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Top 42 Rumors

According to spoilers over at TheIdolPad, Jessica Sanchez has made the Top 42 for the 11th season of American Idol. Sanchez first gained national TV exposure on the first season of America's Got Talent. At the time, she was 12 years old. She initially did not make the public voting rounds, but Brandy brought her back as a wildcard. Jessica made a big impression but did not make it past the first voting round. Bianca Ryan, another young singer who was 11 at the time, went on to win the show.

Brandy said Jessica would be a big star at the time of her AGT performance. Around 5 years later, it looks like Jessica will get that chance. Judging from the below performance of the National Anthem, Jessica seems to have developed a fantastic vocal range. This is an amazing performance and the best I have found from her so far. Although her studio-enhanced versions on YouTube are not as impressive to my ears, Idol is a live singing competition. Jessica's live singing voice has great potential for pop and R&B songs.

However, will Jessica have the kind of musical identity that helps a contestant win Idol? This remains to be seen. At this point, however, she seems to be another Pia Toscano. These pop singers have had trouble doing well on Idol in recent years. Jessica seems to have a great voice, but is there any soul in it? Personally, I thought Pia was amazing, but others found her to be cold in terms of emotion. Jessica may have the same problem. On the other hand, Melanie Amaro just won the first season of the X-Factor, so this type of singer may be on the comeback trail.

If the rumors are true that Jessica has made the Top 42, then it is easy to predict that she will make the voting rounds unless she loses her voice or has some other unforeseen problem that would cause her to be eliminated. She certainly has the pipes to be this season's Pia and maybe even Season 6's Jordin Sparks. Assuming she makes the voting rounds, she should easily make the Top 7 on the 11th season of American Idol.

Jessica Sanchez National Anthem Performance

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Dave 4 years ago


actually Alison Iraheta is (El Salvadorian-American) not Mexican

joelle 4 years ago

i love you Jessica you are the best! to bad you lost top 2 but it's not fair you were much better i think they voted 4 him because he is hot although his voice is really nice but i like yours better i know that jennifer lopez wanted u to win american idol season 11 and the guy with the long hair sorry but i don't know his name i love u soooo much but i gotta admit philip's voice is amazing but i love u i am your number 1 fan but i know you know that your voice is amazing! and as jennifer said you are a star i love u sooooooooo uch when i hear your voice i think i am in heaven you are the best and congratulations philip your voice is amazing love u jessica

Philips 4 years ago

I think Jessica will have the highest number of votes,, I hope so. Don't vote for Philip 'cause he's not deserving, he only Reach top 2 because of the votes. Grrrr..

april (again) 4 years ago

jessica is GONNA WIN!!!!!!!!!!! ive done voted for her 614 joke

april 4 years ago

jessica is the best.... shes got the voice of an for jessica alllll the wayyyyy

Joshua 4 years ago

Before you judge the voice and stage presence of Jessica why don't you try to sing in AI stage with millions of viewers. I don't think, you can sing like Jessica. People who are nothing to do but judge others are much gross, LOSERS..

me 4 years ago

i love her so much and she is deserving to win ai .. go jessica

dk 4 years ago

Jessica has no stage presence worse singer ever in idol

flor 4 years ago

She's the best singer more than any one well done....god bless you

Jm 4 years ago

You are the best singer ever!! Please vote for jessica!

Jay 4 years ago

She is boring. lacks cha!!!!!!

Kate 4 years ago

Awesome!!! such a great singer..... she should be the america's top best singers. please vote for jessica sanchez the one and only

Samantha 4 years ago

Please everyone vote for Jessica on American Idol!! She is 1 of the best singers!! Love it !!! Go Jessica go :) i love Jessica !!! i hope everyone can drop what their doing and just vote for the best!!!

mary hartmannn 4 years ago

Ivote for Jessica is Sanchez her voice e is beauitfull

meacyann 4 years ago

EWWWW! gross

aldwin 4 years ago

thia megia is full blooded filipino i think??? ryt?

arona 5 years ago

i would love to see her on idol

matty 5 years ago

she is awesome!

Tresia 5 years ago

She will make the voting round she's Filipino-Mexican and she's personal friends with american idol alumnus Alison Iraheta (Mexican American) and Thia Megia (Filipino-American). Imagine those 2 communities voting for Jessica Sanchez come voting rounds.

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