Antique Roadshow

What is Antique Road Show

The Antique Roadshow is fascinating to watch because we all have articles in our homes that were passed on from family to family. We all have items that were given to us as gifts from someone several years ago. We have no idea how much these items are worth. The Antique Roadshow is an excellent source of the value of items.

Antique Roadshow Broadcast Time

The Antique Roadshow is broadcast at least twice a week on the local Public Broadcasting Station in your area. I happen to be from the Atlanta area and the Antique Roadshow is broadcast on Friday nights and again on Saturday afternoon. Antique Roadshow lasts one hour and provides a great deal of information about the items that individuals bring from an appraisal.

The Items on Antique Roadshow

The items appraised on the Antique Roadshow come from individuals from all across the United States and Canada. The show is called Antique Roadshow because the appraisers actually travel to different cities in the United States to appraise items. I have been watching this show for almost 10 years hoping that one day an item that I have in my house will be appraised at a very high dollar amount. So far this has not happened but I still watch and hope.

Some of the items that have been appraised over the years include a card table worth over $300,000 that a school teacher had purchased from $30 at a yard sale, a necklace and bracelet set that had been handed down from great grandmother to grandchild which turned out to be real rubies from royalty which had a value of over $300,000, and a painting that was purchased for $75,000 that turned out to be worth over $400,000. So far the most expensive appraisal has been jade items that had been given to someone from a relative that turned out to be worth between $700,000 to 1,000,000. These are the really high appraisals. Most of the items shown on the Antiques Roadshow are at least double in value compared to the amount paid for the item. I have collected so many things over the years that I still have hopes of someday visiting the Antiques Roadshow.

If you are a collector or just have some old items laying around which may be valuable you should visit the Antique Roadshow online for information on when they may be coming to your area. This site also offers valuable information on caring for an insuring your antiques.


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