Amazing Female Contortionists Videos!


Contortionism may be defined as a unique form of acrobatic display which entails the bending of one’s physique to assume various awkward bodily postures. Contortionism calls for certain specialized skills and not easy for most people to perform. It will be relatively easier for persons endowed with flexible physical frame to master contortionism and as such women are better suited to learn and practice contortionism than men.

Young girls, usually between the ages of 7 and 14 are selected for training in contortionism and they acquire the desired levels of expertise between 14 and 20. Most female contortionists are categorized as either front-benders or back-benders, depending on which side of their spine is more flexible. There are of course some rare female contortionists who are equally at ease at bending both forwards and backwards.
Demand for young girls to be trained as female contortionists is steadily on the rise. Parents are also quite often eager to initiate their daughters into this profession – for the simple reason there is scope to earn fabulously in contortionism than almost any other career for young girls by joining circus groups.

Contortionist Dasha

Female Contortionists

To develop this kind of physical flexibility young girls follow are subject to rigorous practice continuously for several hours a day and are forced into observing a strict diet to avoid obesity. The cruel part is these girls are compelled to wear a smile on their face whilst twisting their bodies into amazing and unnatural positions silently suffering the oppressive pain. Contortionism is often a zealously guarded family occupation with the skills being passed down from mother to daughter.

There are countries where female contortionists are primarily trained to perform amazing feats to stun audiences. In some countries, female contortionism is more concerned with agility of movements to display feminine elegance. There are some places where female contortionists are made to perform in a sensuous or erotic fashion for pandering to baser instincts.

Female Contortionists Videos

Here's some amazing girls videos that I have found. With proper training and conditioning, it's amazing the limits that the human body can be pushed too. These female contortionists make what seems impossible, possible. Unbelievable some of the positions these girls can twist into. Enjoy!

Natasha Super Flexible Girl

CHARIS Queen of Contortion

Mongolian Contortionist Tunga

Contortion Training

Alexey Goloborodko - unique flexible kid

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martin 2 years ago

the feelings that they get from the stretching is wonderful, the visuals compliment the feelings and the beauty of the individual... the fact that they are willing to share this with us is sacred :)

ashia 4 years ago

its very amazing pics

Bubble Shooter 5 years ago

Thanks for this useful information. I am looking for it. Thanks mam, thanks for your cooperation.

Sanjeev Sehrawat 5 years ago

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monu 5 years ago

sonais diar

sara. 5 years ago

that is very nice and im 10 and i cant even do that .

Raj 5 years ago

wow,it is really amazing

tanveer 5 years ago

very amazing

G.A 5 years ago

if it is fact , it is amazing and very hard job

I salute these girls

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Neharpaar 6 years ago

Nicely written and thanks for the information...

suresh 6 years ago

its really good ferformans nice

pavi 6 years ago

Its really unbelivable

basharat 03137966802 6 years ago

it was wonnderful fun 2 C this flexibility.its all about God gifted.

raza 6 years ago

what a great pic, very fantastic

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its wonderful

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how can it possible


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its amazing for me unbleveable videos realy

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