Heavy wood

Classical strings meets heavy metal, headbanging cellists rock out with symphonic riffs. From Metallica to their own original compositions, Apocalyptica is one of the most distinctive bands in the world.

They started covering Metallica songs in their spare time and after their first performance they were signed up at once to record an record an album of Metallica covers.

Apocalyptica have toured around the world and performed live with various heavy metal greats. Their music has also been used for soundtracks in film scores and video games.

Band Biography

Classically trained cellists, graduates of Helsinki's Sibelius Academy no less, Apocalyptica combines elements of classical music with thrash metal in a symphonic onslaught on the senses.

Formed in 1993 to play Metallica covers at an after-Christmas party, a representatve from an independent record label was in the audience who signed them up after they finished their set.

Their debut studio album was released in 1996, an album of Metallica covers.

1998 saw a second studio album, another cover album. As well as favorites Metallica it also covered songs by Sepultura, Pantera and Faith No More. In addition to these songs it also included three original songs.

In 1999 there was a line-up change and a year later their third studio album was released. Featuring only 3 covers, but 10 original songs.

In 2003 an album with nothing but originals: Reflections.

Slayers drummer Dave Lombardo played drums on five tracks but was unable to tour with the band, which is when Mikko Sirén joined Apocalyptica. For all future tours as well as album recordings.

Since their humble and unplanned beginnings the band has played in 1000 concerts in 50 countries. In the last year alone their presence on not just the US music charts but in media (live appearances and television serial soundtracks) has seen their public exposure grow. If they thought they were successful to date, things are about to explose.

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