Arisa Oda - Beautiful Japanese Actress

Beautiful Japanese Actress - Arisa Oda or Mika Kayama

Arisa Oda is (or was) a beautiful Japanese Idol and Bikini model.
In Japan, an "Idol" is someone that the media takes and turns into a star because they are cute.
Kinda like the media does here in the US...all the time to practically anyone.
However, the Japanese Idols as opposed to their American counterparts, are supposed to be held up as examples for the young people of Japan.
They can be singers, actors, models, TV personalities, whatever puts them in the public eye.
They just have to be attractive and at least a little talented.

Arisa Oda was born on October 13th, 1982 in the Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan, which is part of the greater Tokyo area in Japan.
She was a classic Idol, who listed Basketball and Karate as her hobbies and appeared in two movies, Tokyo Shugo Tenshi (2007) and Maranika - Ochiru Onna (2007).
Arisa was pretty popular, even ranking number 9 in's list of "The Top 10 Japanese Models".

But then Arisa retired from modeling and vanished.
Well...she didn't actually really vanish..

I guess Arisa got tired of her wholesome, clean cut image and dropped it.
She took the name Mika Kayama (oddly, also the name of a character in Sailor Moon) and went into more "grown up" endeavors.
This in effect pretty much blew her Idol status, and today if you look for her, Arisa Oda and Mika Kayama are treated as two separate people.

It's as though when she gave up being Arisa, she died and Mika took her place.
I guess really it's not that odd.
We have a similar parallel here with Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus.
A cute teen star that got tired of being a cute teen star and went a completely different direction.
Though Mika has not achieved anywhere close to that fame.

Arisa Oda Pictures

Arisa Oda
Arisa Oda
More Arisa Oda
More Arisa Oda
An early shot of Arisa
An early shot of Arisa
Right before Arisa became Mika
Right before Arisa became Mika
Arisa as Mika Kayama
Arisa as Mika Kayama

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uniman profile image

uniman 7 years ago from Santa Fe

What a nice looking girl, she looks like the girl next door, she is sexy, she looks like a friend a really hot number. Thanks for sharing this hot model Arisa Oda just with I could meet her.

monu 6 years ago

nice photos.

sexyf profile image

sexyf 5 years ago

Sexy Girl, Thanks for sharing.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 5 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

Arisa is a very pretty lady. She is a cutie with a lovely smile. :D

yes or not no 5 years ago

i think it's good

louromano profile image

louromano 4 years ago

Hi sexy lady . Nice post.

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