Alex O'Loughlin Tattoos

Alex O'Loughlin's tattoos

I get a fair few search queries on Alex's tattoos so I figured it was about time I put a hub together to show them off. I've I'm counting right, Alex O'Loughlin currently has six tattoos -- that we know of.

He has a faded tattoo on each forearm, tattoos on each shoulder, one tattoo over his right nipple and finally, an enormous "tramp stamp" on his lower back *g*

All of these tatts are generally covered up anytime that Alex has to take his shirt off on Moonlight, however there was a bit of a costume slip-up during the episode, "The Ringer". For those with good eyes, there's a shot of him where the back of his shirt has flown up and you can see the lower back tatt.

Here's the photo evidence! Most of these photos are from The Invisible and Oyster Farmer. For The Invisible, two cosmetic tattoos were added -- the bluebird on his neck and the tattoo over his left pec. He also sports most, if not all, of his tattoos in Feed, however most of those pics are NSFW and not even remotely family friendly so you may want to rent the movie. Just note in that movie, the tattoo on the middle of his back is NOT real. I've posted the only "safe" shot of that below.

Alex O'Loughlin in The Invisible

Bluebird tatt is not real
Bluebird tatt is not real

Alex O'Loughlin's lower back tattoo

Lizard tattoo on Alex's chest

Right forearm

Left forearm

Right Shoulder

Left Shoulder

The bluebird on his neck is NOT real
The bluebird on his neck is NOT real

This one's not real

From the movie, Feed
From the movie, Feed

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taylorblue profile image

taylorblue 9 years ago from Canada

wow...i love him even more...i thought he would be the type to have tats!! OMG!!

embitca profile image

embitca 9 years ago from Boston Author

I know. The tatts just make him even more awesome :)

taylorblue profile image

taylorblue 9 years ago from Canada

wow...his tats are hot! I can't stop drooling over them!!

Suzanne 9 years ago

Thanks, embitca! I was wading through all the *hot* Alex pictures on another site trying to find good shots of all six tats. My daughter loves tats and wanted to see what they look like, since they are always covered in Moonlight. She's a little young for his tat-baring movies *blush*. Thanks again!

Christy 9 years ago

Great page! Thanks for the photos! He told Leeser from yesterday at the Corona Charity event that he does, in fact, have a total of 6 tats.

lynn Crammond 9 years ago

Oh don't tell my kids, but I LOVE his tats (most sexy!). However, I must say that when my son came home from college with a dragon covering 1/3 of his back, I went ballistic. That was 10 yrs ago, but I have to keep up with the bluff!

trinnies_mom profile image

trinnies_mom 9 years ago

Oh my gosh, I cant believe that I came across this hub.....I love this guy! He is hot!

sarah 9 years ago

omg his tats are so cool i like the one on his back.The details are amazing.Well all the others are cool ,but that is very cool.he is so hot.

lisa 9 years ago

i really think his tattos are gross he is so handsome he doesn't need a thing

Kyra 8 years ago

OMG!! I LOVE HIS TATS! they make him even hotter!!!!! but it sucks that he has 2 cover them in moonlight! :(

KK 8 years ago

The tats are nice, but they do not make the man. Alex is an excellent actor and a wonderful person from all accounts. I have seen two of his movies, will be renting August Rush because he is in it, and watch his TV series: Moonlight regularly. I don't do any of those things because of the tats...I do them because I think he is an excellent actor, and I enjoy seeing the range of his talents. That said, I still enjoy looking at the artwork on his body, but I return to what he is in due to the hard work and talent plain for all to see.

JuneBug 8 years ago

I count 7 tats... lower back, left forearm, right forearm, left and right shoulder, nipple, and the one on his neck

embitca profile image

embitca 8 years ago from Boston Author

June, the one on his neck isn't real.

andro 8 years ago

hello there, i`am one of the avid fan your tv series and i do adore and love your show here in philippines.



Liz 8 years ago


If you are referring to the blue bird on his neck, it's not a permanent tat. It was only for the movie The Invisible as was the one on his upper back for FEED.

Hope 8 years ago

Sorry to say I don't like tattoos I'M glad Alex did not show any on the Moonlight show.

Lexxie 8 years ago

Oh,how I would love to inspect all his tattoos very closely myself in person!Alex,I Love You!

ryanne 7 years ago

I hate tatoos. They make your body look dirty. Glad I couldn't see them on Moonlight. I wished they would make a movie or 2nd season of this show.

Nali 7 years ago

I think he is the hottest thing under the sun.

marina 7 years ago

Hässlich die tattoos...

cjwills 7 years ago

The tatoos need updating. It appears Alex now has a red tatoo near his left nipple. We need a close-up!

khyle 6 years ago

guys, you know other old movies of alex wherein he has some nudity? Coz in an intereview with him, he said that he has sexy role and he have some exposure in his old movies however, he did not mention the title of the movie. If you know pls. email me the title of his movies at Thanks

Rachel 6 years ago

This is for khyle : the film I know he had nudity is the Oyster Farmer !! A really hot scene !! Yummy !!

I love this guy !! He is so cuuuuuuute in the Back up plan : I saw it 4 times !!!

Chelsey 6 years ago


rehabber 6 years ago

I love the movie Feed and Alex is awesome in it, really shows off what a wonderful actor he is, but do NOT watch this movie with kids in the room. Heck I'm not sure I would watch it with anyone in the

tammy11222COMCAST.NET 6 years ago


Syl 6 years ago

Alex is so gorgeous!!!! I can't stop watching Hawaii 5-0. He is soo yummy!!!

just me 6 years ago

but why does he have all these tats? is it like a plastic surgery fanatic thing? he's so cute and tats are nice, but---

Jessica 5 years ago

I would seriously leave my husband for Alex! Ha ha!

Bunty 5 years ago

I just Love Alex so much but I have to say I don't like the tats the body ones are fine but I think the ones on his arms are ugly. But I guess cos hes sooooo gorgeous I would have to learn to love them. His beautiful smile soon makes me forget the tats.

Chani 5 years ago

I have several tattoos and they tend to have great meaning for the wearer. I'd love to know what his are and what they mean to him. It's fascinating. Obviously I'm biased, but I like to see tattoos. They neither enhance nor detract from the whole person, they're an intrinsic part of who he is.

daria 5 years ago

alex is the handsome man in the world

anita 5 years ago

thank you for this information!!

i love alex so much that he with tattoo sexy to is :D

danm he is sooo sey and hot!!!

Hmm?? 5 years ago

I can't believe I might have the chance to meet him next year!! Haha, if I don't I can still watch The Backup Plan and Hawaii Five-0 over and over... ILY Alex!! :D

Emiliya 5 years ago

lisa 3 years ago

i really think his tattos are gross he is so handsome he doesn't need a thing


Alex is such a great person, with an awesome talent. He is beyond real )) so handsome. I think those tattoos are unnecessary..

Jack 5 years ago

What is the name of the tattoo on his left shoulder?

Janet Lynn Higgins 5 years ago

Alex is so sexy, I have his pic on my phone as my wallpaper. I always look forward to watching hawaii 5 o, just to see his sexy eyes and hot bod. I love all his movies and his tats make hin even sexier. I have 8 myself.

Issie 5 years ago

is that red one over his left pec real?

AussieGirl 5 years ago

He is a typical nice Aussie boy, we have lots. Simon Baker, Ryan Kwanten, Hugh Jackman. The list goes on. But ladies really there is ONLY one Alex O'Loughlin. Mmmmmmm. He is simply the best. ?

Jen 5 years ago

The forearm tattoos aren't real. The only ones that he has (that I know of) are both of his shoulders, a lizard over his left nipple, a sun over his right nipple and the lower back tattoo. All of the other ones (forearm, neck, etc.) aren't real unless he had them removed.

Vania from Brazil 5 years ago

I love Alex! He is the most beautiful man in the world!

Dorian Gonzales 5 years ago

I totally love his ink; he inspires me.

embitca profile image

embitca 5 years ago from Boston Author

Jen, the forearms tattoos are real. As you can see from these pics they are very faded however (and these pics were all taken years ago), and he may have had them removed more recently, but he did have them at one time.

ebony 4 years ago

alex is hot regsrdless of how many tattoos he has. needs to take his shirt off more often though. love the show he makes it a great show to watch and he's aussie as well.

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