Ash Ketchum's most powerful Pokémon – in depth analysis

Fans of the Pokémon animation are familiar with the main character, Ash Ketchum. He was from Pallet town in the Kanto region. Ever since his first appearance, Ash aspired to become a Pokémon master through hard work and lots of traveling. The Pokémon animation started about more than ten years ago and Ash Ketchum caught a lot of different types of Pokémon throughout his journey. This hub talks about his most powerful battling Pokémon. Hope you enjoy it.

Ash Ketchum's Charizard – Those that are fans of the Pokémon animation know that Charizard won many major battles for Ash. Ash caught a Charmander that was left behind by its original trainer in the Kanto region. Shortly after its capture, it became one of Ash's main battling Pokémon. It soon evolved twice and ignored Ash's orders in battles. It was after Ash Ketchum saved Charizard from being frozen, Charizard finally started to accept Ash as his trainer again. Ever since that event, it remained very loyal to Ash and won him many major battles. In the animation, it had defeated Gary's three Pokémon including Gary's main Pokémon, Blastoise. It was Ash's first Pokémon to defeat a legendary opponent, Articuno, in a fierce battle at the Battle Factory.

Ash riding on his Charizard
Ash riding on his Charizard

Ash Ketchum's Snorlax – A wild Snorlax was caught by Ash during his journey to the Orange Islands. Despite its huge body, this Pokémon is actually very fit and agile. In its debut episode, it swam from island to island surprisingly fast. Due to Snorlax's overwhelming appetite, it was left at Professor Oak's laboratory most of the time. However, Ash called on Snorlax for his most difficult battles. Snorlax defeated gym leader Clair's Kingdra with his powerful ice punch, took out several of Gary's Pokémon during their major battle, and won Ash a frontier symbol after it took out two fighting type Pokémon by itself.

Snorlax fighting Kingdra
Snorlax fighting Kingdra

Ash Ketchum's Gible – Gible was the first dragon type Pokémon that Ash caught while traveling. It is very rare in the wild and Gible liked Ash from the moment they met. Although Gible haven't been in many battles, it had some strong attacks despite being in the first stage of its evolution line. In competitive battling, Garchomp (Gible's final form) has been regarded as one of the most powerful Pokémon. In the Sinnoh league, it managed to defeat Conway's Dusknoir with a powerful dragon pulse. If Ash had trained it more, it would definitely become even more powerful.

Ash, Pikachu and Gible
Ash, Pikachu and Gible

Ash Ketchum's Sceptile – Ash's Sceptile was very powerful and knew many attacks. Ash Ketchum caught him as a Treecko. It was very competitive ever since its first appearance and practiced his moves diligently. In the Sinnoh league, Sceptile was the only Pokémon that defeated Tobias' Darkrai (a legendary Pokémon that is very strong). His leaf blade attack was very powerful and it will win Ash more matches in the future.

Ash Ketchum's Pikachu – Last but certainly not least, Ash's Pikachu. Pikachu has been with Ash since episode one and continued to appear in every episode since. It has been the Pokémon mascot and everyone is familiar with his face. In terms of strength, Pikachu won lots of difficult matches for Ash. However, Pikachu has been defeated many times in the animation by not very powerful opponents. In those battles, it was surprising to see Pikachu lose against a weak opponent. For Ash's third rematch against the battle pyramid king Brandon, Pikachu defeated Brandon's Regice in a very difficult battle. He became Ash's second Pokémon, after Charizard, to defeat a legendary Pokemon.

Pikachu about to use Iron tail move
Pikachu about to use Iron tail move

Ash's Krookodile – This Pokémon met Ash when it was still a Sandile. It had followed Ash because it wanted to battle and defeat Pikachu. When it evolved from Sandile to Krokorok, its battling skills improved significantly. However, it still wasn't very successful at its first gym battle against Skyla. Krokorok worked very hard and improved itself in later battles. It eventually evolved into its final form, Krookodile. In the heated battle with Iris' Dragonite, it was able to use its new move and defeated the powerful dragon type Pokemon.

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gilo 4 years ago

how about infernape!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Pika boy 3 years ago

Scribble out gibble and put in infernape?!

Dkckg 3 years ago

Switch gible with infernape

hh 3 years ago

where is inferape!!!

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Pikachu 2 years ago

What about infernape???

beth 2 years ago

Yeah I agree with everyone else. Infernape definitely has to be on this list too. I would put it in the top 3. Charizard and Infernape would be top two in my opinion. I wished we got to see more of that powerful Pokémon!

Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy Gill 21 months ago from Louisiana

I made a similar hub about the strongest non-legendary anime Pokémon, and we certainly agree that Ash has some impressive monsters! I really like his Snorlax, it took out so many Pokémon single-handedly in its debut episode. Anyway, nice article!

Trenten Skeeters 18 months ago

Forget gible and infernape how about goodra PEOPLES

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