A Polish Model in Germany: Marika Kowalski, Blondynka Bogini

Who is Marika Kowalski? You have every right to ask this question as she is not yet very well known. But you must agree she is one of the loveliest blond goddesses (or "blondynki bogini" as the men in her native Poland would say) to emerge in the modeling world in quite some time. Marika is currently based in Germany, but this girl is proud to be Polish through and through! With her luxurious blond hair and those big, blue yes... Yowzah! This girl just has to be come a superstar! Be sure to keep your eye on this sexy, hot model as her star surely rises!

I hope you have enjoyed this peek at the seductive and sultry Marika Kowalski. Do not expect that this will be the last you see of her! Certainly a beauty this remarkable will soon brighten every corner of the world. Just remember, my friends, you saw her here first, brought to you by your friend, the Mighty Q! LOL!

If you just cannot wait until Marika becomes an international supermodel, perhaps you would like to track down two German photobooks she has appeared in: Erotisches Fotobuch - Erotikband 1 and Erotisches Fotobuch - Erotikband 2. These sexy books feature Marika along with several other models in lingerie and sexy poses. You will have to do a bit of work to find them however as they have not been published in the United States.

I will leave you with two final shots of this incomparable beauty to fill your dreams and encourage your fantasies! Such a lovely girl, you must surely be entranced by now!

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Daddy's Princess profile image

Daddy's Princess 5 years ago from Texas

I love the top she is wearing in the fourth picture from the bottom! Way cool!

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