Ask DJ Lyons: Other versions of legend called Rainbow Crow

Rainbow Crow by Nancy Van Laan

Rainbow Crow (Dragonfly Books)
Rainbow Crow (Dragonfly Books)

This beguiling fable tells how the selfless crow lost his brilliant plumage when he interceded with the Great Sky Spirit on behalf of his animal friends--who were being buried in a snowstorm. Ages 3-7. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.


Beautiful Lenape Indian legend called Rainbow Crow by Nancy Van Laan

Nancy Van Laan published a beautiful Lenape Indian legend called "Rainbow Crow." She collected this story from Bill "Whipporwill" Thompson - a Lenape Indian elder.

Who were the Lenape Indians? They were a northeastern Indian tribe based around Pennsylvania.

For more facts about the Lenape Indians, feel free to check out this great link for kids.

Professional Storyteller Debbie Dunn performs Rainbow Crow

Check out this hub link where Debbie Dunn performs this beautiful story.

Who else is performing this story?

Check out these other delightful videos of the "Rainbow Crow" tale. They have a delightful technique to highlight and enhance the illustrations. Enjoy!

The Rainbow Crow part 1.wmv

The Rainbow Crow part 2.wmv.wmv

The Rainbow Crow part 3.wmv

The Rainbow Crow part 4.wmv

2 Elementary School groups acts out this story

Check out the school play where a group of kids act out the story of "Rainbow Crow."

Rainbow Crow Rap

A gentleman tells his version of the story

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Myron 5 years ago

The Lenape walked away from Greenland 660 years ago. Before they reached Pennsylvaniz they migrated 4,000 miles in 200 years. Their route was Greenland, James Bay, Nelson River,Winnepeg, Red River, Sisseton, SD, Minnehaha county, Niagara and Mysgtery caves in MN, west bank of the Mississippi to Missouri river, across the Ohio to LaKE OF THE iLLINOIS (now)Michigan. Sthey stared for a while on the Fiver of the Divine, (now Illinois, than on to give the Quakers a place to stay. The puritans were hanging Quakers. See the Lenape Epic

Ask_DJ_Lyons profile image

Ask_DJ_Lyons 5 years ago from Mosheim, Tennessee Author

Wow! Thanks for sharing such great information.

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