Angelina Jolie: A Maverick, A Mother and.....A Femme Fatale?

The cosmology of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie. The name alone rolls off the tongue, like a salacious buzzword. She has captured the erotic imagination of many men and women alike; she has become an instant sex symbol. Angelina is a fascinating female maverick and as a woman who has visibly transitioned from dark to light, she is the epitome of metamorphosis and has beautifully stepped into a more authentic life.

Angelina's astrological chart shows that she has Cancer Rising, plus both Venus and Saturn are in Cancer in the 12th house. This indicates that Angelina is deeply sensitive, empathetic, nurturing, and self-protective. The nurturing aspect of her personality really blossomed when her children became the centerpiece of her life, which is by no means surprising because the sign of Cancer has the most innate mothering instinct. Her Cancer ascendant makes her outward demeanour decidedly cautious, receptive, highly expressive yet very private, moody, soft and feminine.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in a tight conjunction to her ascendant. This aspects attributes a great deal of physical beauty to a person, it is especially significant when the aspect is exact – as it is in her case. This aspect coupled with great genes makes for a very aesthetically beautiful individual! The fact that Venus and Saturn are in Cancer in the 12th makes her especially secretive, introverted, imaginative, intuitive, subtle, and even more so mysterious. This is why her alluring femininity is so sublime and exuded so effortlessly. Cancer is a highly feminine sign, as its ruler is the Moon – which lends everything feminine and mysterious to the force of woman.

Angelina is able to tap into the collective archetypal realms of the feminine Goddess and masculine Warrior. She is a dynamic synthesis of both feminine and masculine – this is what they might call (in the most ideal sense) the integrating of the anima and animus.

Looking at her stellium in the masculine sign of Aries, it’s no wonder she can also kick ass! In her chart, her Mars, Moon, Jupiter, MC, and Chiron are all in Aries. Overall, there is a predominance of fire in her chart, not to mention there are a ton of aspects to Mars - the ruler of Aries. This makes her a very determined, goal-oriented, hot-headed, passionate, indignant, firey, impulsive, and active person. The fact that most of her signs are cardinal signs, make her a serious go-getter and chronically active. No wonder the tabloids always harp on how thin and exhausted she looks. She is constantly juggling work, motherhood, U.N Ambassador projects and her own private life. 

I see Jupiter, the planet of luck and providence, sitting on her MC, which is the highest point in the chart, and both are in Aries. This aspect belongs to an individual who is meant to be an active, potent force in the world and who is meant to be perceived that way by the world. Jupiter – it certainly lends its benevolence and good karma to her career but being in Aries – this is also very much a make-your-own-luck kind of repertoire. Another fascinating thing here is that Jupiter is the planet about the big-picture and how things become meaningful. Angelina found the deeper meaning (Jupiter) of her life (her children and her humanitarian work) and her career (MC) is the way she is able to sustain her passion and purpose. It is my belief that before she found her purpose, her deeper meaning she was only another beautiful and talented actress, a rising star, but that alone was not essentially her truest purpose.

There are many aspects in her chart that affirm that Angelina has a true and genuine humanitarian soul. Firstly, her Moon; Mars; Jupiter in Aries are all in the 9th house, which is the natural domain of Jupiter; Jupiter epitomizing the noble spirit, humanitarian, and teacher. The aspects of Moon/Mars conjunct Jupiter and Moon/Mars/Jupiter trine Neptune all indicate deep compassion, empathy, strong intuition, healing, and because the personal planets are in the sign of Aries – this manifest’s as compassion in action, walking the talk, and being the change one wishes to see in the world. This is a very noble individual!!

Now moving on, we find that Angelina’s sun and mercury are in the intellectual sign of Gemini. This lends a changeable, adaptable, and chameleon quality to her personality. She is truly an inquiring mind, hungering for knowledge – but with the Arian urge to do something with it and the Cancerian purpose which is always emotionally driven and intuitive. With a Gemini Sun conjunct Mercury, it is no wonder Angelina is so very eloquent, book savvy, and intelligent. Although Angelina’s personal approach and communication style may seem quite intellectual and heady, there is definitely a whole lot of feeling, intuition that is simultaneously happening inside of her.

Angelina has some emotionally challenging aspects, particularly Sun opposite Neptune, Moon/Mars/Jupiter square Saturn, and Moon/Mars opposing Pluto. These, I would say, make up the most challenging aspects - well there is also the T-square between Venus-Uranus-Chiron too!

These aspects make an individual really aware of the dark side of life – with all its pain and suffering. Angelina certainly experienced and experimented on this dark side for a time. These aspects bring a lot of innate suffering, and a real understanding of suffering. Her Sun opposition Neptune show that a lot of deception came through her father and it also shows that she herself may lean toward deception and to being deceived by others. This aspect makes her an idealist, yet always disillusioned with the ideal. Also, externalizing the ideal “out there” and projecting it outward manifests with this aspect. Difficult aspects to Neptune also indicate a tendency toward escapism through drugs, sex and fantasy.

As for the Venus-Uranus aspects, this shows a lot of instability in love and relationships and with Chiron in the mix its about feeling the need for total sacrifice and devotion to a person. This type of energy is better channeled and balanced when for a cause rather than one person that is put on a proverbial pedestal!

The square and opposition aspects really bring on the deep, brooding depressive energies in a person and again, it’s no wonder Angelina was so very familiar with the dark side of life at an early age. The more positive side to these “difficult” aspects is that it allows one to really understand human suffering through their own personal experience and it also carries with it a sense of being able to transcend also. Pluto in particular gives a lot of power, force and sheer will to transcend all that is dark, limiting and negative – and to literally allow transformation to be the evolutionary force within.

Her many aspects between personal planets and pluto, are what I believe lend to her being perceived as "femme fatale" like. There is certainly a very rich mixture of dark and light in her personality - and that is what makes her an authentic woman. There is really very little shallowness and useless capriciousness evident in her chart, which is wonderful given that Hollywood is completely immersed in shallowness! On a last note, I noticed she has no earth in her chart! Except for her Part of Fortune - but this usually signifies a very underground yet potent earthiness and sensuality that is expressed subconsciously rather than consciously. She hides being ungrounded in all of her activity and perhaps has found that stable ground under her feet with her children and family.

written by Skye Phoenix 

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