Andy 'Six' Biersack

Andy Six was born Andrew Dennis Biersack, he was born in Milwaukee- Wisconsin but moved to Cincinnati- Ohio at a young age. This outstanding young man was brought into the world on December 26th, 1990, making him 21 years of age. When Andy was young, he was the "out-cast" as you could say among many. Andy 6, was a character created to hide himself from the dangers of the world, then later on Andy Six, became who he is today. In the writing of his stage name, he prefers Andy Six, over Andy 6 and the infamous Andy Sixx. Many people make the mistake of spelling it with double X's. However, he now currently goes by his real name, Andy Biersack.

As a kid, he was over weight (in which he decided to lose the weight at the age of 13), and one of the only kids that adored to sport black. Of course a lot of people thought that he was off, and weird. They avoided and mocked him, calling him names, such as "fag" and "emo".

At 13, Andy did decide to lose the weight, and got his hair styled. Suddenly, the "emo" fashion came into play, and he was no longer the loser to the kids that had once called him "fag".

Andy started out his musical career at the age of 14. Naming his band "Biersack", with a few of his friends participating in it. The mainly played the old cover songs of "Alkaline Trio" and "the Misfits". As he realized people really seemed to be enjoying what "Biersack" brought to the table, Andy knew he had to do something more. Thus, Black Veil Brides was finally born.

During his school years, Andy became used to jumping from place to place for reasons of his own. As well as his family's, such as the bullying and torment. The boiling point was reached to him and his parents after his family came to know the life of vandalization. Andy's possesions would be destroyed, his friends, realitives, and own family were threatened.

Andy does in fact have tattoos. On his right arm, a 13" Azreal Batman, Andy's favourite comic book character as a child, on his left arm he has an Alkaline Trio heart with his Ex-girlfriends initials on the teeth (Scout Taylor-Compton) , a bleeding misfits skull along with a danzig skull and a funeral presession flower.

Andy in his ever popular Video "knives and pens"

This song is loved by BVB lovers everywhere.
The music video has significant meaning. Especially since the young boy in the video represents Andy himself. The video, was from his time in school. The "fag" and "emo" posters that decorated the locker, was what happened to Andy.
It was extremly hard on Andy to re-live those moments, that he tried to hard to repress. It was nothing but heart sickening to him to watch himself again as a child.

The "older" Black veil brides.
The "older" Black veil brides.

On September 4th, 2010. The Black Veil Brides Drummer, Sandra Alva had left the band in attempt to further and persue more of her musical life goals/career. (Picture is of BVB with Sandra)

Below is a picture of the band with their new Drummer, Christian "CC" Coma. CC joined the band not long after Sandra left. So far, he's lived up to the bar she set.

"New" Black Veil brides.
"New" Black Veil brides.

Random Facts

Andy stands at a nice height of 6 foot 2 inches
He smokes.
He's Straight, and in a relationship with Juliet Simms (Automatic Loveletter).
His family is his life.
His mother's name is Amy, and his father's name is Chris.
Andy is the only original member left in Black Veil Brides.
As well as singing, he also plays the bass.
He was in the 6th grade when he moves to Ohio, from Wisconsin.
He absolutly loves animals.
Hockey is his favourtie sport.
Andy used to model, and acted in several commercials, some being, AT&T and Montana Meth.
His favourite band is "Alkaline Trio"
He often writes poetry.
In high school, he went to "The creative and preforming arts".
Andy Is athiest. He in fact was raised in a Roman Catholic home, but Andy decided not to follow along as he grew up.
(yes he actually is atheist. I talk to many people that have come in contat with Andy. So please stop commenting saying he isn't what he is.)

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puter_dr profile image

puter_dr 6 years ago from Midwest USA

You might wish to utilize one of the advertising modules in your hub. Amazon or Ebay works nicely with Musician hubs.

Also, the musical instrument is a bass, not base. The right spelling might gain you traffic from searches for bass players.

Regarding the subject of the hub, is his girlish look just his stage persona?

Welcome to hubpages and good luck.


Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

hey thanks you so much for the tips ^_^

regarding the girlish look. No its not apart of his stage persona. its not much of "girlish look" much more of the "emo" style he posesses. this is the way he prefers to dress. Like when he was a kid. if you want to give this a look. the child in this video represents himself at that age. loving to wear the converse and black clothing ^_^

kaylie 6 years ago

hey, thanks for posting this about andy six! its hard to find out info about him, coz he theres no wikipedia on him. i only got into BVB a few days ago, and have just become obessed with their music and andy!!

Maddie65 6 years ago

What about his religion? I mean, I've looked everywhere, and I can't find his religion. Would you happen to know what it is?

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Kaylie dear, your certainly welclome. I know what you mean, I love Andy, and was so mad that I wasn't able to find anything else. Andy Is obviously something to obsess about XD haha that's for sure.

Maddie65 as for his religion, I shall update that. But h is athiest. He was raised in a christian home though.

amber 6 years ago

he was raised in a roman catholic home not christian

Gloria 6 years ago

I really liked reading this. =) Thanks for posting it. But do you know what nationality he is? I can't find it anywhere.

samantha 6 years ago

hey i really appreciate ur tips thx

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

anytime mah dear

profile image

emoemily 6 years ago

hey sup andy how are i have a lot friends athata like u here in ardmore ,ok oh and we know ur brothe

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

nothing much is up with me. just about to make a black veil brides hun (:. lol i see, well i don't have a brother mah dear, and i have NO idea where ardmore is

ema 6 years ago

i love you andy sixx

.Nita.♥ 6 years ago

Thank you sooo muchh... This website has so much info about Andy 6.. I LOVE him. But yeh, it is really reallly hard to find out much about him. So thank youuu x

Deanna 6 years ago

wow, thanks a bunch man. I'm researching him in computer class and wow this helps a bunch. Ive loved andy since i was in 6th grade, now in 8th lol. anyways thanks abunch darlin.

Sil3ntHope 6 years ago

Why did he have the nickname sixx?

discored 6 years ago

you spelled milwaukee wrong

mikayla 6 years ago

i went to one of their concerts, they rock and they really are obsession worthy

briana 6 years ago

soo is his music devil like? cuz i wanna be able to trust him and his music...i need to know the truth...

nembogremlin 6 years ago


Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Hey your welcome Deanna (: and welcome to everyone else whom gave thanks! i know its hard to find out about him, trust me, it was hard to pull this much about him x3 i think im going to ask him for an interview ^_^

@ Briana, his music is not satanic or anything. Yes a couple songs to have some screamo, but it's DEFFINATLY not satanic/devil like.

Andy6Lover 6 years ago

Have you ever met him before??

Katy 6 years ago

What is his mother and fathers names?

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

No. I do not know him personally, but i can still ask him for a interveiw x.x hopefully he will accept it and i can gain more information.

and Katy, I shall certainly get that information to you!

Caseyy 6 years ago

His Mom's name is Amy and his Dad's name is Chris. But he goes by Brock :D

Ozanam Sousa 6 years ago

Sou seu seguidor do Brasil.


brandy 6 years ago

he rocks a lot i,he is my favorite band in the world

regan 6 years ago

I love him!! hey can u try to do some more info on him pls :)

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

I certainly can try and get some more information on him :3 it may take a few though!

[]ma []\/[]onster KiTtEh~! =^.^= 6 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this I'm doing a project for and this helped me SO much~!

Lindsey, Darlin 6 years ago

Uhm Hum!

I Love Andy.

His Story Is Close To Mine.

But Not Exactly Alike.

Thank You For This Information.

It Helps Me Feel As If There "is" Hope For Me To Get Somewhere In Life As In He Did.

I Hope Im Able To Live Up To Expectations.

But In My Opinion Andy Shouldn't Have Been Made Fun Of Because even Back Then The Style Was Very Popular And Usual.

But Now Hes A Big Hit And Is Even Pushing Up His Career In Work With His Style

I Believe Andy Doesn't Go Under Labels Or Titles He Is Himself And That's What Everyone Should Be.

Andy as Then Got Tired Of Having This Pressure On Him.

So He Started Biersack.

And I Understand It BvB Is Very Popular.

But I Hate How It Is Turing To All The Girly ish People And Going To Ruin There Reputation Soon As If They, Was Never Signed.

But I Will Always Hope To Keep This All Up And Hope To Keep Them And BvB Alive!

I Hope You Get This Interview,Darlin.

Andy Six! Ferever

xChellerzx profile image

xChellerzx 6 years ago

This is Amazing, and yes i have to agree he is one to obsess about, "Black Veil Brides" is one of my fave bands!

Анастасия 6 years ago

? ?????? Andi Six!!!!!!!!!!!! ? ???? ? ??? ???????, ?????, ????????? ?? ????????, ????????! ? ???? ????? ANDI SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

black veil brides is an amazing band :3 i cant wait to see them, and hopefully be able to talk to andy myself :] then i could make this bio better XD


Amanda 6 years ago

Can you put up the link for the A T&T commercial....I cant find it anywhere!!??!! Please and thankyou!!

MindFreakMe 6 years ago

I never knew that he's 19

And so am I, but the awesome thing is that

I'm older lol, he's on the 26th I'm on the 12th

you are awesome Andy and loved reading about you

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

I can find the link for you, i have the mountain meth link though if you'd like to see that :3

yea, its been a huge debate whether or not hes 19-20. haha, lucky buggie you are, closer to his age than the most of us x3

shaina 6 years ago

andy six?no its ANDY SEXI!!!!!=) ILY

Alex 6 years ago

Are you sure he's athirst cuz I've seen him wear crosess and like those bracelets that have Mary on them...? Idk but either way just as long as they aren't like devil

worshipers (though I doubt it) still love him he's so inspirational and believe it or not he saved my life other than God. I was always tormented like tht too and when I heard his music it made me realize not to care...

CupCakes :) 6 years ago

haii thanks for the info it really helped with this project i had to do and also do u know a link for tour dates for 2010-2011 i will go anywhere for them xD

i  6 years ago

OMG! Hard to believe that he WAS over weight. Hes so perfect now.

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

yea he was overweight =3 I couldn't believe it either. and cupcakes:) I'll get that link for you I have no problems finding that for you

As for alex

he is atheist. He's said so lol. I can even ask for an interveiw from him if he isn't to busy if you would like =3 he isn't a satanic worshiper. Yes some satanists listen to him, but so does a lot of people. No worries

Nikki 6 years ago

i love you Andy six : ) i am gonna se him the 12/2 12 of feb. that is om my B-day :3 Nikki sixx + Andy six

Ps. my name is Nikki but my f's, says Nikki sixx to me :3

Trafel 6 years ago

Im a boy but i love Andy! I could be gay for him lolz just kiddin xD but realy, this Guy is awesome :p

Wynonna!(: 6 years ago

I personaly LOVE Andy to pieces!(: ?

kurt 6 years ago

your an awesome vocalist..your an amazing musician..i love and inspire you..!!

Virg 6 years ago

I love Andy. He is such an inspiration. :)

your mom 6 years ago

I thot is ws amazing:) i never new this so thxxxxx:)

profile image

Mz.Kendricks 6 years ago

He is da best!!! Sexii, talented,and everything else. I really hope yu get that interview!!

Alex 6 years ago

Thanks for the info. I guess it really doesn't matter what he is.:) it's Andy he's hot either way and I would love more info thnks!!!!:)))))

molly 6 years ago

i love andy six!!! i love absalutely everything about him and i think hes sexy

mihaela 6 years ago

i love black veil brides

leah 6 years ago

black veil brides is an ahmazing band, andy is so down to earth and has a great sense of humor, he's definantly my hero, they're music is amazing nd personally i think they will go down in history(: he's also very random but its adorable^_^

nanz  6 years ago

andy six is so HAWTTT

DarkMindGirl 6 years ago

andy is an inspiration ^^

Sexy Bitch=Andy Six 6 years ago

Hes So Sexyyyyyy!!!!!!

iLoveAndySix:P 6 years ago

Andy six iz sooo dam hot im juzt not sure if hes racist or anything lyk tht iReally look up too him :\

Tash 6 years ago

Do you mind if I use some of this information for a website I'm making? I promise to give you full credit.

Maxt 6 years ago

I wish he didn't smoke!

**ADRI** 6 years ago

yeah i wish he didn't smoke 2!! wouldn't it make it hard 2 sing? like when he is screaming...idk...anyway i love him and his band he is soooo sexy ^.^ lol


Niki_J 6 years ago

! f33l b@d 4 h!m @nd wh@t w@z go!n 0n @t d@t t!me ! c0n$t3ntly f33l th@t p@!n wh3n !m @t $ch00l !t hurt$ @l0t!!!

better version:

i feel bad 4 him and what was going on at dat time i consently feel that pain when im at scool it hurts a lot!!!!

cupcakeswithrazorz 6 years ago

andysixx will always be in my heart. i feel bad about how his life was shitty but he came through and that inspires me. more than anything else ever has. love ya andy.

iLoveAndySix:p 6 years ago

I agree cupcakeswithrazorz

Aburycky 6 years ago

I love Andy Sixx...He is a strong man because he could get over those hard times of his childhood...And I hate people who mock others..sorry my english..I'm Romanian.

Haley 6 years ago

Andy is my boyfriend he just doesn't know yet! ^_^

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 6 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

yea, andy has become a huge role model in my life. it helps me know that other people, as big as andy is in life, can conquer anything that he set his mind too!


i love your comment, so far that has made my day :3

Jadewulf 6 years ago

My daughter turned me on to your band...I have to say you are remind me of Nikki Sixx from Motley....keep the the Killer tracks comin!!!!!!!!!!!!

Violet  6 years ago

I'm not a huge bvb fan but I think Andy is quite amazing(: It's sad that he's an atheist :( Oh well

Rumpa 6 years ago

Bajs är gott.

KittieeKat 6 years ago

Wow thx for posting this..Andy is better than I thought and now he is my role model, well him and hayley Williams haha. I just started listening to bvb like a month ago and I just love "knives and pens"..very inspirational. I'm only 13 and was "emo" for a while and went to a preppy school and was teased about being different than literally everyone,so music was my only escape. And even after I stopped cutting myself I was still teased and it was irritating. But now I'm sure I don't fall under the emo category but I still love the style and that's what's great-that you don't have to cut or be depressed 24/7. I mean,I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes but I'm managing through it. Anyway,my point is that Andy Six is really a great guy and bvb is an awesome band and I support them 100% it's kinda suprising to know that even famous musicians were teased about their looks..not that suprising but you know,don't judge someone just by appearance. You never know if you are bullying the next famous musician (;

KittieeKat 6 years ago

Btw, Andy is pretty cute..... Bonus lol........ This is just a random fact,irdk why I'm telling you this, but Iv been told I look like I'm 16..maybe cuz of all the makeup I wear hah and my friends tell me my best qualities are my passions for

Music and animals....and my hair HAHA but-yeah. It's like 23:59 in Texas right now and I'm just being random but I was gonna say that for all you people that like to bash "emo" kids or just people who like to look like it, please don't.It was done to Andy and probably scarred him. Find something better to do,no I do not mean to pick on other kids,I mean do what I do-- Draw or sing or some kind of shit!!Just stop being like this cuz noone likes to be alone. Like one time this older chic totally bruised me and talked me down and my so-called friends didn't help me. It hurt...the beating and being played by "friends". I mean,fuck,there are so many issues that go on in peoples lives,why would you wanna make it even harder? I'm just saying this because I kinda know how Andy feels. I'm sure he had it worse but still,bullies are bullies-not much you can do. I'm the weakest girl in my school so defending myself isn't much of an option :/ but Iv made it this far,God knows what I can handle

Alice Switchblade 6 years ago

Andy and i's stories are almost identacle but I'm a grl he is older and I live in tx other than that, so far we are the exact same thx for posting bf suggested them to me and said we r very similer and he was right love them

Leslie 6 years ago

I think that's an amazing thing for Andy to take the intitiative and stop the bullying. him being so hot and famous is like a slap in the face to all the jerks who teased him.

Kika :) 6 years ago

I like BVB..and Andy Sixx is a big man.. with an amazing heart =)

KitieeKat 6 years ago

@Leslie well you arent wrong lol

Who cares? 6 years ago

Okay soo most of this crap you wrote ISN'T ture he's not athiest and he wasn't fat when he was a kid. That just sounded so stupid, why is he SUPER skinny now?? also he doesn't write poems he writes music, differnce! Wow yer dumb i was really hoping i could get could facts from this. I was wrong

Chance  6 years ago

I never knew Andy was athiest I mean I'm christian but I still very much like him as well as the band BVB he is not straight btw he is bi I can prove it.

Awesomeclare 6 years ago

@whocares? Well btw you can do a little thin called multiple interests which lots of people have! You can write songs AND poetry and there is also a thing called LOSING weight, look it up! And also where's your proof that he isn't an atheist unless he says it and you witness it you don't have any so just stfu!!!!!!!

andy  6 years ago

grammar sucks. yours does that is. hard to read. i know being a perfect gramitical writer is not rock-n-roll but if your going to write better damn well do it right. I doubt BVB messes up on their art form - music.

Khalil Gay 6 years ago

Is he really an athiest?

A7 6 years ago

@Khalil Gay yes yes he is unfortunately :/

Vanessa 6 years ago

lol epic comments and epic biography it helped a lot though

b0n3s 5 years ago

@Chance how can you prove that? Its not bad or anything..i have never seen a pic w/ him witta guy \m/ >.< \m/

Khalil Gay 5 years ago

@A7, interesting fact. I like his music and stuff, but me myself and i are christian.

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

I understand all of you have your veiw points on the world and wish he was christian or what have you.

But i do need to state again. he actually is atheist. Sorry if i happened to burst your bubble. He is not, nor ever was satanic.

Any how, thanks for commenting guys, it's you that help me in my information seeking!

anything else? just ask me and ill try and get it.

No one knows but im also making a black veil brides hub as we speak :3

Leslie 5 years ago

I saw a video of im on you tube and in the interview he said he and the other members are no0t gay at all but their old drummer was a lesbian. He's not gay but he said he doesn't c anything wrong with gays/lesbians and that makes him even more bad a**

amber  5 years ago

i understand hes not religious but why does he wear a rosary, which by the way i don't have a problem with

A7 5 years ago

@amber cuz he was raised up in a catholic home. I'm Christian but my grandparents are catholic

A7 5 years ago

Lol I used 2 usernames-KitieeKat but now I use A7.. I'd use A6 but Andy got it first haha. 6 is my lucky #

A7 5 years ago

Could you find out what kind of girl Andy likes or is compatible with? Cuz my friend says I'm very similar to him-but I don't see it. Anyway I was just wondering ^_^

A7 5 years ago

Lol,ONE MORE THING,,yes Andy is atheist and a skeptic, it says so in his facebook profile. Check it out and there's your proof from the man himself (;

bob 5 years ago

i love you and you rock andy six i wish i could go and see you in concert and you are very very hot i love you.

Alexia 5 years ago

Omfg!!thx soooooo much for this!!!I love Andy he saved my life!!!!

Do u have the URL for his acting things cuz that be bomb!!!

A7 5 years ago

@Alexia it's on YouTube. His YouTube account,Biersack,should have it listed in montana meth. Iv seen it it's kinda sad

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

yea ill get the link for you if you cant find is Alexia.

I do agree with A7, he did an amazing job with the acting in montana meth commercial, but it was sad. The message was deffinately sent.

He also did the chance and andy show.

I found that utterly hilarious.

A7 5 years ago

@Sext_Me Lol yeah chance and andy are hilarious! I love lightening thunderstein (: and dr.Black lmao 'I am a vampire enthusiast' haha

Srta. Kamyllah_Fresno 5 years ago

Andy Six -> pura perfeição, tyh amuh forever

kittii 5 years ago

ily andy sixx ur amazing

A7 5 years ago

I really wanna see BvB perform Sunday. It's only 5 hours away....O_o love u black veil brides (:

kittii 5 years ago

a7 just to point out that i love your name =)just saying

Azeliah 5 years ago

is there any chance of some close pictures of his tattoos? I'd love to see them in detail. Thank you!

 5 years ago

In Picture N°5 , There's Some One Who Looks Just Like an emo Nicolas Cage xD

Kittii 5 years ago

haha thanks..I would use a6 because six is my lucky number and my name starts with A,but you know,Andy already took a6 (:

A7 5 years ago

Oops...that last msg was me. I meant that it was for @kittii...sowwieee (:. And btw I was born in 1997 and that is why I chose a7 instead of six.

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

SO guys

i guess you should know, that im making a hub on black veil brides. and ive personally sent them a message asking for just a bit of their time for some questions! im hoping to god that they say yes. but don't get your hopes up because they could be to busy to! :3 thanks for the support. im happy you guys enjoy my hub! more to come

and azeilha i can certainly try and do that for you (:

A7 5 years ago

@Sext_Me no way awesome!!! I mean,if they agree,that is. Yeah it would be awesome to see his tatoos up close..I want to get a batman like his.. :D andy is my role-model. Not only is he attractive(lol),but he seems like a great person. Funny,kind,understanding,smart,and truly loves his fans. I hope to meet him one day and tell him how great of an influence he is on me (:

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

i told the group how much that they infuelnced and inspired so many people. which is SO damn true! am i right guys?!

i know a few people that have met andy and talked to him on the phone, they say he's actually really funny and really down to earth, just how we want our role models to be. :'3

Reeces_Loves_BVB profile image

Reeces_Loves_BVB 5 years ago from Stalker Ville, Colorado

oh my god how did you get sooo much crap on andy six and my "bro" is gonna talk to andy and he siad he talked to him before and he said he might get his number this time im like excited and Sext_Me you are just awesome

Zii Six 5 years ago

OMFG i loooooooooooooooooovvvvvvveeeeeeeeee Andy Six! I fully support BVB, 100% no matter what. And Andy is a great role model, I look up to him and so do many others. I'm an outcast myself and have been made fun of all my life, just like Andy was, but he made it through alright and grew up fine even though his childhood was not so pleasant. It's hard to ignore what other people say about you when everyone is saying it, but that's what you've got to do. Just don't care what other people think of you and be yourself. Be how you want to be, not how everyone else wants you to be. Thank you Andy and BVB for getting that message to everyone because it's helped many teens; like me and my friends. i?AndySix&BVB(:

A7 5 years ago

@Sext_Me awww (: lucky people

A7 5 years ago

@Zii Six good advice. Yeah if it wasn't for Andy giving me and others hope through what he says,I think I would still be sad and just pathetic. I really look up to him. I try to be like him(haha). I mean,he smokes and I would do it to be just like him! Even though that is utterly pathetic of me.o_O lol,I just think Andy is great. You know,,most girls want to be his girlfriend;but really I just want to be his friend. (: and I have a big crush on Jake Pitts as well...hehe (: and like I used to picked on also,but probably not as bad as he was. But you know,I got through it. And of course I'll still get teased but that is life. It will never end so you may as well try to deal with it and make the best of situations. Like I'm always laughed at for multiple reasons but that's how I help people feel better. I think I was made to make people laugh. I can't dance so if my friend has a bad day I'll dance to make them smile and laugh.(: just find something to occupy you or something

A7 5 years ago

O_o black veil brides concert in 5 hours...........5 hours away!!!!!!

A7 5 years ago

@Sext_Me wow I'm on here a lot lol um one more thing, could you ask him what his natural hair color is? and why he chose to be an atheist? Because I'm christian

LiddoNikkii6 5 years ago

Heres the link to the Montana Meth commercial:) i think he looks cute with his hair short:)but either way hes gorgeous:3 and i love him fro what he does and for his support:)

LiddoNikkii6 5 years ago

P.S he does NOT do meth at all. The link of the commercial he was in, was just to show how it can screw you up and get adicted after the first try:)

Azeliah 5 years ago

@Sext_Me: Thank you so much for trying to get some close pictures of his tattoos!

darix moreta 5 years ago



A7 5 years ago

'We are breathing while your sleeping GO and leave us alone the liars cheating our hearts beating GO and now you're on your own' PERFECT WEAPON

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author


thank you dear (: im glad i have so many people that love andy just as much as i do! haha


yes you are on here a lot, but i don't care. its a good way to keep in touch with other supporters. also, his natural hair colour is brown.


no problems. i can also request some pictures from andy if i get the word back from the band :3


thank you for getting that, ive been pretty busy with some family emergencies.


thank you so much! i love coming on to moderate the comments to always see some familiar faces. it truly makes me happy. knowing i have followers that care and support!

Nessa Nightmare 5 years ago

Wow this is amazing. I'm a huge Andy Six fan. This really helps get to know him. Thanks for posting it. I just found out his b-days the 26th and mines the 27th. i feel acomplished now. haha

A7 5 years ago

@Sext_Me Aw thanks and thanks for answering that! I was always curious. Btw I hope everything going on with ur family gets worked out

A7 5 years ago

@Sext_Me hey how old are u? I was just wondering cuz u look about-17 in my opinion (:

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

lol everyone thinks that im 17. but im not

im actually 15 :P

A7 5 years ago

haha ohhh. Yeah u really do look 17 lol. I'm 13 but ppl tell me I look like 16 (: haha

Hiii 5 years ago

I think Andy Six is just an amazing person.

angelinasix 5 years ago

i mean what was the name of school he went to i know he went to a Catholic School he went?

Hene 5 years ago

Andy is so amazing and my hero for my school project! xD

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author


Im not going to appreiciate words like that being thrown around. Yes, everyone has their own opinion. But think, your basically doing what those bullies did to andy while he was a kid. Thank you for the comments, much love. but grow up a bit please? im not trying to offend you. But think how you'd feel if someone was calling you that.


Ill find that out sweetheart, dontcha worry.


lol he was in my german project for my family tree XD i put him as Mein Mann (husband) LOL!

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author


lol yea i get that a lot XD

hey, i guess it'll come in handy soon right? looking older does have its advantages ;D

A7 5 years ago

@sext_me lol yeah ikr? (: hey if you have a vampirefreaks account, add me! My account is AurleyAmmo :D

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

@A7 ooh of course haha. :3 i do have vampirefreaks. im loving this premium till the 31st XD ill add you. im fallen_x_angel666 :3

tom 5 years ago

no andy and ash are the 2 original members the others were chris hollywood and sandra alva and i cant remember who else

A7 5 years ago

@Tom Christian Coma & Jake Pitts

cookiemonster 5 years ago

Hi,im writing a school prodject about him and i was wondering if you had any more info. because it god damn hard to find any thing on him,there is no wikipedia. so if you could help me that would be great:3

cookieman 5 years ago

hi, can you write some more fakta on him, i need some more fakta, i have a scool prosject :3

andysixxissoooohoot 5 years ago

hi i loved to read this i finally found something about him i have try to find something but i can't find anything kinda but i just wanted to say i love this:-D

Harrison Riley 5 years ago

He is so awesome ! I listen to knives and pens all the time you rock andy!:)

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

so to the pair of smart Cookies doing their project on andy, i am trying my hardest to get more info on him, like you said, its hard finding the information on him. If you read previous comments, i said i have ASKED for an interveiw-ish thing from them. they haven't responded yet, but no one (including me) should get their hopes up cause it could possibly not happen

Harrison Riley 5 years ago

You're the only band i listen to! :-)

Mariana 5 years ago

LOL I was born when he turned 7. I'm glad.

a6 rocks 5 years ago

omg i hav SO MUCH in common wiv him!! *squeal* thx 4 all the info,hope u can add more or get the interview...unfortunatly i cant watch da ad he was featued in coz i kind of accidntally downloaded a virus so now i cant watch vids or anyfin coz my adobe flash wont work.*groan* i knew i shouldn't have clikced it wivout finkin...

collin72000 5 years ago

hey im in a band to and i follow andy siX a lot this helped a lot cuz my music teacher wants us to right a report on a singer and i picked andy six so thanx to who ever wrote this article

if you want to like the band on facebook its called lights of the dead

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

@a6 rocks

well that sucks that you cant watch the video its actually really good. he has really short hair in it though :3


hey when i get home, ill check you guys out

and you're welcome. i just was getting tired of not finding any info on him. so during a day in summer school i researched and wrote this on him haha (: guess it paid off!

Awesomeness 5 years ago

I love Andy six and I love black veil brides but I wish he believed in god

Ima Person 5 years ago


kristina breaking dawn 5 years ago

tonight -fm static:

for andy six:

Tonight i've fallen and I cant get up I need your loving hands to come and pick me up and every night I miss u I can just look up and know the stars are





Giana 5 years ago

Today my friend went to his concert. She got a photo signed for me! He is so hot. He actually is inspiring me to lose weight right now. I lost 20 pounds this month thanks to him! 20 more and I'm perfect

emochick1995 5 years ago

i love andy i now no more than i did before, i wasn't aware of bvb afew weeks ago till i seen them on youutbe. i must say i am emo myself, cuts and everything, there are different looks for "emo's" everyone is different. since andy is one of my many rolemodels now, i respect his life choices, so whoever is knocking him for who he is, honestly get a life, cuz he is just like you or me, who looks alittle bit different(like me). so please next time you see a picture of andy or think about him, think of what he had to put up with in his life for his style, its also what im going through too. so please think bout it. and yes i am a girl.

kayaky 5 years ago

andy sixx is soo cute

JackieLoves 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for this...I Love It!

Andy is such a great person. He's the kind who just gives off this great vibe (even through a computer screen lolz) feels like I could trust him with anything, which is silly to say since I don't actually know him but still...He's just amazing that way. :P

katinte 5 years ago

Andy wasn't born their he was born in ohio smart one.he is an only child.his favorite band is monly crue.he didn't ever had a band name biersack that is his lat name

JackieLoves 5 years ago


He first named the band Biersack after his last name, but later changed it to Black Veil Brides.

That is a true fact.

He wasn't born in Ohio. He grew up there.

And Motley Crue is one of his favorites, including Misfits, Alkaline Trio, and others.

And "their" is spelled T-H-E-R-E.

Just thought I'd clear that up for you.

morgan 5 years ago

do you know his email?

jessie  5 years ago

Omg I love hi, he is the best and i am only 14 and he is my fav.

maeying1231 5 years ago

i love BVB they are so awsome i love andy six he is my idol i also think gr8tly of jinx you to r uber kool i n i got a lot of those problems in school that is y i slit my wrist it helps me but my mom 302 me n im n thearpy but it doesn't stop the pain when i am school so i kno andy's pain.

manthy profile image

manthy 5 years ago from Alabama,USA

Cool Hub Man - Thanks for the info

KassieKatastrophee&&D.D.Six 5 years ago

We love,love,love Andy Six

carolyn 5 years ago

omg thanks for posting this been trying to find this for days i just love andy omg this a guy to be obessed with!

Rylee 5 years ago

Thank you soo much for making this. I needed to do a project on him and this helped me so much.

Thanks again!! :]]

hayley  5 years ago

isn't andy like scandinavian or somethin?? ( sry i don't think i spelled that right xD) im japanesse american bohemian and german xD....but mostly everyone is german.....

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Again, no problems guys, i know how hard it is to find info on him D:

plus, my friend josh has casually slipped my name and info to andy (hopefully he has recently) and im still working on getting the interveiw :D (Y)?

profile image

BvBgirl24 5 years ago

Andy six and BvB r amazing to me...ever since i heard there music idont listen to anything else!!!!:) wen i heard about the story behind knives and pens (my fave song from BvB) i wanted to punch the crap out of the people who made fun of andy six becuz he is so amazing tht they had no rite to do tht to him becuz he became so successful tht they should b jelous! I luv BvB and andy six so much!!!!!!!!:)

Shiro 5 years ago

andy is the best singer ever and he will allways be!!! 5 years ago

i cant believe what those douchbags did to him. he is so amazing and me and him are a lot alike. ive been bullied all my life but black veil brides help me get through it. i started listening to them a few months ago and i couldn't stop. i have the cd and im getting the new one when it comes out. but i just wanted to say to all the people who make fun of 'emos' they go through a lot, pprobably more than you do. some are very sweet and caring. and i feel very sorry for the people who made fun of him when he was a kid,because now they have to live with the guilt. but i feel even sorrier for andy and how they treated him, because i know what its like. well anyways, Black Veil Brides is an awsome band and are very inspirational. and i just want to say that i love black veil brides.

oh and most girls (and probably some boys) just like him because hes hott. he is very handsome but i like him because of what he does and what he stands for. a lot of his songs show that he doesn't care what people think and telling kids that it will be ok..I

colored rose profile image

colored rose 5 years ago

i love bvb's music and andy six is the right singer for it i wish i was as cool as him and i think the song ''kinves and pens''is that he is telling other kids like that you just have to not talk to them or anything and just be urself

Beth Six 5 years ago

I love Andy because him and his band told me to be myself and be who i want to be(hell, i am now partly emo because of school and what happens to me on youtube)I may be like 8(soon in July it will 7)years younger then him but i am going through what he went through. And when I am older know I am making my own band because of what him and his band made me think i have belong in the music world.

kelly 5 years ago

malditos ingleses

Selena 5 years ago


Savannah 5 years ago

That's sad nobody should be treated that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we love you Andy

Jhes Sixx 5 years ago

Você pode não me conhecer, pode não saber dos meus sentimentos, mas parece que suas músicas são feitas especialmente para mim. Você tem o poder de colocar os sentimentos em músicas, em fazer com que seus fãs saibam se expressar por meio das suas canções. Mesmo sem nunca ter falado com você , eu sei todos os seus gostos, seus medos, sua cor preferida e posso ver seu coração por meio das composições. É por cada letra, por cada entrevista , te amo mais. Meu ídolo s2

asdfghjkl 5 years ago

It would be awesome if there was an unbiased page. Blah.

The Eternal Bridesmaid 5 years ago

I thought his favorite band was KISS?

urayah 5 years ago

i love u andy sixx.. you changed my lifee

Angie 5 years ago

Hey, liked your info c: and how/where did you ask them for an interview? And do you know they're fan number or somethin? And thanks btw c:

BVB lover 4-eva 5 years ago

plz put the link 4 the att comercial on here!?!?!?

yadien xx emo profile image

yadien xx emo 5 years ago from jakarta

your an awesome vocalist..your an amazing musician..i love and inspire you..!!

profile image

ChloeOtte 5 years ago

Andy's not gay.

Nelly  5 years ago

WOW, I love u Andy !!!!!! U r sooo cool and an amazing vocalist !!!!!! :D the best band in the world !!!

scarlett 5 years ago

i want this man :)

ScreamOgirl 5 years ago

love ya andyyyyy

This guy 5 years ago

Lol im 13 and this is going to inspire meh to lose some weight!...and take singing lessons...and bass lessons... and go into hair and beauty school to fix my hair like that... ect...


ameltaguik 5 years ago

i love andy sixx

Rebecca Garrison 5 years ago

I love him :3 He is so amazing. !:3

Sarah. 5 years ago

Shooooot the fact that he is athiest sucks... But I'd date him. ;] Hahaa.. Just sayin'

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Agreed, andy is a god damn god, amazing and we would all him haha. Ill get the links to the commercials and such, and for the person who asked where i asked for the interview, i asked on myspace, but my friend josh (who talks to andy) has asked for moi. so shout out to josh for asking, thanks hun!

amanda arroyo 5 years ago

I LUV ANDY SIXX when i found out about him it was the best thing tht happened to me in my whole live cause of wat i went thought in my life i was always sad cuting myself and when i heard his song knives and pens it made me feel better and see people are going thought wat i amso thank you ANDY SIXX so much for helping me

re,melli,marie 5 years ago


;) wee love youu!!! *____*

Emily reed 5 years ago

Andy six is a huge inspiration of mine. Whenever I get upset I always listen to his music to cheer me up. I can also relate to the song " knives & pens" because I'm an outcast at my school. Thank u for all u have done for us Andy!!!!!!!!!!!!:)))

kIRSTY 5 years ago

Like how its been put straight to all them annoying girls with 'Sixx' in there names, that it is infact SIX!

Chloe 5 years ago

Actually, it's now Biersack.

Raven Yuki 5 years ago

I love Andy Six. He's the only thing that kept me alive when the pressure from school finally got to me. He is truly an inspirational person, and a life saver. I repeat, without Andy and BvB, I would have committed suicide a long time ago. I'm not christian either, I'm agnostic, and I was tormented for it. Bullies would fight with me every day, I was glared at, and, not only did people say mean things behind my back about me and my friends, they said it to my face as well. Andy is truly a savior. I wish I could thank him personally for that. (I'm crying just writing this)

Beth Six 5 years ago

I love Andy Six. Lots of reasons, the songs he writes totally describe how I feel, wheneva or whteva that may be. And now I found out he pretty much likes the same stuff as me... but maube coz I'm Emo too =P. I think everyone will agree with this: bullies are mindless idiots who are so painfully closed-minded its funny if you think about it. Of course, not while you're being bullied by them. thnx, for all this info, but I too thought his fave band was Kiss, cos i read somewhere that BVB are very inspired by Kiss!

hayley 5 years ago

actually andy says emo is no such this, that it doesn't exsist

mandi arroyo 5 years ago

as i read ur storys i understand u guy cause the same thind happened to me i used to cry myself to sleep and no one understaned me and it was sad for me like my mom didn't know y i was so sad sometimes i wouldn't eat for weeks and my mom thought i had a eating problem but i didn't i was just so sad and i see how u guys fell i understand when i went to school ever day people looked at my like i was diffent and one day i got so tied of them so i stoud up for myself cause i saw tht andy sixx went thoght the same thing i did and i was there sitting thinking i was the olny one so THANK YOU ANDY SIXX

candice 5 years ago

this is awesome :) im really glad that you did this research! im really surprised that he is so difficult to find info on..being as popular he is. im aware that you don't actually know him personally, but do you know much about his personality?? ive watched plenty of interviews and he always seems so nice and concerned about his fans and their feedback but when i attempted to meet him he totally ignored me for some nachos :( lol a lot of people have told me that he is a complete asshole but i would like to believe that he was just really hungry lol

Emily six 5 years ago

@raven yuki. I'm so sorry people treated u like that:( people have said stuff behind my back to because I'm an outcast at my school. Thank u Andy!!!!!!

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

I'm sorry that everyone has delt with bullying. I know the experiences myself.

@gwewlvenom, excuse me, he actually isn't an asshole. Infact, i met him Yesterday. and while im talking to you, ill answer Candice's question. His personality is amazing. He does care a lot about his friends/family/fans. He does his best to keep them happy and smile. Infact, he even still tried giving fans hugs even though his ribs were broken.

candice 5 years ago


mandi sixx 5 years ago

he is so nice to him fans !!!!!!!

sara  5 years ago

omg i lov andy he is amazing he knows how it feels to be an outcast so do i if i had to tlk to any celeb it would be andy biersack

Alice 5 years ago

ohhhh!!!! Noww he's less of a stranger to me!!! :3 am starting to know BVB (since the biginning of the month) and i know more about him now! i feel less idiot! :D thankiez!?

emolove 5 years ago

thx for info, can any one tell me wut class and race in wow(world of warcraft) he looks like more? with some reasons plz

Kayla 5 years ago

He is NOT atheist anymore. He now openly states that he is Christian.

baby girl 5 years ago


love bug 5 years ago

I don't see y everyone is so hung over u , u r guts a reagler cute guy that can sing

ashleyndkearabvblovers 5 years ago

Hi Andyyy!!!! We love you SOO much !! Were from Virginia ? I listin to your songs every night i love you , your awesome!!

LOve, Ashley and Keara

Cristina Lopez profile image

Cristina Lopez 5 years ago

Looking Good Andrew

You sing good

Alexis 5 years ago

U r amazing Andy biersack I love u forever

Jodie 5 years ago

Wow Andy is actually amazing it's amazing that music and people can be so inspiring thank you so much for creating this page by any chance do you know if he is coming to the uk any time soon as id love to be able to support him and the band it's a shame to think that someone like me dosent have a hope in hell for meeting him :( but again thanks ;-)

Jodie  5 years ago

Andy messages me today anyone who is woundering he will be doing a uk tour

Katie 5 years ago

Thank u for posting this! Can u see if he has a brother named Alex Biersack? @Nikki my birthday is februrary 12th to yay!

karina 5 years ago

Hi I'm from Brazil and I love a lot andy loved this site

in January 2012 black veil brides will come here and I'm very sad because my Mom would not let go I'm desperate, but I have to go either way

a kiss to you all! I love bvb! and especially Andy!

profile image

Meggie12 5 years ago

Hey do any of u know where to find bvb CDs cuz I can't find them, and there's no other way I can listen to there music! Please help me?!:(

malloyb123 5 years ago

look online and order 1 or if u have an ipod buy it on itunes and i loce bvb so much

profile image

Meggie12 5 years ago

Computer is not working:( and I don't hav a iPod:( do u know any stores for his CDs? I'm desperate!

profile image

Meggie12 5 years ago

Andy Six and black veil brides got a new album!:) luv there song falling angels and a legacy!:)

Jodie 5 years ago

We set the world on fire has been out for a while now.... And maggie hmv? I got mine from ther

Meggie12 5 years ago

Wait I didn't know set the world on fire was from them! Holy crap..........… my friend lied to me… lol I got her to get me their CDs and shirts for my bday comig up! I luv them soooooo much:)

Meggie12 5 years ago

I still NEED to know where I can find there CDs, but i think they hav some at hot topic, but I am not sure


Andy_girl 5 years ago

I can't believe he was bullied in school. Jerks

Meggie12 5 years ago

I know!!!!! Who would want to bully this falling angel? If I was at his school and I knew someone was bullying him, I would kill them before they could do anything to him......

lexi 5 years ago

does anyone know where i can find 'set the world on fire' ? i cant ask anyone at school cause they think im a freak but i cant find it ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!

Tammy from The KISS 5 years ago

lexi ya know - I'm living in Armenia and here nobody even hered about BVB .. Can u imagine ??

sonyaa sixx 5 years ago

omg i think i just fell in love with andy all over again reading that. i so happy that he is not gay. that has prob made ma day. xxxxxx love you andy xxxxxx

Meggie12 5 years ago

U might find it at the mall in hot topic, u can also find there shirts there and braclets and necklesses!:) that's y I go there so much:)

Alixx 5 years ago

I wish BVB would come to the Mid-west. Hell didn't they say that all of them came from here?

Emo girl love 5 years ago

BVB should come to NSW!

IzzieBVBlover 5 years ago

This is so heart touching cause he has such an impact on my life and he helped me through a lot, to hear that he went through almost the same xact thing, hes so amazing. Love u andy

Messenger2417 5 years ago


sonya 5 years ago

is andy six gay coz may friends say he is i not shore if there just messing with me or not?? so is andy six (biersack) gay or not??

Natalia Mazetto Rocha 5 years ago

I love u so much i´m crazy for u.

you is very beautiful and perfect.

i die for u.


meggie12 5 years ago

Omg, my mom is making me pick between there shirts or there cds which one do i pick?

anna 5 years ago

i love you andy,you is my life

jan 5 years ago

im a big fan of black veil brides my litte

brother show me this band i have bin bullit my

hol life calling me fat gay retard i had a lot have emtoinal problems but metal emo and shreamo helps

me find me self brother is the bigst fan i like animals

to peopol were alwas mean to me and animals come to me

to make me hapie on me shool i had birds and some bully

let the birds escape tose birds were me save place were

i can cry and be my self and tell them evry thing

peopol who hate animals are evil not metal or oder songs

you can be emo or goth and stil love animals bvb wil be

me 1best band

sonya sixx 5 years ago

i love andy sixx and i hate amy boyce

boooo 5 years ago

Andy was neverrr fat when he was a kid. wtf is this!! I know more then this and I never met him?

love bug 5 years ago

andy six isn't gay people,\.

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Andy six isn't gay, Just putting that out there. Thanks to all that commented on my hub..though some didn't necissarly make sense. Anyhow, meggie, You can purchase them In almost all music stores, they'd be in the metal area or punk. Hot topic, hmv etc..

your baby ,Emily 5 years ago



Chrissy 5 years ago

I love Andy Biersack but I noticed even now he is losing MORE weight where it is looking kind of unhealthy. Granted I'm probably not the only one who has noticed this. But I definitely love this post. I was also wondering about the tattoo he has below his neck in the Knives and Pens video.

Morgan 5 years ago

ANDY SIX IS MY HERO! I love how he overcame the bullying and everything that happened with people making fun of him! He really is a true inspiration! I

emogirl24 5 years ago


kaitlynn fuentes 5 years ago

you rock love you and your music. EMO 4-LIFE x(

JuuhCenturion 5 years ago

Nos do Brasil amamos o Andy Sixx e toda sua banda , e estamos esperando um show do Black Veil Brides aqui no Brasil. Sext_Me seu hub esta perfeito ><

zoe 5 years ago

i feel so bad for him because he was called a fag fagget and emo it would be hard for me to relive those terrible moments in his life

zowie 5 years ago



zowie 5 years ago



^_^ hiii

andy is an inspiration ! i am in the emo category and im proud ! im always teased bout my makeup and hair and choice of clothes but his music taught me not to give a shit :D im called emo and fag and ive been told to go die numerous times , but do u know what!? idgaf anymore :D i think my hair is raad and my clothes are just awesome as for my makeup ;) im different woaah thankyooou andy

Izzy Emo-Scene 5 years ago

He is just awsome...i love him :))...he is my inspiritation and my emo/scene so i really think he is something special for us :)

cici 5 years ago

i absolutly LOVE Andy. this halloween im actually going to attempt to look like him(: *this should be fun* but thank you. ive now learned a lot about him!(:

emochick 5 years ago

i going to be andy for halloween 2 SO SUCK IT and no one LOVES him more than i do im starting a band and my insperation is black veil brides kiss molly crew DO NOT NEED ANY MORE MEMBERS FOR MY BAND WISH ME LUCK

Marissa 5 years ago

Awesome!And that is so sad what happened to Andy when he waz younger:(and tnxx for the advice!

meggie12 5 years ago

thank you:)

zowie 5 years ago

hey emochick i sent that message and you framed me and what it says is true but still do not do that sooner or later someone will beat you up im not mad but please do not do it to anybody else don't thanks the name of my band if you have any ideas please tell me and ill me glad to read them thanks bye???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

zowie 5 years ago

maggie12 thank you for what please respond its been so agervating did i spell that right

Ana Zoledad Yinh 5 years ago

amoo ahh andy

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Hey guys guess what? Start a flame war, or any type of bullying on my hub, and I will delete your comments then report you to the administrators. Got it? Doing that is no better then what people did to Andy while he was a kid. Grow up.

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

On another note. Stop posting pointless things on the hub. Sorry, I'm not trying to be a bitch or anything. It's just getting tiresome when I get a good 5-10 comments on this in the spand of 2-4 days.

On ANOTHER note. Thank you guys for commenting on my hub and actually taking the time to read this lovely bio [: Thanks for the support on andy!

alyssa 5 years ago

and he has new members in his band

Masha 5 years ago

Thanks so much for this bio! Also Andy has a tattoo on his wrist that says fuck fun and Matt good that a matching one. Im pretty sure that all the current bvb members have matching Seagrams 7 whiskey tattoos . The he had fp tattooed on his thumbs that stands for front poop that's also matching with someone else, his tour manager I think? Also I've heard Andy say that he's secular, for proof you can watch bvb's interview with kreayshawn from the vma's. Also I don't know of anyone's said this but he's dating Juliet Simms from Automatic Loveletter

Mia 5 years ago

Thanks for the bio! i never knew he came from a catholic home! that's pretty neat. i love his music and i just wish there was more on him! but it'd be great if you could get an interview :D

zowie 5 years ago


TJ EMO 5 years ago

i love andy he is soo cute the cutes dude in the world

emochick 5 years ago


daddys girl 5 years ago

U are realy hot and u sing grate and I like ur songs

Devil girl 5 years ago

Ucan sextxt me lol I love u so much

toxicjamie145 5 years ago


Bonnie 5 years ago

Andy is my life even the only thing that saves me is cutting and him

booboo. 5 years ago

well i think andys pretty hot and hes a really good singer.

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morgan sixx 5 years ago


dark shadow 5 years ago

andy after reading this bio i hate what people have done to yu as a kid i feel that same way gone through the same stuff too n still am its hard man i know...i hate that a lot just cuz people like us are different its not right whoever thinks bad about yu then they are wrong they are just haters who need to get a life hope this means somehting to yu man

Damien Shadows 5 years ago

Idk why people like us go through this. I hate that a lot and just trying to let it go is hard... Being called emo and fag just cuz we are diferent...? That gets me angry so much by just seeing and hearing that. Andy yu keep screaming out there man n live yur life the way yu want.

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

What people go through like that is horrible, and Andy still stands against it. When I was at one of their concerts, he had everyone in the crowd stick up their middle finger(s) and he said "now, if someone comes up to you and tells you they don't like your style or don't like you because who you are. I want you to stick up your middle finger and say FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER." aha, he had everyone saying it for a good couple minutes. I love the way he treats his fans and makes them feel more content and well about themselves ^_^"

emochick 5 years ago


Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

You can find them at any hot topics, or shops that sell band tees

Dark Shadow 5 years ago

I always wonder how andy stands against stuff like this cuz honestly idk if i can anymore. I'm only 17 and a half and im wondering what can i do...?

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Andy stands for it because he knows there will always be haters, yet there will always be people to care for him. Things may be shitty as teenagers, and even into our twenties, but life moves on. Those people are just trying to make themselves higher then you are. Don't let them climb the ladder and knock you off of it. Keep climbing that ladder and don't let anyone knock you down.

emoashley 5 years ago

omg i love u andy six ur my world love all ur music

Dark Shadow 5 years ago

Wow...sext me i think that just made me feel better thanks man by the way Happy Halloween to all.

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Shadow you can Call me Teejay darlin'. You are very welcome. I'm glad I could help in any way =] Happy Halloween - belated for that matter - to you to.

Dark Shadow 5 years ago

I gotta say that before i was very depressed but now i guess not I really gotta thank yu Teejay Andy Six is a real inspiration to me n yes im a guy (who's straight n not single now) but ill keep him close in mind and do what i want to do and that's SCREAM Teejay do yu have a facebook?

LadyGiftedMassacre 5 years ago

Ooeh, well this is all that I gotta say: Andy's freakin' HOT lol. He's an awesome singer too, if I had a chance to sing with him I'd do it! :)

iloveandysix 5 years ago

Thx a bunch im doing a power point on him very helpful. :) i absaloutly adore him!!!

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Again, I'm glad I could help. Congrats on your new relationship ^_^ Yes I do have facebook. the :3

No problem "iloveandysix" glad to be of assistance. Again guys, I'm doing a hub on BVB in a whole. It should be up hopefully soon. Keep posted!

Dark Shadow 5 years ago

Not a new relationship but alright then. Anyways Andy Sixx wherever yu are ill keep yu in mind. Yur my inspiration. Keep screaming. Sorry bout yur past though.

jerry cool 5 years ago

andy is my hero he show that i can wake up and go to school take the bullieing and take it put into my music and see what it comes out to be my bands name is dead of withen andy inspierd me to make a band out of my life

Andy6Loverrrr 5 years ago

He's mine! xD I know I wishes

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bvblover 5 years ago

do u realize a roman catholic is a christian

btw if andy ever reads this he probally won't comment

i wish he would

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

How long have you been in the relationship then?

THanks for commenting guys :3

Dark Shadow 5 years ago

3 months dude and hey i think yur gonna hate hearing this but i saw a youtube video yesterday of some chick talking shit about andy sixx and she is starting some anti bvb army or something if yu want to see her video type in andy sixx you loser the girls name in youtube is girthealiengoldfish i posted my comment somewhere supporting andy sixx but lets see what yu guys have to say

Amy_Sabaku 5 years ago

I have just got into Black Veil Brides, I think what Andy stands up for is amazing. Not many people even understand the messages that bands put across. Most just care about if their 'hot' or if their music is good, reading the information about him was amazing. Cause you understand just what he went through as a kid, most people think famous people are perfect. It goes to show that nothing in this world is classed as 'perfect' I hope BVB lives long and rocks hard!

Kaykay 5 years ago

Y would any1 want to hate on Andy he's sooooo cute every1 that made fun of him see how famous now and hot now wish they would have never said those things

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Well congrats =] I'll check the video out thanks for informing me Darlin'.

Dark Shadow 5 years ago

anytime dude if yu have a hard time finding it type in andy sixx you loser n it should be the first video yu see n thanks idk why any1 would hate andy sixx.

Analicia 5 years ago

he actually moved to Cincinnati at the age of 6 not in the 6th grade

Darth Vader 5 years ago

My band Stand By Your Anchors is opening for Black Veil Brides in a month! I'll get to personally meet him and Asking Alexandria as well. That will be the best day of my life :D

whywhywhy 5 years ago

Aww love him. And yes I don't believe in god either, no just and loving god would let him be straight... haha hope she keeps him super happy though

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Analica, if you're talking to me, where on Earth did I say 6th Grade?

And Congrats Darth! I'm jealous :3

reba 5 years ago

OMG!i love his music.His songs has a lot of meanings to it and hes so down to earth.I LOVE ANDY SIX!!!!!!!!!

Demii 5 years ago'm going to one of BVB's concerts on the 4th of December...I'd love so much to meet Andy or Jake or CC or any and all of them, but I'm kind of a shy person sometimes. And, I'd like to get a pic with him or somethin and maybe a short interview, because I need one for a competition and he's so...perfect xD...and I was wondering if you could tell me, you know...what to do about this or somethin...Thx!

someone 5 years ago

can you do a bio like this for the other members of the band, PLZZZZZ

Rawr6Andy 5 years ago

I live in Cincinnati. He moved to Ohio when I was 4 and he was I believe 12 at the time. God... He lived in my city... That's just awesome

Alexandra 5 years ago

dude your talented and pretty much the best u can be so forget what people say

Claire 5 years ago

you're work is very inspirational. i only discovered yhu a few months ago, and you've impacted on my life so much. good job

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

yea "someone" I'm going to try my best to get the information, well as much as I can, in order for me to get more hubs up and running ^_^ I do promise you all a hub on BVB very soon though!

alli 5 years ago

andy u r soooo hott i think ur rlly talented

Gabriella 5 years ago

Oh good! He's so damn hot, and I'm damn mad his not single anymore...

iAteAndySix 5 years ago

love these guys I'm 12 and have been listening to them for a long time now.shame they aren't coming to Perth ;( oh btw great info :) and Btw if u wanna talk to Jake or Andy u can go on stickam and talk to them there ;) also I'm sure his changed his stage name from Andy Six to Andy Biersack I heard him say that on stickam

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Cheyenne111111111 5 years ago

i luv Andy Sixx

bvbarmy 5 years ago

i luv andy sixx to bits hes helped though the tough times in my life

victoria 5 years ago

andy is awesome but this year (2011) he will be turning 21 not 20

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Yea I am aware of that. But currently he is 20 years of age, he doesn't turn 21 till december 26th.

jzekatBVB 5 years ago

Roman Catholics ARE Christian just so y'all know.

Bonnie 5 years ago


Birdy 5 years ago

Is Andy an only child??

destroy.-.-' 5 years ago

its hard to find out info about him, coz he theres no wikipedia on him. i only got into BVB (in polish..) but this website is really good. andy .. hmm he's my obsession hah but i'm from poland... ;/ and i think that english is fu.cking difficult language...

Anonymous 5 years ago

I will say Andrew likes shiny stuff, his favorite type of alchohol is whiskey, and andrew is currently single.

PIE 5 years ago

Haha coolio I was trying to find the right BIO of Andrew Biersack and I found it just now. And some people on here a crazy just saying! No affence to those crazy people though

emochick 5 years ago

omg i love him but my mom will let me listen to them but not asking alexandria how stupid????????????????????????????


Ale sixx:} 5 years ago

andrew is so cute I cant say enything elsa when I hear his music its makes me feel a lot better idk why but that's how I feel .. I love u A6 ;D

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Yea it is hard to find information on him D: It's frusterating sometimes, though I'm happy at the amount I've collected. @Destroy.-.-' if you want, I can put some of this into polish and email it to you. If you're interested, just throw me and email.

Goddess, no people, he isn't single. Go to his twitter. He's in a relationship with Juliet Simms, who is 'Automatic Loveletter'. Trust me.

Tiffy 5 years ago

He is so cute!!! I wish I could meet him

gothicbitch 5 years ago

how did u find all of his out

Ryderr Lovee ♥ 5 years ago

i hate it when people think that emo means slitting your wrist in a corner every day ! i have to go through that @ school everyday.

Kelsey 5 years ago

OMG IM SO CONFUSED! Who is Andy dating? My friend Dustin said he is married to Scout

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

@Gothicbitch, I did a lot of research, took some stuff from his myspace. I went all out, I was bored in summer school, so I had a lot of time on my hands. =3

@Kelsey, aha, don't be confused. Scout broke up with him almost a year ago, if not more. He's dating Juliet Simms, who is AutomaticLoveletter.

When_Your_Life_Feels_Lost 5 years ago

Andrew.Oh my god.This up'd my respect for this band by 400. Thank you Sext_Me(: Reading this brought tears to my eyes, it kills me to know that there would be so much pain uncaused just knowing that i wasn't alone. Music is all i've had. To see my idol making a difference and putting smiles on faces keeps me truly alive and hopeful.For all of you who are thinking "OH MY FUCKING GOD.I know exactly how you feel..." You inspire me by you being here.Thank you Sext_Me :3 knowing this means quite a bit(: By the way. holy shit bro xD i love your name(:

CorinaLuvsAndy 5 years ago

i wish i could meet him!

(those who gave him such a hard time as a kid are just stupid)

Dunja 5 years ago

You just helped me with my project

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 5 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

@Dunja , Glad to be of assisstance ^_^

@When_Your_Life_Feels_Lost This band, and Andy are pretty damn respectable [: aha, thanks for reading the hub, and thanks for the compliment of my name [: Botdf - sexting. aha. Oh and you are quite welcome darlin'.

Melanie 5 years ago

Being atheist means you don't believe in God pr the Devil. People, please stop asking if he's a devil worshiper or being concerned about it. Also regarding him "wearing" rosaries. Catholics NEVER wear the beads. Its extremely disrespectful to do so. If you watch his interviews he talks about how he appreciates the imagery of the catholic church. This is also relating to why the band was named Black Veil Brides . I would assume that's why he wears rosary and the saint bracelates.

crazy_rod 5 years ago

does any one know how he made everyone stop calling him emo?? I'm looking this stuff up for my friend...she acked

HungarianGirl 5 years ago

Hahaha, i wanted to kne sg about Andy because i am a new fan, but i looked after him, but i could not found anything, then i saw this blog... i thought hi is 22 not only 20 :P but why do you smoke, Andy??? Why???!

Dark Shadow 5 years ago

happy 21st birthday Andy Sixx Hey Teejay add this i heard that he got his name Andy Sixx cuz everytime he played a sport he was always number six and his dad started calling him Andy Sixx and it stuck to him...from what ive heard.

annah 5 years ago

Happy bday andy i love you forevs i also lov e bvb my big sis who also love andy birthday was yesteday

aimee 5 years ago

i know how he must have felt when he was young and for any one how treats ppl like the we i am they need to be told that no matter what u do to some one there is a spirit that can not be broken and Andy is a living example of this fact so let the black Vail bride army live on

Beamii Sixx 5 years ago

Andy lovely most he is are like my inspiration

Liz_TheEmo_Six 5 years ago

Oh my gosh. This is amazing! All the information is great and I just LOVE Andy c: I know exactally how he felt when he was younger because I have that exact same problem. I seem to never fit in and having a disease(Type 1 Diabetic) makes the names people call me even worse. Last year I was called the most terrible things and was devastated...I felt as if I had no reason to live and almost actually went through with the unthinkable...I'm still suffering from the names but have got a close friend who has the same problem exact. This thing just made me feel stronger and more confident. Thanks so much for this!:3

Rocky 5 years ago

He's An Athiest(:

fate's-gurl 5 years ago

does any1 kno an email address that actually works so i can talk 2 him? i have a paper duh on him and i need some more ino on his backround

life-sucks 5 years ago

you help me because i have a hard time to if it weren't for you i would still fill as bad as i used to

Tsu 5 years ago

Andy Six is so cool!

I really didn't know that the video knives and pens was similar to his chid life.

Thanks for information ^^

ilyandy 5 years ago

hi everyone is saying that black veil brides are over and that andy is starting a new band is it true?

April 5 years ago

his name now is Andy Biersack doesn't go by Andy six anymore

jo 5 years ago

no they rnt strtin a nu band

A7 5 years ago

wow i haven't looked on here in forever!! dude im sorry, my dad changed my vf password and so i haven't got on there since, i sad V.V. you're name is taylor, right? (: i hope you are doing well! im at school right now, lol

Cora 5 years ago

Andy is the Best! i am part of the bvb army!!!

Sext sext sext me 5 years ago


Timberly 5 years ago



Jiveone 5 years ago

The emo look he sports now is apart of his stage gimmick, Its geared towards his fan base which are children from ages 11-15 which is the typical age for emo scene. When a child goes thru early puberty and pre-teen yrs they tend to question themselves and there self worth and belonging. If Andy was emo at the age of 21 then he'd have issues. noone dresses and acts the same when there 21 as they did when they were 13. after going thru middle school, high school and to now be in his 20s and still be emo would be rediculous.

Melissa Lang 5 years ago

I am not in the age range of 11-15 I am an older BVB's fan I am 32 I am not to old to like them I hope My Mom likes them to and she is 56 I just recently got into them and i love them just as much as my fav Band Marilyn Manson I love your Bio on him thanks for sharing it

Melissa Lang Lubbock Texas

jess 5 years ago

this guys is a amazin singer/screamer and he is the fittest guy of the universe luv xx !!

Dark Shadow 5 years ago

@ Jiveone who cares how people dress or act. why even care. hell i may even do the same when im 21. just let people be themselves.

XXX 5 years ago

when this page was created???

samara 5 years ago

andy six é lindo,is beautiful,i love you biersack...

A7 5 years ago

@Melissa Yang Hell Yeeaahh girl!!!! *high five* lol

@Jiveone who cares how people dress? if people wanna dress a certain way, why give a shit? I mean really? *sarcastic face* :P

emoworld101 5 years ago


Roze 5 years ago

u guys r my idles im a 13 year old who has vertualy no friends i sing in secret and hide my voice from the world my favorite color is black and my entire wordrobe is made of it i hate the world and love your music i can realy relate to it.

logan 5 years ago

hes just like me with the same problmes now

EmoRawr12 5 years ago

Andrew wasn't the only one being called a fag and emo,

At my old school I've been called a lot of James like that /:

And now people call me a emo wanna be and other crap. But I try to keep my head high and believe what the experiences I have in my own life. But I know what Andy went thru now.. And he's amazing and I don't see what's soooo wrong with him?

georgiabvbhorton 5 years ago

OMG ilove andy biersack!!! XD he is soooooo fit

Sammy(bonez) 5 years ago

He also likes Skippy Super Chunk (peanut butter)

Dark Shadow 5 years ago

Andy is one hell of an inspiration. His songs helped me get through life and now i even started my own band...currently without a name but still its me and this one guy. Still need more people but ill keep looking. Thank yu andy and all of black veil brides.

dani 5 years ago

andy sixx is cool

dani 5 years ago

he is the best singer ever !!!!

black veil brides 5 years ago

misto la toate pzela

dani 5 years ago

I love andy (:

dani 5 years ago

andy is my favorite singer

chop_suey (: 5 years ago

I Love Andy ! :D

dani 5 years ago

bvb is my favorite band (:

dani 5 years ago

if bvb weren't made i would die

black_veil_brides 5 years ago

bvb is my fav band with out it i would just die and andy sixx is a total hotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emogirl 5 years ago

I love andy sixx all u little kids need to stop posting bad stuff about him

dani 5 years ago

i will NEVER stop hearing BVB

EVE 5 years ago


Marie bray 5 years ago

he is amazing

Sinister Scriptures 5 years ago

I really love how it actually says ON THE PAGE that it is NOT spelled with an extra "X", and, he doesn't even use Six anymore, but most of the comments all say... Guess what? SIXX!!! oh, and people added the extra "X" because of Nicki Sixx.

ryan 5 years ago

i just luv u man and i respect u

ThePainNeverEnds profile image

ThePainNeverEnds 5 years ago

Woo :) i made one of these thingies. I really wanted to comment on this so i made an account :) well, i just wanted to say,i had so much fun reading all of the comments! almost as much fun as i had reading the bio. Haha, i sound like an old person that doesn't know how to work a computer.. Anyway, now that i can comment, i forgot what i was going to say :( okay then.. I love Andy, i love the band, as all of us on here :) bye?

CrunkcoreZombieeWhore 5 years ago

@juleit simms

It would take abit more convincing that you're Andy's real girlfriend. Spelling your name correctly would be my first thing, JULIET....

luveyooh 5 years ago

you are alsome andy i love you what is your middle name /

i need help 5 years ago


aimee 5 years ago

lol i absaloutley love andy sixx he is my idol im honestly his number one fan..... everything in my room is of him i wish i could meet him in person! 5 years ago


im Not sure why but im guessing it's because its a style. for example where im from the guys just love taking pictures of them selves wearing rosaries(idk how to spell it..)while shirtless.....

SYDNEYSIX 5 years ago


Rtlie 4 years ago

I absolutely love Andy!! It's on my bucket list to meet him before I die :3 BVB Army Forever!!!

ROB 4 years ago


summer 4 years ago

Andy i love you and you are the hottest guy on earth abd your music made me find who ibam and keep being you because you imspire me!!!

JoannaJ 4 years ago

HEY!Andy if you every see this you are a awesome guy i don't know how or why somebody would make fun of you,your one of people who kids and teens can look up to ! I know i look up to you .....i hope i can meet you someday love

jojo bye !

Charlotte 4 years ago

This is great :) there's tons of stuff I didn't know. You did a great job :) but is he an only child or does he have siblings?? :P

Julia 4 years ago

Black veil brides is great I wish I could meet um n can u make 1 on cc

dani 4 years ago

i will always love ANDY sixx

saba 4 years ago

there r many fans of him in iran and one of them is me

he’s so cute and hot

dani 4 years ago

i thnk he is so cute

saba 4 years ago

i love to see him what should i dooooooooooo?!!!!!!!!!

RealBvBArmy 4 years ago

It's nice how people are saying how hot and sexy he is but if you really care about the music talk about that. Don't just say AHHHHH OMG HOT AHHHHH!!! cause that's very annoying to read. But don't get me wrong he is VERY attractive but remember, the music is a part of him too.

jessica valdez 4 years ago

hahaha,andy was fat back then that's to bad, good thing he lost it.!!!! anywayz I love "black veil brides"but not to be mean or nohing but all of this info looks fake.

but this comment shouldn't stop what your doing


Lilee Rose 4 years ago

i love u more than my mum.

you are my life.

if you die ill die.

i love you andy sixx moretan anything

brianna 4 years ago

Thanx for the tips I love u Andy 6 xxx

callum 4 years ago

it says andy is the only original member but ashley is an original aswell

rockerotakugirl 4 years ago

I would still felt that I shouldn't be myself and giving in if Andy and black veil brides doesn't exist. I'm an ugly fat weird autistic/childish girl that all of the people would hate but I don't care what they think about cuz I wanna be myself and I'll never give in. Many people were bullying me but I ignore them. I fell in love with Andy and BVB since when I watched the knives and pens video. I'm still addicted to Andy even if he changed his hair now. And I'm also addicted to jinxx even if he's already engaged with Sammi doll. And I love all the members of the band.

rockerotakugirl 4 years ago

I'm 13. I've start my diet and I start cleaning my face to lose my pimples so that I would be pretty and I'm trying to act a little mature right now. I'm so surprised that Andy was overweight when he's still a kid.X3

summer cole 4 years ago

Andy i love you and black veil brides is my favorite band in the world and you r really talened and i hope that you will never give up on the band!!!!love you

Ellie 4 years ago

black veil brides is the best band in the world it makes me feel happy about myself because I get bullied a lot for being emo and thanks for the info xxx

logan scott 4 years ago

for those fans that don't know Andy "SIXX" Biersack's religion he is infact an athiest.

savanna Taylor 4 years ago

hey did u ever get the interview

saba 4 years ago

bvb is the best band in the world i hope andy never gives up on the band but i don't know why the tv don't show the concert of them maybe it shows but i cant find the chanal:((

dani 4 years ago

when i see pis of andy ifaint

BVB SheShay 4 years ago

PERFECT FAN CITE EVER HAVING TO TYPE SLOWLY with one hand because your listening to there music rite now!!!!!1 ifly

black girl brdies 4 years ago

i love so mch andy

bvbnightmare 4 years ago

I am a 14 year old girl who lives in Colorado(soon to be in my hometown again, Las Vegas NV) an someone who loves Black Veil Brides so much.Andy Sixx even more...Yeah he's drop dead sexy but whether or not he is drop dead sexy, he has an amazing vocals (coming from someone else who likes to sing and wants to go to a high school next year for talented(mostly music and art and drama)) and what looks like to have a great personality..He is a savior in my eye's, I've been thinking of running away or killing myself (slitting my throat, hanging myself,stabbing my heart etc. etc.) because of the things that happen in my life like my father dieing in '07 and when my mom sometimes say I'm stupid or when she says "You know, some times I wonder if your even my child" or something along those lines, I've been dealing with that for 3,4 years maybe and have 3 years and 8 months of that to live with but I know I can handle it for that long till I'm 18 and out of the house...Andy is my idol both for keeping me alive and for making me believe in myself...Andy?!? If there was a way to meet you, I would be up for it and would do anything for what you've done for me...Thank you for EVERYTHING you've done...You rock... BVB'S 4 EVER!!!!!

BooluvzAndy 4 years ago

Andy is my hero


AnDy 4 years ago

Omg ur so effin hott love ur band nd songs

Dani 4 years ago

I think Andy biekerson is the most Nice and beautiful person in the world

countrygirl 4 years ago

andy six and i have a lot in common actrully its the same way for me only its my sisters who do it to me though and people on the street call me fags and stuff andy six is my hero i really look up to him one of his songs made me cry the lyricsare beuitful

dani 4 years ago

i can't wait to goto warped tour and see bvb

dani 4 years ago


Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 4 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Thank you to everyone that has commented on my page. I did delete this comment from "juliet simms" just remember that's not actually her.

@A7 Yeah that's my name, I happen to go by teejay. THat sucks your dad changed your vf password D:

@Sammy(bonez) At least SOMEONE actually watches his blogs and chance and andy XD

Andyismyhero 4 years ago

Sext_me... Thank you for this blog.... He is my hero... I've been called a fag,whore(even though I don't give myself like most girls)and everything imaginable... I was called a freak, satanic, possessed, a weirdo, and more stuff just because I have tourette syndrome.. One of my ticks was I would make small but fast shakes like I'm saying no... I have a lot more ticks that I don't how to describe... Because of him and what he dealt with, his songs,(sighs) his songs sang to my soul deep inside and made me believe that I don't have to take peoples crap, keep my head up and be myself and don't let them know they hit a hurtful nerve...

johannes 4 years ago

love you andy..!!1

bvb-ROCKS 4 years ago

Thnx for the info....i appreciate it and also i know how andy feels but not bcuz ppl thought i was emo.I was made fun of by classmates bcuz of how fat i was and how i looked. I hen decided 2 loose the wait. But i do often get made fun of, even by family like by my older cousin. Andy is a true role model. He inspired me and taught me that i should be happy with the way i am and never give in. His song knives and pens is truly inspirational. I also love his songs set the world on fire and savior. Sext_Me you arealso very sweet to people. Andy was tormented as a child but look at how far he made it in life. He is in a successful band. He is insporational, talented, has a great sense of humor, a great role model, oh and yea...Hes HOTT....btw, how do these people know and contact andy? I would just luv to even speak to him for like 5 mins. Do u know how i can contact andy bcuz that would be so AWSOME :p Andy will be my future @Sext_Me do you have a fb page???

Shelly ToxicWonderland 4 years ago

Thannk you very muchies i don't think ive stoped reading this like i found this sitelike what 4 months ago and when i think abt andy biersack i cant help but go back to this cite and re-read ^^ (:

Victoria Black 4 years ago

Thanks so much for posting this

cynthia 4 years ago

hey are you in contact with andy?

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 4 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Thank you guys for commenting and you're welcome for those who bid their thanks aha. @dani, for one it's ** Biersack not beirskson or how ever you spelt it. I can't find your comment, and another thing, they aren't going to warped this year, they went last year. Sorry someone said it was on their bucketlist to meet him, sorry I can't find your comment right now, But I seriously suggest you keep that, he's really nice and he cares a lot for his fans. One of the highlights of my life was sharing a smoke and meeting him.

No I haven't gotten that interview, and the person who asked how to contact him, I suggest maybe myspacce or facebook.

@Cynthia No I'm not in contact with him as much as I would love to be.

@Andyismyhero You are certainly welcome.

Someone asked if I have a facebook page. Yes I do. Feel free to message or add me, Teejay Redgrave-Magiera.

MattyMalevolent 4 years ago

Finally more knowledge on the god Andrew Biersack :DD

Sad fate my love 4 years ago

I live the past life of Andy sixx everybody calling me fag ,emo ,scum ,worthless I also love poetry life is not easy at least mine.

valarie 4 years ago

he stopped smoking

Mrs.Biersack 4 years ago

Back off ladies, He's mine!!! Lol

dani 4 years ago

i love more bvb more than escape the fate and love escape the fate

michelle 4 years ago

I love bvb :) this info really helps. Ive been a fan for only like a year but he has changed and inspired my life in many ways. Hes helped me through probs ppl couldn't. Hope u get ur interview. U deserve it and ur lucky if u do. Meeting the best man alive. Lol. His songs help us know that we r not alone and that he is always there (or his music) even if he isn't physically. Tks a lot

Love bvb, all the band members cuz they been through hell too.

Bianca 4 years ago

For Andy Sixx :D

My friend, Iwush would happy, if she saw him! :D

I and she love Andy Sixx! :* You are very nice, thinks my friend. :)

Your songs are very-very-very nice and the best :*

By: ^_^

Bianca & Iwush ^^

Eddy 4 years ago

Hey this stuff is awesome I love Andy!! ^_^

But do you've any clue what ancestry he has? I heard its Scottish and Scandinavian but Im not sure x''D :)

bvb-ROCKS 4 years ago

Thnxx again i re-read this and this will help me with a biography im doing for class.

cindie 4 years ago

i am french. in france, many persons love black veil brides !!!!

destiny 4 years ago

o my gosh just be quite hes hot and all and a great singer and im a big fan but shut up

destiny 4 years ago

haha jk guys hes really hot and i cant keep my mouth shut hes really hot and thanks for posting the stuff it helps me with my projet for school :)

-Stephanie Shrode 4 years ago

Thanks for the information (: I really appreciate it!! And guys, there's nooo neeed for bullying on hete, I may only be 15 but this doesn't need to happen okay? (:

tarah foxx 4 years ago

Thankss! :) btw: whoever said that Andy is ugly, is blind! I can't stoo talking about his hair :P lol but yeaa he's amazing!! I love this blog thingy?? Anywaay, thanks again! :D

Heaven Potter 4 years ago

Andy u r my favorite person out of BVB i listen to ya'lls songs everyday my favorite song by y'all is Knives and Pens, and Fallen Angels!!! From ur #1 fan!!

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Sext_Me 4 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Thanks for commenting and reading the blog guys. You're welcome for those who said thanks.

I really need to get some new pictures of him up because he cut his hair off I; *dies* oh well. Thanks again for reading!

lauren 4 years ago

andy sixx is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazin. hes sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo smexy

taylor14523 4 years ago

omg i recently starting listening to the bvb but andy is so sexyyyyyy omg he needs to eat more food tho but even without the food yes lauren he is smexy

Andrè Larsen 4 years ago

I know how you had it, I get bullied all the time: (they call me emo and gay, they say, and that I hurt myself: (

shrug 4 years ago

i have heard so many amazing things about Andy Biersack that i don't get people who don't love him

BlackandWhite 4 years ago

Has he and Juliet broken-up at all? i have heard rumors that they have and then they haven't, then i heard that he and her were engaged -_- i guess the only way we can find out is from him himself, doubt he has a facebook, does he? or he may have one and say that he doesn't -_-

BlackandWhite 4 years ago

Have he and Juliet broken-up yet? i have heard rumors that they did and another few saying they haven't, also others saying that the two of them are now engaged, is this true? maybe he is the only one who can answer that, right? also, what about facebook?

ododooo 4 years ago

andy is so....uf he's perfect.. he's the perfect guy... he are the perfect eyes.. i love

black vampiirexboy 4 years ago

im from iraq but im crazy 4 u andy u best in the world

gabrielle 4 years ago

if u do get an interveiw could yhu tell him to give a shout out to gabrielle skylar meade and i luv him also when he got his tatto of his ex gf did he get it when they where datting if not why did he get them if they where not together

andys girlfriend 4 years ago

i am gabrielle plz plz plz tell him ^^^^

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Sext_Me 4 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

If I do get an interview. Yes I'll see If I can possibly get him to. An Andy got the tattoo to scout while they were together.

kily la lokis 4 years ago

Andy esta para comer me caso y no me divorsio jajaja ojala lo tuviera de frente estan bello andy sixx te amo I LOVE YOU andy eres el mejor estas bn bueno:)*-*

Rebecca 4 years ago

How can he be Atheist? He has a picture from Easter with "religious" candy and he talks about it a lot. He may not be a practicing Christian, but he's not atheist. Plus, it doesn't say it anywhere on the internet.

Marissa 4 years ago

Actually on the Where he went to school, you were half correct. I know some people might call me a dumbass or a liar, but Andy Biersack went to Delhi Middle School my current school In 6th and 7th grade. Then went to the school of creative and preforming arts. --- My friends school. I have his year book pic form when he went to DMS.

Stephanie 4 years ago

omg!! thanks for posting this! i love BVB and andy, but there's not too much info about him on the internet. thanks for posting!

Sydney 4 years ago

Guys. hes athiest. He doesn't believe in a God but hes not a satanist. Anyways, BVB's music has inspired me so much to fight through the tough times in life, and that no matter how hardnot gets, never give up, that you will bstrong

Julie 4 years ago

Is Andy and Juliet still together?

RileyDobbs 4 years ago

I will always lovvvveee Andy Sixx!!

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otakurockergirl 4 years ago from Marilao, Bulacan

KYAA!!! I can't stop my addiction to him no matter what hairstyle he have. Like this page please:

screamo singer 4 years ago

andy is so epic cant stop thinkin about him

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otakurockergirl 4 years ago from Marilao, Bulacan

I can't stop thinking about Andy even at school. Hey don't get me wrong! I also think about jinxx, jake, ash & cc.

Emma 4 years ago

I love BVB to death and I feel like i have something in common with Andy because i have gone and going through all the things he has and i am a singer and song writer but i am only 13 so i carrnt realy do anything .

ZamboniZombieSlayer 4 years ago

I've heard from so many people that he's agnostic. I've even heard if from people that claim they used to know him before he became famous. (I doubt they actually knew him though) But I believe you if you say he's atheist. Either way, both of the views are almost the same.

bvblover#1 4 years ago

If you met Andy today what would would you say to him? I would tell him breathing without seeing him every day is excrusiatingly painful. When i see him on youtube, i feel it is my true destined future to meet him. I do sing. I write poetry. I live very close to the hometown of andy sixx. Someday i want to look as if nothing is wrong in the world, but the only way that could ever happen is looking into his pale sapphire eyes that glow in the dim shadows of candlelight. I would slice every vein in my body within two blinks to retreive enough blood to fill his body if that was the only way to cure him as if he was on his deathbed. I would sew my self up like a ragdoll to assure him iwas ok if he was. His beatiful cheekbones comforting the right side of my head every night is all i ever wanted. The ocean waves replicating the hue of his beautiful eyes. And much much more to come.

emoandrew 4 years ago

Andy biersack is the most inspiering person I have ever seen Im in the same thing as andy was getting maid fun of caller Emo fay decorite my locker but yea his song knives and pens really speaked to me he is the guy I look up to him he is the best guy ever wen I get bullied I think of him and how he ben through and how I shouldn't kill myself because he hasn't yet thank you andy and his band you've help us alote

bvblover#1 4 years ago

I'm back... listening to his song Carolyn really made me mentally understand the concept of not braving the world alone and actually having someone along the way to guide me. I am a bit too young to think about this but if i actually got lucky enough to meet him i don't know how i would react. Like i said i sing and act just like andy biersack. Ironically enough, sometimes i actually hear him talking to me in my ear, whispering the wise things to remember in life. To see him is like a child facing the neglect of others, going outside for the first time, and observing a rainbow thrice the size of his heart. Feeling his soft ivory flesh is equivalent to caressing a flower into the dry palms of a lost girl with only nature to protect her physically. Running the five fingers on my left hand down his jet black mane is almost the same as receiving trust emotionally from a strong-witted stallion. Amounting to the impecable man himself, created only by sperm and egg, no words, sentences, nor phrases can battle against the true compassion given to him, the everlasting passion my heart shoves down his lungs, making him breathe only the! freshest air with an irresistable odor of roses, symbolizing how love can love can snatch your breath, like it did mine.

thais 4 years ago

eu amo andy sixx muito i love you sepre live

emovamp 4 years ago

soooo cute!! Man we have so much in common! I love hockey, i'm an atheist and i love black too!! animals r cool as well!

Scott 4 years ago

I am scott im 9 but i think andys awsome

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otakurockergirl 4 years ago from Marilao, Bulacan

Oh my! Andy is so cute. I just wanna hug him and kiss him. Kyaaa!!!!X3

dennis 4 years ago

I think

hes the best singer ever

georgia-biersack! 4 years ago

he is the BEST singer EVER and i LOVE him! i have a shrine to BVB in my room XD...... can you do some pages on jinxx ash jake and cc to plzzz i love them all x

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Mandiez 4 years ago

Hey do u know...why he became athiest and if u don't is there some way u think u can find out....?

jessica 4 years ago

OMG andy is so uvdfhiudkj SEXY :3

' i Love BVB , im only 13 & Andy is cutte with hes hair stort

even beyond GORGEOUS xxD i love hes hair cx Ms.Andy six

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bvblover 4 years ago

u kno that he cut his hair a while bak rite js

tonmi 4 years ago

Please tell me more about his family :)

madison williams 4 years ago

i don't care what anyone of you say i love him and his music

Chanté 4 years ago

just because his atheist doesn't mean his satanic! Atheist just means that you don't believe in a sort of god or supreme being. Example Buddhists, obiviously they are a little more religious... general knowledge

bvblover#1 4 years ago

Look what i wrote last time was a bit weird and too descriptive... sorry but why do people ceep asking about him and juliet if you were famous and he was crushing on you you wouldn't care he doesn't know you exist... fantasizing about how sexy orsmexy he is wont really make sense in the long run and if you take pride in having like two things in common with him that's not love you have to be willing to lay down your life for your crush..oh im wearin blaco all the time so were a perfect couple... no it doesn't work that way its more like... he just gave me the freshest roses and kisses longer than that talk i had with my parents last night about boys ... must be sorta like love if you crumple up inside... have butterflies when he tells you he loves you... and one more thing about juliet give her a chance andy loves her you love him andy loves you but fanbased its a love triangle... shes a sweet chic what did she ever do to you and your sayin oh she took my man... again he doesn't know you... not bein mean but bein truthful.

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otakurockergirl 4 years ago from Marilao, Bulacan

@bvblover#1 I know that. I'm not the type who gets jealous easily.

iloveandy 4 years ago

A lot of this info is inaccurate. Little things though. Is recomebd doing research. He's actually a sexy 6 foot 3 and he didn't create Andy six to.hide from bullies.

asvgN 4 years ago

I love Black veil brides

silvia smile 4 years ago

look i might don't know as much you know about him...but i know that he wasn't using the name andy six because he cas "out-cast" he was using it because he likes nikki sixx and for this reason his father was calling him andy six so he started to use this name...(he has make an interview and he said that can't say the opposite)

DydeE 4 years ago

♥♥♥♥♥♥ !

Amanda Andersson 4 years ago


I love your band and I just wondered were and when you have a concert here in sweden? or are you coming to sweden? stockholm? I love all of you and specially you andy, you´re hot! :)

Amanda Andersson 4 years ago

But can you please see if you can come to Gothenburg in sweden??! :) I´ll be so happy if you can do that!! :)

Sext_Me profile image

Sext_Me 4 years ago from Ontario , canada Author

Guys, I'm fully aware he cut his hair. I haven't been able to get on here for a while, so updating wasn't really in the question. Sorry for the delay.

Amanda Anderson, I suggest going to too see when their touring in sweden.

bvb lover 4 years ago


cheyenne 4 years ago

happy birthday ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dani 4 years ago

i love u andy

ashley 4 years ago

I love andy :)

Artemisa 4 years ago

Quiero saber desde cuanto Andy y Juliet estan juntos? Es decir, desde que año???

BVB SOLDIER FOREVER!!!!!! 4 years ago

that....was......BEAUTIFUL!!!! IM GONNA CRY!!!! I LOVE YOU ANDY!!!

lizeth angels 4 years ago

Im using this for my english essay about how people judge rock nd other songs and artists wrong. Im gonna show how andy is an amazing

ps i love the facts about andy

bvb4eturnity 4 years ago

ive only been listening to bvb for about a month now but i know that i will never give up on them they have changed my life im called things behind my back and i know it but to know that andy has also gone through this tells me they wont make me give up i love to sing and i love art and i am drop dead in love with bvb and everyone in it i will never give up just like andy i will fight to the end

noura 4 years ago

hi andy i luv you actually im crazy about you

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gracesmith2000 3 years ago

hi there everybody, i am only 12 years old and i am an amazing singer! i have been told by EVERYBODY! im not joking but even simon cowell himself said im amazing! this is because andy beirsack inspired me to sing and have faith in myself! i have written my own songs! i just really want andys e-mail because i want to let him know how big a fan i am of him!

it would mean tonnes to me as i am only 12! please ! if anybody knows it please tell me because it is important for me to talk to the best and fittest guy on earth! i even disliked one direction for andy! i love you andy! also if you ever get an interview please tell andy this comment!

Jess 3 years ago

I really would like 2 meet andy sixx but idk why people r so crazy about him. He's a human bean just like everyone else. I mean his just another person. I've been in so many bad relation ships that wear bad. I've been abused and lots of other things by boys that I thought cared about me. I thing people should be careful about giving out ur number.

Serena sixx ♥ 3 years ago

Omg i love him hes perfect I love you andy sixx aka andrew biersack. ♥♥♥♥♥

Serena sixx ♥ 3 years ago

Omg i love him hes perfect I love you andy sixx aka andrew biersack. ♥♥♥♥♥

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