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Game of Thrones Compared to the Book A Storm of Swords

For an accounting of what occurs in each book in the Song of Fire and Ice series, I recommend that you read the article A Game of Thrones Books in Order because it gives a short overview of each book without telling too much. Of course, the best way to compare the books to the TV show is to read the books and follow along with the series!

Anyway, if the Game of Thrones HBO TV series is based (loosely of course) on the extremely popular epic fantasy books in The Song of Fire and Ice series by George R. R. Martin, then this season's TV show, Season 3, would have been based on Book 3, A Storm of Swords?

So, was it?

In part.

Let's examine what occurs.

In the book, The War of the Five Kings is a central point of the plot. This is the constant battle (sometimes of men, sometimes of will) between the following five families:

-The Starks: Robb Stark is now King of the North and has a beautiful wife, Jeyne Westerling. His mother, Catelyn Stark, unbeknownst to him, releases Jaime Lannister, who's from the House Lannister, an enemy to the Starks. She does this because she believes that the Lannisters, upon seeing her mercy in releasing Jaime, will in turn release her daughters Sansa and Arya. This move lacks a bit of logic, but lots of honor. In the book, Lady Catelyn's release of Jaime occurs on A Storm of Swords; in the TV show, it takes place in Season 2. The Starks, slated to form an alliance by having Robb marry the daughter of Walder Frey, cause bad blood between the two families when Robb instead marries Jeyne Westerling.

-The Greyjoys: Because of Theon Greyjoy's wickedness, the family held the lands of Winterfell, formerly ruled by the Starks., for a short period of time before Theon was rooted out (Season 2 and Book 2). However, his father Balon Greyjoy hopes to make a play for the throne with the help of his daughter, Asha, a woman more comfortable in armor than dresses. However, Theon has been taken captive and is being slowly tortured. The capture isn't in A Storm of Swords, but makes for great drama on the TV show. Take that you evil Theon!

-The Baratheons: Stannis Baratheon continues to seek advice from Melissandre, also known as the Red Witch. He has declared himself King of Winterfell and has selected Davos Seaworth as the Hand of the King. Davos is trustworthy and isn't someone that will plot against Stannis. He's also someone who doesn't like the fact that Stannis relies upon Melissandre's advice, which causes static between the two of them. While reading through correspondence for Stannis, Davos learns that The Night's Watch, a group of men sworn to protect men against savages and otherworldly beings at a place called The Wall, has sent a warning that Mance Rayder, leader of the savages known as the wildings, plans an invasion. They are told that this will bring a war like no other. Davos tells this to Stannis and expresses his concern over the message. At first Stannis downplays the issue but then the Red Witch agrees with Davos that a large war is indeed on its way. Thus far, for the Baratheons, both the book and the TV show are pretty close to each other.

-The Lannisters: Jaime and the female knight Brienne of Tarth make their way on foot to King's Landing. Before leaving, Jaime swore an oath to Lady Catelyn Stark that he wouldn't take up arms against the Starks or Tullys (Lady Stark's maiden name is Catelyn Tully). Although Brienne is a noble knight and believes Jaime's former actions to be dishonorable, she swears an oath to Lady Catelyn that she'll protect his life and get him safely to King's Landing. Along the way they come across several bands of thieves and criminals, some of whom recognize Jaime and want to kill him, but Brienne is true to her word and protects him. Unfortunately, they're eventually captured by a group of men too many in number for Brienne to overtake. They know who Jaime is and decide to hold him for ransom, but decide to dishonor and kill Brienne. Jaime lies about Brienne's lineage and saves her life.

Meanwhile, back at King's Landing, Lord Tywin Lannister has ruled that Tyrion will marry Sansa Stark, thereby leaving evil King Joffrey Lannister free to marry Margaery Tyrell, thus joining the two families together. Tyrion does marry Sansa and although it's not a love match, there's mutual respect and kindness in their relationship.

Jaime and Brienne finally reach King's Landing and Jaime makes his way through the castle to be reunited with his sister, Cersei.

The Targaryens: Daenerys continues to grow her army while at Slaver's Bay, where she discovers that she can purchase soldiers to fight for her. She reaches an agreement with the leader of the army of warriors, known as the unsullied, that she will give him one of her baby dragons as payment for his army. He agrees but she double crosses him and after the soldiers are in her possession, the dragon kills the former slave master. She then frees all of the slave workers in Astapor, asking that they follow her, but not ordering them to do so. They agree because she has given them their freedom. Again, the TV show is pretty close to what happens in A Storm of Swords.

So, that's a quick recap of how the TV show A Game of Thrones Season 3 compares to Book 3, A Storm of Swords, from the perspective of The War of The Five Kings. That's why I'm fairly certain that this book's plot will be split into two seasons because there are many more exciting things that happen in A Storm of Swords that in my opinion, the TV show is leading up to. Pivotal events that can't be skipped over before they move on to the next book in the series. So I'm looking forward to A Game of Thrones Season 4!

Game of Thrones Books

Book Title
Publication Date
A Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords
A Feast For Crows
A Dance With Dragons
The Kings Thoughts
The Kings Thoughts

A Game of Thrones Guide – The Baratheons

Even if you have read the books, watching the show can be confusing without a guide! There are so many characters and five family alliances to keep track of, it isn’t surprising you need a Game of Thrones Guide just to keep track of it all! Let’s take a look at each family and how they stood both at the beginning of the series and as the show progressed. We can start with the family that seems to be right smack in the center of all the action:

The House Baratheon

Once the rulers of all seven kingdoms, this is the family that now fights amongst itself for the right to the throne. The death of Robert is what sets the battle for the throne into play – and soon we see that everyone in this family will stop at nothing, not even the murder of their own brother, to gain the upper hand and the right to sit on the Iron Throne.

Robert Baratheon (Actor: Mark Addy)

Robert, the King of the Seven Kingdoms is still in love with Lyanna Stark, the woman he originally planned to marry, which is the root to much of the hatred his wife Cersei holds for him. But it is this love that also keeps him connected to the Stark family emotionally. He became king when he led a rebellion against the mad King Aerys II Targaryen after the Targaryen family kidnapped Lyanna, Ned’s sister, and then killed Ned’s father and brother when they went to King’s Landing to reclaim her. As retribution the entire clan of the Targaryen was slaughtered during the rebellion except for those who managed to escape the kingdom entirely. Robert became king because his family was the closest relative to the Targaryen family.

Now left with no wars to fight and only political intrigue to surround him, he has grown fat and lazy. He hates his wife Cersei and knows she hates him, and has no connection to his three children which aren’t his kids in any event. Of course, he doesn’t know this, but you have to wonder if he suspects. He has gone through the kingdom’s resources and is now in huge debt to his wife’s family. In the end, he will die in a “hunting accident” that is no doubt set in play by Cersei to ensure he doesn’t suspect that his son the heir is not even related to him.

Stannis Baratheon (Actor: Stephen Dillane)

This hard and brooding man is the brother of Robert Baratheon and Lord of Dragonstone. He has a steadfast sense of justice and is always alert for slights real or imagined. When his brother Robert laid dying, Ned sends him a letter appointing him heir to the throne and it is this letter that convinces Stannis he must challenge Joffrey for the Iron Throne. He is to prove more than capable of mounting a solid army to battle for control of the Seven Kingdoms.

Renly Baratheon (Actor: Gethin Anthony)

The Lord of Storm’s End is the youngest brother of Robert as well as the Master of Laws that sits with the Small Court. He is good at jousting, though not at fighting and would rather be throwing a lavish party then participating in a war. In short, he is someone who likes a good time, which you would think would make him not exactly the best of friends with someone like Ned. Renly’s secret lover, the Knight of Flowers, convinces Renly that it is these qualities which make him so popular with the masses that would also make him a better king then his two older brothers. But Renly cannot convince Ned to back him up so he flees south when Robert dies. But when Joffrey ascends the throne, Renly decides he must challenge his right to it, not perhaps the wisest decision. In the end, this decision is his undoing, as Stannis soon decides that his brother Renly is what stands between him and the Iron Throne. His death at the hands of Stannis’s red-hiared witch is a pivotal moment in the struggle for succession.

Characters Associated with this House:

Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish (Actor: Aiden Gillen)

When we first meet Petyr he is a smiling and friendly family friend of the Starks. We quickly learn that in the past he had tried unsuccessfully to woo Catelyn who was to become Ned’s wife. He cloaks his hurt in charm and initially offers help to the Starks when Ned first returns to court. As Master of Coin (he controls the king’s money) he sits in the Small Council with Ned and warns Ned at first to not be too trusting of him. It turns out to be prophetic for when Ned tries to arrest Joffrey and Cersei, Petyr betrays him. IN he end, it is this betrayal that leads to Ned’s execution.

Littlefinger loves to have his spies everywhere and he lives for intrigue. There is little in the kingdom he doesn’t know about and his resentment at Ned for winning Catelyn and continued petty grievances make him a dangerous enemy for anyone. He also has ambitions for the Iron Throne as payback to all the nobles who snubbed him in the past. Even after Ned is dead he will continue to come to Catelyn as if he were a friend, when she knows far better than that. The further the story progresses, the more he appears to be the snake in the grass, waiting for the right time to strike just about anyone whose death will benefit him.

Melisandre (Cast: Carice van Houten)

An advisor of Stannis Baratheon and priestess to R’hllor she has magical powers and claims to be able to see into the future. It is this prophetic power that leads her to declare that Stannis is the intended ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and will be its deliverer. After having sex with Stannis she gives birth to a creature of smoke and malice that kills Renly and opens up the way for Stannis to claim the throne.

Davos Seaworth (Actor: Liam Cunningham)

One of Stannis Baratheon’s most trusted advisors because he is utterly loyal to him and considers Stannis almost a god. This is probably because Stannis elevated him from the former smuggler he was to be a knight, with all the perks that come with the role. He is the voice of reason for Stannis, when the man chooses to listen to him.

Artist's Rendition of Dani

Introducing A Masterful Series

There are only a handful of books that I feel compare in scope and sheer majesty to the series Game of Thrones. For many it is a series that is destined to be held in high esteem for years to come. If you are aware of the epic battle for the throne in England's time of the War of the Roses, a bloody battle amongst family, then you will see some parallels to George R.R. Martin's masterpiece.

Set in the mythical land of Winterfell is a story of a battle for the throne. It is a country of unending cold where winter has come to stay as a permanent houseguest. An unnatural event has caused the season to last for decades and so it can seem that winter is undending if you are born in it, as the characters in the first book are. The Starks of Winterfell are the family that now hold the throne, but that by no means heralds a lack of competition.

We come to know the high born as well as the common soldiers, and the assassins brought in to move the chessboard to the next level. We watch as omens of great power push bastards and princes alike to take the risks to gain the throne. Madness lurks and a royal princess becomes a bargaining chip for her brother. The story is filled with moves and countermoves in the most dangerous game of all, the Game of Thrones. Only one can be the one who sits upon the throne, and they will do just about anything to be that person.

A Dance With Dragons

A NEW Game Of Thrones Book Is Coming

Yes Game Of thrones fans, George R. R. Martin has written the long awaited 5th book in the series.  It's called A Dance With Dragons and will be released on July 12, 2011.  This is AWESOME news!  The book will be lengthy, just like the others in the series, but it promises to be a great read.

I love an in-depth series like the Game Of Thrones books.  You can really sink your teeth into books like that and get to know the characters.  And with the writers knack for superb world building, these books are a fantasy fans dream come true.

You can bet that I've already pre-ordered my copy of this book!

A Game of Thrones – The Book

The upcoming (and much anticipated) TV series Game of Thrones is based on the fantasy series – A song of Ice and Fire by author George R.R. Martin. The first book of the series is called A Game of Thrones from which the TV series gets its title (I’m sure you figured that out, but I just had to say it!).

The series of novels first published in August of 1996 drew tremendous interest and attention within a very short period. It won the Locus Award (presented to the winner of annual readers’ poll of Locus magazine) in 1997; it was also nominated for the World Fantasy Award (selections made by the World Fantasy convention) in 1997 and the Nebula Award (given by the Science Fiction and Fantasy writers of America - SFWA) in 1998.

The book narrates three storylines, each connected to the other in history. Lord Eddard Stark is the head of Stark House, one of the biggest noble houses of the seven kingdoms of Westeros. On the death of the kings top commander and military advisor (Jon Arryn), the King (King Robert) asks his old friend Lord Eddard to take his place. Lord Eddard is initially reluctant but later accepts the position after his wife, Catelyn Stark, insists. Catelyn finds out from her sister’s letter, Lysa Arryn, that Jon Arryn’s death was In fact a murder and besieges her husband to investigate.  The entire listing of A Game Of Thrones Books In Order can be found at some fairly cool sites.

The next story in the book is of Jon Snow, Lord Eddard’s illegitimate son. With time Jon feels more and more uncomfortable about his place in House Stark and so decides to join the brotherhood of the Night’s Watch. The warriors of the Night’s Watch guard the northern wall of the seven Kingdoms from the legendary others. The Wall is an ancient Ice barrier - about 300 miles wide and 700 feet tall – between the seven Kingdoms and the barbaric lands of the north.

The third story is of Viserys Targaryen, the only surviving male heir of King Aerys II. Viserys and his sister Daenerys have been living in exile after their father was slain and their rightful throne usurped by King Robert. Viserys plans to sell his thirteen year old sister in marriage to the lord of a group of nomadic Dothraki horse warriors – Khal Drogo. Viserys hopes he would be able to use their army to regain his lost throne, the Iron Throne of Westeros.

A Game Of Thrones

Have you heard about the new HBO series titled "Game Of Thrones"? If you're an HBO fan like me OR you're a reader of epic fantasy (also like me), then you've probably seen some of the video trailers or behind-the-scenes footage of the new show.

The series is based on books written by George R.R. Martin. The name of the series is actually "A Song of Ice and Fire". The first book in the series is called "A Game Of Thrones", which is the title chosen by HBO for the TV series.

Okay, a bit about the story itself.

The main characters are:


A Game Of Thrones Book 1

Game Of Thrones Book 1
Game Of Thrones Book 1 | Source

A Game Of Thrones Book 1

In the first book in the series we're introduced to Winterfell, a place where seasons can last for decades.  The ruler of Westeros, King Baratheon, travels to ask his longtime friend, Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark, to come back with him as his new advisor and military commander.  Eddard agrees, but one of his reasons for doing so is to investigate the murder of the king's former advisor, a man rumored to have been killed by the Queen.

Meanwhile, forces that might not be human are amassing outside the kingdom's protective wall.  On top of that, other families put plans into action that could overthrow the King.This is a book of scheming individuals that will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.  The book is chock full of characters with hidden agendas - they wear many faces but their common goal is to gain power.

A Clash Of Kings - Book 2

A Clash Of Kings - Book 2
A Clash Of Kings - Book 2 | Source

A Clash of Kings - Book 2

A Clash Of Swords starts with Princess Arya fleeing for her life.  Queen Cersei is still up to her old tricks - very deadly tricks.  Her evil brother is now King and she and the rest of her relatives resort to dark deeds in order to make sure he retains the throne.  Meanwhile, Eddard attempts to seek justice for the murder of his father, the former King's brothers scheme to gain the throne for themselves and Daenerys Targaryen, the rightful heir to the throne, tries to make her way back to the kingdom.  But deadly supernatural creatures, increasing in number, are a potential threat to all involved.

A Storm Of Swords - Book 3

A Storm Of Swords - Book 3
A Storm Of Swords - Book 3 | Source

A Storm Of Swords - Book 3

In A Storm Of Swords, Catelyn Stark (Lord Eddard Stark's wife) attempts to safeguard her remaining family members while King Joffrey's diabolical ways sometimes give  his own family pause.  King Joffrey has imprisoned one of Lord Eddard's daughters, Arya Stark.  Arya's brother, Robb Stark, ruler of the North, attempts to free her.  Daenerys, the last legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, continues her journey home.  Meanwhile, the Others, a supernatural, unstoppable walking dead, moves closer.

A Feast For Crows - Book 4

A Feast For Crows - Book 4
A Feast For Crows - Book 4 | Source

A Feast For Crows - Book 4

The war has ended.  Many of the brave rulers have been defeated and chaos reigns supreme.  Queen Cersei now rules the Iron Throne but she's not exactly winning friends and gaining followers. 

But peace doesn't last long in the Seven Kingdoms.  Vestiges of other noble families plot and fight over the remaining areas of the Seven Kingdoms.  New alliances are formed as the spoils-of-war are taken.  But soon the rich and the poor, as well as the priviledged and the downtrodden, must unite to ensure their safety.  For alone, few will stand - together, they increase their chances of survival.

A Game Of Thrones Video Trailer 01

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