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The Avatar Story

This story takes place in 2154 on the moon world of Pandora, home to the Na'vi who are a simple tribal people. Their world has an abundance of precious minerals which is vital to the Earth's survival. A mining corporation back by the US army sets to work pillaging the planets resources.

In order for humans to be able to breathe the air of Pandora and encroach on the land avatars are created. These avatars are genetically bred human/Na'vi hybrids. One disabled former marine (Jake) is recruited to be mentally transported into the body of an avatar. In his new avatar Jake is sent to infiltrate the Na'vi tribe and soon falls for a native girl.

How will Jake deal with his love and respect for the Na'vi and his allegiance to the forces of earth and the military? Which side will he choose? To find out more you are just going to have to watch the movie!

Avatar is Going To Be Big

With all the buzz around the new filming tricks and the all star cast this movie Avatar is set to be big, really big. You may remember a few James Cameron movies like Aliens and if you thought to buy some of the first Aliens merchandise it would be worth a lot more now with collectors. The same can be said of the Star Wars movies although on an even bigger scale, I believe that movie has the most valuable 'toys' as collectors items on the market. Well I have a feeling that this movie is going to do the same!

When I think back on all the toys I have had, some of the first pokemon cards for instance, if I had realized their potential for re-sale as collectors items a few years on I could have pocketed a few bucks easy. There are no guarantees when speculating on a new toy or type of merchandise that they will become valuable collectors items and thats why its called investing, its like a well researched and informed gamble with pretty good odds. 

Are your kids going to want all the Avatar Stuff?

Kids love showing off all the latest favorites, on their lunch boxes their toys and even their clothing. The biggest negative about this movie from all the reviews is just the sort of stuff that kids love! Deep and powerful meanings about love, the evils of war and what it means to be a hero. The skeptics out there reviewing this movie site this as its down side but this is the stuff kids love, not to mention the amazing looking Na'vi.

Do not be surprised when you kids start asking for Avatar toys and clothing as this movie is likely to grab their imagination. Be one step ahead of this trend and start looking at the toys now, amaze your kids with the next big trend for Avatar stuff.

Avatar Awards and Successes

Since the premier of the movie Avatar in London it has broke the record for highest grossing film (surpassing Titanic who claimed that accolade for 12 years). It is the first film to gross more then $2 billion. In addition to breaking the highest earning records Avatar has also been nominated for 9 Academy Awards. Best Picture and Best Director are two big nominations for this movie.

Other award nominations include four Golden Globe Awards, eight British Academy Film Awards and nine nominations for the Critics Choice Awards. The American Film Institute has recognized the films CGI effects and awarded the movie a 'AFI Moments of Significance' in the belief that it will have profound effects on the future of CGI movie art. Time magazine has even raked Avatar number 10 in their Best Movies of the Decade. This success has insured a sequel and hopefully the sequel will break all the records this one has broken!

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Comments 8 comments

shazwellyn profile image

shazwellyn 7 years ago from Great Britain

By what I have seen on the media and what you have written, it seems that it is going to be huge. The Director of Titanic has made the graphics beautiful. Thanks for the link to youtube, it complimented your writing. A great review and some fantastic products you have recommended! The kids will be going wild for this!

Cheers x

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

Thanks Shazwellyn for the read and the lovely comment. I have a strong feeling the kids are going to eat this up and with the then filming methods used it should get the curiosity of the most hardened cynic :).

TINA V profile image

TINA V 7 years ago

My friend is part of the visual effects team (filmography) in that movie. He said that he spent more time in working hard for the Avatar than finishing his university degree. I'm glad you wrote something about it.

Their team also did the movies The Lovely Bones and District 9.

gramsmith profile image

gramsmith 7 years ago

Well, I just saw Avatar this morning,its great.This is the most technically amazing motion picture to have arrived on screens in many years.Avatar is a landmark film everyone will be talking about.

kirstenblog profile image

kirstenblog 7 years ago from London UK Author

@TinaV that is sooo cool that your friend was a part of the visual effects team, I am blown away by their work! I really want to see The Lovely Bones as well, that movie looks like it is going to be one that gets me to cry :).

@gramsmith I agree this film is a spectacular visual feast. Working with kids I can see that its going to be a big hit with them too. It is always exciting when new filming techniques are used to create something like this.

Thanks for the read and the comments guys :)

Anath profile image

Anath 7 years ago

This is awesome. I am going to watch the film tonight, I think I'll like it!

Money Glitch profile image

Money Glitch 7 years ago from Texas

Haven't seen the movie yet, but the previews look to be awesome. Hope to catch it during the holidays. Great idea for a hub by the way... Thanks for sharing!

buyavataronline 7 years ago

Great movie, On its way to beat Titanic at the Box Office.

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