April fools prank that went wrong - Poor Tom!

I thought I would share with you a prank that I played on my partners son Tom who is almost 17 years old. After last year, I decided that I would return the prank (with interest) after what he did to me! Tom lives nearby with his mum and comes to visit his dad and I once per week.

In 2010 I was self employed and when he came for his usual weekly visit I was up to my eyes in accounts. To say I was stressed would have been an understatement! I received a call from the Inland Revenue (or so I thought!) questioning me on various matters and saying that I had a huge debt of £15000 in unpaid tax. I knew that I couldn't possibly be responsible for this amount and had already paid what I had owed. Nevertheless, I argued for over half an hour on the telephone, and eventually realised that I had been set up. I vowed that the following year I would get one over on him - BIG TIME!


Getting even

I spoke to my partner (Tom's dad) who agreed with me that it was time for me to get even. I set to work and racked my brain for a prank that would be so convincing that there was no way he would doubt it.

Tom had recently applied to Leicester College to learn hairdressing. My idea for wreaking havoc was born! Time to put my plan into action.

It's good when a plan comes together

Firstly, I produced a letter headed up from Leicester College inviting him to attend an open day on Saturday 2nd April. The letter stated that he had to be there at 9.00am and he would be given the chance to look around the college and meet the teachers from the hairdressing course. He would also be given the opportunity to attend a briefing and ask any questions. I posted the letter on Thursday 31st March first class so that he would receive it on Friday 1st April. APRIL FOOLS!!

Tom was so excited. He telephoned us that night to let us know that he had been invited to attend college. I could hardly contain myself - he had fallen for it hook, line and sinker!

His dad said that perhaps we ought to phone him in the morning and let him know that it was a prank, but where is the fun in that! I awoke at 8.30am on Saturday, looked at my partner who was fast asleep, and took it upon myself not to phone Tom. WRY SMILE!

The twist in the tale

Now Tom's mum and I have never been friends, in fact we both find it hard to be civil to one another. I never dreamt for a moment that she would have been involved in my cunning plan. HOW WRONG I WAS.

As it turned out, Tom didn't catch a bus to college as I assumed he would, instead he asked his mum on her day off to sacrifice her Saturday lie-in to drive him there. She dropped him off at college, waved him goodbye and wished him luck before driving off to do some shopping in town. They made arrangements that she would pick him up at 12 o'clock after her retail therapy (which would have coincided with the finish time of the open day, if there had actually have been one!)

As Tom approached the college, he noticed that the gates were locked and there was nobody around. Thinking that he might have got the time wrong, he reached into his pocket for his mobile phone to call his mum and check. Oh dear, no mobile phone, this had been left in the car in his haste to find out about the hairdressing course that was not. Hee Hee!

He was now faced with a dilemna:

He had not taken any money - so he could hang around an empty building for 3 hours or walk the 2 miles home. It was starting to rain quite heavily so he decided to do the walking thing.

By now it was around 10am and my partner had just woken up. Had he been awake when I was, he would have told his son of my plan for sweet revenge. Just then the phone rang. It was Tom, who by now had worked out that his wasted morning, aching feet and total humiliation was down to me. I won't tell you what he called me, but all I can say was that it wasn't very pleasant at all! His mother had much the same to say when she found out.

All's well that ends well

It took a few hours for the shock and anger to subside and for normal language to resume, but I'm happy to say that Tom has now got over it. He is blissfully unaware of what I'm working on for next years APRIL FOOLS DAY.


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Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark

very funny story! hahaha. Poor tom. I love april fool's prank. Great hub.

jacqui2011 profile image

jacqui2011 5 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom Author

Yeah, he really had it coming. I've got a nasty feeling that he will get me back.

DIYweddingplanner profile image

DIYweddingplanner 5 years ago from South Carolina, USA

Aaaack! Gotta love a woman with a sense of humor and a willingness to take revenge! Voted up and funny!

jacqui2011 profile image

jacqui2011 5 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom Author

Thanks for your comments. Yeah maybe Tom is planning something equally as bad for me as he has been very quiet for a few weeks now.

L a d y f a c e profile image

L a d y f a c e 5 years ago from Canada

This is golden!! I WISH I were as creative as you. Oh how I would love to get my husband's best friend back for all the pranks he's pulled on me!!

Very funny. Thanks for sharing!

Nelma profile image

Nelma 5 years ago from Brazil

Really funny!!!

jacqui2011 profile image

jacqui2011 5 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom Author

Hi Nelma, Glad you enjoyed my little prank!

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos

Ha ha ha, so so so funny. Tom got more than he bargained. Funny sweet april fool. Bless you

jacqui2011 profile image

jacqui2011 5 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom Author

Ubanichijioke - Thanks for commenting. Hopefully Tom will think twice the next time he plays a joke on me!!

profile image

Textured Ideas 5 years ago

That is GENIUS! hahahaha poor guy but that's hilarious. This year I threw a box downstairs then quietly crept down and started groaning behind the door and my father really believed I had fell down the stairs! muahaha.

April Fool's day is so fun! I wonder what you will come up with next year?! ;-)

jacqui2011 profile image

jacqui2011 5 years ago from Leicester, United Kingdom Author

@ Textured Ideas - That's a good way to fool someone. If I did that my Dad would just step over me and carry on with what he was doing because I was always playing jokes on him. I've got a few ideas already for Tom for next April Fool's Day, but just need to perfect it! Thanks for stopping by.

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