Alex O'Loughlin

Alex O'Loughlin is my new tv boyfriend. Currently starring in Moonlight, the new vampire series on CBS, I think he's the most delicious thing Australia has produced since the Tim Tam *g*

If he looks familiar to you and you aren't watching Moonlight, then you probably saw him on season 6 of The Shield, where he played Vic Mackey's potential replacement, Kevin Hiatt. in addition, Alex has done a lot of work in Australia and I highly recommend Oyster Farmer and The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant.

And now for the convincing photo proof *g*

Alex as Alex

The following photos are different promo shots. Alex wore the beard when he was promoting The Oyster Farmer on the film festival circuit. Try to not hold the ugly shirt againts him. Just focus on the pretty.

Other photos are from appearances for Moonlight, such as the Comic Con panel.

Kevin Hiatt

Alex joined the cast of The Shield for most of season 6, appearing in episodes 4 through 10. Brought in to replace Mackey, Vic as usual managed to save his career and Kevin was promptly bounced off the team, not before a rather steamy sex scene though in episode 9. (Err, the sex scene is not with Vic *g*)


On Alex's current show, he plays the lead, Mick St. John, a vampire with a conscience. This show started off rather shaky, but it's improved a great deal and a lot of that is because Alex is just amazing. It is also a good thing he's fit because if he's not wet, he's shirtless. Sometimes he is both shirtless and wet.

There are more great photos of Alex O'Loughlin in my Moonlight hub

Wet and Shirtless

Yes, Vampires can go out during the day!

Wet! Again!

The Oyster Farmer

The Oyster Farmer is this really sweet Australian movie. Alex's character has stolen a bunch of money and somehow it gets lost and he spends his time looking for the cash, farming oysters and starting a romance. That sounds crazy, doesn't it? That's because I make no sense! Trust me though, the movie is adorable and he's wonderful and.... there's a really steamy love scene. Hmmm, noticing a trend? ;)


Feed is another movie. It's sorta of a mystery/horror/slasher type thing. It's about... well, why don't I just let Alex tell you. This is a great interview with Alex O'Loughlin about how Feed came to be and the creative process.

I don't even know if I can ever watch this movie, but I love this interview. He just comes across so very well.

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Comments 58 comments

wondergirl9847 8 years ago

Alex is AMAZING, isn't he? He's got me addicted to him and Moonlight. I love this page! Lots of terrific pictures and videos. Thanks for highlighting this terrific actor.

taylorblue profile image

taylorblue 8 years ago from Canada

omg...I loved looking at this page...OMG!! I am so in love with him!

Tamousi 8 years ago


Sammy 8 years ago

I taught him at NIDA in Sydney

Glen 8 years ago

I'm an Aussie and Moonlight premiered last night and WOW how fantastic is Alex what a bod ladies and gents.

He should be shirtless all the time.

Ana 8 years ago

The Alex effect has gone far, I am from Dominican Republic and me and my sisters can't stop watching moonlight over and over and over again just to see how hot this guy is! (and how good the show is as well, I really like the quemistry between all the actors)

Glen 8 years ago

Just watched the 4th Ep 2 B shown in OZ. It's the one where Mick hunts the fugitive witness.

I love the fact that he is either shirtless or you can C his HAIRY chest in most of the show.

I haven't watched any of his Australian work but will have 2.

He is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!

cefer 8 years ago

love him

Joni G  8 years ago

As a fellow Aussie,,, all I can say is "God we breed em HOT" This man smoulders for me. Dam Dam Dam sexy, I can't get enough.

Glen 8 years ago

Alex is again shirtless IM NOT COMPLAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just want to lick him all over.

We do have some HOT men in OZ! Joni I agree!

Joanne 8 years ago

I just discovered him two weeks ago and he's been my nightly dream ever since!

Me-likey-alot 8 years ago

Alex is absolutely beautiful. I'm so hooked on this gorgeous Aussie. Help me!

eva 8 years ago

He's really a hunk... gorgeous. I definitely agree with the shirtless-wet thing... I've just seen Oyster farmer and that steamy scene was really something... yum... I think i'll download that episode 9 from the Shield just to brighten my day a bit more... ;-) Thanks Australia for producing such a masterpiece... xoxo

Jennifer aka MrsStJohn 8 years ago

Omg the biggest fan of Moonlight In Ireland AT LEAST. I have been watching online as we only got Moonlight here 3 weekes ago and as soon as I saw it I watched all the other episodes on line. I say Mick and Beth should have a steamy sex scene. OH GOD ALEX IS SO SEXY IN EVERYTHING. I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS POSSIBLE TO BE SEXY IN A BULLET PROOF VEST/AS A BLOOD DRINKING VAMPIRE/ OYSTER FARMER etc BUT HE WORKS IT. Did everyone see when Mick is topless and is working out in Moonlight AMAZING. SO HOT. xxx

Bonnie 8 years ago

I'm an artist, and I can't stop sketching him. Whether he's snarling or smiling, he can only look terrific!

cspace67 8 years ago from Colorado

I saw him in The Invisible where he plays the criminal boyfriend and I gotta say I like him much better with hair. I am going thru and renting ALL of his movies thru netflix. I did see FEED today and I lost my appetite literally. I do hope that the opening scene was really Alex. Back view and nothing but tats for cover. OMG what a booty. This movie was truly a challenge to watch. I gotta get to the gym. Ugh.

mando8161 8 years ago

Absolutely is Alex in that nude Feed scene ! They are his tatts (except the huge cross in the middle of his back which was added for the movie). Gotta agree, there isn't a better bod out there. And a terrific actor to boot. A real talent on the rise. Watch out world, here he comes !

Save_Moonlight 8 years ago

Can you believe that CBS is delaying a decision on renewing Moonlight for the fall season?

I can't believe they would risk losing Alex. Moonlight was the first thing I saw him on ~ but one episode of Moonlight and I was searching him on the web to see what else he was in. He just nailed the role of Mick St. John! Actually ~ he has nailed every role he's played.....heck if the played a tree in his 2nd grade play I am willing to bet money he nailed that role! Probably worthy of an Oscar!

Very rare to see so much natural talent in someone with such charisma on screen.

Londoncookie 8 years ago

I'm a London girl and we are picky when it comes to men. There's no denying Alex has it going on (in bucket loads) but he manages to come across very natural. He's a v. good actor who probably brings a little of himself to the role. He's pulled you in and now you're interested and captivated. The question is, how much of Alex is there in Mick and how much of Mick is there in Alex?? Hmmm ....

Lynn Crammond 8 years ago

Alex has talent in spades! I fell in love with him in Fever (Moonlight episode 4) and have now seen him in all the movies described here and he is a fantastic actor - totally inhabits the skin of whomever he portrays! This man is a rising star! I hope to see him in many more starring roles in the future! And don't even get me started about how gorgeous he is.... just LOOK at him!

bobbycat 8 years ago

more alex please he is beautiful

KK 8 years ago

I agree: Alex definitely wears the skin of the character he portrays at the time. All the lead characters on Moonlight deserve credit for their hard work and talent. Alex gets most of the attention as he is the lead, and he does it so well. Sophia, Jason, and yes...even the woman everyone loves to hate do a good job. If they didn't, we wouldn't feel for their fictional counterparts on Moonlight. I have heard (in an interview Alex did) that he shares Mick's sense of humor. Other than that, Alex felt he is much more optomistic than Mick. Alex did say he's a bit shy himself, but he seems to hold his family and friends close.

I would like to see a couple more seasons of Alex as the sultry Mick in Moonlight, complete with the cast that compliments one another so well. If anyone is interested, Moonlight returns to CBS on April 25th in its usual time slot.

tiebaojin 8 years ago

Absolutely love these pictures! Alex is one beautiful guy. I fell for him from the first ep of Moonlight and have now seen all that I can get my hands on of his work. I missed The Shield but will buy it as soon as it comes out on DVD. Hopefully CBS knows what a keeper he is and will keep Moonlight on for many, many seasons.

hazel 8 years ago

i think this page is great and i miss him so much wen dose he come back do u know

gypsygurl 8 years ago

i agree

nicky 8 years ago

love this show

lizajane 8 years ago

Having withdrawls not being able to watch moonlight every friday!!!love love love Mick and Beth's sexual charisma with each the show crazy absolutely mad about MICK!!!!....he makes u want to be a vampire and live forever w/him...he is gorgeous!!!!Please bring back show next fall!!!

rin 8 years ago

i deeply admire Mick or Alex. He is so hot, gorgeous and sexy!

Sabr 8 years ago

This is the only show on TV that I will go out of my way to watch. There is no other show I would rather watch. It doesn't matter what the other Networks put in Moonlight's time slot -- Moonlight Wins!!!!!!!!

VampTramp profile image

VampTramp 8 years ago

He is the most beautiful man I've seen in years and years. Not only beautiful but taletnted, talented, talented.

cat 8 years ago

At the risk of stating the obvious, doesn't it "suck" that the show was cancelled? I went to the site & placed a request for its return...maybe if they got tons of the same request...couldn't hurt, right?

Bunny aged 61 8 years ago

It is just awful that Moonlight was canceled and I will miss seeing that hunk Alex o'loughlin every Friday night. Hope he comes on a series again soon. Even though I am old enough to be his mom, hey, I can still look. If the older men can look at the younger babes, we older gals can also look at the younger hunks.

sunny 8 years ago

when i watch the Moolight again and again,I can't stop myself....I think I might fall in love with him!Although I'm in China,a far away courtry!I miss him.

kathleen p 8 years ago

i just watched the last episode of Moonlight since CBS cancelled the show and i still can not believe that they have done is such a brilliant show and i really hope that if CBS don't come to their senses and realise the potential that such a show has, then maybe some other network could take it it would be their gain and CBS' loss...they really do need to reconsider and give MOONLIGHT A CHANCE!!!

charlene frydberg 8 years ago

i hope that they bring moonlight back that show was a good one



Ann 8 years ago

he can bite my neck anytime anywhere

Marie 7 years ago

moonlight is just the thing i couldn't stop watching it when it was on ,Alex is soooooooooooooo hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

madforalex profile image

madforalex 7 years ago from the netherlands

wow amazing photo,s that guy is too die for

got hooked on him since we have moonlight on tv

tap 7 years ago

please bring back moonlight

sally 7 years ago

that man is more! in my town there was some way!well charming, wonderful smile an eye color is more difficult to see by here ....he is a super cat miauuuuu....

Nali 7 years ago

I think he is the hottest thing under the sun. Sucks the show is cancel.

crimsonqte 7 years ago

What can I say that hasn't already been said? He is ONE HOT SEXY MAN! We can only hope that since "Twilight" was released maybe more people will realize that the true sexy VAMP is Alex and re-sindicate the series. According to he was SUPPOSED TO HAVE A 7 yr contract!

d84000 7 years ago

I didn't like BIG WHEEL basically because I am tired of shows like CSI, NCIS, COLD CASE, CRIMINAL MINDS etc. That's all there is on TV any more it's over done. Therefore, I watch SCIFI more and more often. At least the line up there is varied and more interesting with travel to other planets. CBS need to take a look at their redunate lineup. MOONLIGHT fans need closure to this series. CBS has repeatedly refused them their just dues. They left everyone hanging and now Alex comes out and says forget it go away. MOONLIGHT and the fans put him where he is. True, he is very talented and it was a waste to see him as a killer of women on Criminal Minds. I am happy that CBS is finally using him in a movie BACKUP PLAN. He will be terrific. The fact remains, MOONLIGHT and the VAMPIRE PERSONA is an active field that needs to be addressed. Look at TWILIGHT (movie) and TRUE BLOOD (HB) they are fulfilling their demands by addressing the public request. What is wrong with Joel Silver, CBS, CBS Movie and Warner Brothers stepping up and allowing us the same. Provide us with a movie that finishes MOONLIGHT. Alex your fan base is what promoted you to stardom (you are an awesome actor we all agree) but, we need satisfaction too. Moonlight was family orientated where True Blood isn't and families need a little of Vamp style too.

Nesrin K√∂seoglu 7 years ago

I really can't find anything to say except for great lord what a man....... please somebody hear us out and let the MOONLIGHT episodes go on and on, we dont watch t.v.,only when moonlight starts we sit in front of the t.v., and when it finishes we go on the nett to watch all the episodes over and over again. Please nobody wants moonlight to finish, it must go on and on definetly, we are aussies that live in Turkey and watch cnbc-e every night just for the episodes of moonlight, so please dont leave us without this amazing and full of love movie. Thankyou

Hannah 7 years ago

Can't get enough of alex o'loughlin so I bought a dvd copy of moonlight so I can watch him everyday. Too bad the show was cancelled. The stories were really nice. Alex and Sophia have a wonderful chemistry. I wouldn't trade Mick St. John for Edward Cullen.

embitca profile image

embitca 7 years ago from Boston Author

Hannah, totally with you there. Would never trade Mick for Edward. No way, no how.

Carlos 7 years ago

Alex O'Loughlin is a fine attractive man. If he were gay or bisexual, I would ask him out. lol If I had a man like him in my life, I would truly be happy.

charlene 6 years ago

i love the photos of alex and i love moonlight and now three rivers alex is so cute i just love him


audreyd 6 years ago

Alex is the best thing to happen to television. It's too bad CBS doesn't realize it and put him in something worthwhile and is a good time slot. First the cancellation of Moonlight, the best series on television IMO, then Three Rivers was a good series as well, but after NFL Football and the Amazing Race, it didn't have a chance at the 9:00 time slot and then 10:00, especially on a Sun. night. Hopefully Hawaii 50 might be the one to do it for him. We can only hope the CBS can get it right the 3rd time, for Alex's sake.

Bella Says: 6 years ago

He is so hot and i wish they could bring back moonlight that sexy hunk needs to be back but at least he is still starring in some movies but he is hotter as a vamp.

suzanne faith 6 years ago

This site definitely needs updated!! Hawaii Five 0 will put him over the top in Holloywood..another "A" lister I hope without the attitude that so many so-called "stars" adopt! I've followed his career from Moonlight till now...he's earned every good thing he gets. a true gentleman and a terrific actor....Suzanne His Forever Fan

angela 6 years ago

WOW WOW WOW - is all I can say. "Hot" doesn't even begin to describe Alex. He is the perfect combination of charisma, impossibly good looks, and a tremendous acting talent that I believe will go far. I haven't seen the likes of him in quite awhile. I think I own everything he's ever done - Australian and American - his versatility and ability to "fit" into his characters is amazing, but I will always be madly in love with Mick St. John ..... sexiest vampire ....ever !! Thanks for all these great photos - I think I just went weak in the knees looking at them !!

kara 5 years ago

i can look at his sweet face until the end of time ;)

charlie 5 years ago

Alex is amazing! I just don't understand all the tatoos..

he has ruined his amazing chest, arms, back....!! It would be nice to have him shirtless more often in Hawaii Five O...without the tatoos, of ya Alex

linda 4 years ago

i want moonlight back on tv bring back moonlight put moonlight back on tv only if alex o'loughlin will play mick st.john

lilmisshoneybee04 4 years ago

Omg I love him lol. I had a dream with him in it not even seeing him on tv or anything. If dreams do really mean something, I want to know what it meant lol. :D would be a dream to meet him in person.....only in my dreams lmfao!!

wenn 4 years ago

i got a crush on you alex... i really admire alex in hawaii five 0 as steve mc garette and he is so cute and sweet in moonlight as mick st. john

wenn (phils.)

Lynn 4 years ago

@linda honey I guess you haven't been paying attention! Alex is in Hawaii Five-0 now and it will be back on tv in the fall! Moonlight is ovah.

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