Actors That Star In More Than One Movie Together

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Sometimes actors have such amazing chemistry together that they star in more than one movie together. They just work so well that you are not left thinking of the first movie they were in, as their new characters are completely new and different from the last ones that they played. Here is the list that I have put together:

Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore

They first starred in The Wedding Singer, a very popular movie set in the 1980s. It's funny, has great music and awesome characters. Adam Sandler plays Robbie Hart who is the wedding singer. Drew Barrymore is Julia a waitress at the same events. This movie is about finding the right person to marry.

Next they perfomed in 50 First Dates, another comedy full of quirky characters. A cute love story about the extremes that someone goes to for love. I love this movie!

Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson

In Zoolander the boys play the parts of male models. Ben Stiller is the one and only Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson is Hansel. This movie has so many ridiculous moments that is has you laughing the whole way through. So many hilarious quotes and awesome characters, including some great celebrities playing themselves.

Next up we have Starsky & Hutch a fantastic remake of the tv show. Ben and Owen work so well together, they are both so funny. Starsky and Hutch get themselves into some pretty ridiculously funny situations. Awesome movie.

Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves

First seen together in the action packed Speed, these two work amazingly as a team. This movie is about a young cop Officer Jack Traven, who has to try to save the passengers from a speeding bus that has a bomb on board. Annie Porter (Sandra Bullock) helps him along the way. An awesome movie with action, drama and a little bit of romance too.

The Lake House is a very unique love story about a doctor who stays at a lakehouse and starts exchanging love letters with it's previous occupant. They have to figure out the mystery of their romance before it's all too late.

Julia Roberts & Richard Gere

Starring together in the hit movie Pretty Woman, no one could have played the parts more perfectly than these two. A story about a man who hires an escort for some social events and ends up falling in love. Awesome movie this one.

Next they were in Runaway Bride. This is about a reporter who is given the job of writing about a woman who leaves her fiances at the alter...wonder what happens next

Brad Pitt & Cate Blanchett

In 2006 came Babel, about a married couple visiting the Moroccan desert, when tragedy strikes and sets off a chain of events involving four different families. I really enjoyed this movie.

The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button is a very unique story about Benjamin Button (Brad Pitt) who is aging backwards bringing strange consequences along the way. A love story like no other. Brad and Cate are fantastic together, brilliant performers.

Johnny Depp & Christina Ricci

Two of the more unique performers come together in Sleepy Hollow, a thriller/horror/fantasy. Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate some bizarre decapitations. He soon finds out that the criminal is the Headless Horseman.

Next we find Johnny and Christina in a movie that I found quite strange. It's called The Man Who Cried and is about a young refugee who travels from Russia to America in search of her father and falling in love with a gypsy horseman. It was different but still interesting.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet

These two shine together in the one and only Titanic. This is a brilliant movie based on the sinking of the ship but with a beautiful romance story onboard. Leonardo and Kate are perfect in this movie, their chemistry is undeniable. What a great movie, one of the best!

Revolutionary Road was a disappointment to me. I found the whole movie pretty depressing. I expected it to be good because of who was in it but unfortunately it wasn't. I still got through the whole movie but wasn't very impressed.

Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning

Two of our younger and more recent stars first appeared in The Twilight Saga movies together. We've seen the first three so far and there's another coming out this year. I do love this series.

They then join each other once more in the movie The Runaways which is based on a 1970s all-girl band by that name. It focuses on Joan jett (Kristen Stewart) and Cherie currie (Dakota Fanning.) I had been waiting impatiently to see this movie and after my wait I ended up being so bored that I turned it off.

More to come soon...


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attemptedhumour profile image

attemptedhumour 6 years ago from Australia

I really liked Revolutionary road and those two in the Titanic were fantabulous. I hated Benjamin Button one of the worst movies ever. Babel was pretty good. Pretty woman was great, a movie you can keep watching. Speed was great with those two 'on speed'. I'm not much of a Brad Pitt fan, probably more the movies he's in rather than his acting which is very good. PS you forgot Itchy and Scratchy Bum Bum. Cheers

W. K. Hayes profile image

W. K. Hayes 6 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

Some couples do display perfect chemistry onscreen. My particular favorites are from the tv show, Smallville. The chemistry between Clark Kent and Lois Lane is really brought to life by the actor, Tom Welling and actress, Erica Durance. Not only are both actors perfect for the part they play but they also display the kind of romance I enjoy most. Her sarcastic measure versus his calm demeanor is a true reflection of my own life. BTW,Titanic was awesome and I really do like Sandra Bullock. This really is a great article that makes us think about our own favorite duos!

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 6 years ago from malang-indonesia

I love all the couples above. Most of them are my favorite. Like: Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts & Richard Gere, Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves. They send warmest atmosphere in their movie. Thanks for share with us. I give my vote to you. Have a nice day and Happy New Year.

Blessing and hugs,

Sarah Masson profile image

Sarah Masson 6 years ago from Melbourne, Australia Author

Thanks for your comments :)

amybradley77 profile image

amybradley77 6 years ago

This is so great, I'm glad other people are bringing this up too, in the 80's this happened allot more for whatever reasons. I think some actors were really destined to work together, and they learn more about there acting abilities from working together. It's a win, win for everybody. Thanks, again. A.B.

MikeNV profile image

MikeNV 6 years ago from Henderson, NV

Paul Rudd and friends :)

sfrentz06 profile image

sfrentz06 6 years ago from Sterling Heights, MI, USA

This hub was pretty fun to read. It makes me want to re watch some of these movies. Sometimes actors have such great onscreen chemistry together it makes the movie. Thanks for sharing this hub.

santi 6 years ago

i like sandra and keanu. they are my favorite actors. n meg ryan and tom hanks have a big chemistry. but you have to mention tom cruise and nicole kidman, they did a good job in "far and away" and "days of thunder".

mikielikie profile image

mikielikie 6 years ago from Texas

The guys from shuan of the dead. Also the guys from super troopers. so many more... I love movies.( and you page) heck yeah!

trusouldj profile image

trusouldj 3 years ago from Indiana

I love when this happens, particularly with romantic comedy leads. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan come to mind; Lawrence Fishborne and Angela Bassett, Gabrielle Union and Morris Chestnut.

Cheryl 3 years ago

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan played in three movies together: Joe vs. the Volcano, You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle.

Jamie 3 years ago

This is a nice high-level list of actors who have worked together multiple times. I found an entire site dedicated to it at that creates a timeline of actors/actresses that have worked together.

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