Photo Gallery of Malayalam Actress Ananya

Ananya is one of the most talented upcoming actresses in the Malayalam film industry. She rose to fame with the Tamil film Naadodigal, directed by Samuthirakani and starring Sasikumar. The film was both critically acclaimed and received well by the masses. It was the big break in Ananya's career. Her original name is Ayilya, and was changed to Ananya during the movie.

Ananya's first Malayalam film was Positive, directed by V. K. Prakash. It told the story of a group of friends. Ananya also had a brief but important role in the movie. Although it was a pretty good movie, it didn't become a box office hit, and hence Ananya was not noticed much. But the songs of the movie became hits. Naadodigal happened after that.

Next, Ananya got the chance to be in the Malayalam film Shikaar with Mohanlal. In the movie she played Mohanlal's daughter. The climax of the film, the high point of the whole movie, was shot in the Guna caves. Ananya did the risky shots of the climax without opting for a double, and was thus appreciated by everyone, including Mohanlal himself.

Now she has a slew of releases lined up, almost all featuring her in the lead role and in more than one language. The biggest is the multilingual Kandahar with Mohanlal and Amitabh Bachan. The movie tells the story of the Kandahar plane highjacking.

So we wish all the best to Ananya.

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HM 6 years ago

Very cute

sham 6 years ago

now your veary feauti but I am what i do ?

i love u i want u marry u 6 years ago

u r very cute & simple

renji 6 years ago

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praveen 5 years ago

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THE VIPER 5 years ago

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gopi 5 years ago

hai ananya what an attractive body shape i cant watch it

ajeesh palakkad 5 years ago

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praveen 5 years ago

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jacob 5 years ago

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Aswathy 5 years ago

Hi Ananya,

When you put petticoat inside you blouse in some photos it is visible...

saiwer 5 years ago

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BRChauhan 5 years ago

Hay Annanya ! You are so cute . Your beauty is marvelous nd never seen before such beauty.You are looking like as blasting big Sex Bomb . Keep up your beauty as you are & Almighty God bless you every success,happiness of the World.

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sudheesh k.c 5 years ago

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Nikhil kallingal 5 years ago

Hai ananya.

You are so cute. I love your act. My best wishes for your feature and god bless you.

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Hey Ananya

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Ananya uday kunduyeel kunna kayateeyathu yaralam?

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Shibin555 5 years ago from kannur

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deepu 5 years ago

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devilskiss 5 years ago

I love u dear.....enika chundu kadikan thonnunnu..ninte seal pottikan enne vilikille??aa chandiyum mulakalum kandu kothiyavunnu...n nice acting too....keep it up.

ramshi 5 years ago

Yengeyum yepothum film nannayitund. Keep it wishes my dear frnd

Mukka 5 years ago

Hai ananya nee valare sundariyanu.

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Nithin 4 years ago

Your fan

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ANANYA (actress) 4 years ago

Poori makkala nigalkku athrakku kunna kadi muthu erikkukayanakile epol thanna vekam poyi nigalude AMMA yudeyum PENGALUDEyum pooorilum kundielum kunna kayatti vanam vittuka....... Egana ¥====¿¿

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anto 4 years ago

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Sree 4 years ago

I lyj ur chilednes smile

visu 4 years ago


visu 4 years ago

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asw 4 years ago

oombiya ananya

rajesh 4 years ago

kandu kondirikanavila real sundari. Nine onu kandal ninte kalinidayil mukham vechirikanam

sarath 4 years ago

para poori ananya...polayadi mole ninte churidar valichu keeri ninte ootha mula pidichu njan oombi ninte mulapal kudikkum myreee

idn 4 years ago

enikku ananyaude pooril viral idanam.

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verky 4 years ago

anannnya i saw your pichure on web page today / i like your photo very goof

mani 4 years ago

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suresh 4 years ago

Ananye ninne eniku konakanam ninte pooru thinnanam eniku oraharavum venta ninte pooru kittiyal

NARGIS 4 years ago


JAIMS F 4 years ago

Ananya i like ur acting and all other thing ,but you made a wrong decision in your life to select a better partner .Why you choosing a second marriage person no need of that,many of them like you more ,i think i am the better person tha anjaneyan

4 years ago

nhan ninte pooril samthripthananu ananya poor care

balu 4 years ago

Too good

ramadas 4 years ago


ss 4 years ago

pundachi mole nee enne oombum..

ben 4 years ago

kunnayolikku odukkathe glamour aanu,charakkinte mulayum kundiyum superrrrrrrr

ben 4 years ago

ananya enikku ninte pooril kettanam.

sunil 4 years ago

Ananya you look my sister a lot especially in tight dresses mmmm

sam 4 years ago


Jojo 3 years ago

Ananya..Ninte kotham manakkan kothiyakunnu...Nee oochu vidumo? ninte koothi polichu pidichu ente vayileekku taa..njaan nakki sughippikkam...nee pori vittu ente vayilekku taa

R.pillai. 3 years ago

Ade Anna anyayame.ninte poor onnu rentenu, tharumo ...anikkariyam. new oru para vedi. Anennu. Para ethra. Janvenam. Ninne ookkathavaril.oral unanimous matharm

rajeev 3 years ago

ananya valare sundhariyanu.mukhathinu nalla akarshanamanu .sarayu ayitulla chithram kananulla thayaredupilanu njan.randu sundarikutikale kandu nirvruthiyadayan kazhiyum aranu super enu apazhe parayan patu .

sheejan 3 years ago

ananya serikkum oru oombiya pundachi thanne ...vannappo enthoru ahankaram aayirunnu myrinu...ippo cinema onnum illathathukond avalkku poorukadi aanu..ini aareyenkilum oombiyum vanam kudichum pooru rent koduthum jeevikkenda avasthayay.

rajesh 3 years ago

Ananya epolathe akarshana sundhari.Pine ente manasil kavyekal akarshanam ulla kuti.Cherupakarude idayil nalla rating undu ananyaku.2 varsham kondu 162 comments kitiyile.Oru masam 6 or 7 commentenkilum kitum.Valare tight competions anu ananye kathirikunath sarayu shafna bhama pine kavya nayanthara meera jasmine evararum thane moshamalla enorkuka.Soundharyam kathu sookshikan sremikanam illenkil vanapozhulla soundharyam undavathila.Athupolathe chila nadimar kavya pazhaya soundharyam illa.nayanthara madhupala thrisha diya mirza shilpa shety raveena tandon ivaroke e listil pedum.

rajeev 3 years ago

Eniku pidichu nilkanavunila chechi ente bharya akavo enanu ente apeksha.

balaji 3 years ago

hai annanya nice smile good looking you are very smart

Babu 3 years ago

Hi pondatti I love you

prasad.9747816898 3 years ago


dilu 3 years ago

EDI poori njan ninaku panni tharamadi.ninta pootil ketti pannattae.nintae pooru polathadi koothichi pundachi molae.ninnae okkattadi poori.ninta pooru

krishna prasad 2 years ago

hay sundare kute. . . . . . . . . . .my harete of bete

manjunath 2 years ago

Ananya njan ninte maladwarathil nakkumpol nee thoori tharumo?

Ajeesh edavanna 2 years ago

Chakapolula ananyayuda mula

kit 2 years ago

ananyayudae oochinu cheenja cabbage

kit 2 years ago

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pazhakiya palintae nattamanu

manju 2 years ago

i love you sweet drem

manju 2 years ago

i love you sweet drem

rose 2 years ago

Hi ninde nallabhavikku nan divathodu prarthikkunnu.

rose 2 years ago

Nee enikkoru msg ayakku.endegilum.nan ninde friend akan agrahikkunnu.please.

ananya 2 years ago

Eniku ente katta kavya madhavanumayi muttikanam.. Eniku kavyaye valare ishtama.. Njangalude koode bhamayum undengil nallathu

vanu 2 years ago

i mis u

Kavin 2 years ago

Ananya ur navel is super pls expose more in saree I love ur navel

mmmmmmmm 2 years ago

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anil 2 years ago

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reji 2 years ago

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fucker 23 months ago

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praveen 22 months ago

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hindi 9500738928

nja 16 months ago

samyukta varma and shweta menon blouse fight...naalu kattakal snehikunnu..ore bedil..whoooo

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