A Lonely Place to Die (2011)

Alison (Melissa George) and her friends are a group of thrill seeking mountaineers climbing the peaks in the Scottish Highlands enjoying the hike and scenery. But soon they come across an eerie sound coming from the trees nearby. After discovering an air pipe coming from the ground, they uncover a young girl, Anna (Holly Boyd) buried alive in the chamber. After giving the thirsty and starving girl some food and water the group decide to take her back to the city to find some help. But it doesn’t take long for Anna’s kidnappers to realize that she is gone which lead to a tense filled thriller of cat and mouse.

Julian Gilbey does a great job at directing. Gilbey expertly set’s up the film with the opening scene which gives viewers a taste of what’s to come. The film is full of white knuckle tension and perfectly paced. Ali Asad also does a fantastic job as the cinematographer, taking and embracing the film with the natural beauty of the Highlands, giving the film a special atmosphere.

A Lonely Place to Die has a great assembled cast, filled with actors owning the screen whenever they appear. Stephen McCole and Sean Harris as Mr. Mcrae and Mr. Kidd respectively are the two that stand out the most, playing the villains who will stop at nothing to get the young girl back. The kills in the film come fast, brutal and out of nowhere, you never expected them to happen. The only bad thing that I have to say about this movie is that the third act is not on point with the rest of the film.

The final act of the film feels like a whole different film which takes you out of the film. Although the town does add a certain atmosphere that creates a creepy feel to the movie. But other than that the film should be worth watching if you like a good nail biting thriller, 3 out of 5


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