Meet the Fockers

And you thought your parents were bad?

Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro are back for another sequel along with new comers Dustin Hoffman (Bernie Focker) and Barbara Streisand (Roz Focker). After surviving the horror of having his life scrutinized by his father in-law, Jack Burns (Robert DeNiro), Greg (Ben Stiller) must now prepare to have his own parents under the same kind of scrutiny. However, it seems with the help of his parents, they plan on "Fockerizing Jack (in other words loosen him up)." Which proves easier said than done as Greg's parents appear to be the polar opposite Pam's parents. Unlike the cold military father-in law, Bernie and Roz are more upbeat, free spirited and open about sex. Heck, they even brag about how Greg gets laid for the first time by his baby sitter. Yeah, and you thought your parents were bad. As it seems though like most sequels, this one just seems to run off the same angst humor, but it does have a bit of a twist to it. Showing how we often get embarassed by are own parents. Overall, though, if you liked the last film, then this one shouldn't disappoint.

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