Ashton Kutcher had or is having an affair with what girl? Who? Sara Leal? Demi Moore is not happy!

Stunning Sara Leal says she slept with Ashton Kutcher
Stunning Sara Leal says she slept with Ashton Kutcher

Rumors are spreading all over the Hollywood Land about the marital troubles of Ashton Kutcher and his love bug Demi Moore. Tweeters have noted that kissy miss you tweets have stopped and couple is actually spending their days in different sides of US, Ashton busy with his new tv show Two and a Half Men in California, while Demi was spotted in New York.

The newest trouble in Ashton-land is called Sara Leal who says she had little more than a hard rock in the Hard Rock Cafe with Ashton Kutcher. She is now out of public "exploring her options". In plain English she is planning to cash in on the story big time!

Will Demi keep her boy toy even if these allegations are true? Is Sara just another bombshell who happened to hit the right timing? Are we going to see Demi single and on a dating scene for all the willing bachelors out there? However the story will unfold it will get plenty of publicity and paparazzi will go crazy trying to catch every glimpse of the new hot girl for the day.

To keep Demi happy Ashton sure will have to do some serious damage control after this affair, maybe he should take some advice from Justin Bieber who recently rented the whole Lakers arena to cuddle with his girl Selena Gomez while watching Titanic! Come on Ashton, Demi deserves better than these stories....

Will Demi and Ashton split over this?

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