Adele 21: Sensational Review

21 is the one of the most anticipated albums of the current year. This is the second album by the Grammy award winning UK born soul singer. This incredible album follows the debut album 19, which was one of the most talked about albums of 2009. Her sultry voice does not disappoint with 21 and it is the perfect follow up to 19, which is an album that most still can’t get enough of. This album sees fantastic production from the talented Francis White and Jim Abbiss as well as other well known sought after producers.

This new album just shows how far Adele has come, she has an amazing talent. Her music is somewhat blissful, therapeutic just like music should be. Her style is fresh; her breathy yet powerful vocals leave you literally breathless, heart pounding with every lyric. This is the kind of album that you pass down to your grandkids, it is perfect.

This 11 track collection is nothing short of breathtaking. Just like a good book, you will not want to put it down. Rolling in the Deep is the first single to be taken from 12. This is a somewhat dark, and has some element of the blues. Tinged with gospel and some funky disco. This is a great song because it gives Adele the chance to really show us what she is made of.

Rumour has it is another fabulous song which was produced One Republic leading man Ryan Tedder. This is an upbeat track, again with an element of the blues tinged with quirky soul. This is nothing short of outstanding from Adele.

There are some truly out of this world tracks on this unbelievable album. Some of these tracks include the country style slow tune Don’t you remember and Set fire to the rain, produced by the same guys that produced Tinchy Stryder’s number 1. This is a poppy song, which is not the best track on the album but you cannot fault Adele’s effortless vocals on this track. It is once again out of this world. Turning tables is one of the best tunes on the album the blissful piano and the perfect vocals from Adele. This is a classic tune waiting to happen; it is one of the tracks that could well be historic. Enchanting is the right word for this track. Blissfully enchanting, the kind of track that just gives you goose bumps and leaves you unconsciously reaching for the repeat button every time.

The last song on the album is entitled someone like you and it really is the best song on the album. Not one of the best, the best. Again enchanting and perfectly delivered. Can this girl really do no wrong? With her refreshing sound, she wake up on a Monday morning feeling like you are living in a Utopia. She is that good.

If you are going to have any album on 2011 wish list, it should be Adele’s 21. This is an album that you must own, well it is a matter of opinion, but any music lover should be enthralled by this blissful collection of magic tinged tunes. Adele is a 21st century singing sensational legend.

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