Making Amaysim A Success

This week saw the launch of a new prepaid and post paid mobile service in Australia called Amaysim (sounds like amazing).

The team behind this new Australia telecommunications provider is made of successful telecommunication specialists from both Australia and Europe.

Amaysim gives you cheap call rates at 15c per min and no flagfall. As a bonus you also get 5c per MB for your data and credits last for 90 days.

It is cheap but is it amazingly cheap - NO. Its certainly not the cheapest in the market when it comes to call costs but it is close when it comes to BYO data at 5c per MB.

So what is it going to take to make Amaysim a success in Australia. Today I saw an ad for this new service during one of the commercial breaks during the Ashes first test being played in Brisbane. The advertisement plus the spot would have cost them considerably. Not sure how many times it ran, but I am sure its more than once.

There has been plenty of press around the launch of this new program. Much of it from what I have seen is via technology journalists. This is great but they will need much broader audience than technology readers in order to make an impact in Australia.

It will take significant branding and distribution. The distribution side of the equation, they seem to have tied up with a deal with Caltex service stations, 7 Eleven and Harvey Norman. Its a good start as Caltex is the biggest of the petrol retailers in Australia.

Then you have branding. Advertising on TV is another good start. It will raise awareness but needs to be supported by more than simply the occasional TV.

What really puzzles me is why sites like prepaidplans where not contacted to list them. Given the sheer number of people who use Google and co to search for products via the web, ignoring sites like prepaidplans which mind you ranks 1 for the term prepaid mobile in Australia is a little puzzling. In my endeavor to cover every prepaid mobile plan in Australia, I have already listed them and given they offer an affiliate program, I am likely to promote them.

It will take considerable effort to make a mark in Australia. They will need more than 50,000 customers in order to make any real impact here and probably make any real money.

Amaysim needs to use the web, use social media and any other online services to build its online brand and the traffic and general raking of its site. Otherwise in 6 - 12 months, brand awareness will start to fall and the cost to keep it at launch levels will be very high.

In terms of product success, what is really lacking at the moment is a very cheap mobile plan with great data caps. The major brands kind of cover this at the moment, But there isn't a small player doing this in the prepaid space. Maybe Amaysim can do makes its play here.

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PrepaidPlans 5 years ago from Melbourne Author

Great summary on Amaysim

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