Anderson Cooper

The Mysterious Mr.Anderson Cooper

For as long as I can remember,I have had a huge crush on Anderson know that super hot CNN news anchor often referred to as the "silver fox".He is smart.He is charming.He is mysterious and he has the most adorable laugh ever.Anderson Cooper is also a very shy and extremely private person.While we are all aware of his Vanderbilt connections,Anderson rarely mentions his connections and never ever talks about his private life which makes him even more intriguing.

Ofcourse keeping mum about his private relationships has led to tons and tons of speculations about Anderson Cooper's sexual orientation -- the rumors can be googled with just a few clicks but Anderson still chooses not to address any of them instead choosing to concentrate on delivering professional news stories five days a week on his tremendously popular CNN show "AC360".

When not exchanging playful banter with Erica Hill on CNN,Anderson Cooper can be found hanging out with Kelly Ripa on "Live With Regis and Kelly" or delivering special reports for CBS' "60 minutes".He is also a best selling author.Is there anything Anderson Cooper can't do?

Anderson Cooper Hailing A Cab

Anderson Cooper hailing a cab in NewYork City.Check out his fabulous arms!
Anderson Cooper hailing a cab in NewYork City.Check out his fabulous arms!

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Apple 6 years ago

Anderson Cooper has been my ultimate crush. He's just so...I can't even explain it. Words can't define how I feel. Only inappropriate thoughts.

Val 23 months ago

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