Artista Academy Kids: Fame, Fortune and Stardom

Artista Academy is considered to be the biggest reality talent search ever conducted in Philippine television history. That is of course disputable but the creators and marketers of the show have a point in claiming it to be the largest ever. The show after all offers 20 million pesos worth of prizes to those who will emerge as winners of the show. The talent search will produce two winners which means each winner will pocket 10 million pesos. That is quite a large sum. No wonder that thousands of young aspirants flocked to the Smart Araneta Coliseum when an audition was held there. You win the show and you'll become 10 million pesos richer.

The Prize

Although the show's marketing machine proclaims that the two winners will be awarded 20 million pesos, these prizes won't be handed in cold cash. There are reports circulating that the 20 million will be comprised of cash, condo units, brand new cars, contracts with TV5 and leading roles in an upcoming television show. Of course, along with this comes the fame which will translate into more fortune if the winners will actually make it a stars in Philippine show business.

The Grand Audition

Artista Academy held just one audition and this was staged at the historic Araneta Coliseum, now renamed Smart Araneta Coliseum. This one-time audition is one of the most criticized aspects of the upcoming reality talent show. First of all, applicants will only be limited to those who live within or around Metro Manila. The auditions was held last June 19, 2012. Over 10,000 people trooped to the Araneta Coliseum during the event. However, probably only 3 to 4 thousand of these were the actual applicants. The rest were companions, friends or family members of those who auditioned. The audition started at 2 PM and ended well into the night.


Celebrity Kin Among Those Who Auditioned

The audition attracted all sorts of applicants. Among them were siblings and relatives of already well-known Filipino celebrities. Kenneth Alex Anderson is the younger brother of ABS-CBN leading man Gerald Anderson. There is also Alvin Abrenica, the younger brother of Kapuso hunk Aljur Abrenica. And last but not the least, there's Angelo Patrimonio, the son of celebrated and former Philippine Basketball Association star Alvin Patrimonio.

According to various reports, 300 young men and women were chosen from the thousands who auditioned at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. This 300 will soon be winnowed to 100. The 100 will in turn be subjected to several tests to determine which of them will comprise the 16 finalists. The 16 finalists will enter the Asian Academy of Television Arts which is headed by Wilma Galvante. They will be trained there in all aspects of being a star – acting, dancing and singing. From these 16 finalists will emerge the two winners – the Best Actor and Best Actress of the Academy, each of which will win 10 million Philippine pesos.

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