Adam Lambert - Call of the Wild

Call of the Wild One
Call of the Wild One
All night long...
All night long...
A stroke of pure genius
A stroke of pure genius
official movie poster for 2012
official movie poster for 2012
Lambert signs for fans
Lambert signs for fans
Lambert prepares to spread his wings
Lambert prepares to spread his wings

Lambert performing Starlight in Wilkes Barre

Adam Lambert and Brian May of Queen
Adam Lambert and Brian May of Queen

With the American Idol's Live concert tour coming to an end, things are about to get crazy for finalist Adam Lambert - as if they weren't already. A rigorous tour schedule, numerous public appearances, local radio and television interviews, mini recording sessions for the new CD, tour bus twitter parties, and post show meet and greets have left very little time for sleep. But Lambert isn't concerned about sleep right now.

He's building his kingdom.

A wild kingdom; brick by brick, song by song, all night long....

There's a lot of wild things associated with Lambert, not the least of which is his fans. They may be the wildest we've seen in decades. They're wild about his voice, wild about his form, and wild about his style. The loyalty and devotion of his Glamberts will be the foundation of his kingdom, since they were there from the beginning. He's picked up a few more along the way, but the real *starburst* will occur when the rest of the world gets a look at him.

It will start with a song from the soon to be released feature film 2012, entitled Time For Miracles.. This first post-Idol project has him crooning a classic rock ballad that will likely generate a substantial buzz among the industry bees, and find a lot more people gathering around the kingdom gates. It comes at a good time for his current fans also, as they prepare for a case of separation anxiety. Reality bites hard, and as the tour ends, his playful tricks and tweets are likely to decrease when he's no longer confined to stadiums and buses. Absent also will be the daily dose of live feeds and cell casts from the Idol concerts. Up until now, his tweeters have had a captive audience with their glittery glam-boy, but their songbird's about to fly the coop. So what's a fan base to do?

Release their own call of the wild, and wait for Lambert to respond.

In the meantime, they have devised an interim plan:

#1 - Eagerly anticipate his yet untitled CD release and solo tour-

#2 - Replay youTube video performances-

#3 - Gather with fellow Glamberts on his website-

#4 - Set up Adam Lambert Google Alerts-

#5 - Buy stock in twitter-

And when the movie 2012 is released, they'll form a long line at the theater to hear his cinematic vocal premier. It's a forgone conclusion that the movie's box office appeal will surge due to Lambert's appearance, if only in song.


While he wets their whistle with Time For Miracles, he'll be in the studio recording the final tracks for his debut CD which is scheduled for release on November 24th. He's been elusive about it's content, but has indicated that it will contain "a little bit of everything". One thing is for sure, it will be his own. He's had the top choice of writers and producers to work with on his maiden voyage into CD-land; a luxury seldom afforded to novel recording artists.

The ride ahead for this multi-talented newcomer will be a wild one, indeed. He's already been encouraged to formulate his own make-up line for men, his solo tour will likely be in the planning stages by year end, and he has an impressive list of celebrity admirers waiting in the wings to cojole and collaborate with him.

Meatloaf, a veteran musician/singer may be one of them. He likens himself to an "Adam Lambert groupie", saying "I don't think anybody actually comprehends how good this guy is." Slash, lead guitarist from Guns n Roses has praised his pipes, along with Brian May of Queen. May, who calls Lambert "the world of rock's bright new star" recently said on his blog "I'm not easily moved to jelly by male vocalists ... but Adam's voice reaches out with sensitivity, depth, maturity, and awesome range and power which will make jaws drop all around the world. Its an awesome performance." The performance May was referring to is Lamberts recording of Time for Miracles.

It's even been confirmed that the cell phone number of another flamboyant mega talent from over the pond has taken up residence in Lambert's contact list. When asked who the "most famous" contact in his cell phone was, Lambert revealed that it was Elton John. He wouldn't elaborate on the nature or extend of their friendship, saying “Um..he’s just the most famous contact in my phone right now.. Nuff said.”


Adam Lambert will have many calls to take and many decisions to make over the next several months, as his kingdom expands beyond the realm of American Idol. As it grows, so will the mote that protects him from evil enemies like the tabloids, the stalkers, and the gold diggers. Let's hope he opens the doors now and then to acknowledge the faithful dwellers at his gate.

They were there since the beginning, after all...

So go on Adam, answer that call....

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weezle 7 years ago

Genius pure Genius...Great Article...

carrmuse 7 years ago

Great Article!!! I just can't wait to see what Adam Lambert will do next!!! It'll will surprise us I'm sure. Love this man!!!

ellen gomberg 7 years ago

Loved your new article! We will all be in withdrawal from the daily contact with Adam. Pretty sure he will keep his fans in touch. Did you go to the Chicago show? Thanks!

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

thanks ellen..yes I was at the chicago show. I posted my review on Facebook, so feel free to check it out...

Susan Moyer 7 years ago

Jennifer, I love ya!! Another great article about our amazing "boy who fell to earth" "Call Of The Wild" would make a great CD title.

Judy 7 years ago

Another fantastic article Jenn,thank you !The excitement Adam generates is palpable ! What we have seen so far is a prelude to the world wide attention Adam will attain once "Time For Miracles " is released . When Brian May said jaws will be dropping around the world once people here it,I knew Adam had a winner . Adam's voice will be the voice of this generation ! His performances are an audio & visual feast of unequaled proportions ! Music history is being writen as we speak ! Adam will be Iconic !

Susan 7 years ago

You get it, you really get it!! I love your article and I'm sooo excited for my future with Adam! IT IS GOING TO BE WILD!

therealbowchick 7 years ago

I ALWAYS love your articles! Well done! :)

LIsa 7 years ago

Great article-- thank you for sharing your wonderful point of view with us.

Yes, it is time for Adam to fly! I can't wait for what's to come.

AdamRocksHard 7 years ago

Yes, we Glamberts can always say we were here from the beginning. The world is about to discover what we have known for some time ... Adam Lambert will be a worldwide MEGASTAR! Hold on to those Rolling Stone mags folks, they will be worth a forutne down the road.

4adam4sure 7 years ago

Here's wishing for a weekly Adam Lambert variety special on TV where he can continue to do dazzle us with his breathtaking performances and showcase all his favorite artists. He is MAGICAL! I hope we don't have to wait too long!

BB 7 years ago


Love your words. You always have great insight into the lovely Adam,his future and his fans! Especially loved "...brick by brick,song by song...". Beautiful! Adam is sooo lucky to have such great fans.

keld 7 years ago

This is a great article! Yep, Adam will explode with his CD! I can't wait. Adam deserves to be HUGE!!!! His voice, style and performing ability are way amazing. There's no 'same ole same ole' anything with Adam Lambert! He moves people with his voice; and mesmerize them with his performance. He rocks my world!!

Marilyn 7 years ago

Great article. We will definitely miss all the news from the tour, but are waiting to hear about what comes next. Everybody is expecting so much from him, I hope it's not too much pressure for him.

Mara 7 years ago

LOVE IT!!!!  You put what everyone is feeling into just the right words!

Vicki 7 years ago

Thanks again, Jennifer, for writing again about Adam. Gosh, his fans looooooove him, don't we? I am so excited to hear his new music! So excited to hear what he does next, that the withdrawal from the daily does of concert related news just might be tolerable, especially if people like you keep on writing..

puteri 7 years ago

a very well written article and coming from you jennifer, I know you meant every word that you said.....

since the end of AI8, I have been following adam's activities and because I am half way across the world from you americans, my pc and internet is my only source of getting closer to adam.... I definately will have some withdrawal symptoms once the concert is over as for the past 3 months, following adam's schedule from the concerts have been my daily routine and I always look forward to see how adam progress day by day from articles and youtubes.... thus I know now that when the concert is done, I am going to see less of adam but I really hope he will have a great future ahead of him and hopefully we see more of him, this time as a more individual star and not as one of the idol....

please keep on posting about adam's stories and activities because us outsiders from other parts of the world would always want to know about adam's latest....

adam has definately touch millions not only in America, but in countries that I bet adam doesn't even know they exist.....

all the best adam.....

sincerely yours,

"a malaysian mummy who think adam is truly an international rock star......"

TheFeyNan 7 years ago

Here we are the last show of the tour "tonight". Sigh, sad for us for a month or two, but you nailed it with the wearing out of youtube is a wonder mine even works anymore... I loved your salutations of "Our Fierce Rock God". Thanx for all your Grt articles....and I agree with Susan, "Call Of The Wild"...what a title for his first CD....I promise I will be in line for whatever endeavor he partakes...Thanx again...nancy

Lissa 7 years ago

I'm actually crying - this is a truly beautiful article - thank you so much. I've been with Adam since his audition and am relieved that he is finally free to pursue his own dreams. You're right - I will be going to 2012 movie just to hear Adam sing. How do we lobby for an Oscar ???? Oh wait - maybe we should hear the song first - nah - it's bound to be brilliant with Adam singing

jennifer maurer profile image

jennifer maurer 7 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thank you for your comments, Lisa. I don't think much lobbying will have to take place. If the song and performance are as good as I hear it is, the Oscar will take care of itself. Thanks for looking in!

luv4uadam 7 years ago

Thanks so much, this story is perfect. What a wild journey we have all been on. Now we have to let go of our Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce and let him fly free. I do worry about him and hope that he is accepted for who he is. The tabloids can be so cruel. Of course we fans will always be here to cushion him if needed.

Mitch King profile image

Mitch King 7 years ago from Wilsoville, OR, USA

This are really exciting for Lambert right now. It is amazing how Idol can truly change someone's life.

KCC Big Country profile image

KCC Big Country 7 years ago from Central Texas

Another superb article, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing!

dylangirl 7 years ago

Jennifer you always say it so well. I too have been following Adam since the auditions. My daughter and I have been fortunate enough to go to 4 concerts and everyone was as exciting as the first. We met so many wonderful Adam fans from all walks of life and made some new friends among them...this is what Adam does....he brings us together. We will all remain together in our love, support and concern for Adam and his dreams.

RoRo 7 years ago

Lovely article, can't wait to see what Adam does next. The future looks bright with his highly anticipated CD, movie theme song, and possibility of a tour. If he comes to my state, I'll be there!

Ovationimpact 5 years ago

Ah what 2 years of hindsight will do for you while reading this article. What a great 2year journey for Adam's fans. And it has just begin... Trespassing eing released Spring of 2012 and a new single Better Than I Know Myself before year 2011 ends. (fingers crossed)Oh and there was that Grammy Nomination along side (posthumous) Michael Jackson but the icing on the cake... 3 songs sung by Adam with Queen members for Tribute(8mins total lenght)to end the 2011 EMA's. On with the Show... there is more to come...

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