Photos and footage of Queenslands Flood Disaster 2011

Queensland, Australia is right now experiencing the worst floods in our history.  Thousands of homes are being inundated with water and whole town are being cut off.  This is one of the worst natural disasters in Australia's history.  People have lost their lives and many more are missing.  I am writing this to try and show people around the world what is going on and the severity of this flood.  The flooding now covers an area bigger than France and Germany combined.  The worst is yet to come with more rain forecast over the next few days.  Already swollen rivers are ready to burst their banks and thousand more homes could be flooded. Please take time to view the photos and watch the videos.  Our hearts go out to all the victims of these terrible floods

water lapping under the eaves of a house in Emerald
water lapping under the eaves of a house in Emerald
Concrete plant in South East Qld
Concrete plant in South East Qld

Brisbane on the brink

 As i was putting this hub together the banks of the Brisbane were just about to burst putting over 6000 homes in danger.  Over 80 suburbs are at risk of flooding and they have just closed the airport.  There has been reports of supermarkets being stripped of goods as panic buying sets in.  It is hard to imagine that on the other side of Australia in Western Australia they are fighting terrible bushfires.

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Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

Thank you for this report. Blonde Poet lives there. This has been horrible. God bless!

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