All My Children Jesse and Angie

All My Children

I began watching All My Children while I was in high school.  It was the only soap opera that I was absolutely hooked on.  I really hated soap operas because my babysitter would not let us watch anything else because she wanted to watch a soap opera.

The Storyline in the Beginning

The first episodes of All My Children introduced the world to Erica Kane (Susan Lucci).  She was to town bad girl.  She lived next door to the Martin family.  The Martin family had a son that was absolutely in love with Erica.  She tricked him into getting her pregant so that she could get married to a doctor's son.  This was first of her many marriages.

Jesse and Angie

All My Children also introduced me to the first black teenagers that had a prominent role in daytime television.  Angie was from a well off black family in Pine Valley and Jesse Hubbard was a bad boy from the wrong side of the street.  His best friend was Tad Martin, the adopted son of Ruth and Joe Martin.  Jesse met Angie in highschool    Her parents never thought Jesse was good enough so they forbade Angie from seeing him.  Angie and Jesse eloped so that they could be together.   They had a child together.  Jesse could never stay away from danger.  He got involved in the criminal element in Pine Valley and had to fake his own death.  Last year he returned to Pine Valley because he wanted to track down a criminal.  He had been working undercover for law enforcement.  Angie was not aware that he was alive.  They were finally reunited and are now living together in Pine Valley.

Children of Jesse and Angie

As I indicated above Jesse and Angie had a son while they were in high school.  His name is Frankie.  He is now living in Pine Valley.  All My Children has always been a soap opera that kept the storyline based on current events.  Frankie was introduced this year as a soldier who had returned from the Iraq war with a disease.   Frankie  is now married to an ex-prostitute.

While Jesse was away from Pine Valley he had another child, a daughter who also lives in Pine Valley.  She is studying to be a police officer.  As you can see, All My Children is still one of my favorite soap opera.


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