Beginners Guitar Lessons

Beginners Guitar Lessons

Beginner’s guitar lessons are the primary lessons needed for beginners before they can master the act of playing the guitar. In learning to play the guitar, it is very important that you understand the basics to enable you fully learn the act of playing the guitar. The basics you need to know when learning to play the guitar as a beginner is;

1.  How to care for your guitar,

 2. How to play individual notes.

For a beginner guitar lesson, the first thing to learn about the guitar is how to care for the guitar.  The guitar is a fragile musical instrument that needs a lot of attention from its user to enable it work well at all times. In the process of caring for your guitar, you have to learn to tune the guitar, replace broken strings and then store the instrument carefully after use. Once you have understood and mastered these early basics for learning a guitar, you can then move on to a more tedious stage of your lesson, which is learning to play the instrument.

Once you have learnt to care and adjust your guitar, the next stage of your beginner’s guitar lessons will be to learn to play the instrument. The guitar is a musical instrument divided into three major parts, the head/neck, the middle/body and the base. This musical instrument is made of six strings sequentially stretched over the middle part of the guitar also referred to as the body. These strings stretched along the body of the guitar, when played are designed to sound different notes based on the variation of the individual thickness of the strings. Whenever you press a string of the guitar in areas around the neck, new notes will sound.

for a beginner guitar lesson, you will start by learning the notes on the open strings and then gradually  progress into playing other notes of the string and eventually create chords to enable you play multiple notes at the same time. Take note that before you can learn to play chords, you have to first familiarize yourself with the various individual notes of the strings to enable you recognize them faster, and to acquaint your fingers with it’s positioning on the strings.

Learning to play chords is the fundamental aspect of any song. An expert guitarist creates music by strumming different chords of the guitar. Beginner guitar lessons make you understand that some chords can be trickier than others can. Therefore, in learning to play chords, you have to first learn to play the simpler chords before gradually ascending to chords that are more complicated. Remember, practice makes perfect!


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