Watch Any Sporting Event On The Internet For Free!!!

Watch Any Sporting Event On The Internet For Free!!!

Firstly I move around quite a lot due to the nature of my job. Then one day I realised I was not going to be able to watch my wonderful Manchester United perform on television as I was in a Foreign Country. I am so religious about watching my favourite team and all ways go to the games when the chance arises.

Anyway I started searching the Internet rather frantically as the day was dawning at a severe rate of knots. I tried for hours and hours trying to join sites and download software to be able to watch my team, but most of them were bogus sites or some sort of scam. I rang my wife to ask her if she could tape the match for me cause I was fearful I would miss the match.

As I put down the phone, one link on google stood out a mile for me, and it had Manchester United highlighted in the text. I proceeded to click this link and I couldn't understand a word it was saying but I could see my teams Crest before me. Just before i closed the page, luckily I noticed a little British flag in the top right corner of the screen.

Muliple Sporting activities all on one site for FREE!!!
Muliple Sporting activities all on one site for FREE!!!

Relieved I started to read the web page and understood that they would be showing my Football team playing after all but there was one last hitch I had to deal with first. I needed to download a piece of software from, the Sop cast player.

The Red Devils

My beloved football teams Crest!!
My beloved football teams Crest!!


To Make this easier for you all this is all you need to do:

  • Visit to familiarise yourself with the site.
  • Visit and download their Sop cast player.
  • return to and search for the sporting event you want to watch.

Even if you do miss your favourite sporting event they have a highlights section where you can watch a complete rerun of the event. You can watch only the important highlights or you can watch the extended highlights, and best of all its all FREE!!!

I hope this will help all you budding sport fans out there if you ever find yourself in my situation.


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