Alphonso Bow

Lije Sarki, Director of the film, Alphonso Bow
Lije Sarki, Director of the film, Alphonso Bow | Source

History of the making of Alphonso Bow

Let's just say I knew somebody I thought was interesting and felt he had something to say. It wasn't that I believed anyone really would want to hear about it, and I couldn't believe I did. This certain somebody never once himself thought he was that interesting, especially enough to make a movie character out of, but I did. I figured he'd stick to your ribs if he had a good name and a strong character and it didn't much matter what he had to say. But say he did. The man never stopped talking. He told me just the other day he actually met someone who talked more than he did. That was funny and somehow I felt some justice playing out in the universe that day.

The film has been screened a few times but not nearly enough. Alphonso Bow was an official selection at the Dances With Films film festival this year in Los Angeles, California. In February of 2010 it will be screened during the Derby City Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky and is also an official selection.

I wrote the screenplay and my son directed the film. It was a rewarding experience and one I will always remember fondly. It was hoped from the beginning that this film would springboard us into a more prolific film-making career, but it didn't, not yet. Lije has continued on with his production company called appropriately Nut Bucket Films. I have gone a different direction with my wife as partner with our own production company called Mewl House Productions.

Alphonso Bow (The Trailer)


What could an ex male-exotic-dancer and an older brick salesman possibly have to talk about?


Imagine two unique fellows from different backgrounds; one an ex-male exotic dancer trained in the martial arts who lays countless brick and loose women; the other an older brick salesman who provides him with jobs and materials, as well as his daily obsessive debate regarding, among other things, the existence of life on other planets. Now picture the two of them eating lunch together in a family restaurant, speaking entirely too loudly on the topics of religion, sex, early child behavior, Samuel Beckett, Hitler, and a severely injured dog, and you get the idea that these two characters will have interesting conversations. We've all heard that talk is cheap, and that it takes money to buy whiskey, but this round story about an unlikely relationship between an old bull and a young manic one refuses this chestnut.

Faux Show LA "Alphonso Bow" Interview

From the screenplay ALPHONSO BOW


Nuh uh. Nuh uh! Last Sunday I went to the vet because Buster had this swelling in his glands right here.
(Shows where on himself.)
Took him to an animal hospital since everything was closed but this hospital. But because it was a hospital, there were a bunch of people in line. There was a couple in front of me that had an old cat. They had to put the cat down. It was seventeen. Then there was this boy, probably sixteen, seventeen, maybe eighteen, standing there in coveralls with this blond girl beside him I thought was his girlfriend, and some other dark-haired woman down holding this dog. I had seen the dog had been hit in the head, run over the head, maybe not run over, but it had blood in its eye, and a wide tie, and cuts all over its head. It was an emergency room, it was packed, so we sat there an hour and a half. Now, I left Buster in the truck. I didn’t have a leash and I didn’t know how they would react to that. I wanted to wait until I got up there and it was my turn. Well, it was their turn, they were in front of me, and I still had not seen the dark-haired girl holding the dog, on the floor, and ah, the little assistant girl up at the counter said, “Well, the initial visit will be seventy-nine dollars, and any treatment after that will be then on top of that.” And the boy, the boy was wearing coveralls and didn’t have no clothes on under it, he had just thrown his coveralls on to get to the vet. The boy said, “I only got thirty dollars! I just got thirty dollars.” And the woman said, the girl at the counter said, “Well, is there anyone you can call and put it on a credit card?” So the blond girl is calling her grandfather. Well, she is on the phone and she was having a hard time getting a hold of somebody, and I was sitting there, and the dog walked his way to me and stuff, so I looked at the boy and said, “Look man”, I said, “I’ll lend you the forty dollars, or whatever you need.” And you know, in that instance, if, if he’d taken it, the odds are I would never have gotten it back. But you know, the dog was hurt, you know what I mean? That’s why I wouldn’t be a good vet, because I would like take care of everything. You know what I mean? I said, “I’ll lend you the,” I said, “I’ll give you the forty, I’ll lend you the forty bucks, you know.” Well, the woman holding the dog said, she stood up, and it was their mother! She’s forty. She goes, “Oh God, that’s so sweet! You must be an angel sent from God.” And I didn’t even step on that.
(Raises voice even louder.)
I thought about it! But I decided to step off of that! But I said, “No, nothing like that.” And ah, so they took the dog back, and the boy went back with the dog, and his sister and mother said, “That’s a . . . ” She’s a good looking woman! She’s about five-four and a hundred and fifteen pounds.

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ralwus 6 years ago

I'm glad I tracked this down from facebook. I would love to view this movie. I am impressed.

mewlhouse profile image

mewlhouse 6 years ago from Louisville Author

It's playing in Louisville, KY Saturday, Feb. 20 at 12:30 PM

It is also, as of yesterday, playing in Detroit somewhere around March 3.

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