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A lot has been debated, discussed and published in the News lately about Angelina Jolie. She now has 3 adopted children; Pax, Maddox and Zahara, 1 biological child; Shiloh, and twins on the way. Just who is Angelina Jolie anyway?

Angelina (or Brangelina, as she has become known) had an interesting past long before she met Brad Pitt and started an ever growing family. People magazine online did a good article on her past. But what exactly made Ms. Jolie who she is? She is, indeed, a Mother, and by all accounts, a good Mother.

Ms. Jolie shortly after adopting Maddox, did an interview in which she discussed, among other things, her enjoyment of S&M. That didn't go over well with a lot of people. Personally, I think she's entitled to her kinks, It was also during that time that there was speculation that she and Brad Pitt were having an affair. Her quote, back then, was "I would never sleep with a married man." Well, okay, she isn't always honest with the media, but that applies to most everyone who is A) a celebrity or B) In Governent. Since that time, as her family grew, so did her acting career. Angelina continues to wow the critics and audiences with her performances. In wide array there is positve and negative press on her personal life, but no one can dispute she is a STAR!

Happy Family The Jolie (Pitt) Clan

Angelina Fan?


You may think, so far, that you are reading an article by one of her fans. That isn't exactly true. I am, for the most part, anti-celebrity. I do not routinely follow the lives or careers of any famous person. I must admit, however, that Angelina Jolie has impressed me. I have not seen all of her movies, I don't "Google" her on a regular basis, If I saw her, I wouldn't follow her across the street, yet why am I doing an article on her?

The answer to that question is that in all I have seen and discovered about Ms. Jolie..she is a real person. I have not figured out how she does it all, but she does. I may not agree with her on all topics. I think it is admirable that she does charity work and speaks out for poor children. I don't understand why she doesn't help children on the Indian Reservations, since she is part Native American, but who am I to pick her cause? I admire that she has tried to spare the feelings of Jennifer Anniston. I admire that she has maintained a relationship, a hollywood relationship none-the-less, for this many years. Most of all, I admire her because she really seems to be a real person. That is how ALL celebrities should be viewed.


Angelina Jolie


Now, this may seem in contrast to what I was saying above...but no one is perfect, not even Angelina.

People Mag paid...$14 Million dollars to snap a picture of Brangelina, Brad, and the Beautiful Bald Babies. $14 Mil, that's obscene. other thing I want to add comment to. Their names. (TIC) If you look at the picture on "People Mag" It shows a radiant Angelina and a beeming Brad staring down at Vivienne, while both babies are cradled in her arms. What I found was funny was that when I heard the names: Vivienne Marcheine for the little girl, and the very contrasting Knox Leon for the boy, I got this picture in my head (before seeing the people picture) I could picture Brangelina looking lovingly down at her daughter and saying..."Oh, you are so lovely, and beautiful. I shall call you Vivienne Marcheline." Then I pictured her looking over at her little boy, the smile fading, and commenting, "eh, We'll call you Knox." Then came the Picture! There they are, smiling down at....Vivienne! I found it to be a very funny coincidence.

Now, I know Angelina and Brad love ALL of their children, and as I have said, they appear to be wonderful parents. Their affinity to the letter "X" in their boy's names not withstanding, I applaud these two celebrity Parents on their efforts. At least they didn't name them "Apple" and "Banana."

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Andrea 7 years ago

We used to say that if she had called her other child apple,when she had the twins she would then have a Pear { pair }

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