Revathi, The Great Indian Film Actress

Actress Revathi
Actress Revathi

Revathi had been the most popular Indian film actress in 1980s and 1990s. She was one of the most talented and beautiful multilingual actresses of India. In her long span of film career she has starred in more than 95 films in different languages of India such as Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu. In each of her acted movie she showed her amazing performance and wonderful acting talent. For these reasons most of the films in which she acted became super hit.

Revathi's real name is Asha Kelunni Kutty. She was born on 8th july 1966 in Cochin, Kerala, India. Her father Mr.Kelunni is a retired Indian Army Officer and mother Lalitha is a housewife. In 1988 she married film actor Mr.Suresh Menon and unfortunately the couple got divorced in the year 2002. Aside from acting in movies she also paid some interest on some social works for the development of women in the society.

Revathi's Film Career

Revathi was first introduced to the film industry by the notorious Tamil film Director, Mr.Bharathi Raja in the Tamil Film 'Man Vaasanai' in which she played the role of an innocent village girl and the film became a great hit of the time and satisfied the expectations of other film makers and audience in South India.

She paired with all the top heroes of Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi of the time. 'Manvaasanai', 'Anjali', 'Devarmagan', 'En Asai Macchan', 'Punnagai Mannan', 'Kizhakku Vasal', 'Pudumai Pen', 'Deivavakku', 'Mounaragam', 'Anpavam' are some of the popular Tamil movies acted by Revathi. 

Since she was born in Kerala she also proved herself as a successful actress acting in many Malayalam movies 'Mazhavil kothumbil', 'Mayamayooram', 'Ente kanakuyil', 'Kattathe killikoodu', 'Kakothi Kaavil Appoopan Thadigal' are some of the box office Malayalam hits of Revathi. She has also acted in manyTelugu films including 'Ankuram' and 'Lankeshwaradu'. Revathi also acted in Kannada movies such as Nishabda and Idu Saadya. She has acted with most popular Kannada actor Vishnuvardhan. 

'Aur Ek Prem Kahani', 'Ab Tak Chappan', 'Dil Jo Bhi Kahey', 'Muskurahat' and 'Dhoop' are some of the successfully ran Hindi movies in which Revathi showed her great performance. In 'Ab Tak Chappan', she acted with Nana Patekar and in another movie ''Dhoop' she played opposite Ompuri.

Actress Revathi
Actress Revathi

Awards Won by Actress Revathi

Revathi's wonderful performance in various films fetched her awards in different periods of her career. She got Film Fare Awards for 5 times. 'Man Vasanai', 'Thevar Magan', 'Ankuram' (Telugu) and 'Kakothi Kaavil Appoopan Thadigal' (Malayalam) are some of her award winning films. One of her acted film 'Devar Magan' in 1993 got her National Film Award for Best Supporting Actress. She won Tamil Nadu State Award for her part in the movie named 'Thalaimurai' released in 1998.

The Other Activities of Revathi Than Acting

Revathi As A Film Director

Apart from acting in movies Revathi showed great interest on direction of films. In fact she was not interested to direct commercial movies but wanted to tell some useful message to the society. She proved herself as a successful film director by directing the movie named 'Mitr-My Friend', shot in US and won three National Awards in the year 2001. The film story revolves around an Indian family residing at US and its social values. Her second movie 'Phir-Milenge' also became most successful and its story is based on problems faced by the AIDS carriers in the society. The film teaches how does people should behave with the AIDS carriers in the society. Abhisek Bacchan, Salman Khan and Shilpa Shetty are some of the notable film stars played in that movie 

Revathi As A Social Worker

Revathi is also a great social worker as she has been involved in many social organisations in Tamil Nadu, India. One of her directed movie 'Phir Milenge', based on problems met by HIV affected persons, showed Revathi's great concern and genrosity to AIDS carriers in our society. She also decided to render possible services and help to the disabled persons of our society after starring the movie 'Anjali' which gave her an opportunity to act as a mother of a disabled child. She also pays interest on the development psycho women needing support in our society 

Revathi As A Sports Woman

Unlike other actresses in India she shows great interest in sports also. She dared to participate in many car rallys for many times in India. Once she got into a great trouble while participating in Himalayan rally held in the year Revathi and other participants were caught into a severe snowstorm on their way and by God's grace all of them rescued safe by the hard work of an army team.

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Asha  5 years ago

She is a great actress and looks like me. I love her very much. I feel she is the only actress who has great acting skills other actresses. I like kilikum movie in malayalam.

faisal  5 years ago

hello revathy jee i am faisal plz madam ans for my mail plz u r beautifull acrtress in indian film industy u r so sweet madam

Janani 5 years ago

Vanakkam madam,nalla irukeengala?life lam eppadi poguthu?

Mathavi 5 years ago

U look so cute and ur Mouna Ragham movie is superb. I wud hv seen it 100 times only to see u. Whenever I see u in the screen, i ll feel so happy. I hv lot of CD collections of ur movie

revathi.manikandan 5 years ago

madam,, you look like so cute,,, you also good actress plse i want your new movies.. ... i am waiting for see you in big screen.

P.M.T 5 years ago

Hai, madam,u ar looking so cute.. anyway we waiting 4 ur new film. Good luck.

Gopinathan Nair(Rtd Army JCO(EME) 5 years ago

Dear Madam

I was in army with Major Sahib about 3.6 yrs in 62 EME Bn

at Baramulla, I have seen you there so many times. I have rtd from 512 Army base wksp 1998 after completion of 25 yrs. I am always remember Major sahib. Hope he is doing well with madam.

I have seen your so many picture like "KILUKAM" ect.....

At present setled at Kottayam my wife from Trissur(Kolazhy) having two daughters Dhanya And Divya,

both completed their BTech. Now both working S/W Engr with wipro and CTS.

Your programe with MAZHAWILL MANORAMA is very good.

If you do"nt mind pl give major"s Phone / Mob so that

I can contact and share our past. There at Baramulla(J&K)

Major sahib was my 2IC as well as TEO.

If you do not mind give me your maild ID.

I wish u, Major & Madan good health happiness.

Gopinathan Nair KS


Malam PO


Kottayam 686031

Jawahar Prithi Nikhil Dodda dunna sandra 5 years ago

Dear all friends,

She is great actors, and you look in very cute in the song poomalaye with murali.

and kizhaku vasal, song was pachamala poovu, with karthik and janagaraj.

and thamilan supporting with vijay.

and i wish you successful life and good health. God bless dear madam.

Jawahar Prithi Nikhil Dodda dunna sandra 5 years ago

Dear Madam,

Vanakkum madam how are you?

You looking very cute and I love your moves and i almost saw you moves.

You are very nice in Poomalaye with Murali. and very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very best in Yenasamachan.very cure in Kilaku Vasal in the song pachamala poovu, supporting actor to vijay in Thamilan.

I love very much you madam as a son.

and I wish you bright future , and good health.

God bless madam,

Thanking you,

Jawahar Prithi, Nikhil. Dodda Dunna Sandra

White field, Bangalore.

Nancy Abraham 5 years ago

I am a Great fan of you Maam. You know many says that i resemble you and they cal me Kilukkam. I wanted to meet you one day. Its my Great Dream. Thank you

muthaiyan valarmathi 5 years ago

hallo revathy madam, we always loves ur face, acting, we wish u all the best

maniselvi (malaysia) 5 years ago

God bless. ur acting is similar with savitri madam.I respect u.all those actress who is acting now is just like that only.u still can act as a 2nd heroin.masih muda lah ( means in malay language - still young )

tk cr.

Rahul 5 years ago

We expect u once again in malayalam

Kishore rajan 5 years ago

Hai madam, i am kishore from Kottayam . Devasuram movie very wonderful. Adwidam movie very very wonderful. I wanted to meet one day mam.p/zmadam...

D.Balasankar 5 years ago


Your role in Mouna Ragam is very good. At last I watched your role in Osthi. You are acted as mother to Simbu.But I dont like sad end to you in this movie. I was surprised your acting in many films.ok. best of luck.

Nobody forget your role in Kizhakku vasal film.

Thank you very much for your performance in tamil film.

Stanly 5 years ago

Madam,I am Stanly from Kollam,You are look like my mother,she is no more now,when I saw your Imajes I can remember my mother,100% you are look like my mother,I loved my mother a lot,but,,,,,,,,,,,,"I am loving YOU my mother"



BHUVANA 4 years ago


Bhuvaneswari 4 years ago

HAI mom, u are very...............................beautiful are look like my mother. so many time i am very sad reason.iam could not be see for u so one time watch for u please& speak for u please. contact mom pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls...........please contact as email id only for u mom

i am waiting one an only for







DAY AT 08/07/2012..........

TODAY DATE 03/03/2012.

selva rani 4 years ago

i like you revathy sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

SELVA RANI 4 years ago


mugund 4 years ago


Ranganathan 4 years ago

I am watching the movie Mitr my friend in Zee Cinema. Cud not wait finish the movie to post this comment. Though I had met her in Delhi Airport Lounge around one year back, I didn't got up to wish. What a waste. She is just fabulous. Never knew the talent packed in that pint size.

All the best for a whopping career and best wishes. May the Almighty Bless you with more talent & Good life.

Amar vsp 4 years ago

My dear Revathi how r u im begast fane ur all muves spesaly LOVE may god bless u n liw long.

P Y JOHN 4 years ago

Dear and respected madam,im john from munnar...idukky ,kerala....had seen your drama at Trichur theatre fest and and studied how we should respect and honour other artists,when you honoured the artists are heavenly talented and blessed with uncoparable rhythm and concentration in acting in film and drama.........i m working in an ngo for the empowerment of women..and now doing a short term course in film direction in NEO EKM.....interested in drama and have done some in AIR........WISHING YOU THE BEST...awiting your words....PY....MY ID

p y john 4 years ago

Dear and respected madam,im john from munnar...idukky ,kerala....had seen your drama at Trichur theatre fest and studied how we should respect and honour other artists,when you honoured the artists are heavenly talented and blessed with uncomparable rhythm and concentration in acting in film and drama.........i m working in an ngo for the empowerment of women..and now doing a short term course in film direction in NEO EKM.....interested in drama and have done some in AIR........WISHING YOU THE BEST...awiting your words....PY....MY ID

Puthra 4 years ago

I wish you a very Happy Birthday fallling on 8th of July and all the best of bests in life.

jeevitha 4 years ago

hai mam your very beautiful and telated person

nagendran.n 4 years ago


ungala ennaku rombaaaaaaaaaa pidikum.unga email id theriadhu enaku athanala nan post comment anupra madam.

enga amma mathiri neenga .enaku 22 age.enaku sister erukanga collage 2nd year 2012 .madam en sister marrage 3 year agum.athukulla entha msg ungaluku kedithal .neenga kandipa REVATHI MADAM ANUPUNUM.PLS en sister marrage ku varanum.eppa ennku vasithiellai.3 years kulla kandipa nan ungala pakka varuvan madam.eppadiyavathu entha msg .ungaluku sent PANANUM.APPADI ELLAI A NDRAL MY DEAR FRIENDS I WRITE KNOW .PLS REQUESTED SENT THE MAIL...FRIENDS U R SENT THE REVATHI MADAM NEENGA ENNAKU GOD GOD.ITS MY FEELINGS .PLS KINDLY REQUESTED FRIENDS



MY PHONE 7200005353



varun dev 4 years ago

madam i have a story for film ....i am so interested in film industry

plz contact me....

Uthaya 4 years ago

Hi Akka, how has life been? Anyways what is your latest film project? Do you have any intention of delving into Animation?

kishore rajan 4 years ago

Hallo , etranalukal poyalum chechye arum marakilla, etra nadimar vannalum chechyude munnilethan sadhikilla,bhanumathiyayum lakhshmiyayum sudarsanayayum njagalude mummilethiy chechiye njangal marakilla. kottayam vannal marakarut chechi theerchayum varanam plz..............9846578136

Mylindaminka 3 years ago

В прическе могут быть использованы цветы, гребешки или бусинки. Сегодня утром пока красилась, 5 раз в обморок падала от своей красоты... 2. Когда уже научатся проводить свет в женские сумки? ? очень надо!!! 3. Мы бабы сильные: и мусор вынесем, и мозг, если нужно...

Giridhar Kommanduri 3 years ago

Wish you a Very Happy Birthday

vadivu 2 years ago

helo mam i lv u very much u r looking so cute please come to the screen again and with mohan sir. ok thank u bye and my birthday is same

Jayamala 18 months ago

Madam , I like U very much . A very decent look and emotional acting of your somany films like, Mouna Ragam, Udhaya Geetham, Lakshmi vandhachu etc, Please U come again in the movies.

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