Arrow Season 1 Review


Quick Info:

Directors: Various
Studio: Warner Brothers Television
Release Date: February 4, 2014
Runtime: 989 minutes
Availability on DVD, Blu-Ray,Hulu and Netflix streaming

Plot Synopsis:

Billionaire Oliver Queen was stranded on an island after his father’s boat the Queen’s Gambit sinks in the ocean. He is rescued and returns to Starling City, and takes up the vigilante identify known as “The Hood” and dedicates himself to righting his family’s wrongs using a mysterious list of names, aiding him is Diggle, a retired military veteran as they stop crime throughout the city.

Thoughts on the Plot:

I wasn’t initially sure if I’d like this TV show. I have always loved DC Comics, but I’m an avid Batman fan, not really a Green Arrow fan, but I gave this show a shot, and I love it. The story is interesting, the characters have a lot of development over the season and the acting and action is very well done.

This show had a lot to live up to because with tow is he resurgence of superhero movies, TV shows have to be just as entertaining as the movies.

I also liked how they had both "island" flashbacks and a plot in the present day.

This show is definitely fun and entertaining, I enjoy the story and it's a very good show to watch, it's just that I have so many other shows I'm watching I don't have time to watch the second and third seasons of Arrow.


The Actors:

Stephen Amell was fantastic as Oliver Queen. He is an excellent actor and he gets this character, I really enjoyed him as Ollie Queen. Katie Cassidy is wonderful as Dinah “Laurel” Lance, and she did a fantastic job too. David Ramsey plays Diggle, Oliver’s bodyguard and partner, he’s really great and his character is one of my favorites in the show. Emily Bett Rickards plays Felicity Smoak and I love her, she’s funny and interesting and I think she’s great. Mannu Bennett is a terrific actor and he did a great job as Slade Wilson, if only they didn’t change his character as much as they did, I still loved him though.

Arrow Show Trailer:


I enjoy the music soundtrack by Blake Neely. It fits the mood of the show and it’s very well done. The music sounds good and very exciting when it needs to be, and moody when it's supposed to me.

The music compliments the show and you'll enjoy the soundtrack for the TV show.

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Too Many Batman Villains:

I highly recommend watching Arrow if you enjoy comic book based media. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a great series. It’s major flaw is that Green Arrow has a unique rogues gallery and all we see is mainly Batman supporting characters and adaptations of Batman villains. I find that to be very annoying when I want to see Green Arrow villains and not Batman villains.


Watch this Show:

It’s worth it for me to watch on Netflix but I won’t be picking this up on Blu-Ray disc, but it is well worth my time to watch it. Pick it up if you have to have it on Blu-Ray or DVD. Worth your time but not necessarily your mon

The characteres are great and go through a lot of development and there are a lot of plot twists that keep you guessing what will happen next.

Quick Thoughts:

What Does Work:
What Doesn't Work:
Great Action, Story and Plot
Too many Batman villains
Fun entertaining characters

Overall Grade: A-:

Arrow is an exciting TV show that is an excellent superhero show with a fantastic story, writing and characters. The visual effects are very well done and the actors play their roles very well and I enjoyed watching them.

The main flaw with Arrow is that DC pulls from Batman lore for Arrow's villains and I feel that they shouldn't because Green Arrow has his own villains in comics, but I suppose they know that audiences will recognize Batman villains more than Green Arrow villains.

I enjoyed this TV show a lot and I watched it on Netflix and it was an enjoyable show to view. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves superhero shows.

My Rating:

4 stars for Arrow Season 1:

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