Adam Lambert - You've Got Mail

The "Glambiceps"
The "Glambiceps"
The "Glambutt"
The "Glambutt"
The "Glambuckle"
The "Glambuckle"
The "Glambulge"
The "Glambulge"
The "Glamneck"
The "Glamneck"

Adam Lambert Montage

Attention Adam Lambert.....

You've got mail, and the heart of your fan base is beating all over the Internet.

Fans are calling. And writing. And twittering. And Facebooking. Pick any room out of this massive media house, and your most loyal enthusiasts are banging down the door. What are they saying?


After surfing several forums and websites, I've compiled the following list of posts and comments from fervent Fanberts to the object of their desire....

"We love you Adam", "Be careful Adam", "Take care of your voice, Adam", "You've given me a reason to get up every morning, Adam", "You rock my world, Adam "I don't care if you're gay or straight, I love you, Adam", "You are the sexiest man alive, Adam", "Can't wait until your CD comes out, Adam", "Waiting for your live tour, Adam!" "You rocked it out onstage last night, Adam", "I haven't felt this way in 20 years, Adam", "Marry me, Adam", "Twitter me Adam", "Friend me on Facebook, Adam", "My mom loves you Adam", "My brother loves you Adam", "My boyfriend even loves you, Adam!"

Mercy...that's a mouthful.

Are you clicking, Adam? Because you, most definitely, have got some serious mail!

And that's just the messages for public consumption. Imagine the "dear diary" entries burning a hole through the pages they're written on each night.

As for the readers out there who seek and devour every piece of information about Adam Lambert, pay attention. There's plenty of places for you to indulge in your Adam fixation. If you want a detailed "I met Adam" account, or a review of his most recent concert performance, look no further than the forums on his official website, That's where you'll pick up a wealth of information on his every hip gyration, strut formation, and those wicked tingling sensations. You can also join one of his many groups like the "Glamberts", "Adam's Wacked out Weirdos", "Adam's Starlighters", "Loyal Minions of the Dark Lord", "Glamrocker", or "the Globerts". There's even a "Glambrary" called "The Adam Lambert Virtual Book Club"., for the more intellectual, creative fans.

On, you can find endless streams of video from his live performances, montages set to music of his graphic maneuvers on stage, and white hot photos of Adam doing everything from walking down the street to straddling a mic stand and giving it all he's got...a true stroke of genius on his part. His body parts have even been renamed in accordance with his "Glambert" status. "Glambiceps", "Glambutt", "Glamneck", "Glambuckle" and the ever so popular "Glambulge". (I could write a whole article about that one). Some very gifted fan-photogs have captured these Lambert attributes in all their digital glory, leaving viewers breathless with sexual anticipation . It's no wonder they want to storm the barricades after each show to feast on his huMANity.

American Idol Forums and American also offer performance videos from the show along with photos, reviews, comments, and pics.

All of this Adamphanalia is part of a natural progression towards the fame and fortune that awaits him.

The good part.

But every rose has it's thorn, and as we follow his ascent to International stardom, there are other things to behold.

The not so good.

What started as a very open Adam campaign has become more tightly secured. A bodyguard has recently appeared on the scene, talk of a possible stalker lurks in the shadows, and an increasing number of crazed fans that anticipate his every breath are rushing the stage to get a swatch (or ten) of his clothing.


Impersonators on Twitter have kept him from communicating with his fans, so other members of the AI tour have been helping out with "bubble tweets". Facebook followers comment religiously, some not realizing that the site is run by his management peeps, not him, making the likelihood of him reading posts, much less responding to them, slim.

It seems the more attention he gets, the less he can pay to his eagerly awaiting public.

And this early price of fame will likely get more expensive as time goes by. The American Idol Tour encounters new challenges and adjustments with each new city they visit. Increased security for Lambert has become necessary as the momentum of his success builds. With more adoring fans, comes more critics and detractors, most of which are harmless - but one bad apple has been known to spoil the whole orchard. This is a rising concern with many of his followers who anticipated this early on, and believe that at this stage of the game, he can't be too careful..

Still, this ever growing Adam Lambert phenomenon continues to intrigue us, and gives us scribes plenty to scrawl. His appeal continues to expand for as many reasons as there are stars in the sky. As his star rises, the best among his fans will remember that he is, above all, still just a man. A man on the cusp of something great and something special.

So is he reading his mail? I hope so. And in some ways, I hope not. It will inspire him no doubt, but all the hype could also impair his sense of reality - a reality that gave birth to the original Adam Lambert.

We'll keep writing though, and watching. We just can't help ourselves.

Did you hear that, Adam?

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egomberg 7 years ago

Jennifer, another very perceptive article about our Adam. I was never on Twitter, Facebook, or even Youtube until he appeared in our lives. It is so much fun!! Millions of us love him, and hopefully the people close around him will protect him and keep it real. Thanks!

ethel smith profile image

ethel smith 7 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

Such a beautiful man and he can sing

Mara 7 years ago

Another great Adam article and the pictures.....WOW. Would love to know what he thinks about all this.

alekhouse profile image

alekhouse 7 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky

Good hub, Mara...well presented and interesting. I'm also a fan of Adam' talented!

Glambert 2328 7 years ago

Your article is right on! I'm happy for Adam but sad at the same time that he will never be able to walk the streets again without being bombarded. He is the hottest thing I have ever seen...and that voice, oh my gosh! Unbelievable! I love everything about this guy, especially his sweet spirit!

BARBLS 7 years ago

What a great article. You said it all. I fell in love with the whole package. He is becoming more famous and will be ionic. I hope is life is full of a "Whole Lotta Love" and happiness.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks, Glambert 2328..your comments are also right on.

Debbie 7 years ago

Great Article, down to earth, yes, Adam is just a man, one headed for the statoshpere in the entertainment world for sure, but a man. He seems to be a giving young man with a sweet personality as well as a phenominal talent. He has been able to handle his quick rise to stardom with savey and grace thus far, I hope is able to continue doing that, and most of all, hope he stays safe and grounded.

Lindajean139 7 years ago

I always enjoy reading your articles Jennifer. You have a knack for capturing the right words. After this Adam Lambert concert series is over I suspect it will never be the same. This is probably the best chance his fans are going to get to meet him in person. He really is amazing. He drives his fans wild and it does seem to be intensifying. But like you said with the good comes the bad. There are a lot of second rate writers and bloggers out there who take great pleasure in spreading lies about him and of course the one who hacked his account. Why would someone do that? For what purpose? I can't wait to see Adam in concert when he moves to my area. I paid scalper prices just for those 15 minutes I 'll see him but it's worth every penny.

Katie 7 years ago

Great article. Bittersweet in its take on the reality of things. Being one of those who has been victimized by the more "scary" side of things (Adam not showing up for the after party I attended because of a security breach), I know firsthand the truth of what you are saying near the end of the article. The more fans love him, the more distant he will have to become. I can't tell you how sad that makes me. Sadder still to think how insulated he will have to make his life, how careful he will have to be - that free spirit in a cage of his own fame.

If I had the money (which I don't) I would pay any price to get to meet him just once before the wall comes up between us and him. Just once. **sigh**

bea 7 years ago

Oh Jennifer! another feast of an article about atomic Adam. You are good. Excuse me while I go back and lick this plate clean. slurp slurp

jackie 7 years ago

Great article!!!!!

spinoc 7 years ago

Thank you for a very well-written and insightful article. I try my best to be a "good fan", though I do sometimes allow my thoughts and even my words to slip into the gutter because Adam makes it so darned difficult to stay out of there! But I know he is just a man, a very uniquely talented man, but though we joke about him being an alien from the planet Fierce, he is human like the rest of us. I've not joined the barricades crowds at either of the concerts I attended because for me I expect nothing from Adam but that performance he puts on the stage when I've paid for a ticket, or the music on his CD when I've purchased it. So far he has delivered far more than I could have anticipated!

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Spinoc, you are a model fan with integrity and intelligence. Well said, you get it. Thank you.

Glambert 2910 7 years ago

Thank you for a thoughtful and insightful article. I am thrilled for Adam, thrilled for all success will bring him and I look forward to many years of listening to his music and attending his concerts. One of my favorite clips of Adam is when he leaves the AI audition with his gold card and is running down the street, turns and does a little twirl. He looks so happy, there is an innocence and freedom about him.....when he didn't yet belong to the world.

Now the world is knocking..loss of freedom and constant security the price of success for this mega talented artist and amazing young man. Trust his friends and family will hold him close. Much love to him.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Glambert 2910 - also well said.

cles2009 7 years ago

This is a very nice & collective article on Adam. Very well written again. Thanks, Jennifer for keeping us enlightened on Adam's phenomena!

Adam Lambert deserves all the love in this world. He is very gifted and he shares those gifts well. He worked hard for where he is now!

KDQ7 7 years ago

GREAT ARTICLE, LET'S SPREAD IT EVERYWHERE. I said it from DAY ONE. PROTECT YOUR HEART ADAM. I saw this last nite for myself in NC. What a precious commodity. I am happy for him, yet, well, just take care

KDQ7 7 years ago

i wanted to finish that last note, I am so happy for him, yet now, he is so shielded, but let's hope from the elements that can harm our Idol

TheFeyNan 7 years ago

Great Article Jennifer...I have been around a long time on the music scene, David Bowie "Ziggy Stardust" 1972, here in Memphis(1st & only crowd panic I was ever involved in, thank God), Kiss @ Lafayette's Music Room in 1974, before they packed stadiums, Yardbirds early Eric Clapton @ a skating rink in Memphis, Dave Clark Five late 60's, where a bunch of us high school girls rode a bus downtown the day before their show, took the elevator upstairs only to be met by body guards(we screamed anyway just in case it was someone famous), at the Old Peabody Hotel. And of course Elvis, who had to rent what ever facility he wanted to visit, right here in his own home town, just to have a night out with friends. That is where our "New World Idol" is headed, we all see it coming. We paid outrageous prices for fouth row, center stage seats to see Adam, do his "Bowie Medely", among the other awesome sets he preformed, here in Memphis a week ago. I am so glad :) I got to see him at the beginning of his "Brilliant Future". I have told friends and family I have started my "Bucket List", and this was the first thing on it...mission accomplished....Once again a Grt Read, Thanx for the share....Nancy

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

KDQ7- Spread it wherever you want...thanks for the comment. Well said.

anja 7 years ago

Awww something sweet about your article jennifer and the photo of Adam sleeping at the end cracks me up! dont worry he prolly gets messages in his dreams about the next step on the road...

I see him as grounded in his spirituality and that will help him navigate the temptations and traps of stardom. Its no full guarantee but when you have that lifeline back to the universal wisdom you cant but learn from your mistakes.

Good luck sweet prince!

Vicki 7 years ago

Nice article. You hit it right on the head. I went to the Dallas concert with my kids and my 14 year old wanted to get an autograph after the show. And, well, I wanted one too. but more than anything, I wanted to tell Adam how much I loved his music, his voice, how I can't wait for his CD and how I dance around listening to his music almost every day. And maybe some eye contact. Why? Well, I figured this is my only chance. there will be no barricades to meet at after his solo show goes on tour. This is it.

We loved the show. All the Idols were awesome, Adam was amazing. it was worth the drive from Austin, the scalpers prices on those tickets and the hot sweaty wait at the barricades after the show. Which is a very interesting crowd. Some people are not so polite, they are crazy screamers who do not remember that these performers are human and that much crazy energy is just tooooo much. And there are others, like me, who just wanted a chance to look this beautiful man in the eyes and tell him, "thanks for the awesome music!" And I did and he looked back! And smiled, a really genuine smile and we shared a couple more sentences about his new CD and how psyched he is for it. And me too. And while he signed other people's autographs, he continued speaking to me. So I feel like, for him (and he has said it in interviews) that he wants to meet the fans, if possible. He said once he'd like to take us all out to dinner, and apparently he was able to do that with a select few in FL. Sounds safer than a huge, out-of-control crowd. (Btw, my daughter was also able to control herself when he got to her, speaking intelligently to him about his music as well)

By the next week, the whole FL stalker craziness (true or not true? who knows?) hit the blogs and seeing a couple of frenzied barricades videos makes me feel like it is not safe physically or energetically for him to expose himself to that kind of crazy crowd.

the Idols do not have to come out and sign autographs. Fans are not entitled to an autograph just because they wait for an hour and a half in the heat. It's a crazy Idol ritual that will probably continue because of the publicity, but at this point, Adam's career will probably do just fine without crazy women screaming in his face after each show he does.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Vicky. Thanks for the great comment, and for sharing your experience. I felt like I was right there with you and your daughter. I'm quite sure Adam appreciated your calm candor and responded in kind, rather than to the overzealous fans who lost sight of the fact that he is a human being and not a show pony. You're also right about the autographs. It's a thoughtful gesture on their part, not a requirement. All they owe us is a decent performance, and I think they all delivered that.

frenchy 7 years ago

I agree with all the comments about everyone should be a little less crazy when he comes to sign autographs. The poor guy probably gets a headache after signing. I also understand though that some people are just over excited with his talent and obvious gorgeous looks and they lose sight that Adam is a regular person just like all of us that happens though to have extreme talent. I think jennifer says it right that in the future concerts if people were just a little less crazy he probably would be able to sign more autographs and take time to talk to people possibly.

mellisa 7 years ago

Great article!

alissa 7 years ago

Thank you for a very thoughtful, written piece. I have a sense that Adam's loving family and closest friends that he treasures will keep him grounded.It appears that Adam has been striving for his dreams so long, but is well aware of what comes with the territory.I would guess he still knows it doesn't wholly compensate for the loss of freedom. He is very familiar with the "Hollywood" scene and fame.

Just by articulating well, and being open and present, Adam has done by family a great service. He is not a spokesperson for the gay community, but nonetheless has been placed in that position. I have a wonderful gay son, 10 years younger than Adam. Adam's visibility and timing of his rise to stardom has coincided with our son's coming out and self acceptance. We live in a small, conservative town. When your child comes out, you as parents also come out. Adam's loving and supportive family has helped us also, as we are loving and 100% supportive, also. We thank them for being visible. My son refuses to live closeted and we support him. Thank you, Adam- I wish all your dreams to come true, including love. Thanks Eber and Leila.

vinny2 profile image

vinny2 7 years ago

Great article. A friend of mine went to see the American Idol concert in Tampa, but was EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED when Adam couldn't come to greet the fans because of security risks. She had an Adam poster that wound up being signed by Michael Sarver. She doesn't like Michael Sarver...

rickey 7 years ago

thanks for the article. i had fun reading it.

Cate 7 years ago

He's so amazing it doesn't feel real, you know? Like he's not from this planet? I don't want him at the stupid, dangerous barricades anymore, it's more important that he save his voice and remain safe.

Patti Ann profile image

Patti Ann 7 years ago from Florida

I just love him - his voice is so awesome. I was so disappointed when he lost AI. Great story and pictures!

shutterbug1953 profile image

shutterbug1953 7 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

I love his voice. It is absolutely incredible. He is the only musician out there whose voice can rival Lou Gramm of Foreigner. Great story Jennifer!

crazyforadam 7 years ago

You've brought out some very good points. We all want to embrace Adam but he really is only human. Considering the circumstances, I think he is doing an outstanding job of trying to meet his fans. But, like you say, it won't be like this in the future. I do wonder if he totally realized how little privacy he will have now, prior to the tour actually starting. If anyone can remain grounded, it's Adam with the help of his wonderful parents and his friends. I hope that he is able to find the love that he seeks now that he is in the crazy world of stardom.

glambert 3477 7 years ago

Thank you for the wonderful article on my favorite artist. Adam Lambert is a very special person who has a gift to share with the world. I am very proud to be one of his "Glamberts", "Whacked Out Weirdos" fans who loves his style of presenting a beautiful performance to match the songs he sings. I also love his voice, it gives me goosebumps no matter what he sings. I am anxiously counting the days till I get to see Adam and all the other Idols in concert next week. Thank you for this wonderful article telling the rest of the country and maybe even the world, about this truly gifted man who just loves to sing and perform for people.

profile image

Adam B 7 years ago

I just threw up in my mouth

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

I hear a little Scope works for that.

Glambert 3328 Crystal 7 years ago

I loved the references to the site. We do have fun there and it is hilarious all the names we come up with for every part of Adam's body.

On a more serious note though. I pray that having his mother work for him will help him keep grounded. Very wise move on his part, I think.

I pray that our dear Adam is happy in his life and that the people that he is able to have around him will always treat him with the utmost respect and dignity that he so richly deserves.

ThePartyAnimal profile image

ThePartyAnimal 7 years ago

I loved this - I am a huge fan of Adam. I love your choice of photos and your style is wonderful!!!

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thanks, PartyAnimal! Glad you enjoyed it!!

Nemingha profile image

Nemingha 7 years ago

From the moment I heard his take on 'Tracks of My Tears' I wanted this guy to win Idol - he can sing beautifully. I'm not so sure about this 'glambiceps' and 'glambutt' stuff though - maybe I'm just too old to appreciate anything other than his incredible singing talent.

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Numingha - thanks for your comment. Based on what you said, I think you would appreciate my hub entitled "Adam Lambert-One Voice" gets back to basics. If you have time, check it out. I think you'll enjoy that one a little more.

Notsocraezme  7 years ago

From the very first time I laid eyes on Adam Lambert and heard his extraordinary voice, I knew his name would never be forgotten. He is not only one of the most beautiful men on planet Earth, he is an incredible work of art. I believe Adam will become more famous than Elvis or Michael Jackson because of his extreme dedication and creativity to his art.

shirin&faezeh 5 years ago

hello we are 2 close cousins from iran and we REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY LOVE your musics and your screaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!we always listen FOR YOUR INTERTAINMENT and we enjoy...... best wishes for you. thank to make our moments happy

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