Ask DJ Lyons: Nanny and the Professor episode about Helium Balloon

Helium Balloon and Shooting Star
Helium Balloon and Shooting Star | Source

Does anybody remember the show called Nanny & the Professor?

Isn't it funny that a show that ran way back from January 21, 1970 to December 27, 1971 could have made such a huge impact on me?

I am dedicating this hub to Eiddwen from Wales. Your hubs reminded me of one of my dearly loved episodes from that show.

Here's a couple of YouTube videos describing the show starring the following people:

* Juliet Mills as Phoebe Figalilly (Nanny)

* Richard Long starred as the Professor

* David Doremus as Hal Everett

* Trent Lehman as Bentley "Butch" Everett

* Kim Richards as Prudence Everett

Addrisi Brothers - Nanny And The Professor

Addrisi Brothers - Happiness (Nanny And The Professor)

An Element of Risk (Airdate 4/8/70)

The bursting of a little girl's beloved balloon provides the object lesson Nanny needs for Prudence and her father. The child is afraid to risk blowing up another balloon; the professor is reluctant to see a former college sweetheart. Guest cast: Marrijane: Lee Meriwether.


Dealing with the Loss of a Loved One

When I read some of Eiddwen's inspiring hubs about dealing with the loss of two of her loved ones, it made me recall this particular episode.

In the past, when I have talked with people who have been dealing with loss, I often would give in to the temptation of telling them about this particular show.

As I recall it, the little girl Prudence got a helium balloon. She loved that balloon just like someone would love a kitten or a puppy or a child. It was a black and white episode, at least on our TV, but she described how pretty it was with red and orange and yellow streaks.

Prudence carried that helium balloon with her wherever she went. When she took a bath, the helium balloon would be hovering near the ceiling. When she went to bed, the helium balloon would hover over her bed. She had a glorious few days with that helium ballon and was so happy.

One day, that helium balloon tragically popped. Prudence was absolutely heartbroken.

When offered another balloon, she would have no part of it. Nothing could replace the love she felt for that cherished baloon. She was inconsolable.

One night, Nanny came to Prudence's room and woke her up. She took her out to the garden. They sat down on a bench and watched the sky.

Through the magic of Nanny, a shooting star flew by overhead.

The two of them waxed eloquent on the beauty and awesomeness of that shooting star. Prudence was especially touched and excited.

She said words to this effect, "I am so glad I got to see that shooting star."

Nanny said, "Yes, but it is gone. You will never see it again."

Prudence said, "Yes, but I got to see it for at least a little while. That was good enough."

Suddenly, Prudence and the audience got the connection between the shooting star and the loss of a balloon or anyone or anything one has dearly loved and cherished.

Yes, it is true that the loved one or thing is gone; however, at least you got to have it for a little while. He, she, or it has touched and impacted your life and made you richer and more blessed for the encounter. Do your best to cherish the memories and let that be enough.

A final thought. Back when I was attending college in California, I met a delightful girl who had a long distance boyfriend. She was extolling his virtues and stating that she never wanted to face the loss of someone she loved as much as him.

However, ...

She said words similar to this, "I cannot imagine anyone better for me than him. But should it not work out, I know that God must really have somebody spectacular in store for me."

You may only have a loved one for a short time or a long time. Is it ever long enough? But at least, you can take comfort that you had this connection for however long you did have it. Due to that communion with the one you loved, your life will never be the same. You will be forever blessed!

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Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

Hi Debbie,

I feel so humbled that you have dedicated this hub to me, I appreciate your kindness and feel very honoured.

I can understand where that little girl is coming from and what a lovely story !!

I will grieve for my sister Val and my beautiiful daughter Erin forevermore.

However we do learn to adjust and no-one can ever take the beautiful memories that I hold dearly in my heart!!

I can also relate to the young lady who loved her boyfriend so;

She so obviously had the ability to cope and also had the gift of looking for the poitives when the path of life got a little rough.

Also the video clips were also so heart warming and very apt !!

Thank you for this beautiful hub Debbie and I will treasure it dearly.

Take care,


Ask_DJ_Lyons profile image

Ask_DJ_Lyons 5 years ago from Mosheim, Tennessee Author

Thank you as well, Eiddwen, for being the inspiration for it. So many of us on hubpages have very clearly been touched and inspired by you and your story. I am going to love getting to know you better and better through your writing, comments, and e-mails. Thank you so much! Have a lovely day!

Best wishes and God Bless,


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