Astrology Reveals the Intimate Secrets of Lucy Pinder!

Celebrity Secrets ~ Lucy Pinder ~


What is Lucy Pinder really like?  How does Lucy love, live and think and what is she like in bed?  Read this article for speculative answers to all these questions and learn more about Lucy Pinder other than her often touted, natural 32Gs!

Lucy Pinder recently entered the Celebrity Big Brother House – she spouted Thatcherite jingoes which, unexpectedly, reminded one of our number of a Rudyard Kipling Page 3 and said stupid people annoyed her.  Those that didn’t already know soon learnt about her salient points – the ones that make her a popular search on Google – namely her all natural 32Gs or big bosoms.  Since entering the asylum (for that is what it really is) she has impressed us with her approach to “Mr Annoyio” Coolio – she treats him exactly the way she said she would and we like people who do that.  But, other than that, she still remains a closed book.  Luckily there’s the Art of Astrology – available at these time and with that, this quick Astrological analysis seeks to open the book that is Lucy Pinder.

Of course, we can only speculate, and none of what we have written claims to be the whole truth or even part of it.  Saying that, we’d be doubtful that none little trinkets are turned up.  However, bottom line is, that unless we attach Pinder to a lie detector machine and she agrees to answer all of our questions – we’ll never know.

  • Secrets of Astrology – Lucy Pinder
    Lucy Katherine Pinder – Born 20th December 1983 in Winchester, England

Sun in Sagittarius 20th December 1983
Lucy Pinder’s Essential Personality

So Lucy Pinder is a Sagittarian.  But the Star is a weak Sag – born in the final phase of the final deconate (i.e. towards the end of Sagittarius and bordering on Capricorn) she should be an interesting mix of horse and goat – perhaps a little more of the latter, as represented by Capricorn.  This should give us a down to earth kind of person with a firey spark – could be that Lucy has a bad temper.  If she erupts – really unleashes her tongue – at Coolio, remember where you read the likelihood of it happening first!  (i.e. HERE!).  This sort of person does well at making and managing money – which we might have noticed (we must be honest) as we read about Pinder receiving the second highest payment of £150,000 for her Big Brother appearance.  (Only Ulrika Jonsson - £175,000 - is being paid more.)

Moon in Gemini 20th December 1983
Lucy Pinder’s Subconscious

Lucy Pinder perhaps ponders things from two perspectives – these could be male and female.  It is likely that she has good dreams, dramatic full stories – the type that leave you a little confused (if you don’t often have them).  Sleep is good for natives with this position we have noted but not fully seen why this should be the case.  Is Lucy the sort of person who needs her sleep?  ANSWER: Probably.  What effect would sleep deprivation have on her?  ANSWER: It will make it more likely that the celebrity will fly off the handle and lose her cool with Coolio!

Mercury in Capricorn 20th December 1983
Lucy Pinder’s Thought Process

After her revealing pre Celebrity Big Brother entrance speech – replete with Thatcherite incantations – we thought that Lucy would have her Mercury in a Fire sign (Sagittarius was the big bet).  But no, Lucy’s Mercury is in methodical thinking Capricorn.

Venus in Scorpio 20th December 1983
How Does Lucy Pinder Love?

In a word “secretly”.  This Venus positions haunts the horoscopes of those who cannot profess their love.  This can be a shame – particularly for beautiful women or women perceived as beautiful.  Prospective partners would never dream of coming on to her – unless they are supremely confident or don’t overly worry about rejection.  This (if this analysis is accurate) is a real shame as natives with this Mercury position are usually loathed to make the first move.  Generally they will only make such a move as a final resort – i.e. when the person informs them they are about to emigrate to the other side of the world.

Mars in Libra 20th December 1983
What’s Lucy Pinder like in Bed?

The answer you’ve all been waiting for – if you didn’t scroll down to the juicy Lucy bit already!  Don’t take this as read – there is a huge scope for mistakes with Astrology – but generally, without knowing the person, we here would agree that this Mars position makes for a “molten hot” lover.  There could be lesbian tendencies too – or at least an appreciation of the beauty of the female form.  These natives have a sensible approach to sexual activity which will – as much as possible – ensure mutual satisfaction.

Lucy Pinder’s Generation 30th June 1983]

The slow moving planets speak more of all people born around the date – give or take a few years.  The predominance of Sagittarius in these planets could explain the generation that has given us too few pacifists – but that is highly speculative.  It seems to fit well with Pinder’s right wing politics though


We based this analysis on information supplied in this Wikipedia article

We based the Astrological Analysis on the Planetary Position quoted in this Free Online Ephemeris

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