An Interview With Minnie Riperton

Minnie Riperton

Known for her octave range, Minnie Riperton was a singer and a songwriter.  Born, November 1947 Minnie Riperton had the X factor.  She studied at Lincoln Center in Chicago, where she learned  music, drama, and dance.  Starting out with the Gems, a local Chicago group Minnie Riperton got her first taste of stardom.  She then joined forces with Chess Records where she sang backup for many artists. 

Minnie Riperton Collaborations

  • Etta James
  • Fontella Bass
  • Ramsey Lewis
  • Bo Diddley
  • Chuck Berry
  • Muddy Waters
  • Rotary Connection
  • James F Colaianni 

Minnie Riperton Solo Artist

Minnie Riperton hit the scene as a solo artist in 1975 with "Lovin You".  Lovin You reached number one.  In 1976, Minnie Riperton career was cut short when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  During a radical mastectomy, Minnie Riperton continued to sing.  She went on tour in 1977 and became a spokesperson for Breast Cancer. 

Lovin You by Minnie Riperton

Before her death, Minnie Riperton received an award for her breast cancer awareness efforts.  She was present with the Society's Courage by the White House.  Reformer President, Jimmy Carter handed her the award.

Minnie died in 1979.  She was only 31 year old.  Minnie was married to Richard Rudolph.  Minnie and Richard had two children, Marc Rudolph and Maya Rudolph.  Minnie Riperton left a small but timeless collection of music. 

Minnie Riperton Singles

  • Reasons
  • Seeing You This Way
  • Lovin You
  • Inside My Love
  • When It Comes Down To It
  • Simple Things
  • Adventures In Paradise
  • Stick Together
  • Can You Feel What I'm Saying
  • Young, Willing, & Able
  • Memory Lane
  • Lover and Friend
  • Here We Go
  • Give Me Time 

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BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

How beautiful! Magnificently touching, lovely, grand, etc.! Glad you included the video - it's heartbreaking - and I went through every emotion listening to her. I'm so glad she left the legacy of her songs - and her lovely daughter. It was years before I knew Maya Rudolph (Saturday Night Live) is her daughter!

Thanks for this bit of music history!Sob!

ysdata profile image

ysdata 7 years ago from Dover, Delaware Author

They are doing a special on her this Sunday on TV1. So that's were I got the idea to write this hub.

RVilleneuve profile image

RVilleneuve 7 years ago from Michigan

Very nice hub. I remember that song from my childhood.

Philipo profile image

Philipo 7 years ago from Nigeria

TruSoulDJ 3 years ago

An amazing artist. I just wonder if her talent would be as recognized if she was alive to compete in the current industry.

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