All Saints Day: Boondock Saints Sequel

Thy Will Be Done......

Shepards We Will Be......
Shepards We Will Be......

The brothers are back......


Nearly ten years ago, a movie was made about two vigilante twin brothers seeking vengeance upon the corrupted boss leaders in the city of Boston. Without an original theater release, The Boondock Saints has become a cult classic movie among many people. With hardcore bloody violence mixed in with dark humor, fans all over the world have learned to love this movie.  Troy Duffy had a vision that was captured well with this film, angels in action. Now, Boondock Saints fans can prepare to be captivated again with the anticipated sequel that has been rumored for years, All Saints Day.

                The MacManus brothers are back and are once again seeking vengeance on those responsible for framing them for the murder of a high priest. After spending much time in Ireland with their father, the brother’s gets word and quickly gear up for what they do best, ridding the world of corrupted individuals. From what the preview has shown, the flashy style of action and dark humor look to once again make another classic movie. Boondock Saints fans are finally getting their wishes granted with this sequel to the cult classic. Get ready fans, it’s time to be blown away once again.

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