Are You Ready for 2012 And The End of the World?

Does this predict the end of the world?  You be the judge.
Does this predict the end of the world? You be the judge. | Source

2012 is Just Around the Corner

"Are you ready for december 2012?" This question was asked of me by a friend the other evening. It really struck me as an odd question, considering that I am really not even ready for next week.

So my friend began to explain that according to the Mayan calendar, the world is going to end on December 21, 2012. Now this bit of information got my attention immediately. It is not everyday that a news story comes along with so much potential to disrupt my life.

The fact that their calendar ends on that day is offered to me as proof. "Something must be done", he explained.

Now the wheels in my mind are really turning, mostly wondering who the Mayans are. I am familiar with many families that live in my neighborhood and don't recall anyone by that name. Perhaps they are the new family that moved in down the street. Maybe I will get them a new calendar as a house warming gift.

"The Mayans are an ancient people", he exclaimed, "they are no longer around".

Well then it seems there is no rush on the house warming gift. Probably another victim of the economy, I though to myself. "Where did they move to?" I asked.

Now it was at this point that I was beginning to notice that my friend was growing annoyed. He was shaking his head and waving his arms around frantically. Perhaps the Mayan's were relatives of his, but how was I supposed to know this?

"Just forget about the whole thing"! he shouted as he walked out the door.

Its Best to be Prepared

Now I may never know what upset my dear friend so much, but I certainly will not forget something as important as the end of the world. After all, people do not go around spreading such ideas unless they are based in fact. This end of world idea is even found on the internet, which means there must be some truth to the idea.

So, I know find myself compiling a list of things that I wish to accomplish in my lifetime. After all, the days are quickly running past and the time is getting short.

The first thing on my to do list is to make sure my finances are all in order for those who are left behind. This is going to take alot of work, as anyone who has seen my bank statements can surely attest. Lucky for me the end of the world will not leave any survivors, so I won't waste any time on this step.

I would really like to write a novel in my lifetime, I have always felt there is one floating around inside my head somewhere. I need to get to work immediately on this because I feel that it will take at least six months to accomplish this. Then again, there will be nobody around to read it, so maybe I won't spend much time on this here idea either.

The more that I think about this, perhaps there is not much to prepare for. Perhaps just a wide screen television so I will be able to watch the news footage of all the surprised people who spent their life savings on preparations. Either way, December 21, 2012 is sure to be a big news day. I hope I am around to watch it unfold.

Are you a believer?

Do you feel there is any truth in the theory that the world will end in 2012?

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© 2011 Christopher J Wood

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maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 5 years ago from USA

If anything had to happen in what way could we escape? Who would dare say nothing will happen? Who never witnessed or experienced solar storms to deny its danger? Have you ever seen those solar flares on tv? Very impressive. It is said that the magnetosphere has always protected us so far. But in 2012, scientists are saying that their power will be 30 to 50% superior to the usual. Nasa and the National Academy of Science warned us that the flares will reach their peak next year. What must we understand?

What will be their effect on the Yellowstone super volcano or on the pole reversal?

If electricity is shut down what guarantee us that the nuclear powers will maintain their stability? Athought among others.

rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

interesting hub... evidently something this big like the end of the world clearly establishes the fact that after all the scientific and literary accomplishments of mankind... we are still not prepared for a catastrophe of this scale. the most we can do is stay with our loved ones when we see it coming...

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 5 years ago from USA

Scientists registered that every year the ground is rising of 3 inches explaining the small earthquakes recorded in the area. It also means that the magma is rising.

profile image

Indigital 5 years ago

Maxoxam41, may I just say that in the event of Yellowstone erupting, it would only fall on USA grounds. The ash would go worldwide, but it would be so thin that only Japan would have to close borders with the US.

Also the electric grids of the world are deemed very secure and in the event of a catastrophic deterioration, there would be large backups to defend against nuclear destruction.

I did wonder about 2012 a few years back, I thought it was like Roswell, where the US would cover up anything and try not to publicate it - but now there is a movie and many books out, it's nothing more than a myth.

May I just add, again, that the Mayan Calendar is not on it's final "turn", it's on it's 12th turn of 19. Meaning if the Calendar is true, we should all die in 5222, not 2012.

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 5 years ago from USA

Alluding to the eruption of Yellowstone I was referring to the acid rains and the obstruction of the sun resulting.

You're telling me that in the eventuality of nuclear destruction Americans will secure what Japanese, Americans, French couldn't in Fukushima?

profile image

Indigital 5 years ago

Acid rain wouldn't be a major factor from a volcano...

And they couldn't power the reactors because it was flooded..

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 5 years ago from USA

Although it is based upon a theory, you can't negate the acid rain potential danger. Every volcano has gases that once expelled mingle with the atmosphere. Since it is speculated that if ever it explodes its power will equate to 2,500 times to what happened with the Mount St Helen, we can assume that gases will reach the upper atmosphere. Scientists say that in that occurrence a sulfuric acid haze will form and stay for years and may create another ice age. And, in case of rain will become acid rains. I did not invent it.

The point I wanted to make is that whatever the problem was, they failed and, you are telling me not to worry they will take care of it. I don't think so.

profile image

Indigital 5 years ago

Well I think any problem that will cause major catastrophe worldwide will be overviewed and barriers will be put in place to stop it.

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 5 years ago from USA

Catastrophes of major amplitude account so many unknowns how could anyone be so assertive as for the human beings' ability to cope? I'm less of an optimist.

profile image

Indigital 5 years ago

Yes, I believe you are. But maybe you're right..

maxoxam41 profile image

maxoxam41 5 years ago from USA

And the worst is that I'm definitively not ready who would be? What are our chances to survive such catastrophe?

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