6 places from where you can download images for your blog

photo by Jeffrey Beall

Photo by jeffrey Beall
Photo by jeffrey Beall

Six places from where you can download images for your blog

It is always best to have your contents supported with images, because people are much interested to see images than content. Many successful blogs and websites use this technique well to establish themselves.There are some wonderful places where you can have images for your blogs. Let us see some very big and wonderful Six places from where you can download images for your website or blog.

But before going there immediately its better we understand the way we can use them, to avoid any copy wright problems.


When you think of Images the first name that every one could pronounce is Flickr.com. It is the best and the biggest photo stock agency which has got millions of images on almost all the categories, and really best images from some of the very best photo graphers of the world and also of internet users.

Almost all the blogs which come with wonderful images use flickr for their image needs. Even though there are different kinds of license, under which flickr exhibits its valuable collection of wonderful images, i normally recommend you to go for creative commons license,(because where we will be safe) attribution only for commercial use images.This will give you the previlage to download and use that image on your blog or website giving the due credit to the photographer who created it by linking back to the creator's photo stream, and if you use in this way there is no need for you to ask for permission from the creator. As long as you are always within the limits of the license,there is nothing to worry about. So depending on the CC license whether commercial or non- commercial you can use them in your works, but never forget to give due regard to the creator, after all giving due respect for all those hard work done and appreciating it, is not wrong. Visit the creative commons site, ( to know more about what is commercial and non-commercial and how can we link back to the author and more ) you will find thousands of directories and go through the licensing before using them.



This is yet another photo stock agency that offer free images that can be used in the same way of linking back to the creator before using them in your blogs or websites.


This is another photo stock where you can have good collection of images in wide ranges collected from its users.

4.Wellcome Images

This is yet another site with unique collections of wide range really wide range of varieties, in the field of education(medical, bio medical, healthcare, history etc., etc.) but the only thing you got to remember is you can use these rich images for free only for personal and education, academic purposes. Its better you go through the terms of Use before using them.

5.Wikimedia Commons.Org

The other face of the biggest knowledge web Wikipedia, this part of wiki has got very good collection of shared images under two major category of license,1.Creative commons license, and 2.GNU free documentation license, you can use this resource also but better before you make a jump its better that you go through the licensing procedures clearly.

6.Tree of Life Web

This one is an organization with a different theme, this is a place where you can find a individual separate web page for every living organism and plant available in the world, and they are free and you can use their collection, offering your proper reason on how it is going to be utilized by you. Check this one you can get some very important, wonderful, unique collections.

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funride profile image

funride 8 years ago from Portugal

Thanks, nice hub. It´s always good to have many sources. I´ll check out the ones I didn´t know about.

Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 8 years ago from India

you can also try imageshack.us.. where you can store images..

eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

Yes ofcourse you can even go to imageshack.us and there are even plenty more, thanks for the comment,Trsmd. preparing for part 2.

michael 5 years ago

sarah-87 4 years ago

yea you could also try www.ingimage.com - thats who i use

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