7 years ago

i think Kevin derserved to win because he had the most votes. Hmmm remember all the haters of Carrie Underwood on American Idol season 4 saying she couldn't sing and Bo could. Carrie even admitted she wasn't on pitch for every song but still came out to be one of the most successful artist of the decade. Good Luck Kevin and even if you do not become a successful artist you became successful in winning the hearts of America.

kevinfan 7 years ago

Kevin doesn't have the polished voice

like some of the others had. But that will come with

a voice coach.I do think he has a lot of raw talent

and i will be paying to see him in Vegas, and I believe

he could have a great music career with his talent,and

the right marketing (that all great stars have)

he will go far. GOOD LUCK KEVIN AND I WILL


Marti 7 years ago

Attn Tiffany: If you want to try out for AGT go for it...you won't get pass round one because you don't have heart & soul. How do I know? By your writing skills. It was said in a previous posting that it takes more than singing talent to make a good entertainer. Kevin was out of his comfort zone & it showed but with a little training & the right people in his corner he will go far. He doesn't want to be a super star he just wants to sing... Sign me up for a copy of his first CD.

Lucinda 7 years ago

It takes more than just talent to make it in the music business. It takes chrisma which Kevin has, it takes heart which Kevin has. I hope he stays true to himself & never changes, he is a good old boy from the country. He doesn't dance around on the stage & neither does George Strait. I'm not saying he is as good as or better than George. I'm saying they are in the same field as for being themselves & not letting the business change them & doing it their way. Not everyone is going to like you it's a fact of life. I like Barbara but she has changed & I couldn't understand the words to what she was singing nor could I listen to her for more than a minute. Good luck to both of them.

Cynthia 7 years ago

Congrats Kevin........can't wait for your CD, I'll be the first in line. He will have a CD. Ever hear of Simon C the judge on American Idol? He is Exec Producer of AGT & he will make Kevin a star. Kevin didn't have the best voice but he has heart & soul, he draws people to him & that sells. He needs voice training but so did a lot of singers, Taylor Swift, Keith Urban are two that had training & look at them now. Kevin will be just fine.

Judy 7 years ago

I can't wait to see Kevin Skinner's name in LIGHTS. He will show all of you up that are jealous of his talent and looks. Yes, just wait - as time goes by, he will perfect his great god-given voice, spruce up his great manish and handsome looks and shine like the star he was meant to be. He is rugged but sentimental - wow what a heck of a man!! Women just love his type; not many of you guys that make negative comments have what he has I'm sure. I can't stand people who can't be happy for someone else and have to put down people even though you know he is a great singer and will be successful. It does not matter what you idiots say, because the proof is more people love him than don't and he won most talented hands down and walked away with a million dollars, which I know you are jealous of also really. Judging from all the comments of people waiting to buy his CD's I believe he will get even richer - YEAH. So, just wait - you will have to eat your negative words and you will be the ones we are laughing at; it won't take any time at all for this to happen. If you think your BS is going to affect Kevin's confidence, you are mistaken; he is very confident man and your option doesn't phase him. The main thing is everyone (except you jealous people) likes his voice and persona, so I think it is obvious he is a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alvin harrison 7 years ago

im a pig skinner , you'll see me next season

Jamie 7 years ago

Kevin is the real deal. You will definitely hear him on radio stations around the nation. Just wait, Yes he needs a little prof. voice training to home in on his true voice and he will be awesome. Also, Go to YouTube and listen to the song he wrote when his grandmother passed. Now if that one wont grab you by the heartstrings nothing will. Kevin, You Go Boy

kevin  7 years ago

U people are stpuid. He sucks at sining he wont be a hit in vegas and he will NEVER have a cd. If it was not for all the hillbilleys and rednecks he would of never won. Yeah he won so get over it in less than a year nobody will remember his name.

Jessica 7 years ago

whoops i guess i shouldn't have said that....haha cause it wasn't something good to say

Jessica 7 years ago

Why can't people just be happy. Good lord!! HE WAS AWESOME!! If you have nothing good to say then don't say it at all. What jackasses out there huh!!

soto7 7 years ago

All the ones that say Kevin didn't deserve to win need to shut up and quit drinking that Haterade!!!! All u haters are jealous cause y'all wish that was y'all. KEVIN ROCKS MAN!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he puts out and album cause I'm for sure going to buy it!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda 7 years ago

I wish people would not be so ugly and critical of someone trying for their dream and making it. I feel they were all good and the exposure will carry the rest of the contestants to their dreams and a journey set for them. Let's be glad for Kevin and wish him the best for him and his family. Is not that what America is about, rising above our circumstances. He did it.

H.R. 7 years ago

First I just have to say Matthew, I'm with you (I knew nothing about Skinner's life, but the voice that held me to the TV.

As for the opinions of others...wow, don't they have a lot to say but it all comes down to the same thing, which is Skinner won and that's that.

I think people shouldn't be judged on their likes or dislikes (that would be those here and myself)and people shouldn't judge a nation based on what they thought was a good act. Maybe the problem is not so much who won, but just trying to bash the person because he was not to your liking? What ever happened to just saying...everyone went to AGT and gave it there best shot and Skinner won. Oh wait that would be to real for some people. Have a great day everyone.

Matthew 7 years ago

I cannot stand these types of shows on television. I never vote for them... let alone watch them. I caught the first episode with Kevin Skinner & the man had me hooked. I am by no means a fan of country music, but if he put out an album; I'd buy it. He's just got that good ol' country boy appeal that makes you wanna listen.

Chuck Hicks 7 years ago

This is a perfect example of why the constitution must protect the (thinking) minority from the ignorant and uninformed masses. All opinions are good, just as long as you keep them to yourself, (that's why they're called personal opinions), unless yours is an informed or expert opinion.

As a teacher and trainer in all aspects of quality assurance and personal growth, one of the most critical workshops that I ever taught was decision making and problem solving. The very first statement at the beginning of each decision making class was, “The reason for this class is to provide you with a systematic and scientific method for making decisions, so that we can remove the emotion from our decision making process, because if emotion is involved in decision making, you will inevitably make flawed decisions”.

All of these favorable comments about Kevin, (who may or may not be a good person; you only see what the producers want you to see) show that most people rationalized voting for him for all of the wrong reason. It was very emotional and full or errors. Kevin Skinner was clearly not the most talented person in "America's Got Talent" TALENT CONTEST (not potential talent). That's scary.

It is a clear indication of how many bigoted, biased, and ignorant people are in this country, and why we are the deplorable state that we are currently experiencing. This is our voting population.

Who won AGT is the least of our worries, however. But it is a clear and concise indicator that our problems are, indeed, very deep.

This is America, and divided we will fall, period. Let's start being honest and fair. There should be an unbiased, objective method of deciding what to do and who to choose for whatever purpose. But then again that's not good TV, and not very profitable. Ignorance riddled with emotion is very profitable as are hate and fear. And this is what television is designed to promote. The proof……these blogs.

How many of us realize that television is actually a weapon against the masses?

Let's talk like adults.

H.R. 7 years ago

Kevin Skinner won.....so just face the fact. America voted and Skinner won !

becky 7 years ago

Dear Jimmy,

I'm so sorry for you having a heartless mother as you do. Any person who wasn't moved by Kevin must have a stone for a heart. How pathetic for you and her.

tk 7 years ago

I was very happy Kevin won! He was my favorite from the beginning and I'm not a big country music fan. Having lived in KY before, I was upset that they made fun of him at first, but once he started to sing you could have heard a pin drop. For those who say he can't sing, are all those who voted for him tone deaf? Even Piers said he was his favorite to win and that he could win the competition from the very beginning. Barbara Padilla does have a great voice, and I do like opera, but she has that diva thing about her already, that bugged me. I wish everyone would stop calling Kevin a "chicken catcher", I cringe every time I hear it. I plan to buy Kevin's album, it will only be my fifth country album..I have soundtrack to "Pure Country" & "Walk the Line", Sawyer Browns greatest hits, and one of Keith Urban's. Congrats Kevin...don't let fame change you!

jlo 7 years ago

comment from chuck:

you can't even spell properly so my guess is your intelligence level isn't where it should be to even begin to determine whether someone has talent. look at yourself dude before you criticize others. kevin is the american dream and if getting people's vote on your story and not your talent is how that works than so be it. he's no great singer but he's captivating and that's what makes an entertainer, an entertainer.

Pearlie 7 years ago

I liked Kevin from the beginning and wanted him to win. I think he can draw audiences and will have a career. Just how big of a career remains to be seen. But he will do well. I wish him the best.

twilight 7 years ago

Adam B...I notice that your picture shows you with a guitar. Why didn't you audition? Not good enough? Kevin won for a reason and that same reason will make him big. I think he will do just fine in Vegas and then when that is done he will be huge in Nashville. Seriously people. Nashville is where country singers dominate and he will one Vegas is over (and that will last longer than some of you say)! Geeze get over yourselves!

Adam B 7 years ago

Wow, a lot of these comments are funny. Just look at that guy above this comment...Jesse James Parker...I'll let you in on a secret; Kevin will not have a CD for anyone to buy. He just isn't good enough.

I really don't care who won, but looking at the end prize of cash and a vegas show...I don't know how long the vegas show will last. He sits on a stool and sings average country songs...not going to last long. It's a bit boring. I wish him luck though.

Jesse James Parker 7 years ago

I am so proud of this guy, the only reason for negative comments is jealousy,,,way to go Kevin, I can't wait to buy your 1st alb um (1st CD I've bought this millennium.

Dale 7 years ago

I'm OK with Kevin winning but the best over all entertaining act was Recycled Percussion.

Gylene 7 years ago

Congrats to Kevin......I do think Barbara should be on broadway..........She is very gifted. Kevin is just a plain person looking for the American Dream.....""Looks like he found it "" way to go ................

Shelly Freese 7 years ago

You know I loved Kevin and his 1st performance. The song he sang was perfect for him and he did capture the heart. You laughed when the judges did at first and then you were crying by the end. I have to admit we all love the underdog and he is the underdog! I have to give my opinion. He does not have a good voice. He was tone deft during the following performances and I cringed when he sang Steven Tyler - so poorly.

Yet, I have to say, I still fell in love with him. He came to the show with absolutely nothing and left with everything. He wore the same damn shirt through the last few shows - you know this is all he had to give. That is the American Dream and he is going to live it. Time will tell if he has what it takes to make it further. For he and his family - I hope he does. He can take that mil and sink it into some voice lessons, he needs them, but he does have RAW talent.

People are going to adore him for him. He is a very good lower class (no offence is ment) hero. I know for myself, I was right behind him and was glad to see him win even though I don't believe he had the best talent there. To be honest, there were some acts that didn't make it to the final 10 that would be one hell of a Vagas show!

Good luck to Kevin. I, for one, hope to hear more from him. Willie Nelson doesn't sing pretty, Janis Joplin didn't sing pretty, but wow! There are many out there that don't sing the best. It is amazing what a studio can do for a poor voice. But no amount of polishing will make you love a terd and Kevin is no terd, he is a good soul with a huge heart. Be prepared. He does have heart! That is going to get him far in life now. I know his family is proud of him! I was not upset to see him win. I have to admit it was a very guilty pleasure to see someone with nothing go home with it all! Congrats!

Ann 7 years ago

I think this year's AGT had many amazing talents that "will" be spotted and their carreers will fly. I hope to see many of their faces again. Although about Barbara, the Opra singer.... I think she would do wonderfully on Broadway. I don't know if anyone else noticed the change in her personality from the first time she sang to the end of the show? My husband and I think she went from being humbled to overly self confindent. We think it took the inner beauty down a bit. I didn't vote for Kevin S. but I am happy he won. He is a man who has heart and it shows when he sings. With a bit tweeking he will become a well known household name as his voice is heard all over the country.

GOOD GOING KEVIN! My husband and I are very happy for you.

Jackie 7 years ago

The show is called America's Got Talent. What happened is everybody tone death!! He maybe can sing but he never should been in the top 5. Let alone win, he wasn't the best singer on this years show he just had a sad life. Well, a lot of people have sad things going on in their lives. He'll bomb in Las Vegas!!

johnny veanueva 7 years ago

Kevin has created a great likeness to everyone who seen and heard him perform. He deserved an round of applaud! Great job, Kevin! Remember, its only the beginning you have created and don't stop there! Keep on catching them, Chicken Catcher!!!!

twilightfan 7 years ago

Oh by the way...one of you said something about him not being any big news and no celebs talking to him. FYI he was on the Today show this morning and Conan just a while ago....and he was singing so HA!

SUSIE 7 years ago

I didn't think Kevin was all that good, but he has a chance now to make something of himself and with some voice lessons I believe he will be one of the top singers in a year or two. Barbara will move on to bigger and better interests. The guy who sang Old Man River was my pick. I hope he goes far in his career. GOOD LUCK KEVIN, I HOPE YOU BECOME A COUNTRY WESTERN STAR.

SUSIE 7 years ago

I didn't think Kevin was all that good, but he has a chance now to make something of himself and with some voice lessons I believe he will be one of the top singers in a year or two. Barbara will move on to bigger and better interests. The guy who sang Old Man River was my pick. I hope he goes far in his career. GOOD LUCK KEVIN, I HOPE YOU BECOME A COUNTRY WESTERN STAR.

Courtney 7 years ago

Congrats to Kevin!! You totally deserved the million dollars and Vegas show! Yeah he may not have been the best singer on there, but he did have a nice soothing voice and heart. That's true talent right there :)

twilightfan 7 years ago

I DO believe he will be a big star. People who love country, will love the way Kevin sings. This whole country rock thing is cool and I like it, but it's nice to hear some good ole classic country music! He sings from his heart and anyone who has a heart will be touched by his music.

I have to say that many of these negative people are nothing but haters....mad cuz you don't have a million dollars and he does...HAHAHA! You guys are pathetic!! Get over it, he won and he had the MOST VOTES!! That means that the majority of America liked him. So, statistically that means that the ones who say he had no talent are the ones that have lost their minds. Seriously guys, you probably thought that the blonde chick that just screamed was the one who should have one.

As for Barbara Padilla...I do not like opera. But I do think she had a beautiful voice. I think she didn't get the most votes though because she was so fake. I mean I believe her story and all, but she really pulled the sympathy card guys. That fake ass cryin stuff just got under my skin. No body wants to vote for someone who is overconfident, and that's what happens when you get overconfident.

GO KEVIN!!!!!!

JEAN OF OHIO 7 years ago

I VOTED EACH WEEK ,STARTED VOTING FOR KEVIN,LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC. LOVED THE VOICES OF GLORY AND AT THE FINAL VOTE DECIDED TO VOTE FOR VOG.i thought people would feel sorry for barbara,with the cancer issue,and she would win. I hate

opera music.I want to know the words ,and the heart .

kevin had heart ,and I was happy he won over barbara.

this world is so full of sin ,and I figured vog would not win,as they were truly gods chosen.and they got my last vote. but I'M HAPPY WITH KEVIN,AND HE NEEDED AND DESERVED THE MONEY.


donotfear profile image

donotfear 7 years ago from The Boondocks

I must say I certainly didn't think he was the BEST, however, he had stage appeal. Plus, he appealed to the majority of people watching because of his 'roots'. People wanted him to move up, they felt sorry for him and desired a better life for the guy. Emotions often interfere with rational decisions. How often does it happen? Yes, the judges over-rated him. But his first performance was awesome! I think he was just plain nervous, who wouldn't be? I think that the acrobat group 'Acro-Dunk' should have placed high. They were outstanding, exciting and unforgetable. Grandma Lee was a good one too. Then there was that really handsome black guy who could sing so good but I forgot his name. He had emotional appeal, too. Whatever way you look at it, this is what the voters wanted, and they got it! I pray he will do well and nobody will take advantage of him.

Sook 7 years ago

Kevin you rock! I loved the opera lady too but she had years of training in singing so I knew there was a reason why she was so good! I'm sure she will have a great career. Kevin is so humble and such a great singer. With some more training, he'll be one of the best!!

Michele 7 years ago

Really? I can't believe it, Kevin Skinner? Are You People all Tone Deaf? He Couldn't hold a note! His Voice Was Weak! And The Chicken Catcher story, really? That sounds like a pure marketing ploy to me. Barbara Padilla Was incredible! What's Wrong with America Ears? The tapping Sisters or the Drummer's where even better than Kevin! I'm Never watching again!

Jimmy Boyd profile image

Jimmy Boyd 7 years ago from Vernon, TX, USA Author


You might be right that he is not trending like Shakira, but as you can see from all the comments, I am getting thousands of visitors to this page. And lots of these comments are positive. I don't think he will be a big star, but there is only one big star in the history of this show - Terry Fator - so I didn't expect a big star this year.

Bonnie 7 years ago

Congrats to Kevin! I agree that his final peformance was his worst (bad song choice I think). His other performances were wonderful and I loved him from the start. I am sure he will clean up nice ( meaning get him a voice coach, put him in a recording studio with the right backups, shoot some cool videos = )

Tim Cooke 7 years ago

Oh and by the way, I am in no way dissing the other finalists. I believe Barbara Padilla will rise very quickly and will be better off not being tied down to this Vegas thing. For the life of me I cannot remember his name, but the black dude who sang Old Man River, he probably has record

companies already leaving messages on his machine. Losing this competition does not put a nail in your coffin. History has shown that some people rise to fame after being eliminated from these shows. In rare cases, sometimes faster than the winner. Congrats to everyone. A lot of new, wonderful, careers were born in Season 8. Except for Roy, I am still scratching my head on him making it so far.

Tim Cooke 7 years ago

Kevin Skinner did not have the best voice in the competition but for two or three computer chair quarterbacks to say that they are right and the majority of America's Got Talent voters are wrong? i just have to know this...how many of you have been on a reality show and won $1,000,000? Seriously?

That being said, Kevin Skinner had my vote from the beginning. I am very pleased that he won and would be the first to buy his records. That being said, I am afraid that he is going to crash and burn in Vegas. It's not the kind of place for ANY new country artist to start their careers. If you are voting strictly on what would work in Vegas, Recycled Concussion (Yes, that was on purpose) would have 100% of the vote. Kevin is the kind of man that is going to shine in NAshville more so than Vegas.

Those of you saying nobody is going to pay to see him, let's have another discussion after the first two weeks have passed. Is he the kind of entertainer that will forever have a show in Vegas? Absolutely not. But is he an entertainer that will be remembered for years to come? Without question.

To those of you degrading the man for doing something obviously you can't do, write to his fan club, maybe he will send you an autographed picture to make you feel better. In the meantime, go ahead and move onto your next potato chip feeding and Tivo viewing.

T Lane 7 years ago

Kevin Skinner is what America wants in these tough times. He represents what so many of our people are going through--unemployment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc. Maybe he should try Woody Guthrie songs? His sad eyes indicate a tough life. I just hope the "slicks" don't slick him out of his million. Talent? Not the best. With Susan Boyle's popularity, too, I think we are getting tired of the usual, self-centered entertainers.

HereWeGoAgain 7 years ago

Just when I thought we got rid of them Skynyrds> Here comes another one.... FREEBIRD.

Anon 7 years ago

Hope he comes back and buys the chicken plant and closes it! All you see here is dead chickens on the hwy and mexican workers have took the town over and the whole damn town smells like chicken shit!!

Anon 7 years ago

I can't afford to pay to see KS! Hell I am from Mayfield!Like Tiffany said,Ihave no talent but I work have Lupus,disabled adopted son with autism who I love like my own!My father has brain cancer and lives with me lost my mom 10 mths ago to cancer!Maybe since I am from the same town and juggeling all this makes me talented!They would pay me to go away and not hear all my problems.But like I said I was born and raised hear for 40 yrs and know a lot of people but never heard of him.But I am happy for him and his family and wish him the best.

Stacy 7 years ago

i have been thinking, i can't even remember the names of the last 3 people or groups that have won AGT. I am HOPING that I won't remember who won AGT this year.

And why didn't Rascal Flatts (or any other country artist) immediately jump on Skinners 'award winning voice" and announce that he is going on tour with them. probably because they new that he really is just a "good ole boy" that really doesn't have "good ole talent."

Champino 7 years ago

Would u people really pay money to see Kevin perform! He's nit the best singer! Get real

MWG  7 years ago

Kevin you were fantastic. I was so proud of you and voted for you because I am a country girl from West Tn. You deserved to win. Best of luck in your entertaining career.

Your Tn. Fan

Anon 7 years ago

Look I am from this small town and I never heard of him til this show.I agree with Chuck,Patti and the rest!It was like watching small town guy grabs america's hearts.People need to put their personnel feelings aside when judging talent.I am sure he could use the money and worked very hard,others did to.There have been a lot of people who told me in Mayfield/Graves Co that voted over 50 times. Is this really fair? Nothing against him I wish him all the best and very proud for him and his family!

Kdog 7 years ago

Kevin sucked and should of never been in the finals

Don 7 years ago

Way to go Kevin ! I agree he may need a little help with his vocals but so be it ! Big deal ! He got up off of his butt and went for his dreams and didn't just sit around and feel sorry for himself and collect unemployeement . Hes trying to take care of himself and his family in these hard times . KUDOS man !!!! I live about 30 or so miles from him and things is pretty tough out there so let him try to live out his dream and wish him the best or just dont say anything at all ! GOOD JOB

KYGirl 7 years ago

Kevin did an AMAZING JOB!! He made us proud in "Hickville" as many of you say. We may talk slow, but we ain't stupid. Thanks Kevin for showing America what it means to be "real". Best of luck in Vegas, and this country girl can't wait to come out to see him perform. Don't let the "Big City" ways change you.

Stacy 7 years ago

those of you who can't wait for his performance in Vegas, start buying tickets now...well wait, you probably can buy them the day of the performance. Can they put the Chippendale dancers behind him or something that would keep our attention? lol

carrie 7 years ago

what I thought was funny was Pierce during the last performance. He was finally honest when he said: "I don't think you got what it takes." i think Pierce realized that America was going to vote for the LEAST talented person who auditioned. Jimmy Boyd, you seriously said it right.

you know what's interesting? After his win last night, he wasn't even the lead story on any internet sites, he wasn't even tweeted about very much, that's how excited all of us actually can hear melodies really feel. Did any celebrities say anything about him? not one...they would have been embarrassed...

Good Luck Skinner 7 years ago

Kevin Skinner is raw country talent, he did have some bad notes and the finale performance caught him way out of his element I think. Have you ever tried to sing with millions of people watching you, super amounts of stress from competition and completely thrown out of your element?? Its very difficult and KUDOS to Kevin for being the original, humble man that he is. He will make some wonderful music.

Zachary 7 years ago

That dagon Kevin sho do soun good, specially after you dun thowed back a couple o' cold ones, don't he. Hell, I don't no nuthin bout music either, but did ya see that boy cry. He sho nuf moved me. I thank he deserv that millyun big ones.

shabby girl 7 years ago

Unbelievable- I was falling for the story.. but let's be realistic, for a Vegas show the talent of Recycled Percussion would be the attraction to pay for. I tried to pretend that Kevin wasn't flat, would look at my husband like "are you kidding me?" I thought top 3- but about fell out of my chair when it was down to 2. Barbara will definitely shine in another venue and ultimately will be glad it wasn't Nevada. Stunned to say the least! If Skinner is a diamond in the rough- they better start working fast - Oct. 7th will be here before anyone knows it.

Chuck 7 years ago

All of you must be smokin crack if you think that Kevin Skinner deserves to win America's Got TALENT, (Talent being the operative word) above all of the other talented people. If the program was named "America's Got the Best Story", or America Biggest Dreamer", or any other other title that discriped why the idiotic American viewers voted for him, then he would deserve to win. But there is no way that he was the best talent!! Actually everyone of the contestants "deserved" to win; they all wanted it and they all worked hard. But the truth is that Kevin Skinner is one of the least talented contestants in the entire competition, not just the final contestants.

Stacy 7 years ago

Apparently he had one good performance, the first one. Too bad I missed it because every other song i heard was a pitch nightmare. He may be the "real deal" but he sure doesn't have "real" talent. If he auditioned for American idol, he wouldn't have even make it past the audition. As for seeing him perform in Vegas, count me out. It will be the most BORING show in the entire city. i couldn't even watch him perform an entire song on AGT without cringing. Wake up people...we are talking Vegas. Now enough of this story, I guarantee you he will fade away like any other terrible country singer after his first concert...it's a proven fact.

anon 7 years ago

The fakeness and obvious pageant experience of Barbara Padilla hurt her. In no way was she as likable as Kevin Skinner and he did have some great performances. Also how many opera fans are out there? Which would the money seem to affect most? I'm just being honest here. No matter who I voted for I voted against Barbara Padilla every time. She'll get a record deal or something. She didn't need to win.

steve 7 years ago

kevin talent was the best from the start, this year he didn't strum or bang around on his guitar he picked like some of greatest player's in music , oh did i mention he wasn't another kar-a-oke show, i well buy his music, can't wait

Bill 7 years ago

Way to go Tiffany....and you can't spell either...That's a REAL heart breaker...

jojococomo 7 years ago

jimmy boyd, sit on it. just because a talented young man comes on the stage and doesn't act like a frickin fool, he gets hammered. this type of talent has been missing for a long, long, long time. its about time we start getting back to the roots of what this man is representing. COUNTY MUSIC. go blow your horn on someone else. he deserved this.

Tiffany 7 years ago

Hey, I am a single mother of 2 wonderful girls. My oldest is 8 and my baby is 3. My three year old is special needs. Her bilogacal parents were on drugs and it left its mark on my beautiful little girl. Just 3 months after her adoption my husband was killed by a drunk driver. Now all of that being said. Next year if I try out for AGT even though I have no talent (other than being a loving mom)would all of you vote for me? I sure could use the money!!!!

Pat C 7 years ago

Kevin..God Bless You and your family...You sing from the soul...Stay humble and kind..This was your moment and it was mean't to be.

Cc 7 years ago

You are the best Skinner way to go

Cc 7 years ago

You are the best Skinner way to go

Michael 7 years ago

This man represents the true American dream come true...yes he is an awesome singer and he is so very real. I had him picked from the very beginning and my friend I shared this with (a talented musician and artist) agreed that he had the look and sound for success. Way to go Kevin. I will come to Vegas just to see your show.

ennyl 7 years ago

I thought he would go early on--never watched the show before, happened on it the night Kevin sang, got goosebumps. His last song led me to believe he was not going to be in the finals---------was amazed at the final vote . BUT, I think a few lessons and he may make it ----maybe we just neede another "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington", and what is wrong with that?

Wanda from ky  7 years ago

Kevin i was for you from the start ,you brought tears to my eyes when you sing .good luck in the future & you will go along way .you are a true gentlemen & God had a place for you .will be watching for your first DVD .God Bless you & your family .

carmen 7 years ago

kevin, we all proud of you

katie 7 years ago

Kevin Skinner!!! CONGRATS!!! you deserved it!! you rock!!! whoever doesn't appreciate his story, or singing.... I just don't understand.. But Kevin Skinner is a true country singer!!! CONGRATS... That chicken catcher has a successful career ahead of him!! :)

katie 7 years ago

Kevin Skinner!!! CONGRATS!!! you deserved it!! you rock!!! whoever doesn't appreciate his story, or singing.... I just don't understand.. But Kevin Skinner is a true country singer!!! CONGRATS... That chicken catcher has a successful career ahead of him!! :)

Nette 7 years ago

Thank God! Grandma Lee Didn't win. That would have made me throw up! I'm am glad someone as humble and appreciative as

Kevin.I know he sang of pitch,he will get past all of that with some help. It's hard not to get pitchy when you are nervous.WAY TO GO God Bless ole Kevin!

mindi 7 years ago

I feel deep in my heart being a country girl myself that this man is genuine. He is a awesome singer who by the way gave me goose bumps every time he sang.This man is going to get far in life and I feel like he will always be the man he is just with a lot more money.Men can learn a great deal from him, sensitivity, hard work,and morals.He is truly a fine and inspirational human being,,and I will always be forever a devoted fan of his.His singing is so unique.One cannot help to love this guy.His family is lucky to have him and we are lucky to see such a great man start off to be famous real soon. We love ya kevin from someone who deeply believes in him.

terri 7 years ago

there was so much talent on the show and I really think everyone deserved to win. Remember God puts people in places for a reason. Congratulations Kevin may God Bless You all the way.

David Skinner 7 years ago

Kevin will some day tell all his critics to kiss his country


SPOIL YOUR MOMENT. My last name is skinner and you have made

the Skinner name proud!

brenda reed 7 years ago

way to go kevin we love you we wish you and your family the best.GOD BLESS YOU

Pat 7 years ago

I never entertained voting for anyone on any reality show until I heard Kevin at his audition. I was compelled to vote throughout the season to feel a part of his victory. In this day of government corruption, rampant unemployment, and every other depressing headline imaginable, Kevin took me to a simpler, kinder place. I watch his videos online just to smile and thank God for the sparkle in his eyes and his unashamed emotion.

Ruth 7 years ago

I thought BARBARA (not Nancy) Padilla should have won, or even the Texas Tenors, but I am happy for Kevin Skinner.

fact5racer 7 years ago

I give Kevin's Vegas show about 30 days if he is lucky before the lights go out. Are you people tone deaf? How anyone could say he has more talent than Nancy Padilla is beyond belief. He wouldn't make the first cut on american idol.

Nancy 7 years ago

Good job Kevin. Maybe you didn't have the best talent, but you had heart & soul, together with your singing, made you a winner. The title of the show is not "America's Most Talented" but "America's Got Talent" and Kevin, you've got what it took to win.... Congrats!!!!

dixie 7 years ago

there is no question that kevin is a nice guy and a very sincere and honest young man, but that is not what this contest is about. It is about talent and kevin has no vocal talent. If the judges knew talent they would have voted him off at the first of the competition. kevin is not a act that people will pay to see, but a hometown singer who is okay at hometown events.

Wink 7 years ago

I liked kevin skinner and believe he has a special ability to connect with our heart strings, that in itself is a talent not all performers have. It can't be taught. Vocal control can be... I'm not unhappy with the vote although I voted for barbara.

heidiatw0rk 7 years ago

I am happy that Kevin won. He was my favorite from the beginning because like the Judges said he was singing from his heart.

I think he will do great in Las Vegas

Bo 7 years ago

Kevin touched my heart from the very beginning, and YES!!!!!I'm very happy he won, He is authentic, original and he is himself. The most imprtant is he sings straight from his heart. And like Sue said leave the guy alone, and wish him well. Congratulatin Kevin, way to go, and can't wait to see you in Vegas.

vera 7 years ago

Kevin will become a super star because he is the real deal...People are fed up with crude, self-centered, no talent entertainers making millions. It's going to be exciting following his career. Maybe America is turning aound.

ravenhawk 7 years ago

get real people kevin skinner is the real deal he was the best from the get go when everyone was making fun of him as a chicken catcher , he made them stop with the first line of the song .he has talent and most of all he is one fun loving free minded redneck

a real singer 7 years ago

he won you didn't let him have his moment

Dawn 7 years ago

Kevin should definitely win the nice guy award but not Americas largest talent contest. What a kick in the face to those who really have talent and should have won. I for one am appalled. Everyone of of those acts have a story and are from someone place small of one kind of another. Who will really pay to see him and be honest? Now those percussionists I would pay to see. B. Padilla was awesome but I don't know if I would pay to see her or not. Not a big fan of opera. AGT should have had judges pick not the audience because if they did I am sure Kevin would not of won.

Donnie 7 years ago

Kevin is REAL!!!!!! Go Kevin

gail gilliam 7 years ago

I had never voted before this season, but Kevin made me want to vote for him, even though I thought there was others that was more talented, but he was just so humble and real...

Johnny D. 7 years ago

Way to go Kevin Skinner! A down home good ole country boy makes good,that's a beautiful thing. Kevin won because he is who he is plain and simple. He is just a good hearted person chasing chickens and the impossible dream. Guess what,he caught that dream last night. I wish him all the best and I know that he will make his family,friends,fans,town and the state of Kentucky proud. After all, that's all he set out to do. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS KEVIN. And to all you nay sayers,remember,the meek shall inherit the earth and this is the begining

Johnny D. 7 years ago

Way to go Kevin Skinner! A down home good ole country boy makes good,that's a beautiful thing. Kevin won because he is who he is plain and simple. He is just a good hearted person chasing chickens and the impossible dream. Guess what,he caught that dream last night. I wish him all the best and I know that he will make his family,friends,fans,town and the state of Kentucky proud. After all, that's all he set out to do. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS KEVIN. And to all you nay sayers,remember,the meek shall inherit the earth and this is the begining

Johnny D. 7 years ago

Way to go Kevin Skinner! A down home good ole country boy makes good,that's a beautiful thing. Kevin won because he is who he is plain and simple. He is just a good hearted person chasing chickens and the impossible dream. Guess what,he caught that dream last night. I wish him all the best and I know that he will make his family,friends,fans,town and the state of Kentucky proud. After all, that's all he set out to do. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS KEVIN. And to all you nay sayers,remember,the meek shall inherit the earth and this is the begining

EL GUAPO 7 years ago


Paula 7 years ago

Kevin did deserve to win. I hated to see any of them lose, but it had to happen. He is a good hearted and genuine person and heaven knows the world needs more of that. He touched my heart from the very first moment. His tears brought tears to my eyes. Congratulations Kevin. My husband is a good ol boy from Kentucky. Everyone should be so blessed. The guy who said his Mom was embarrassed. What did you do to embarrass her? Kevin couldn't possibly have embarrassed her or anyone else. Tell your mom to get over herself.

b/MI 7 years ago

I loved the three texas tenors......I think they should have won.

Ginger 7 years ago

America, and most likely other parts of the world voted Kevin Skinner the winner. This was not one persons opinion or even the opinion of a select few.....it was AMERICA....did he deserve it...I'd say yes. He got up there, sang his heart out and graciously accepted the praise and criticism. Does he have talent???? You bet!! Look out Willie Nelson...here comes Kevin

Madeline 7 years ago

I don't care for country music, never did, however, when Kevin made his initial audition, I was mesmerized, as I think most of the audience. He is not the greatest singer, but there is something tuat emanates from him that makes a connection to people. Whatever it is, it comes from his heart and it seemed to touch my own heart and soul.

He is a perfect example of nothing ever being impossible.

Wishing him the best of luck.

Judy 7 years ago

I love Kevin when he sang he meant it that's why I voted for him. He is going to go far. Kevin deserved everything he got so why dont people that dont think so keep your thoughts to yourself

Dj Georgia 7 years ago

Kevin Skinner won because when he came out on stage, and started talking, people thought he was just a "dumb-hick". When he sang, they stoped lahging and listened to his heart and soul, which makes up his talent. This southern girl is proud of Kevin Skinner. Go Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ford_390 7 years ago

And are these professional reasons or just your thoughts because I can come up with a bunch of reasons why he won...great job Kevin

Carolyn 7 years ago

Kevin is the real deal and I hardly ever shout about anything or anyone on T.V. but when they announced him winning, I really shouted for him, he deserves it so much because he is so genuine. Good Luck Kevin in the future, you'll go far.

R. Nabar 7 years ago

Kevin is REAL?

How does one ever fathom what's in another's heart?

Jaci 7 years ago

I voted only for Kevin from day one. He just got to me from his very first appearance. May God bless him and guide him through all his days.

doloris 7 years ago

i think he is very originaland has certainly got heart.i am proud he won he deserved it bless you kevin skinner

lottie royal 7 years ago

I picked Kevin Skinner from the beginning and I don't even listen to country music. The man has heart and sings from the dept of his soul. I felt when I looked into his eyes I saw a beautiful soul and I cried for joy when he won.

May God bless all his work.

Jeanie 7 years ago


Tim 7 years ago

Maybe some folks see a young, not yet matured Willy Nelson?

bakhos 7 years ago

Country Singers have the twang that Kevin has. I thought that he and Barbara Padilla were both very talented and I was excited to see them as the last two. Very different styles and two very talented individuals. I am glad Kevin won and would not have been disappointed to see Barbara win either.

Teresa of Kentucky 7 years ago

Kevin is a very kind and gentle man....I am proud of who he is and what he represents...There are a lot of people who need to see that....Love and kindness mean a lot today and everyone should take after his heart....I am very happy he won....Good luck Kevin and family.

Barbara Rikard 7 years ago

Be real everybody, Kevin deserved to win. those who said he does not have talent are so wrong....Kevin has it and I wish him all the luck in the world, he has a great big heart and of all the contestants he was the best....

bluemoon 7 years ago

I've never been a fan of country music but Kevin Skinner's story melts my heart. I happen to love rap and opera and everything in between. While Kevin may never topped his first audition, he does have tremendous talent. Seeing him win the top prize brought tears to my eyes.

kRYS 7 years ago


Matt 7 years ago

Based on his final performance, I would not have voted him as the winner. I personally felt it was a bad song choice for his particular voice. However, I loved his other three performances, and his collective performance on the season is what made him win. He beat out acts like Barbara Padilla and Lawrence Beaman and The Texas Tenors, all of whom were very good, because he is so raw and unpolished and I think people want a pleasently unpolished voice.

shirley 7 years ago

I love kevin to win . He sing with true emotion and passion. I love keeping listening him sing , he deserved to win.

pat w 7 years ago

I just loved his singing. He is real country,not rock country.Keep up the good work and will be looking for your records to come out.

Gary 7 years ago

Kevin did deserve to win... He never tried to play the poor pitiful me card.. He just sang his heart out and played that guitar.. He does have talent and I wish him all the best. I do think Nashville would work better for him than Vegas.. and I hope he checks that out

sue lepic 7 years ago

I Love Kevin Skinner He touched my heart and soul. He makes you beleive every word he is singing. I don't know of any other entertainer that can do that. I was so happy for him.We have many entertainers with their own style and do they all have the best voices? No we love them for one thing or another. Kevin has something special the ability to touch your heart and soul. he makes you feel something very special. so leave the guy alone and wish him well. i have yet to meet a perfect person.

BETTY LAYNE 7 years ago

kevin is a real person and i loved him from the start''' the ones who didn't like him must listen to rap''''''' keep up the great work kevin, those who bad mouth you must have a problem with their own self.

Gd 7 years ago

No matter who says what,I think Kevin deserved to win.I am sure he will shine and give us many good songs to cherish for a long time to come.

He was humble,simple and sang with gut feeling.He is a real and a genuine person.

The other finalists also held on their own and were also good,most of them will make it in the show world without a doubt.

Specially the gentleman who the judges said would fill Barry White's shoes

We will definitely see Kevin ,Barbara,and him winning Grammys some day.

DLS 7 years ago

I am Happy he won.At least he had the gutts to try. An he has a good heart and I wish him great success.

kenny 7 years ago

god has bless kevin good ol country boy your wife and kids are very proud of you that is all that matters be strong and most of all be who you are you are real

Gary 7 years ago

Kevin only has some talent? Your mother was embarrassed? Right... because he didn't go jumping around smashing guitars and acting like some idiot? There are many forms of entertainment, but the mellow and less dramatic do not win over the drug addicted alternative groups; so I understand.

He won because he was himself and did well. If you heard errors and think he needs singing lessons, bring you butt to next season and let's see how well you do. Easy to play critic sitting on your couch eating chips and drinking beer.

Carol 7 years ago

Along with talent he has HEART.

jack 7 years ago

little bit of hank sr

sabra 7 years ago

i am a 77 year old gramma and throughout my life have latched onto many performers in their first endeavors and predicted to friends and family that i felt they had talent, or chrisma, or whatever is that nebulous quality that would propel them into the spotlight eventually and have been right many more times than wrong. i love ol' Kevin and hope his future is glorious.

Mr. C 7 years ago

I watched the show from day one audition and throughout the whole process Kevin did not change his personna and his performing style. Sure he needs voice trainig. Tell me one performer today that does not work with a voice trainer. He is home grown and no one can take that away from him. He will succeed, for those who doubt. Wait and watch. Like some of the commentors have stated, he is who he is and the American public is tired of people not being themselves. Let Kevin be Kevin, he will change your mind.

Linda 7 years ago

With talent like Kevin demonstrated, is it any wonder that he won not only AGT, but the hearts of millions of viewers. Kevin is 100% real--his talent was from his heart and he touched the inner soul of every person watching the show every week. His love for singing and emotion in his words proved he is truly "An All American Boy". Thank You Kevin for the priviledge of letting us know that hope still exists in this troubled world. God Bless You and SING YOUR HEART OUT

TBO 7 years ago

Iliked what Kevin stood for, a regular person living in todays' hard economic times just trying to make a living and he had luck and some talent to help him, be proud of him I know I am.

D.belisle 7 years ago

Are you kidding me kevin the best no, america just felt sorry for him,what if he really sucks in Vegas and hardly anyone goes to see his show?

Dick from Cary 7 years ago

I liked the 'Kevin Skinner' story . . . but as for talent, I would put him 7 or 8 out of the final 10. He badly needs voice training. That lower ranking was further reinforced in the terrific Thelma Houston ensemble number where Mr Skinner was the only performer who was clearly out of his element. At least Grandma Lee had enough sense to remain on the sidelines and not attempt to sing. If Kevin Skinner had tried out for American Idol, he would have been eliminated early by Simon.

nicki 7 years ago

Then the Texas Tenors should have won. Sexy, and could sing to boot! (no pun intended)

Adrian 7 years ago

How could you not like the guy. However he was not the most talented act. Its a feel good story and I think thats what America wanted in these harsh times.

The show took a turn for the worst when Acro Dunk was not voted in and the Voices of Glory and the Fab 5 were both put in the finals.

Terry 7 years ago

Congratulations Kevin...You deserved it...

dmb 7 years ago

I'm not sure I can watch this show next year. If Kevin is such a great singer/song writer - then some one would pick him up. His vocals were horrendous. So he's a nice guy - then lets haave who needs a million dollars more contest. Come on - better than Barbara - better than the drummers. I wouldn't pay $10.00 to see him in Vegas

patty 7 years ago

chuck I agree with you.I don't understand, Why couldn't you all hear that he couldn't carry a note. And all those people shined through.Can you all REALLY say he was the most TALENTED? I liked him, but he wasn't the best....

karen henderson 7 years ago

Kevin has got true down home country talent.you can tell by the way he sings..my husband and i are proud of him...be looking forward to see him on stage,maybe with some of present days great country singers...best wishes to you kevin!

Kay T. 7 years ago

I loved Kevin from the very first performance. He is a real deal and I love his singing! He is a very humble man and this shines through his singing. I hope you have a wonderful career Kevin, you deserve it. I am so happy that you won AGT. I just sat and cried with joy.

KG 7 years ago

"This season was a joke?" Is this person serious! This was the best season of all. Kevin Skinner won because he stole the hearts of america, with the way he captured a song and how he made you feel after he sung it. Just let him have his success, Geez you're pathetic

Chuck 7 years ago

All of you must be smokin crack if you think that Kevin Skinner deserves to win America's Got TALENT, (Talent being the operative word) above all of the other talented people. If the program was named "America's Got the Best Story", or America Biggest Dreamer", or any other other title that discriped why the idiotic American viewers voted for him, then he would deserve to win. But there is no way that he was the best talent!! Everyone of the contestants "deserved" to win; they all wanted it and they all worked hard. But the truth is that Kevin Skinner is one of the least talented contestants in the intire competition, not just the final contestants.

Linda S 7 years ago

Kevin Skinner deserved this win and I'm thrilled for him!!!

twilightfan 7 years ago

I live in the same area as Kevin, and living here you obviously know more about him than others. Kevin does have talent. He is a song writer and people in the area have heard some of his own songs, and they are wonderful! I hoped that he would sing some of his own songs, but I think he wanted to play it safe. We are extremely proud of Kevin, and feel that he represented our city and state very well. Kevin is clearly raw talent and deserved to win AGT. This is what happens when hardworking American's let their fate rest in God's hands. WAY TO GO KEVIN!!!!!

Bob Noodles 7 years ago

I think Kevin Skinner had the heart and determeination to win AGT. He knows what struggle and hard work is. You can see the hunger and humbling in his eyes. He's authentic he's original. All Kevin wanted was to make his family proud. Well I feel Kevin made all of us proud. Kevin good luck. My wife and I will be in Vegas in November and can't wait to see your show.

Cindy 7 years ago

Kevin WON AGT because he deserved to win... I don't understand why those who disagree can't let this go!! Move on, get a life and accept that America Voted for Kevin because We fell in love with his music, his incredible passion and talent and, for the way he moves his audience -- THAT is TALENT!!!!

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