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The Awake TV Show first aired on NBC, on the 1st of March 2012. It aired at 10/9 central and is a fantasy cop drama series.

What makes the Awake TV series so different is that it is not just any cop drama. It is about one particular detective struggling with the loss of his family, and the strange coping mechanism he has developed to deal with a highly emotional situation.

Whether Detective Britten is Awake, or asleep, is a question that even the professionals can't prove outright. Each does their best to help Michael Britten through his loss, while dealing with his split lives. Michael can't have everything in one place. His world has been divided into 2 and the people he loves are separated, and he can no longer have his family all together.

The Awake TV series is about how Detective Michael Britten deals with the loss of his family, while still managing to continue to do his day job. It's a struggle but he's starting to understand the price he will have to pay to keep his life together, or separate. However, staying Awake may come at a price.

What is NBC's Awake TV Series About?

NBC's Awake TV series is about the Britten family, Detective Michael Britten, Hannah Britten and Rex Britten. They are involved in a car accident and one of them dies. Which one is not completely clear.

Michael Britten is stuck in a strange situation where in one reality his wife survived the car crash but his son died. When he falls asleep in this reality, and opens his eyes again, he finds himself in a sort of parallel reality where his wife died in the accident and his son survived. Michael has no idea which reality is real, why this is happening or what he is supposed to do about it.

As he's a member of the Police Force he's sent to a Psychologist to ensure he is ready to handle the strain of coming back to work, after such a crushing personal loss. This happens in both realities.

This could soon become confusing, so Michael develops a method to keep track of which reality he is in at any moment in time. He wears a green wristband for when he's in the reality where Rex survived and his wife, Hannah, died. He wears a red wristband for when he's in the other reality where Hannah survived, but Rex died. In the Red reality, he has an Asian male Shrink called Dr. John Lee. In the Green reality, he has a whilte female Shrink called Dr. Judith Evans.

Michael has shared his dual realities with both Shrinks, in the hopes of trying to figure out what is going on and how to move forward. Both Psychologists stress to him that their reality is real and the other reality is when he's asleep. They believe he is doing this subconsciously to deal with the loss of his son/wife. They both try to find ways to prove that their reality is real. Michael Britten has no conclusive way to prove which reality is real and decides he can act as a bridge between his son and his wife.

Hannah doesn't like the idea that Michael sees their son in his dreams. She is trying to move on with her life, without the son she was forced to bury. She wants her husband to support her and she wants to move house to get away from the pain of the loss of their son. Michael can't move, as to him Rex is still upstairs, waiting for him in the Green reality. Hannah is thinking of having another child.

Rex is doing the best he can to deal with the loss of his mother and takes up tennis again. Although he had previously quit to play football, he returns to tennis as it was his mother's sport. He feels closer to her when he plays and tennis is his coping mechanism.

However, it's not just Michael's family life that is different. His work is also different. In the Red reality he has a new partner called Detective Efram Vega.

In the Green reality, his old partner is Detective Isaiah Freeman, but everyone calls him Bird. The cases are different, but have similarities. When these similarities start to cross over into the other reality, Michael starts to discuss things his police partners have no idea about.. This is clearly going to cause issues and will no doubt be taken up the chain to Det. Britten's bosses, who are keeping a close eye on him.

Long term, there could be major side effects of thinking you're in two realities. If he's not getting proper sleep how will that impact upon the situation? Also, Michael doesn't remember how they got into a car accident.

Dr. Lee says there was alcohol in his system that night but he denies drinking the night of the accident. Dr. Lee thinks Michael is using this dual reality as a coping mechanism as he blames himself for the death of his son. On the other hand, Dr. Evans thinks the dual reality is a way for Michael to follow the clues to what actually happened the night of the car accident.

Michael Britten has no intention of getting better if it means he'll lose either his wife or his son permanently in this Awake TV series.

Is Michael Britten Awake?

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Awake TV Show Theories and Which Reality is Real in Awake?

The Awake TV Show was intriguing and interesting. It was emotional and it made me wonder where the show could end up and it also raised a number of questions.

It clearly states that he had been drinking the night of the accident but he claims he wasn't. Is it possible that he was living in both realities before, but wasn't aware of it because everything was the same in both realities?

Could it be in one reality he drove home alone after a drink at the bar, but fell asleep at the wheel and woke up in the other reality causing him to crash and kill his wife or son? Strange theory but it could be close to the truth.

Another theory is that perhaps Michael Britten isn't alive either. Perhaps he died in the accident.

The theory I like best is perhaps he's unconscious, in a coma, and is asleep the whole time. Maybe he's never Awake and all of this is in his head.

What will happen longer term? Will he have a baby with Hannah in the Red reality and perhaps have a girlfriend, or new wife, in the Green reality? How will Michael Britten keep it all straight in his head and how long before he slips up and his Superiors notice somethng is disturbing with Detective Britten?

Although Awake had a loyal audience it had been cancelled. Please read the Cancelled TV shows 2012 hub to find out more details why.

How long can Michael survive without proper sleep?

I loved every minute of NBC's Awake TV series and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

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tsmog profile image

tsmog 5 years ago from Escondido, CA

Wow. Sounds familiar. I wish I were not working so I could see it. I will have to discover what night it will be on. Your explanation is very vivid and easily understood. I'm sold.

bob 5 years ago

Not a bad show but the terrible toupee yje lead actor wears is distracting.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 5 years ago Author

@bob I have to say I never noticed.

4 years ago

This reminds me a lot like the show Being Erica.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

@j sorry I have never seen that but I just looked it up and it went for 4 seasons so I think I will give it a go. Thank you for that. I can see the similarity with the therapists...

PB 4 years ago

The way I look at shows like this is from the writers view, after all even with amazing writing and Ideas,it's a TV show. I find it interesting because this is a TV Series not a movie so it has to keep viewers interested and make a certain amount of sense and last (hopefully from the network perspective)At least a few seasons. So how can someone being in a coma satisfy people for a few seasons? I think its going to be something else.

The end of the 2nd episode gives a hint when it is eluded to that the car accident was a hit to "wipe out an entire family" and Michaels Supervisor is involved somehow... I think this will eventually help explain what's going on. Maybe an experiment they want to hide or...

Also its been shown on the syfy network so maybe they are going to go down more of a syfy type storyline.

All I know, so far its interesting enough just thinking about how the writers keep track of what goes on and what's happening in each life etc. and since there isn't a ton of good stuff on TV this is one show Im gonna give a try.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

@ PB I get your point but Lost went for over 5 seasons and when they finally revealed what was going it was still interesting. People became more interested in what was happening than the why.

Yeah e got to see that something isn't quite right with the boss lady. However, there's little say it's an experiment at this point or if Det. Britten just knows something they don't want him to know and have been trying to cover it up. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds. But I do agree that it's one of the better shows on TV just now.

profile image

AussieGuy 4 years ago

The idea for the television series might be too intellectual for some people who just want to let their brains remain in netural while watching television. I hope the Fox Network lets Awake it run it's course like they did with Fringe.

Trinanva 4 years ago

I know I'm late but I just watched last week's episode, The Little Guy, online. I'm really loving this show. I like shows that make me think. Here's what I've been thinking after watching the show.

Police captain’s statement that they didn’t have to kill off his entire family to unknown man on bench made it clear that both son and wife were killed in accident and that the accident was no accident. Let me know if I’m wrong but the police captain has only been seen in the world where his wife exists. Is that a clue to anyone else? Also, in the wife world, police captain exists, Vega is his partner (who’s really just there to keep tabs on him), his previous partner was reassigned (taken out of the picture) and his shrink is intent on making him believe that his dreams are only dreams. Whereas in the son world, Vega is a patrol officer (unknown to Britten), and his shrink is more fascinated with the heightened abilities of his subconscious.

Here’s my theory…I think that Britten is alive (not in a coma). I think the wife world is the real world but wife is a figment of his subconscious. Only the shrink and captain have mentioned his wife and they both know what really happened and are allowing him to think his wife is alive. I think the son world is completely a figment of his subconscious (maybe memories from the past). That world has something to do with the past and the reason why his family was killed. That world is where the answers can be found.

Something was going on before the accident. The captain mentioned to the man on the bench that they should have listened to her when she said she had things under control instead of killing his family. I’m thinking he found out something or knew something that is detrimental to the powers that be and that’s why the man on the bench became alarmed when he thought Britten could be remembering.

What’s your theory? If you took the time to read my long post, take a little more time and tell me what you think.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

@ Trinanva I like your thought process. What you have said makes a lot of sense and that could very well be what will happen. I noticed as well that the Captain only appeared in the red reality. I was intrigued by that too. I just didn't know why or if we just haven't met the other captain yet.

I also think he must have known something before the accident. I am left wondering what the significance of the litte guy is in the red reality as he never got to solve the crime.

I can say that I like Awake and like the deeper intrigue that has been introduced.

JL 4 years ago

But remember that the kid next door can also see the wife and they even discuss the motorcycle...

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

JL yeah that's true. TBH I think all we can do is make guesses at this point.

Trinanva 4 years ago

JL, the kid next door is a little guy. Michael Britten mentioned to him in the son's reality that he looks like he could eat more, plus he looks short. Could he be part of the conspiracy? Or, am I reaching a bit?

I need to correct myself from my earlier post where I stated my theory. I may have misinterpreted Captain Harper's statement that his family was "wiped out" to mean killed. I realize now that it could mean just not functioning in Britten's life as they used to. So if they are not dead, this brings a new theory to mind...they may both be in a coma and communicating with Britten through his dreams. Am I reaching again?

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Really I got no clue. I am just happy to watch it and see where it goes.

J Chasko 4 years ago

The lazy writers have completely punctured the rules of the show by both dreams have detailed scenes that do not involve Britten, and that he does not know about. Last show there was his boss discussing the conspiracy to kill him, and this episode has the wife at the fundraiser while Britten is at the prison. It impossible for a dreamer to dream a scene and be unaware of it!

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

@ J maybe they do that to show he isn't dreaming. Maybe he's doing something else? Maybe he's dead. Maybe he's asleep and he's dreaming everything. After all if it's in his head then why not?

Alicein1 4 years ago

I think the wife is "reality" because

1) captain and guy on bench interaction

2) the male shrink has the attitude (bot recognizing your son is dead is not emotionally healthy) that I imagine a "real" shrink would give

3) the cases in the green reality seem more metaphorical than in the red reality (searching for lost child, boy finds out about his biological father and flips, Cooper killed by the guy who betrayed him). These all seem like metaphors for what happens in the red reality and not v.v.

HOWEVER, I'd love it if they got all scifi and FRINGE on us and he's actually living in 2 parallel universes or something. Which given the one very astute comment above that we've seen scenes in both realities where Britten doesn't appear. Also, I found it interesting that Captain said "kill whole family" when in that reality Hannah should still be alive. So maybe it is some crazy experiment and he's in a coma a la that Jake Gyllenhaal movie where the title is escaping me.)

floss 4 years ago

I agree I think he's in a coma and they are alive, his phyciatrists are doctors working on him now, kinda like the Wizzard of Oz.

4 years ago

They're all dead. He's I purgatory and can't move on to see them util he stops blaming himself and let's go

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Good theory M.

annualgain 4 years ago

The use of different colors for different realities is reminiscent of the 1980s movie "Flatliners" with Julia Roberts, Keifer Sutherland, and Kevin Bacon. In that movie the main characters, in a controlled method, kill each other so that they can see what it's like to be dead, and then resuscitate them. On the other side, the movie uses blue or red hues depending on the character.

annualgain 4 years ago

Here's what I think happens. In the last episode of season one, Britten is discovered by another person just like him who switches between one reality and another. He then learns that there is a whole society of such "reality shifters" or shifters for short.

In season 2 we learn that the a bad element of the shifters is trying to dominate the world, while the good shifters are just trying to get back to normal.

A new cop joins the department. He impresses Britten with his crime solving skills and they become close. At the end of season 2 we learn that the new cop is spy from the bad element of shifters.

2 more seasons go by with trials and tribulations.

At the end of the last season, the very last episode of the series, Britten manages through a mystical sleight of hand to unite the red and green realities and his family is reunited once more.

This may or may not involve Jack Shepard, who plays Rex's father on "Lost".

pb 4 years ago

Its good to have something that challenges your mind , talk about the opposite of all those stupid reality shows.

I don't think they are going to have him in an actual coma or dead ,for a few reasons including the Captain being involved somehow and I think relunctantly at that. I think its a possibility that the captain is going to be on Brittens side thru this hanky panky being pulled on him, I think the reason she pulled and transferred the one partner( the black guy,) was to protect Britten I mean that's pretty drastic to tranfer him. And the other partner has already saved his life once, when he shot that one guy when he was about to shoot Britten.

If I was in Vegas and they made me bet on it Id say Experiment or something more in that direction.

Got to admit Im curious where the writers are going..

I'd recommend that if you havnt seen the first episode watch it on on demand it helps, my husband hadn't watched it yet and it helped him with his "theorys"

Jordan 4 years ago

I'm glad to finally find a discussion thread about this show where people are supporting reasonable theories. Most I've seen are too concerned with spoilers to get down to the nitty-gritty.

I've watched this show very intently since the beginning, sometimes going back and re-watching parts to try to form links and get facts straight. I feel like the most likely truth (provided they don't go all super weird and scifi - and I hope they don't) is that his wife survived while his son exists only in his dream-reality.

The greenish hue to the entire son-world I think supports this, among several other indicators. In the son-reality, he has retained his familiar partner (not fabricated a new person), and the shrink is far more supportive and friendly (likely a fabrication to justify one’s own motives). In the wife-reality, the shrink, albeit a jerk, asks the tough questions and is far more critical. Vega is a new character, and Britten is under heavier surveillance and scrutiny from the department.

I think that there is no question that the conspiracy let-on at the end of episode two exists in true reality. I feel like this is linked to the wife reality due to Britten’s clash with Vega leading to the reveal of the captain as the true watch-dog, which shows her reading Britten’s computer screen of “little guy” wrap sheets and then reporting back to the hook-nosed co-conspirator. However, we never get that true link as these events happen in two different scenes.

The only reason I carry any doubts about those realities being one-in-the-same is the specific wording “take out his entire family”. This makes it sound like the ploy to target his family was successful. That scene rules out coma theories and ties the conspiracy/true reality to the case he was working in the wife reality, but the wording mentioned above still does challenge whether or not his wife is alive.

In the latest episode, Britten is talking to Vega about moving to Oregon, which of course we believe is inspired by Britten’s wife. This might suggest that the wife is alive as she and Vega suggestively co-exist, Vega and the captain are linked through the “little-guy” case, and the “little-guy” case is linked to the conspiracy. But we didn’t hear the whole conversation between Britten and Vega about Oregon, so I guess we don’t know for fact that that discussion involved his wife. So maybe his wife is a figment of his imagination that he only encounters at home when he’s alone. . . Less likely, I feel, but still possible.

I think that the next questions to ask are: What happens to the conspiracy plotline and associate characters if Britten moves to Oregon???

annualgain 4 years ago

Jordan: Vega does exist in both realities. Go back and look at episode 1. Vega is first introduced as a new detective, thankful for being able to shed his uniform for plain clothes and do the work of a detective. Switch realities, and Britten has his old partner back. Then you see Britten look quizzically as he watches Vega walk through the house of a victim, the one where Britten notices the victim peed herself, but he's back in uniform. Vega is not a "fabricated new person".

Also, don't forget where the "little guy" mystery was introduced. It first came from a homeless person who was ranting about the little guy, but also about the "yellow house down the street where they keep the antennas, the antennas that make you see things in your head" or something like that. "I stay awake, that's how I stay out of trouble." That makes me think that the homeless guy also shifts between one reality and the next, but it is so dramatic for him that it drives him crazy. It is likely that we find other characters who will do so, too.

The whole theory about Britten being in a coma is old now, we know too much for that to be the case. I really think that he's awake in both realities, they're just different dimensions or whatever the right word is.

Tia 4 years ago

@Trinanva I agree with your first theory. Once They showed his captain talking to that man on the bench I took that to mean that was the actual reality that he's in. I think his old partner did get reassigned and he has the new partner and that both his wife and son are dead. I don't remember anyone other than the therapist mentioning his wife as if she was alive.

I think switching back and forth is going to end up helping him figure everything out. Everything about the accident and whatever it is he knew before the accident which made them want to take him out. Like how he was looking for a little guy, and then we find out the guy that was hired to cause the accident was little. It's all going to get him closer to finding out the truth. I also think they messed with the tests and that's why it said he had been drinking. They were covering their tracks and making sure it looked like an accident.

leighdo 4 years ago

After Thursday's episode about the schizophrenic man I'm beginning to think Britton is actually in a schizophrenic state himself. His family is completely dead but he's keeping two worlds alive in his head. He actually may be either hospitalized and bits and pieces of the puzzle are coming to him or maybe he's really interacting in the world where his wife is supposed to be and "seems" somewhat normal but the lady captain is aware he's not all there. The asian doctor treating him obviously recognizes him at the scene but can't talk about it. Maybe the doctor thinks, "OMG -- he's a schizophrenic himself and he's going into the hospital to also deal with a schizophrenic person too.

Jordan 4 years ago

annualgain: You're absolutely right. After watching last night's episode I was reminded that Vega isn't fabricated, but was just a cop prior to Britten's accident.

I feel that last night's episode sufficiently links Britten's wife to the reality of his job and the male shrink. Between the phone call Britten takes from his wife while standing next to coleagues at work, his wife calling Vega, and then showing up to the crime scene when Britten gets out, I'm pretty confident that his wife is alive in what I take to be the only true reality.

I really hope that there aren't two dimensions and two real realities. While two co-existing realities is a functional theory, I still think that there's only one, and that his son being alive is just a dream. Two realities is just too weird and sci-fi. I'd rather it be more plausable and real.

No more talk about Oregon this past episode...

annualgain 4 years ago

I was a little disappointed that there were no additions to the conspiracy part of the story in the episode with the penguin last night. At least not that we know of.

The character who threatens to blow up the psych ward claims that his sister is being held by the police. It could be that we learn in later episodes that they really do have her held, or maybe they do in another reality.

Don't forget that the Gemini killer from the Oregon episode seems to know of both of Britten's realities. It is in the Green world in the last scene where he hints he is going to Oregon, which is where Hannah lives in the Red world. Gets you thinking....

Thecluckyhousewife 4 years ago

Hi all- glad to be participating in this!

Here is the theory I've come up with:

They are using Britten in some sort of experiment and were planning to just fake his death but decided to "take out the whole family" as well so there aren't any loose ends. They are drugging him and have him hooked up to some sort of monitoring system which can record his dreams. Then they created 2 fake worlds in which only one member of his family survived in the hopes that his wife can bring back certain memories and his son can bring back others. Greater chance of getting the most facts. They couldn't do just one dream reality because (like in the movie Inception) if too many details are off, the dreamer starts to suspect its not real and will wake up. This way they have him constantly questioning what is real and what isn't which instead of freaking him out and making him wake up, causes him to dig deeper and investigate further into which reality is real. In the process he goes back and discovers facts and evidence that was missed before and through having this deeper connection in his subconscious he is able to solve these unsolved mysteries. Plus by having one member of his family killed off, he won't question why things seem out of the ordinary because you expect your world to be turned upside down after the death of your wife or son. Oh plus to hide from his grief, he delves into work which is what the people in charge of the experiment want.

I think the conversation between the captain and the guy on the bench occurred in reality shortly after the accident. And when she says "I think he's catching on" or whatever she says, she means that he was initially doubting both dreams because they didn't seem plausible. And then she told the guy "I can handle it" after which she altered something (?) in his dreams to make him delve deeper instead of retreating. Then, the one with the "little guy" when it showed her seeing his search results on the computer, this was in real life (we don't see her actually with Britten in this scene) and she is pulling a previous search he did (or using info he gave them from his dreams) and she's wondering what the significance is. Since they never looked for a little guy the first time they did the investigation. So she's looking back to see "what could we have missed?"

Then as for this week's episode, we see him start to understand some things with the schizophrenic guy but then he retreats. Like its to hard to deal with reality, "that can't be it", so he comes up with an alternate truth. And the schizophrenic guy references that his sister was taken by the govt and they have her hidden away (much like he is). The fact that the male shrink was both inside the room with him (which he had to have been because the schizo guy said "why are you two talking about?") and then claimed he wasn't later can indicate that whoever is recreating the scene for the dreams is having inconsistencies with what really happened in the case years ago before it was unsolved.

I think the whole series will wrap up after he discovers through connecting the two dream world that both his son and wife are dead. The shock causes him to wake up (or real) and we have this whole "which is worse? A freaky back and forth dream in which you have both your son and wife, or waking up to discover you have no one?...

Bookmarking now and will be checking back frequently!! :-)

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Waw, it's really great to see so many people are really interested in the theories surrounding Awake. I think it will be really interesting to see who ends up being the closest to the truth.

Tanya 4 years ago

I thought the Capt. was only in the wife reality too but just remembered she was in the Gemini episode which took place in the sons reality.

Viewer 4 years ago

Anyone else notice that it looked as though the female shrink talked about his SONS at the end of the episode and the scene he imagined had two boys in it?

Dope 4 years ago

Son's.... Not sons, plural.

profile image

FogEater 4 years ago

Very thought provoking comments - almost as good the show! I am sure we will be thrown some red herring as in any good mystery. But Britten resigns in the most recent episode to go to Oregon (a green state) and so his boss asks someone on the telephone to "call off the dogs." Will he really resign and root for the Ducks in Oregon or will he make a connection between the For Sale Sign on his house being the same real estate agency selling the building where they discovered the man in cement. His interest in that building prompted a call from a man in a car watching Britten to the "hook nosed man" that upped the ante on making a hit on Britten. Something in Britten's subconsious has him connecting dots involving the accident. Thanks to the writers for an intriquing television show !! Will Britten end up wearing both wrists bands as he is drawn by his "red" wife to a "green" state?

Victor 4 years ago

This Show reminds me of that movie with jake gyllenhaal... Source code and also Lost when going through different realities

Smo 4 years ago

Thecluckyhousewife, the schizo did not say "what are you two talking about?" I thought he did too, but I rewound the recording and all he said was, "what are you talking about?"

Addicted2Awake 4 years ago

Oh My God!!! Finally found a place.... Awesome theories guys, read every post word for word, please keep em coming.. By thw way, he very first post about him waking up in the car was great... Love the show, and have bookmarked this page!

toman 4 years ago

the thoery that both the wife and son are dead has already been hinted when he wakes up and is frantically calling out there names.

Bekah 4 years ago

What if he is in a coma and his wife (Hannah) and son (Rex) are waiting for him to wake up?

FogEater 4 years ago

Bekah; I like you analysis -- it has all kinds of possibilities to keep the show going on another level: Out of his coma, reunited in reality with his wife and son, he is haunted by the possibility of a conspiracy that resulted in the crash that emerges in his "coma" state. His perseverance on this starts to drive a wedge between him and his family so his wife decides to move to Oregon. Well, mayber -- after all, Nietzche believed the most confirming about one's life is recognizing recurring themes.

Feffer 4 years ago

I wonder.. I've been scheming and plotting. Trying to figure out how to make it all come together.

He does wake up in the car, so I wonder if maybe after he wakes up from being knocked out or whatever he needs to make a decision as to which one ( wife or son) he needs to try to save. While he's trying to make a split second decision, these two story lines play out. I don't have much on how they're Connected but maybe my theory can spark someone else's imagination.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

So many possibilities and theories have developed about the Awake TV show. It's great to see that is has a loyal audience that want to know what's going on.

5th 4 years ago

I keep getting the feeling that there's some quantum mechanics, many-worlds theory at play in show but how it all hangs together - the captain, clues to crimes and in precedence of appearance in the worlds, etc, etc.

Jawad 4 years ago

my view

firstly, i believe the 'wife reality' is the only real reality as that's where we see the police boss meeting with that unknown man

it is just whether his wife is dead or not is the talk point as they seem to have been "completely wiped out"

However guys, NO one pointed out this interetsting point, do you remember in episode 8, he is found NAKED near the swimming pool????

at the end of the episode it seemed like he was with her (but only in his mind) as when the police found him, it had this feeling indicating he was weirdly alone and naked (even though he had told her to go to the car)

what do you think guyss????

does anyone agree?? please let me know :)

Bribri 4 years ago

I think he's in a coma dreaming all of this......hmmmmm

Smo 4 years ago

Jawad, good thoughts... but what about the episode where the wife helps her son's friend finish the motorcycle and then takes a ride with her son's friend at the end of the show? She was definitely there then.

Good ideas everyone. Keep the brainstorms coming!

FogEater 4 years ago

Maybe I was half awake during the last episode but things seemed a little jumbled regarding the football teams. Seattle was wearing the colors of the Oregon Ducks and unless I am mistaken, it has been a long time since Los Angeles had an NFL team (maybe again sometime soon). Now, given the preview of the next episode, it appears Britten and his wife are going to stay-put (not go to "green" Oregon)because of the apparent birth of his dead son's child. Things could get very "Oedipal" if carried too far. So far I am coming down on the side of Britten being in a coma trying to resolve issues in his relationship with his wife and son, who may are diligently waiting for him to come out of his coma. His coma also has him "inventing" a reason for the accident to relieve him from the guilt being responsible for the accident which (in his coma) he is "dreaming" his wife and/or son are killed. Or ...

Karl from Mazomanie 4 years ago

I do love this show, however I just read that it most likely will be canceled due to low ratings. Figures. I hope they tie up all the loose ends and let us know what's really going on before they pull the plug.

Karl from Mazomanie 4 years ago

This is what I was referring to. Sorry everyone (04/24): The latest episode of 'Awake' rated an 0.8, while the previous one rated an 0.9. Total viewers were down to 2.7 million, which makes it extremely unlikely to get renewed.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Yeah that news sucks. However, it was always at risk of being cancelled as similar shows like it have normally suffered. Anyone remember Flashforward?

FogEater 4 years ago

If "Awake" gets cancelled, I am seriously considering donating my television to the dump. Most every show that holds my interest gets cancelled (going way back to "It's a Man's World"). I want more for my entertainment than skimpy cosutmes, benal attempts at humor, and mindless competition. What can we do? I am going to cal my local T.V. station -- many times.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Not really much you can do, sorry to say, because I feel the same.

chick 4 years ago

Green is go, red is stop. I noticed the green tint to the Rex reality too, but the move to Oregon... he found a way to stop the move after Rex told him about the pregnant girlfriend. She lost the baby in the green world, but no in the red world, because he doesn't want to leave LA, he can't or he'll lose the wife. With the wife, he'd constantly going over the past, things they used to do together, but with the son, everything is moving forward. What happens between other people while he's not around really happens, except what happens with the wife and others (her interaction with others is very limited and is shown for dramatic purposes for the viewer, but they are all things he can imagine taking place).

Someone on another NBC show the other night said "green is real, red is not". I can't remember what show it was, but I caught the reference immediately.

Almost everything he does or thinks with the wife are things from the past.

chick 4 years ago

DR. Lee tells him everyting is a fantasy. Dr. Evans tells him he's exploring his subconscious mind.

Dr. Lee shows up when he's not really there. This is Briten's mind telling him that Dr. Lee isnt' really there at all. Dr. Evans tells him things he doesn't already know. In the wife world, he allows the shizophrenic guy to believe his sister is still alive, because that's what he's doing with his wife.

Than again - "Trip" the name of the schizophrenic guy - fall/the third/ - maybe that equals the third possible outcome - that both the wife and son died and he since he cannot deal with that, he must imagine the other two possibilities.

However, the alcohol comment in the wife world could also be his mind telling him that he must have had a beer that night and that must have been why he wrecked.

In any case, I'm very excited about next week's show. The previews indicate that he is beginning to become aware that it wasn't an accident on some level.

I think, if either world is real, it's the one with the son, and once he found out about the pregnancy, he found a clever way to replace the son in his dream world.

But then again, they'll probably throw a whole new twist into the mix at the end of the season that makes me question everything I'm thinking now.

dave 4 years ago

Really into this show, too bad they are going to cancel it :(

Thecluckyhousewife 4 years ago

Dying to hear what everyone thinks about tonight's episode! My mind is racing trying to put it all together.

profile image

rwalley211 4 years ago

I can't wait to give my analysis and hear others thoughts about last nights episode. I just watched it and before anyone comments on the "little guy", if anyone didn't catch it, looks who's dressed as an angel at minute 42:06 near the end of the episode!!!

Thecluckyhousewife 4 years ago

rwalley211- I deleted I already! Who is it?? Hannah? Ahh why did I delete it? Lol.

Mike 4 years ago

Yes, I felt at the end when he saw a bunch of his cop co-workers at the carnival that it's like he's actually in his hospital bed in a coma and they are visiting him and he's dimly aware of them being there so they are bleeding into his dream like Wizard of Oz. Both realities are a dream. He's really in a coma in the hospital.

profile image

rwalley211 4 years ago

It should be on I watch the episodes on the iPad. Waiting to hear if anyone else notices first, because I didn't see any other cops, other than his partner who he said hi to earlier. It lends to the conspiracy theory, which is how I think its going. May watch them all again this weekend if I have some free time to see which characters show up in which dream state.

I feel that the Red state is the true reality. It's brighter in tone and color than the Green state, and his shrink Dr Lee seems more part of the conspiracy, trying to convince him his son is dead. Or maybe he's just more realistic, and his female shrink is his own mind accommodating him.

Jawad 4 years ago

yeh the women werin the angel costume is his boss!!! that's the first time we see her in the green/blue world!!

Olivia Dunham 4 years ago

A show about multiple realities? There's only one reality...CANCELLED.

Bob 4 years ago

I really don't want it to be cancelled :( it's such a good show.. The lawsuit they can do is on the final episode, tell everyone what the outcome was supposed to be

Thecluckyhousewife 4 years ago

There is a Facebook group called Save 'Awake' which is trying to get other networks to pick up the show. They have a lot of great ideas. And the more people who "like" the page, and the Awake fan page, the more likely another network will be to pick it up. This has happened before, especially for shows with big fan followings. If everyone can go "like" it that would help a lot.

Can't wait for tonight! I really hope they give us some answers about it all Instead of leaving us hanging. Unless they have an idea that some other network IS going to pick it up. The producer has been in contact with the Save Awake FB page creator and has voiced support for their efforts. That's a good start. Will check back tonight after the show :-)

Jane 4 years ago

Next week is the finale. They usually reserve that word for series finale not season. Is this show ending?

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Yeah Jane, it's the age old story of something interesting and with a complicated story gets axed after only 1 season. Although sci-fi like shows have loyal audiences, they tend to be smaller than the masses so are generally cut.

Beast 4 years ago

I'm watching in Mtl.. Can anyone tell me if the episode I watched on Thurs.May 17th was the last one (this season/forever) or if there's another one on Thurs. May 24th on Global Mtl.? I really enjoy this discussion and hope to be able to continue reading it for another season at least, although I fear the show sill be cancelled and we'll never find out what the writers intended. It brings me back to my childhood and a show titled "Coronet Blue" about a man with amnesia. It was cancelled after one season, and I'd give a lot to have a beer with the writers and find out what endings they'd considered or written. Could I invite the writers of "Awake" for the same beer and confessions if the show gets cancelled?

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Sorry Beast but Awake has been cancelled. the only form of redemption open at the moment is if another network picks it up.

Life on Mars 4 years ago

He's actually on a spaceship to Mars, but the ship was hit by asteroids, and it's all a hallucination. Whoops. Wrong sci-fi cop show.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

nice try

FogEater 4 years ago

I view Awake as a "psych-fi" rather than "sic-fi". Anything that delves into the psychological aspect of human existence usually gets the ax - give the audience a terminator rather than a psychosis. Maybe Oprah's network will pick it up "Awake". Maybe these types of shows only have a one-year shelf life. Oops, I think I just woke up.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago Author

Yeah I can see that FogEater. Awake was good while it lasted.

TheCluckyHousewife 4 years ago

Ahhhh loved the season finale! I think they did a great job I wrapping it up in case it doesn't get picked up but still has plenty of openings in case it does. I love how clever they were with the title of the episode too. It helps us understand what they were going for. In case you aren't familiar with it "Turtles all the way down" is a reference from A Brief History of Time. Here is the meaning:

I really liked the ending and hope that some other network picks it up! Can't wait to hear what you all thought. :-)

Beth 4 years ago

I loved the ending. Michael refused to submit to either psychiatrist and let go of one of his realities. He was able to hold on to both realities and bring them together. I don't know how it happened that IA got the captain lady. Sad to see this show end, but I did like the ending.

Nathan Pelish 4 years ago

In the series, they show Michael stand next to his wife in one scene and his son in another scene, while they watch a family member get buried. An alternate ending could have been where they superimpose the two scenes to show Michael standing next to both his son and his wife, and while they watch Michael being buried, the audience sees that they still feel the comforting presence of his spirit standing beside them. And also, even though it's a much talked about ending, I agree that I like the coma scene. Right after he dies and before he gets buried, the doctors could try to console the grieving wife and son by saying that they're sure he was aware of their presence in his final moments.

TheCluckyHousewife 4 years ago

Beth- I love your take on it! Brilliant.

FogEater 4 years ago

Maybe I am being to literal, but the way I saw the final episode is that Britten is freed from any guilt for causing the accident (that killed both his son and wife), is mortally wounded while solving who caused the accident, and, the only way he brings his divided world together is by passing away from his wounds (both the gun-shot and subconcious kind). Or, if the series continues on another network, Britten didn't die, he went into a coma, "re-connected" with his son and wife together, will come out of the coma psychologically healed acknowledging his son and wife died in the crash, quit law enforcement, and becomes a private detective . . . (maybe he will even discover what happened to his sister from another series).

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