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If you are looking for AMC Coupons so you can save money at the movies, they aren't hard to find. The best source of AMC coupons and discounts is their own Moviewatcher program. I've been a member of MovieWatcher for years. I first joined them in Los Angeles years ago and before I'd lost my first Moviewatcher card, I'd managed to rack up nearly 400 points on it. That's 2 points per movie seen, so I had watched nearly 200 movies at various AMC theaters.

Thankfully, I didn't have to pay full price to watch all those movies. With the help of my Moviewatcher card and various coupons, I've save a lot of cash seeing my favorite flicks. Here's what you need to do to save money as well. The best savings on seeing movies at AMC theaters requires a little advance planning.

AMC MovieWatcher Card
AMC MovieWatcher Card

Get Your Movie Watcher Card

First things first! You should sign up at if you see a lot of your movies at AMC theaters. Each time you see a movie at AMC and use your MovieWatcher card, you will get 2 points. You'll earn these points towards various discounts which essentially stack.

In other words, when you have 10 points, you get a free small popcorn. At 20 points, you get a free small drink. At 30 points, you have your choice of either a free movie ticket or both a free small popcorn and soda. You get each of these rewards automatically. So if I have 8 points on my card and go purchase a movie ticket, which brings me to 10 points, my AMC coupon for a free small popcorn will automatically print out along with my ticket. So you'll never miss out.

Once you get to 100 points you get a free night at the movies, i.e. one movie ticket, a small popcorn and a small drink.

Hint: if small sodas and popcorn aren't enough for you, you can always upgrade to the larger size beverages and popcorn. You'll just pay the difference in price.

So, go ahead and sign up at AMC's website before you go the movie theater as they no longer issue cards on site. You'll get yours in the mail.

AMC Printable Coupons

If you want to save money at the AMC Concession stand, then you will also want to check out AMC's website occasionally as they frequently post special value offers or actual coupons that you can print out and take to the theater with you. They do not always have coupons available, but when they do you will find them on the AMC Coupon page.

Get AMC Coupons from AAA

Are you a member of AAA? Most regional branches of AAA offer their members discounted movie tickets for a variety of movie chains, one of those being AMC. You can stop into your local AAA office to get tickets or you can order them online. You can get AMC coupons from AAA in a 4-pack and then you just exchange those coupons for the actual movie tickets when you get to the theater. Four tickets will cost $31.00 when purchased from AAA, saving you $11 total ($2.75 per ticket saved). Not bad at all!

Get Movie Coupons from your Company's Benefits Office

Many companies have access to all kinds of freebies and discounts and if you work for a sizeable business, that's likely true of your workplace as well. So check with your Human Resources or Benefits office. If they have movie coupons available, chances are they'll have some for AMC. Prices will generally be the same as what you pay if you were to buy them from AAA.

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