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Hulk vs Thor DVD Review

Summary: Loki brought Bruce Banner in Asgard to unleash the Hulk against Thor. However, when the Hulk's rage proved to be uncontrollable, Loki and Thor were forced to join together to find a solution before all of Asgard was destroyed.

Action: Those looking for a brawl between the Hulk and Thor will be a bit disappointed since the Hulk managed to take down Thor (and pretty much everything thrown at him) quite easily. The fights were not even close and pretty much one-sided.

Take a shot at the Incredible Hulk

We've seen the headlines: Hulk vs Superman, Hulk vs Wolverine, Hulk vs the Thing, and, basically, Hulk vs other superheroes. Classics that piqued our imagination. Who's the strongest? Who's the best fighter? Who'll win?

Time and time again the Hulk has proven that he's more than a match to most, if not all, super heroes. But how does he fair against gods? Lucky for us, there are two gods in the Marvel comic book universe, one from Olympus and one from Asgard, who walk among mortals and they've scuffled with the Hulk on a few occassions.

Let's take a look at some of these matchups between Marvel powerhouses:


An immortal in the Marvel universe, Thor is the Norse god of war and thunder. Banished to Earth to learn humility by his father, Odin, King of Asgard, Thor is entrapped in the body of a frail human, Donald Blake, who depends on a cane to walk around. The full power of Thor is only unleashed when Donald Blake taps his cane ceremoniously to summon the thunder god.


Hulk and Thor first fought in Avengers No 3 when Thor and the Avengers tried to contain the rampaging Hulk. Joining the fray is the Sub-Mariner who alligned himself with the Hulk and fought the Earth's Mightiest Superhero. During one of the battles, the Hulk and Sub-Mariner doubled team Thor and wrestled him down. The Hulk transformed back into Banner and got away before his identity as the Hulk was revealed. The rest of the Avengers showed up to gang up against Sub-Mariner who retreated away to fight another day.

THOR #385

One of the more fun fights between Hulk and Thor. In THOR No 385, Hulk challenged Thor to fight without the hammer Mjollnir. Thor accepted reluctantly after Hulk took on a hostage. He casted off his hammer and began fighting the Hulk. In the beginning, Thor thought about running away until the Hulk's rage subsides and transforms back to Banner so no one would get hurt. But pride got the best of him and he continued to fight the Hulk in turn destroying buildings, wreaking havoc in the streets, and risking lives including a bus full of school children. Thor showed the invincibility of a god as he refused to go down after receiving a few beat downs from the Hulk. The Hulk even slammed him with a train. In the end, Hulk realized that it was futile to continue fighting as his anger began to subside and he leaped away. Thor was left alone by himself but lusted for more.


In order to avoid hurting innocents, Thor transported himself and the Hulk into another dimension to fight. In their first brawl upon arrival, Thor was thrown into a mountain by the Hulk and the rocks collapsed and buried him. The Hulk proceeded to leap away to find out about the new world. But at the same time, he managed to wreak havoc among its savage native inhabitants. Deciding that bringing the Hulk to the new world was a mistake, Thor found the Hulk and knocked him out with a lightning bolt. Traveling in between dimensions, the Hulk managed to transform back to Bruce Banner. But before Thor could drop him off in a secured military installation, Banner transformed back to Hulk who proceeded to wail on Thor. The Hulk walked away not knowing if Thor was still alive.

A few more releases tell the tales of clashes between these two power giants. It's important to note that Stan Lee himself meant for the brute strength of the Hulk to be matched, if at all, not by humans, but by gods.

But how strong is the Hulk?  Does he have a limit? Remember, he gets stronger as he gets angrier.

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Phaet99 7 years ago

What I don't get is how a lot of people that review this movie miss that this is a Bannerless Hulk. This isn't the normal regular Hulk, the side that keeps him in check has been removed. Even in the movie they said he was "rage incarnate" and being able to tear down the nine worlds etc... Yeah it could have been more but I still liked how Thor hammered Hulk in the face and smashed his knee. Brutal!

Hulk Smash 7 years ago

Dude Hulk pwns

Hulk 6 years ago

You forgot to mention that at the end of Thor 385, Hulk walks away because he realizes he cannot win; in fact, Hulk goes on to state that fighting Thor isn't fair because Thor is a god and Hulk is a man, Hulk is the strongest man there is, but not the strongest god.

reagu profile image

reagu 6 years ago from Los Angeles Author

Sup, Hulk!

jdsbk 5 years ago

HUlk would kill Thor

rjbatty profile image

rjbatty 4 years ago from Irvine

jdsbk: Wrong. It is preordained that the gods of Asgard (this would include Thor) are only killed during a multi-level war called Ragnarok. Thor is a magical/mythological being of another dimension. The Hulk is an unfortunate abomination of gamma ray radiation. Thor possesses the most powerful weapon in the universe. The Hulk (nor anyone else) can kill Thor because he is a divine presence. It would be like asking who would win in a match-up between Zeus and the Hulk. The Hulk, as I think of him, is the most powerful man/monster on planet Earth, while the Norse gods rule over man and any of his creations. The whole concept is kind of freaky because we are dealing with an ancient RELIGION, an ancient notion of a god-warrior who controlled lightening and thunder and struck terror into the souls of primitive beings. I cannot recall of a single case in any mythology where a mortal was able to over-power a god. Man, by his necessity or nature, places the gods upon mountain tops or in a region beyond the sky -- in any event OVER themselves. The best that man can do is appease the gods. Direct confrontation would only spell out a man's doom. Thor is well-acquainted with bringing down giants and other aberrations. If you take Thor's supernatural aspects into consideration, he should be able to split the Hulk's skull open with a single blow from his hammer.

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