A Civil Action Movie Review

A Civil Action film review

I'm not going to lie - I'm a great fan of John Travolta. Travolta the actor of course, not Travolta the scientologist. I also like it that he is a very good dancer but I am not a dance enthusiast so I cannot say that I'm a fan of Travolta the dancer. I did however enjoy watching the movies where he got to strut those sexy moves.

When I hear the name John Travolta, images from Broken Arrow, Face/Off, Swordfish, and Pulp Fiction come to mind. I'm more familiar with the actor's work in action movies. So when I popped in a copy of A Civil Action which the CD's case blurb described as a legal thriller into the disc player, I had the feeling I am getting into another boring courtroom drama. Boy, was I wrong. The movie never bored me at all. Not even for a little bit. It was good. It was fun. It was very watchable. It was a breath of fresh air watching Travolta playing the part of a lawyer.

About the movie

A very successful lawyer (Travolta) and his lawyer partners are approached by a group of people who want to know what caused the deaths of several children in their community. They are very skeptical at first but they eventually take the case after looking more into it. They think they can make some money out of it. Little did they know that the case will change their lives forever. They will lose almost everything that they have trying to win the case.

A Civil Action thrills and entertains you. The other cast members which include Tony Shalhoub, William H. Macy and Robert Duvall came out with excellent performances.

A Civil Action trailer

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