Adriana Lima – one of the most beautiful and sexiest women in the world with perfect blue eyes!

Adriana Lima's blue cat eyes
Adriana Lima's blue cat eyes

Adriana Lima is considered to be one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Lots of guys and girls fantasize about being with her. However, as of February 2009, she married her now husband Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric. She is a devout Catholic; she often reads the bible backstage. She was also a virgin and claims that sex is only after marriage. That is something pretty rare nowadays. I am glad that Marko is respectful of her decision because men are always so pushy for sex. I choose some of the most beautiful pictures of her to share with you in this hub.

Adriana Lima has the most beautiful eyes in the world; okay one of the most beautiful by my standards. She has a perfect set of blue cat eyes that is the perfect shape and length.

Adriana's sexy look
Adriana's sexy look
Adriana's next door girl look
Adriana's next door girl look
Adriana's smile
Adriana's smile
Adriana's perfect set of eyes
Adriana's perfect set of eyes

Adriana Lima is pretty tall, 5 feet 10 inches. Her body is so gorgeous no wonder she won the modeling contest so easily at a very young age. Adriana is not very skinny which is rare because so many models are so thin that we can all see bones. She is a size 4 with beautiful curves.

Adriana Lima and diamond fantasy bra. There is no model in the Victoria Secret lineup that is more beautiful than she is. When she wore the fantasy bra, it fits so perfectly. We couldn't even tell if she is more beautiful or the fantasy bra is more beautiful. I couldn't even think there are any woman that is on the same level as she is. Oh, wait, Lin Ching Hsia in her younger days could possibly compare with her. Anyway, she is so beautiful and enjoy this beautiful hub!! Adriana, I am one of your biggest fan!!

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Sarah Fleming profile image

Sarah Fleming 5 years ago from Santa Barbara

You are right, those eyes are really amazing.

Kylie 5 years ago

I think Miranda Kerr is as pretty as her.

Miranda 4 years ago

Miranda eerr is prettier

kader 4 years ago

adriana is the prettiest, sexiest and most beautiful woman in the world

nina 3 years ago

I totally agree with you! She's perfect!

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